Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jackson campaign releases TRU Hollywood Story - it's Nuch's Nightmare

Hat's off to District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson for releasing their latest campaign ad; TRU Hollywood Stories.

In less than three minutes the Jackson campaign demolishes the myth that Carmen Trutanich has achieved anything in his two years, other than running the City Attorney's Office into the ground.

Trutanich's horrible record of lying, bullying, grandstanding and failure is laid bare for all to see, and while Trutanich had to pull his own campaign video because it violated state law, TRU Hollywood Stories will likely become one of the most viewed political ads of this electoral season.

Trutanich Trashed on KFI AM640 Again
For the second day running John and Ken trashed Trutanich for his flip-flop position on issuing driver licenses to illegal aliens. The pair stated that Trutanich had refused to be interviewed, a classic sign of Trutanich's fear of being challenged over not only this issue, but his many failures as City Attorney. 

The flood of negative comments about Trutanich sidelined the announcement that the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, had given their support to his campaign, a move that many at the DA's Office will see as a further sign that their union, the ADDA, has betrayed the best interests of the rank and file. By lending any credence to the candidacy of an outsider who has not prosecuted a felony in 26 years, and is widely disliked both at the City Attorney's Office and the DA's Office, the ADDA has demonstrated astonishingly poor judgment. Is anyone surprised?


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KFI AM640's John & Ken join anti-Trutanich Tsunami

Carmen Trutanich's planned run for Los Angeles District Attorney took a nose dive Monday, February 27, 2012 when LA's most listened to talk show, KFI AM640's John & Ken Show, condemned Trutanich for his 'randomness' as to whether or not he supports giving driver licenses to illegal aliens.

Talk show hosts John & Ken became the latest recruits to the Anti-Trutanich Tsunami
when they condemned Trutanich for his 'randomness' on issues.
John and Ken, returning to the airwaves after a brief hiatus, slammed City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, aka Carmen the Clown, for "being all over the place" on several issues. It was in the 6 o'clock hour, the most listened to hour of the show,  that John and Ken attacked Trutanich over his wavering policies regarding the Dream Act protesters, the Occupy LA protesters, and now his support for giving illegal aliens driver licenses. "He's an odd one" said John, while Ken added "He's running to be the next DA of LA County in place of Steve Cooley, and now that's not going to happen."

Trutanich had previously enjoyed the support of John and Ken Show, but the veteran broadcasters appear to be tiring of his grandstanding headline-grabbing threats which, they noted, eventually "dwindle" once he actually has to try cases in a court of law, rather than in the court of public opinion.

"What I see with Trutanich is a randomness about the same issue, whatever he ate for breakfast that morning may guide his day" they said. Citing "unexplained reasons why he would change his mind, because there isn't any new evidence" the talk show hosts made Trutanich look like the clown that he has become since taking office.

The podcast of the 6PM hour of the John & Ken Show can be downloaded from the KFI website, something that Trutanich probably does not want his supporters to hear. Trutanich has been known to boast to his supporters that he has "John and Ken wrapped around my little finger" and that he can get on their show "whenever I want."

It will be interesting to see if Trutanich has the guts to be interviewed on the John and Ken show to defend his "breakfast policy of the day." The former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician has been dodging the media ever since he was found to have lied about having endorsements from a number of police organizations, as well as giving Sheriff Lee Baca bad advice about state law - Baca appeared in uniform in a video endorsement for Trutanich that had to be pulled from YouTube after Baca discovered that state law prohibits him from making political endorsements in uniform.

The Los Angeles Times today also covered John & Ken's return to the airwaves noting that in announcing their return the pair said they have '"a lot of issues we want to cover.... It's time to turn all that energy on the bad guys." Under that heading fell Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and L.A. City Atty. Carmen Trutanich because of their recent support for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.'

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trutanich's ties to embatled County Assessor Noguez questioned

EXCLUSIVE: DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich hanging out with County Assessor John R. Noguez.

Reports that Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez is under investigation by the LA County District Attorney's Office may not be particularly worrying for Noguez if he can count on the support of Carmen Trutanich to "take care of everything" if elected as District Attorney.

Trutanich appears (center) with Noguez (left) and another Noguez supporter (right) whose identity has been
shielded pending the outcome of the investigation into Noguez doing favors for supporters. That investigation
is currently being conducted by the District Attorney's Office Public Integrity Division.
DA wannabe Trutanich is seen in this Dragnet exclusive sporting a 'Tony Suprano style' jacket showing his support for County Assessor John R. Noguez. The photograph was taken before the DA's Office confirmed it was investigating Noguez for allegedly granting property tax breaks for clients of a campaign supporter.

According to the LA Times' Steve Lopez column today, Noguez has "steadfastly denied any wrongdoing as county investigators snoop into his activities. But as Times scribes Ruben Vives and Jack Dolan have reported, a Ferrari-driving tax agent friend of Noguez, Ramin Salari, represented clients who got their property assessments reduced at great tax savings to them. Salari then allegedly asked clients to contribute to Noguez when he was running for assessor."

If elected as DA, Trutanich could order the Public Integrity Division to drop the investigation into Noguez. Such a move would not be unprecedented under Trutanich's rule; he infamously dropped his 'criminal aspects' investigation into AEG's handling of the Michael Jackson memorial without comment, so a similar move to drop the Noguez investigation would surprise few.

The lengths to which Trutanich might go to protect his friends is particularly troubling in view of the scant disregard Trutanich has shown for ethics rules prohibiting Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca from appearing in uniform endorsing Trutanich.

Trutanich has steadfastly refused to answer questions as to how he, with all his claimed knowledge of state law, could have signed off on Baca's illegal endorsements?

