Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Briefs

ADDA/AFSCME endorses Steve Ipsen for District Attorney

Following our report last week on the results of the endorsement interviews conducted by the Los Angeles Association of District Attorneys, District Attorney candidate Steve Ipsen emerged as the victor in the quest for the support of organized labor.

A press release from Ipsen's campaign this morning announced that AFSCME will now join the ADDA to request that the LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO consider him for their endorsement.

Although the ADDA/AFSCME endorsement comes as no great surprise, the negative comments about City Attorney Carmen Trutanich in the Los Angeles Downtown News editorial likely put any possibility of the former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician gaining the support of the ADDA beyond doubt.



Anonymous said...

The endorsement vote for the ADDA is tonight. Local 1083 is not the ADDA, but a different local. As usual Berger, you can't read or report truth. Maybe you should acutally get your facts correct before you post stuff on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Check your facts Mr. Friday and you will see that it was Carmen Trutanich who got the ADDA thumbs up. He probably told all the Board Members that "You are exactly the people I want in my administration" and suggested Grade V and management promotions for them. They are just human and want to believe he will follow through with his promises so they will endorse him. See if it isn't so.

Anonymous said...

I read the press release that Ipsen put out, and it looks like it's Ipsen that's lying about the endorsement.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Steve Ipsen got the ADDA endorsement. He hasn't been able to raise any money until now and this is what he needs to get into the race. Don't underestimate Steve, he doesn't give up and he has won every battle he has ever fought. I would rather have Ipsen as DA than Trutanich if that's what it comes to.

Marc Debbaudt said...

No one as yet has received the ADDA endorsement. Steve Ipsen, Danette Meyers, Bobby Grace and Trutanich each were invited to speak to the coalition of unions to persuade them why they deserve the support of labor. That is not an endorsement.

Last night, 1/30/12, the ADDA voted not to endorse at least not before the March filing deadline and all candidates who will run are known and all have formally and officially entered the race. That could possibly change, but right now that is the current decision of the ADDA Board
Marc Debbaudt