Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trutanich's credibility crumbles. Jackson soars in San Fernando Valley

As Wednesday's LA Weekly's exclusive shows, the DA wannabe, Carmen Trutanich, hasn't got what it takes to prosecute the Occupy LA protesters, and has had to dismiss 'many cases.'

Proving, once again, that he can talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk, the former ambulance chaser
 plaintiff's attorney turned career politician appears to be responsible for a screw up of biblical proportions, due to his failure to understand that the law requires a prosecution within a set time frame; the so-called Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial. In simple terms he was not prepared, was not ready, did not have witnesses and was missing paperwork. The cases were dismissed because despite all of Trutanich's tough talk, he screwed up.

Trutanich's screw up is so fundamental that it will likely undermine whatever little credibility he had with the City Council, who he was going to 'advise' about suing and bankrupting the Occupy LA protesters. The seeds of doubt about Trutanich's credibility were sown not so long ago when he delivered his infamous 'criminal aspects' speech. The promised investigation into the crimes Trutanich implied were committed by AEG in their handling of the Michael Jackson memorial, went on for a year at untold cost, and then quietly went away with no word from the self-proclaimed 'tough guy' of City Hall.

Unlike the 'criminal aspects' scandal, the collapse of the Occupy LA protest cases came more quickly than Trutanich may have expected. When the 'criminal aspects' investigation collapsed, most Los Angelenos couldn't even remember what all the fuss was about.  But the situation is markedly different with the Occupy LA protesters, and the public humiliation of the City Attorney's Office due to it's poor leadership, will not be quickly forgotten.

Alan Jackson soars in San Fernando Valley

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson received a rousing welcome at the San Fernando Valley Republican Club on Tuesday night in marked contrast to the booing, jeering and hissing that previously met Carmen Trutanich at the last meeting. According to sources, while Trutanich was asked to leave 'before things got out of hand,' Jackson was not only cheered but stayed late into the night talking to his voter base.

No doubt buoyed by his recent 'deal sealing' endorsement by Gov. Pete Wilson, the crowded assembly room warmly embraced Jackson who spoke of his record of successes in handling complex high-profile trials as well as his commitment to the core values of the District Attorney's Office.

Jackson is the only Republican in he race and is expected to win a place in the run-off election that will follow the June 5, 2012 primary.



Anonymous said...

I think you are exaggerating a little about what happened at SFV last month. There was a small group of people who were booing Trutanich and he left of his own accord. He did not need to be 'told to leave.' This pasted Tuesday when Jackson appeared, there was a much larger crowd and there was no unruly behavior. Jackson is the only act in town for Republicans and so it is only natural that he was enthusiastically greeted. But don't get carried away, Republicans are a minority in LA and even if Jackson gets through to the run-off, it will be hard for him to beat a Democrat in LA - just ask his boss Steve Cooley.

Anonymous said...

The LA Weekly probably got the exclusive on Trutanich screwing up the Occupy LA cases because there were people in his own office who couldn't wait to rat him out.

Anonymous said...

Carmen Trutanich did not screw up. The cases that were dismissed because volunteers had to do the work because Nuch doesn't have enough budget to pay for real city attorneys. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. This is a failure of the mayors office and city council in cutting Nuchs budget, he warned that this could happen, so get over it.

Anonymous said...

The volunteer city attorneys have screwed up hundreds of cases. They are not supervised because the union is against having non-union labor in the office.

Anonymous said...

Long line of people in the CAs office can't wait to spill their guts on Nuch and how bad he is for the office. That is what happens when you force the rank and file to take a 15per cent pay cut, but the fat ass boss won't take a matching cut. My guess is the moment these occupy cases were dismissed a couple of hundred text messages went out to the media ratting Nuch out.