If Trutanich knew the law, does he believe that he is above the law?

If he did not know the law, how can he claim to be qualified to be the County's top law enforcement officer?

These are questions that Trutanich steadfastly refuses to answer, and the longer he hides from the truth, the more likely it appears to be that Trutanich does not regard the law as applying to him or the people who support him. All of which must be welcome news to John Noguez, who may not have to worry about an investigation into breaking laws as long as his supporter Carmen Trutanich is elected as DA.

As a footnote, it also appears that Sheriff Lee Baca violated state law for Carmen Trutanich as long ago as June 2011, when he appeared in uniform in this email urging support for Trutanich's phony Draft Trutanich for DA campaign.

Sheriff Baca appears in his email in uniform in violation of state law supporting
Carmen Trutanich for District Attorney in June 2011.
The same state law that prohibited Sheriff Lee Baca from appearing in uniform during his endorsement of Carmen Trutanich in the now withdrawn video, would appear to apply equally to Baca's email endorsement on June 8, 2011. Baca appears in uniform urging support for Trutanich's campaign, yet no questions have been asked or answered of Trutanich concerning the apparent illegality of the email.

The evidence of Trutanich's disregard for the law seems both palpable and compelling. It is beyond belief that Trutanich can hide behind yet another nameless campaign volunteer in his pathetic attempts to deflect and deny responsibility for his ignorance and/or disregard for the law.

The Dragnet believes that Los Angelenos need to hear directly from Trutanich, not from a campaign spokesperson and not from some hapless City Attorney flunky. You can run Trutanich, but you cannot hide.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thursday Themes

LA Weekly: Trutanich is a thug. Uses lies to cover failures.

In what is probably the most revealing and shocking condemnation of City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's two year record as a bullying braggart loudmouth politician, the LA Weekly struck a deep blow to the political aspirations of Trutanich.

Trutanich has actively avoided speaking to the LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus ever since the reporter saw straight through Trutanich's pathetically contrived 'I am not a thug!' luncheon at an East LA restaurant where the City Attorney likes show how important he is by parking on the red lines outside the front door. It is as if Trutanich goes out of his way to show regular customers at Ciro's Mexican Restaurant that he's a special kind of person, a wiseguy who doesn't have to follow the rules like ordinary folks.

If Trutanich thought his display of Goodfellas's style power would 'tune up' a reporter who was not prepared to buy what he was selling, then he was mistaken. In today's LA Weekly piece, Maddaus takes apart the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician's record of failure.

Significantly, both Deputy City Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys agree on one thing about Trutanich - they do not want to be associated with him. Trutanich, for all his tough talk, has actually prosecuted 31% less gang cases than Rocky Delgadillo and has obtained less gang injunctions than Delgadillo. 

One source at the DA's Office (not Trtuanich's former Special Assistant Deputy City Attorney) is quoted as saying "We don't want to be thugs. We don't want to push people around, we want to prosecute bad guys and we want to do it fairly. There's a feeling that Trutanich is the kind of guy who would use his position to abuse the power we have."

Trutanich has tried and failed on a number of occasions to try to use his power and influence to silence that kind of dissent. He overtly tried to sue Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson for using a Trutanich campaign photo in the hilariously satirical video Election Hangover Part II. Although that action was taken in the name of a photographer, few people had any doubt that it was Trutanich who was behind the threat; his thin skin cannot tolerate any kind of criticism.

The LA Weekly review of Trutanich's shortcomings tells the story of a tough talking bully who consistently fails to deliver on his promises, and who has no regard for the civil rights and expectations of voters, employees, and citizens.

Midweek Musings

District Attorney candidates update

According to information on file at the LA County Registrar-Recorder, Deputy District Attorney John L. Breault III has filed nominating papers to run for District Attorney in the June 5, 2012 Presidential Primary. This brings the total number of candidates running for District Attorney to eight, with the possibility remaining that other candidates could enter the race before the filing deadline on March 13, 2012.

LA Times warns Sheriff Baca "Obey the law"

The LA Times Editorial warning Sheriff Lee Baca to 'obey the law' refers not to scandals surrounding use of force in county jail, but rather to the way Baca and Trutanich broke state law in allowing the sheriff to give an endorsement while on duty in his office, wearing his uniform.

Although Baca has tried to downplay the relevance of his appearance in uniform, the Trutanich campaign clearly saw Baca's uniform and badge as highly important; the 13 minute video which remains 'unavailable' on YouTube zoomed in on Baca's badge to emphasize Baca's position.

The fact that Baca not only was forced to admit that he violated state law to help Trutanich, but that Trutanich himself has not taken any responsibility for his monumental failure to follow the law, tends to support the notion that Baca has lost his sense of perspective and should withdraw his endorsement immediately. By failing to do so, Baca is not only associating himself and his department with a person who lied about his campaign promise, but who also broke the law in order to get Baca to downplay the 'pledge to serve' promise.

Baca's actions in condoning Trutanich's lies and illegal campaign video will remind Los Angelenos of the so-called 'thin blue line;' a theoretical rule whereby cops would refuse to take action against fellow cops who violate the law. It is the sign of a very unhealthy relationship between Baca and Trutanich, one where bother appear to be too ready, willing and able to excuse, forgive and forget the misdeeds of the other.

Vernon Police Officers Benefit Association endorses Trujillo

District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo announced that he has picked up the endorsement by the Vernon Police Officers' Benefit Association. 


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trutanich breaks state law - forced to pull illegal campaign advertisment

Barely a week after the sheepish launch of his campaign to fool voters that he is a 'true crimefighter,' the man who claims to be 'the most qualified' to lead the District Attorney's Office was forced to pull his campaign advertisement because it was in violation of state law.

