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EXCLUSIVE: Trutanich's tax-payer paid campaign manager

The Los Angeles Dragnet has obtained documents showing that the person City Attorney Carmen Trutanich sent to spy on the Asian Pacific American Bar Association's District Attorney candidates' forum, Dan Raskov, is listed by Trutanich as his campaign manager.

Raskov, who is paid by the City of Los Angeles at a rate of $4,175.00 (plus travel expenses) a month under Contract No. C-116687 to "provide Grant and Alternative Funding" for Trutanich, was spotted at the candidates forum taking notes.

Trutanich's tax-payer paid campaign manager takes notes for Trutanich
at the District Attorney candidates' forum
Any doubts that Raskov was attending the forum other than on the tax-payer dime would appear to be dispelled by the questionnaire submitted to the ADDA by Trutanich which lists Raskov as his campaign manager. Under section 3.5 his contract, Raskov is specifically required to "Be able to provide services during normal business work hours, and occasionally after hours at events."

That the appearance of impropriety does not seem to concern to Trutanich, should send alarm bells ringing amongst the fiscal conservatives that Trutanich was recently pandering to at a Tea Party event in Hancock Park, and raises serious questions about the way Trutanich has used the City Attorney's Office to further his political ambitions.

The questionnaire submitted by Trutanich to the ADDA is a veritable goldmine of misleading self-aggrandizing statements by the former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician and begs the question whether he deliberately intended to make fools of the ADDA's by feeding them erroneous information that they would accept at face value.   

EXCLUSIVE: Alan Jackson campaign releases new video advertisement

While the 'Election Hangover Part II' video continues to gain viewers on YouTube (views have more than quadrupled since Trutanich threatened to sue Jackson over the use of his campaign photo), the Jackson campaign today released this moving video ad.

This from the Jackson campaign:


John S. Thomas
Alan Jackson for District Attorney 2012
Tel: (818) 396-6578

Ad Is Entitled “Trust”

Los Angeles, January 31th – Today the Alan Jackson campaign released a web ad demonstrating one of Jackson’s unique strengths as a prosecutor – his deep relationships with victims and their families. The spot is called “Trust” and features a victim, Susan Estrada, whose daughter, Daisy, was brutally murdered in a violent gang crime. With Estrada’s help, Alan Jackson successfully prosecuted Daisy’s killer, Johnny Espinosa, of the notorious Florencia-13 criminal street gang.

 “I pride myself on building strong relationships with victims and their families,” said Deputy DA Alan Jackson. “Those relationships are how we build trust in the community, which is so important to solving these crimes.”

“With the help of courageous people like Susan Estrada, we can ensure that justice is served and our families and children are kept safe in the future,” continued Jackson.

Jackson’s strategist John S. Thomas said, “One of the reasons Alan Jackson is such an effective prosecutor is his unwavering dedication to victims and their families.  The next DA needs to be a battle tested prosecutor, but also have compassion for victims.”

To view the advertisement, please visit

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District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey ramps up campaign

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey has made some significant changes to her campaign. Gone is campaign consultant Bill Carrick along with fundraiser Charlotte Dobbs and in comes renowned campaign consultant Parke Skelton and a more dynamic website.

Campaigns report fundraising for second half of 2011

The LA Weekly reports that:

Carmen Trutanich will announce this week that he has raised more than $1 million in the race for L.A. County District Attorney.

Mario Trujillo has raised $439,000.

Alan Jackson raised $376,000 by the Dec. 31 reporting deadline, but the Jackson campaign say he has since boosted his total to $406,000.

Jackie Lacey has raised just $220,000.

Danette Meyers has reported raising $116,000.

Bobby Grace raised about $60,000.

Steve Ipsen has raised $25,000.

Should City Attorney Carmen Trutanich run for LA District Attorney?

CityWatchLA is running a poll to discover the views of it's readers on the thorny topic of Trutanich's candidacy.

Early poll numbers suggest Trutanich will need to raise a great deal more than the $2.5M he plans to have on hand in June to con-vince voters that he can be trusted to be anything other than another hack career politician.

Do please cast your votes as you see fit.


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