Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Midweek Musings

Last in, first out; District Attorney candidate Marcus Musante bows out

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise is reporting that DDA Marcus Musante has decided against continuing his campaign to become the next Los Angeles District Attorney. In an email to the MetNews Friday, Deputy District Attorney Marcus Musante wrote:

“I really thought I could help with the race. It’s such a ‘perfect storm’ of politics, with so much uncertainty, that how could I pass up the chance? And ‘Justice’ is all I know. But I lost my way

“Perhaps I was foolish to think that I could reach the people so early and purely. Perhaps one only has the right to talk the talk if he/she intends to walk the walk. And there are already more than enough brave souls walking that walk.

“Now is not my time.

“And thank you.”

Musante could not be reached late Friday for elaboration, the MetNews reported.

'Carmine' Trutanich appears at CD15 Special Election Victory Party for Joe Buscaino

San Pedro Today's FaceBook page featured this photo of local ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician, 'Carmine' Trutanich.

It seems that the LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus is not the only one to have noted Trutanich's 'Goodfella-like' tendencies,  San Pedro Today also seems to think of Trutanich as a wiseguy. I guess if anyone knows a 'Carmine' when they see one, it the San Pedro Today.



Anonymous said...

Word on the street is Carmen Trutanich is backing out of this Saturdays debate at Luminarias and making excuses.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Musants wasn't for real . . . who could have seen that coming?