The thirteen minute long advertorial, professionally produced at a cost believed to be in excess of $100,000, was designed to portray Trutanich as a crime fighter rather than a law breaker. Unfortunately the slick cinematography was illegal; the man who thinks he is qualified to run the DA's Office, and the Sheriff who supports him, both violated state law when Baca appeared in uniform singing the praise of the man who probably told him it was 'OK' to do so.

As the LA Times exclusive report stated, state law does not allow sheriffs and other law enforcement officers to make political endorsements while in uniform. Baca initially insisted that he was 'exempt' from the law, something that sounds very much like advice hastily given to him by Trutanich in a panic phone call. However, after Baca contacted his real lawyers, he was told the video was in illegally in violation of state law. According to the LA Times, Baca readily admitted his violation "There's no excuse," Baca said. "I should've known."

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, however, was not so forthcoming. He refused to answer questions about the illegal ad, claiming he was unable to comment because he was "sitting on City Hall property."His statement was reminiscent of his previous question-dodge "I'm at my desk, and I don't talk politics at my desk."

The more likely reason for Trutanich's silence was that there was no innocent explanation. Trutanich had to have know the law, not only because of his frequent claims to be a 'Super-Lawyer,' but because he had dealt with the issue of uniforms in political endorsements before. Trutanich was amongst the most vociferous to condemn former LAPD Chief Bratton's controversial endorsement of  Councilmember Jack Weiss, Trutanich's opponent in the 2009 City Attorney race. As the 'Super-Lawyer' he claims to be Trutanich had to know all the legalities involved in obtaining the endorsement of sheriffs and police chiefs before commenting.

Surely Trutanich knew that Chief Bratton wore a business suit in his endorsement ad for Jack Weiss and not uniform because of the state law prohibition? It's no brainer.

Of course it is entirely possible that Trutanich broke the law because the part-time, night-time unaccredited law school graduate did not know the law, or had forgotten it. However, some might believe that it is more likely that he not care if the law was broken; he might believe that as the City Attorney he is 'exempt' and not subject to the same laws as ordinary people. He might also think the can claim some unnamed volunteer made the mistake. It's a claim he used successfully to dodge responsibility for lies about his police endorsements.

The illegal advertisement is not, of course, the first time Trutanich has openly violated advertising laws. In the BillboardGate scandal, Trutanich was exposed for having illegal off-site billboards outside his former campaign headquarters for over two years, in direct violation of his own citywide ban on permits for off-site advertising.

Trutanich's illegal off-site billboards blighted Ventura Blvd, for over two years
before he was forced to take them down.
When challenged about the billboards, Trutanich claimed that his office "does not determine the legality of billboards" and deferred to a Building and Safety official who said the billboards were 'temporary' and therefore not subject to the law. Trutanich's arrogance or ignorance over the state of his own law was only settled when Dennis Hathaway, president of the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight,  said the signs should be taken down.

Just as with BillboardGate, where Trutanich had to remove his illegal billboards, he has been forced to remove the illegal advertisement from his website.

Trutanich's illegal advertisement was swiftly removed from his campaign website

Whether Trutanich or Baca will face criminal charges for the violation is unclear. After being asked to review the video, Jim Sutton, a San Francisco-based attorney who specializes in election law, told the LA Times that "This is exactly what the law is meant to prohibit," Sutton said. "On its face, I have never seen such a blatant violation of state law."Attorney Robert M. Stern, who co-authored the state's Political Reform Act, told the LA Times that the Trutanich-Baca violation was "very embarrassing." adding that it was "... ironic that the chief law enforcement officer in the county and the campaign for the person who wants to be the chief prosecutor doesn't know what the law is."

It is not known whether Baca will re-perform the endorsement in plain clothes, or will perhaps decide that enough is enough when it comes to Trutanich, and pull his endorsement altogether. His involvement in Trutanich's illegal advertisement is believed to be the 'tip of the iceberg' when it comes to questionable conduct regarding Trutanich. With multiple media sources working on numerous issues surrounding 'a campaign born of a lie,' it is perhaps not so much a question of 'if' but 'when' the next Trutanich scandal is publicly reported.

Baca famously withdrew his endorsement of Jack Weiss when his campaign irregularities became public. "I can no longer remain silent about the reckless disregard for the truth that Jack Weiss has brought to this race," Baca said in a statement. "Mr. Weiss' latest television commercial is desperate and an insult to the principles of the American legal system, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Obviously, Mr. Weiss does not respect the truth or our justice system that guarantees a fair trial for everyone." He told the LA Daily News in April 2009.

Weiss's misconduct never rose to the level of directly involving the Sheriff in illegality, as is the case with Trutanich's illegal advertisement. Given Baca's past reaction to association with dirty campaigns, the County's Top Cop may may well be under pressure to withdraw his support of Trutanich if only yo to preserve the integrity of the Sheriff''s Department, let alone his own credibility. To do otherwise would appear to be hypocritical.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Free For All

Where in the world is Carmen Trutanich?

Ever since City Attorney Carmen Trutanich announced his campaign to become District Attorney, reporters have been trying to speak to the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician to try to verify some of the claims that he made his email campaign launch.

Apparently neither Trutanich nor his allegedly unpaid campaign consultant John Shallman are returning calls from reporters including the LA Times' Jack Leonard and the LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus. Both are seeking to see question Trutanich as to various aspects of his candidacy, questions that the 60 year-old self-admitted 'LIAR' is anxious to avoid.

Trutanich has good reason to hide from reporters; media coverage of his lies about police endorsements caused him to cancel his plans for a media event campaign launch. It is understood that certain claims made by Trutanich during an interview with KPCC's AirTalk host Larry Mantle could also be shown to be implausible if not false, hence Trutanich's duck and cover antics.

Trujillo garners endorsement of Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo's campaign received a significant boost this week with the announcement that Congresswoman Linda Sanchez had endorsed his campaign. Full report here.

Lacey endorsed by both sides

Drilling down through District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey's website reveals an intriguing paradox; she is endorsed by both the former Public Defender Mike Judge and DA Steve Cooley.

Jackson to speak at GOP Convention

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise reports that District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson will speak at the California Republican Party’s upcoming convention.

A GOP spokesperson said Jackson will speak at the convention’s Feb. 25 banquet, along with former Minnesota governor and national Mitt Romney campaign co-chair Tim Pawlenty, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus, and 24-year-old Placentia Mayor Jeremy Yamaguchi. The event is being held at the Hyatt San Francisco.

As the only declared Republican in the race, Jackson's speech looks certain to solidify support for his campaign.

ADDA comes under pressure to pull Trutanich recommendation

A recent comment from Marc Debbaudt is worthy of repetition:

I am a little surprised by some information I received today. After reading this blog site on a regular basis, you all convinced me that Trutanich was anti-labor and that there was little liklihood that he would get the labor endorsement. Well, I am informed that today COPE, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor's Committee On Political Endorsements, met and heard from the candidates for DA, Mario Trujillo, Steve Ipsen, Danette Meyers, Bobby Grace and TRUTANICH. The LA County Fed is the union of unions. Not present, I am told, we're Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson' though I am not certain of that. I am told that every candidate was given ten minutes, except Trutanich, who was given a half an hour. Why Trutanich was given more time was not explained to the candidates who, at least one, felt short changed. For what it is worth, I am told that Trutanich has the endorsement of some unions and was invited by them to speak, so you can blame ADDA all you want, but his presence there was inevitable. Also Trujillo, who did not received an invitation to speak from the ADDA, was there, too, because of his other labor endorsements. In any event, I am told that after this meeting COPE has decided to recommend to the LA County Fed to endorse Trutanich. So, final approval or ultimate endorsement has not been cast in stone yet. However, today Trutanich moved closer to that reality.

The LA County Fed meets on 2/27/12 at which time it will affirm or reject COPE's, their committee's, recommendation. Given what most anonymous posters on this website appear to feel about Trutanich, I thought it was important to share this information because it is not too late to affect the LA County Fed's decision. There is 11 days to take some action if you so desire.

One opinion communicated to me is that the ADDA Board's failure to endorse, or to choose to wait to endorse, after conducting interviews, was a mistake. Why hold interviews and then NOT endorse? I agree with this opinion. We are a union. We should endorse someone.

Two things are still possible. One involves the ADDA and the other involves AFSCME.

DDAs who feel there should be an endorsement must inform the ADDA President that the Board should/must endorse and must do so immediately, that is, before 2/27/12 in order to attempt to influence the LA County Fed's decision. The ADDA Board is meeting at AFSCME (Union and Shatto) on Tuesday 2/21/12. This item can be agendized if you demand it.

The opposite is also possible. If the will of the DDAs is to NOT endorse Trutanich, then a negative repudiation of Trutanich by the ADDA may be a corollary way to affect the LA County Fed's decision. I don't understand why we are a union yet don't act like one and are afraid to endorse or condemn.

As to AFSCME, AFSCME has yet to endorse in the DA's race. I believe they are waiting on the ADDA, since the ADDA is the affiliate of AFSCME most affected by the DA race. So, a powerful union voice has not yet attempted to influence COPE or the LA County Federation of Labor. I could be wrong on that, because I have no direct insight into what AFSCME is doing, but I believe it is true that AFSCME is awaiting the ADDA and has taken no action yet.

If the anti-Trutanich sentiment is real then you all need to try to influence the ADDA Board immediately to take action against Trutanich, or to support one of our own DDA candidates, as well as insist that the ADDA do what is possible to influence AFSCME.

February 16, 2012 5:43 PM

Who knows who might turn up at the ADDA's monthly meeting at AFSCME's Shatto Street headquarters on Tuesday night to urge the ADDA to pull their recommendation of Trutanich?


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another day, another Trutanich lie ...

The Trutanich campaign, reeling from virtually uninterrupted media attacks slamming the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned lying career politician for reneging on his sworn 'Pledge to Serve,' lashed out at District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson for exposing Trutanich's record of lies and deception. Not surprisingly, Trutanich's response was yet another lie.

The Trutanich campaign likely orchestrated the announcement of Los Angeles City Councilmember Dennis Zine's endorsement of Trutanich to appear to be because of Jackson's admirable attacks on Trutanich's horrible record of deceit and deception. In fact, Zine has been a long-time supporter of Trutanich who was going to endorse Trutanich anyway, and was just waiting for Trutanich to come clean with his intention to run for District Attorney.

Zine was believed to be scheduled to appear alongside Trutanich outside the Criminal Courts Building for a 'media event' announcement of the launch of Trutanich's campaign on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, however the event had to be canceled. It is understood that the media event was cancelled because Trutanich was afraid that he would be 'hijacked' by having to publicly answer embarrassing questions concerning his lies about non-existent police endorsements. Lies that the Jackson campaign had exposed.

Zine, a former police officer with strong ties to LAPD, was probably horrified at the prospect of having to defend the indefensible, and most likely backed out of the media event. Instead, two days later, Trutanich sheepishly launched his DA campaign by issuing an email that did not mention the Zine endorsement.

That Zine was ready, willing and able to endorse Trutanich's DA campaign was never in doubt. Zine has been a long-time supporter of Trutanich. Zine was the only LA City Councilmember to endorse Trutanich during his 2009 campaign for City Attorney. Zine stood on the steps of City Hall to call for an investigation into Trutanich's then opponent Councilmember Jack Weiss.

May 13, 2009: LA City Councilmember Dennis Zine publicly shows his support
for then City Attorney candidate Carmen Trutanich
But while virtually everyone else who supported Trutanich has since chosen to dissociate themselves from the self-proclaimed liar, Zine has remained a steadfast supporter. Indeed, Zine, who is termed-out as Councilmember and now running for City Controller, was a named co-chair at a fundraiser for Trutanich's DA campaign in April 2011, hosted by City Hall lobbyist John Ek.

Councilmember Dennis Zine was supporting Trutanich's DA ambition
in April 2011, so his decision to switch endorsements defies belief

So let's get a bit of a reality check here. Zine was raising money for Trutanich's DA campaign almost a year ago, and he was not endorsing him? Zine's decision to withdraw his endorsement was caused by Jackson's negative comments? No. No way. No how. The spin put on Zine's belated endorsement of Trutanich is a sign of desperation from the Trutanich campaign that has been completely derailed and demoralized by the public expression of dismay and disgust at Trutanich.

Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise blasts Trutanich

If you missed Friday's editorial in the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise, the message was clear; No on Trutanich. Not just because he has shown no shame at labeling himself a liar, but for the slew of lies, failures and disappointments that are skilfully and convincingly reported at the Met News.

The Met News editorial curiously escaped Google News Alerts, something that has caused media observers to wonder whether articles particularly damaging to Trutanich are being 'filtered' in some way. Regardless, we thoroughly recommend reading the Met News editorial on Trutanich's utter unsuitability for any elected office, let alone the DA's Office.

LA Times excoriates Trutanich as a 'LIAR.' Again.

Monday, the fifth day since City Attorney Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich announced his narcissistic campaign to betray the millions of Los Angelenos who were foolish enough to believe his claims not to be a politician 'looking for the next rung up the political ladder,' saw the LA Times editorial board doing their job. They called Trutanich a liar, and backed it up ably with well-reasoned argument.

The Trutanich campaign does not seem to have a convincing response to the allegations of duplicity and deception leveled against it. It is understood that Trutanich believes that the fuss will all die down soon, and he can waltz his way into higher elected office. The man is a fool.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 District Attorney Candidates; The Good, The Bad, and The Underfunded ...

It is just over a year since the Dragnet started covering the race to replace Steve Cooley as Los Angeles District Attorney. Our January 3, 2011 review of potential candidates is still one of the most viewed pages, so thirteen months later, we thought it timely to renew our review of the candidates and their campaigns.

Seven candidates are currently seeking to replace District Attorney Steve Cooley who, on February 7, 2012, confirmed his intention to retire at the end of 2012 after almost 40 years of public service. As a result, the June 5, election will be the first 'open' election for District Attorney since 1964. The March 9, 2012 deadline to file an intention to run for DA is still a ways off, so it is possible that another candidate could throw their hat in the ring. For now we look at seven of the ten potential candidates we identified last year.

Other than ranking the candidates "Good, Bad and Underfunded," the Dragnet expresses no other opinion as to the ranking of the candidates, their names appearing in alphabetical order.


Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson (left)
Veteran prosecutor in the Major Crimes Division of the District Attorney's Office, Jackson was the first candidate to declare his candidacy. Jackson had already raised over $100k when he launched his campaign and has since raised over $407,000. Jackson has a string of political and police endorsements to lend credibility to his campaign.

Jackson is the only Republican in the race. While Los Angeles politics skews towards Democrats, there remains a sizable block of Republican voters who will follow the recommendation of former Gov. Pete Wilson, who recently endorsed Jackson, as well as those of local Republican clubs where Jackson has been making the rounds. In a primary election where six other candidates are drawing from the Democrat pool of voters, Jackson will likely have a sufficiently high number of votes to comfortably earn a place in the November run-off.     

Party politics aside, many on both sides of the political fence applaud Jackson for being the only candidate to, thus far, take a vocal and vociferous stance against City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's narcissistic ambitions, failed policies, and willingness to lie. In taking the fight to Trutanich, Jackson supporters hail him for showing the strength of character and leadership that is crucial for the leader of the largest prosecutorial agency in the nation; one who takes a firm and unequivocal stand against the kind of political corruption and backroom deals some say are the hallmark of the Trutanich brand.

It's a stand that has earned Jackson the respect, support and endorsement of police associations quick to dissociate themselves from Trutanich's EndorsementGate lies scandal. That the El Monte Police Officers Association announced their endorsement of Jackson days after Trutanich's lies became public is perhaps the clearest indication of the strong bonds Jackson has with the law enforcement community.  

Jackson's campaign website is

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey (center)
Rising star of the DA's Office, the seasoned prosecutor has risen through the ranks to achieve the highest position in the District Attorney's Office short of being the District Attorney; Chief Deputy District Attorney. Those who have worked for Lacey have only praise for her calm, determined and rational style of leadership.

It's a sentiment shared by District Attorney Steve Cooley who has supported Lacey's candidacy from the get-go. This week Cooley released his email endorsement laying out the reasoning behind his support for Lacey, and his promise to those who elected him (a record three times), to leave the District Attorney's Office "in good shape and in good hands. That will occur only if my Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey is elected District Attorney." Cooley said.

District Attorney Steve Cooley's email endorsement of Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey
went out to thousands of Cooley's supporters on February 7, 2012. It can be downloaded here.

A centrist Democrat, Lacey can expect to benefit from the high number of Democrat voters likely to cast votes in a primary election where, despite President Obama being unopposed, Democrats will nevertheless turn out to express their partisanship. Lacey is known to be working on securing key political endorsements to solidify partisan support for her candidacy.

If there has been any criticism leveled against Lacey's campaign it is the lack of visibility and interest that the campaign initially generated; Lacey raised 'only' $220,000 in 2011. That's about to change dramatically according to sources.

The biggest change appears to be DA Steve Cooley's involvement in her campaign. His email removes any doubts that remained that he will have a last minute change of heart and seek a fourth term, and clearly Cooley is positioning himself to take a more active role in Lacey's campaign. Lacey has also recently revised her website and fired her campaign strategist and fundraiser in favor of seasoned campaign adviser Parke Skelton. We can expect to hear more from the Lacey campaign in the run-up to the June 5, primary election.

Lacey's campaign website is

Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo (right)
A former schoolteacher turned prosecutor, Trujillo worked his way up the ranks of the DA's Office including a stint in the Hardcore Gang Division where a string of successful prosecutions signaled to his supervisors that he was ready to step up to a management position; serving first as Special Assistant and then being charged with  running the busy Bellflower Area District Attorney's Office.

Trujillo has been, unquestionably, the surprise candidate in this race. His campaign started as many grassroots campaigns do, with the support and encouragement of friends. He formally announced his candidacy at the 2011 Mexican American Bar Association's Annual Installation Dinner to rapturous applause, and he has since parlayed that support into serious fundraising with donations exceeding $439,000 according to the LA Weekly.

Politically, Trujillo is towards the left of Democrat politics, standing to pick up valuable support from the LGBT community as well as medical marijuana advocates, both of whom likely see Trujillo as receptive to a more tolerant approach to their issues, and both of which are powerful groups. 

If Trujillo's achievements were remarkable as a grassroots campaign, just imagine what he could do with a serious campaign strategist to harness all that momentum? Well imagine no longer.

Mario Trujillo ups the ante in the DA race with announcement that
Ace Smith will guide his campaign in the run up to the primary election
On February 9, 2012, the Trujillo campaign sent the clearest signal possible that Trujillo was raising the stakes in the race with the announcement that one of the most feared and revered campaign strategists, Ace Smith, would be serving as Trujillo's consultant.

Smith is understood to have been approached by other candidates, but chose Trujillo because of his potential to do well enough in the primary to win a place in the November run-off. Trujillo has also demonstrated the kind of fundraising ability that will be needed to pay for the services of a top flight campaign strategist like Smith.

Smith also may have something of a personal score to settle; he was campaign strategist to City Attorney candidate Jack Weiss in 2009, and lost badly to Carmen Trutanich. Nothing would please Smith more than to see Trujillo hand Trutanich a humiliating defeat, a strong likelihood as Trujillo has succeeded in capturing most if not all the support Trutanich previously enjoyed in the Latino community.

Trujillo's campaign website is


Trutanich wins sole place in the 'Bad' category

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich
What more can one say about City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's candidacy than he says about himself; he is a liar.

He lied about his 'Pledge to Serve,' he lied about his police endorsements. If one word summarizes the Trutanich brand of politics it is 'LIAR.' While Trutanich apparently thinks that voters are as as unconcerned about liars as he is about telling lies, the Los Angeles media will do a great deal to educate the electorate about just how little trust can be placed in anything he says. At least that appears to be the case judging by the way local media covered Trutanich's lackluster launch of his campaign. The bully-boy hid behind an email rather than follow through with a a media event on the steps of the Criminal Courts Building. He was, perhaps, afraid of having to deal with questions about his duplicity.

Trutanich, politically, appears to be in a wilderness. A former Republican who became a 'Decline to State' to help his City Attorney campaign, he seems to have lost the support of Republicans who once backed him at the urging of District Attorney Steve Cooley. Republicans have little time for liars, and reports suggest that Trutanich got such a stormy reception at the San Fernando Valley Republican Club that he either left of his own accord, or, as recent comments suggested, he was asked to leave 'before things got out of hand.'

While Republicans revile at his betrayal, Trutanich has been busy forging links to Democrat politicians such as Senators Gil Cedillo, Isadore Hall, Kevin DeLeon and Congressman Brad Sherman, all of whom were listed on his ADDA endorsement questionnaire as 'key endorsers.' It is strongly rumored that Trutanich will now change his party allegiance to Democrat to further his campaign chances in the same way that San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon recently did. Gascon is, coincidentally, also listed as a 'key endorser.'

At 60, Trutanich is by far and away the oldest of the DA candidates, yet he is also the least experienced. He has not prosecuted a felony case since he left the DA's Office 24 years ago in 1988. Trutanich was a Deputy DA for seven years and he said he quit because of low pay. "I had four kids and I had to feed my family, so I went into private practice," was the way Trutanich used to explain his departure from the DA's Office. He may have to come up with an new story for his DA campaign.

State Bar records show that Trutanich was sworn-in as an attorney in May 1979. Typically, those who pass the Bar first time are sworn-in in the month of December. A May swearing-in could indicate having failed the first attempt, not uncommon for those who attend unaccredited law schools. It is not known whether Trutanich, who attended a part-time, night-time unaccredited law school, failed the Bar on his first attempt, or merely delayed taking the Bar Exam.

While the media have been quick to label Trutanich as a "front runner," they have been equally quick to label him a "liar." The front runner status comes from name recognition, and it is going to be up to the media and candidates ready, willing and able to remind voters why they recognize the name; he is a liar.

Liar or not, Trutanich has amassed an enviable warchest. He will need every penny of it, and will likely have to dip into his own resources now that the honeymoon is over and his supporters have been exposed to the less than enthusiastic media response to his candidacy.

Much like Meg Whitman's failed campaign to buy the Governorship, Trutanich's millions may not save his political career.  A recent comment may well sum up many voters' sentiments; "Karma's a bitch Nuch, you're gonna to have even more in common with Jack Weiss than you do now. On election night you're gonna have to sneak out the back door of your victory party just like he did, wishing for a hole to open up in the sidewalk and swallow you up. Voters don't like being used and they don't like being lied to."

Trutanich's website is


Deputy District Attorney Bobby Grace (left)
If sheer numbers of successful prosecutions of complex, serious, violent crimes were the determining factor in who should become the next District Attorney, Bobby Grace would win hands down. That he has run a campaign while trying back to back cases is a credit to his commitment to his job and the Office of District Attorney.

Perhaps because of Grace's commitment to his job, he has not had enough time to devote to fundraising and at last reports, had raised around $60,000. That's a creditable achievement, but few would disagree that it is not nearly enough in a countywide election.

Grace is considered a centrist Democrat, and has been active in local politics. Whether Grace will remain in the race or drop out and support another candidate is sheer speculation at the moment, but it is nevertheless interesting speculation. Grace could remain on the ballot simply to raise his profile for a future political campaign. After the primary, Grace would be well positioned to join forces with one of the candidates in the November general election.

Grace's campaign website is

Deputy District Attorney Steve Ipsen (center)
The former President of the Association of Deputy District Attorneys is the only one of the current candidates who has actually run for District Attorney before. If being something of a contrarian were the determining factor in who should become the next District Attorney, Ipsen would win hands down.

Politically it is hard to accurately place Ipsen. In his prior campaign he seemed to be leaning towards the right in terms of his tough on crime, victim's rights positions. However, his organized labor connections as well as comments from others, suggest he his trending towards Democrat.

Despite his prior campaign experience and his polarizing leadership of the ADDA, Ipsen has not done well in the fundraising department, having raised just $25,000. If Ipsen succeeds in gaining the support of organized labor, however, he could benefit from their fundraising efforts on his behalf, or more likely, substantial union independent expenditures.

Ipsen is also likely to ultimately receive the endorsement of the ADDA. The prosecutors union owes its existence to Ipsen's efforts, although some might also say the ADDA exists despite his efforts. Either way, the ADDA might be wise to endorse Ipsen so as to avoid 'bad blood' with the ultimate victor. Their endorsement of Ipsen would be predictable, justifiable and would likely not offend the frontrunners.

With the promise of labor endorsements and independent expenditures, Ipsen's lack of fundraising is not perhaps as much of a barrier to him making an impact in the primary election. Although it is unlikely that Ipsen will poll high enough to be in the November run-off, he is unlikely to drop out and will likely seek to parlay his organized labor backing into a prominent role in the run up to the November election.  

Ipsen's campaign website is

Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers (right)
We are surprised to find Danette Meyers amongst the "Underfunded." The veteran prosecutor has dedicated her professional life to the DA's Office, and those who have worked alongside her are quick to sing her praise. Significantly, that includes those who supervised her, former DA Gil Garcetti and former Head Deputy John Lynch have both endorsed Meyers.

Politically a centrist Democrat, Meyers recently became nationally known for her handling of celebrity bad girl Lindsay Lohan's various run ins with the law. While the free publicity is good for a candidate, Meyers' greater achievements are perhaps more worthy of mention. She has successfully prosecuted the most serious of crimes and has the reputation for being a dedicated and effective hard charger.

But parlaying an enviable record as a respected and effective prosecutor into the kind of money needed to fund a countywide political campaign is proving to be a hurdle for Meyers. According to the LA Weekly, Meyers raised just $116,000 in 2011. That may not be as much of a problem for Meyers as it might seem. She has strong ties to LA's legal community, the high point of which must surely be having served as the President of the LA County Bar Association. If campaign contributions aren't sufficient from that quarter, their influence and recommendation will surely result in Meyers having a respectable following in the primary.

Meyers' campaign website is

The June 5, 2012 primary election is less than four months away, and seven candidates are vying for the position. It is unlikely in the extreme that any candidate will receive anything close to 50% plus one vote in order to win the primary outright, so a runoff election in November is virtually guaranteed. The question, of course, is which two of the seven candidates will receive the most votes in order to face off in November?

Your thoughts?

Sidenote: All comments are appreciated, but good points made in comments often have to be rejected because of a potentially defamatory remarks contained in the comment. Keep it is as clean as possible and your comments will be published.


Friday, February 10, 2012

LA Times 'Trutanich is a liar'

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich announced his candidacy for Los Angeles District Attorney with a whimper; an email sent to the press was doubtless designed to insulate Trutanich from awkward and inconvenient questions about his lies about police endorsements.

Of course, a bigger lie is his candidacy itself. The Los Angeles Times wasted no time in blasting the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician, calling him what he admits to being, a liar.

That Trutanich sought to dodge the press on the launch of his campaign took many by surprise. When Trutanich ran for City Attorney he launched his campaign at the entrance to the City Attorney's Office flanked by law enforcement supporters. But there was no similar public display of police support for Trutanich this time. A sign, perhaps, of what the EndorsementGate scandal has cost the Trutanich campaign.

Instead an meek email and a link to a website that bears a striking resemblance to the phony 'Draft Trutanich for DA' website that was shown to be orchestrated by Trutanich's campaign, belying the myth that Trutanich was urged by anyone or anything other than his oversized ego to run.

Trutanich's willingness to renege on his 2009 campaign 'Pledge to Serve' in the pursuit of a more powerful political position formed the basis of the initial round of criticism leveled against the man who has become known as Carmen the Clown. The Jackson campaign released a design for the full page advertisements that Trutanich promised to place in national newspapers as a consequence of reneging on his sworn promise not to run for District Attorney.

Interestingly, the Jackson campaign made use of the same campaign photo that Trutanich tried and failed to sue Jackson over.

Few things are certain in politics, but Trutanich's gamble on the voters of Los Angeles having short memories for broken promises seems doomed to failure if the initial media reaction to his campaign is any measure of what lies in store for this liar.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jackson's plan to keep dangerous felons in prison gains support

On the same day that Gov. Jerry Brown tried to run from the fact that he had released far more murderers on parole in his first year in office than either Govs. Davis or Schwarzenegger did during their first years in office, District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's plan to keep felons off the streets and behind bars received wide coverage through the Daily News media network.

In 2011 Gov. Brown released a record 331 murderers into the community on parole. Although that itself is a record number, and shockingly disproportionate to the very low numbers of murderers released by his predecessors,  it is overshadowed by the number of so-called non-serious felons that are being allowed to serve prison sentences in the community with little or no supervison.

Brown claims the State cannot afford to accommodate convicted felons in California's expensive prisons. His solution, AB 109 is misleadingly named 'realignment,' and it took lawmakers by surprise. They saw it as a budget saving measure, not a public safety disaster.

Instead of costing the state $50,000 a year to house a convict, Brown kicked the sum of $95M to LA County Sheriff Baca to administer 'programs' for these convicts. Programs that allow these convicts to be out on the street after a few days in jail. One such convict killed Desiree Grajeda, Miguel Herrera, and their unborn child hours after being given one of Brown's get out of prison cards, and the horror of that unspeakable injustice was the impetus for Jackson's plan.

District Attorney Alan Jackson's plan proposes to avoid the ludicrously high cost of incarceration in California prisons by using money, like the $95M given to Baca, to pay other states to accommodate our convicts. Arizona and Texas somehow manage to keep their prison costs down to reasonable levels, around a third of California's cost. Jackson's plan was embraced by Sen. Tony Strickland who has proposed Senate Bill 893, drafted by Jackson, to allow counties to outsource the costs of incarcerating convicts. 

Although Jackson's plan makes sense from both a fiscal and public safety perspectives, it is likely to be strongly opposed by Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who is counting on Sheriff Baca to support his bid to become District Attorney. Baca is not going to want to kiss goodbye to $95M a year from Sacramento, and would likely withdraw his support of Trutanich should the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician support a plan that preserves public safety by outsourcing convicts.

Jackson's plan is likely to feature prominently in his campaign to take over from District Attorney Steve Cooley. It will pit a veteran prosecutor against a career politician more interested in backroom budget deals than public safety.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trutanich loses police endorsement to Jackson as EndorsementGate derails campaign

The wannabe DA who lied to the Association of Deputy District Attorneys about his police endorsements learned the price of his duplicity. The El Monte Police Association swiftly endorsed District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson following national media reports of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's deception.

This from the Jackson campaign:

John S. Thomas
Alan Jackson for District Attorney 2012
Tel: (818) 396-6578


Los Angeles, February 7th – Today the El Monte Police Officers Association announced their endorsement of Alan Jackson for District Attorney. This latest endorsement sends a clear signal that Jackson’s support from rank and file members of law enforcement from all over LA County is strong and robust.

El Monte POA’s President Ben Lowry said about Alan Jackson, “We are confident that, as District Attorney, you will pursue justice at all costs with the sound judgment, strong leadership, and unparalleled knowledge of the law that has been your hallmark as a deputy district attorney.”

“The compassion you demonstrate for victims is commendable and represents the best the District Attorney’s office has to offer. The people of El Monte and all of L.A. County deserve as their next District Attorney a true prosecutor with your record of leadership,” continued Lowry.

Deputy DA Alan Jackson stated, “I am humbled and honored to have earned such strong support from members of El Monte’s POA. As your DA, I promise to work closely with law enforcement from all over LA County to ensure our streets are safe and criminals are put behind bars.”

Jackson strategist John S. Thomas claimed, “Alan Jackson continues to build support and momentum from the law enforcement community.”

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

-  #  -  #  - # -

Election Hangover Part II video going viral?

The revelations about Trutanich's false claims also appears to have caused a resurgence of interest in the Election Hangover Part II video put out by the Jackson campaign. Just days before EndorsementGate, it had around 6,000 views on YouTube. That figure was up to just short of 30,000 as we go to press.

Trutanich recently tried and failed to sue Jackson over the use of a campaign photo in the satirical video. The collapse of that lawsuit was recently reported in the Hollywood Reporter, one of the movie industry's leading publication. The resurgence of views may well be equally attributable to anti-Trutnaich sentiment in Hollywood where Trutanich is said to be seen as something of a neanderthal from the Joe McCarthy era.

ADDA may pull Trutanich 'approval' as result of EndorsementGate scandal

Despite earlier reports suggesting that the Association of Deputy District Attorneys had endorsed four candidates including Carmen Trutanich, were wrong. Comments and emails received by the Dragnet suggest that the ADDA Board merely 'approved' four candidates for consideration by other labor groups.

The Dragnet has learned that the ADDA Board may now consider withdrawing Trutanich's 'approval' in the light of the false statements contained in Trutanich's questionnaire responses.  It is a move that would effectively prevent Trutanich from having another unnamed campaign worker 'mistakenly' claim that the ADDA had endorsed him, perhaps again in a document Trutanich signed without reading.

The ADDA's withdrawal of Trutanich's approval could trigger a slew of police agencies, said to be outraged at Trutanich's deception, to reconsider their endorsement options.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trutanich's false endoresement claims makes national news

District Attorney wannabe Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's stealthy slick campaign to seize the lead in the race to become LA's next DA hit the rocks as national media giant NBC blasted the former ambulance chaser, slip-and-fall lawyer turned career politician for lying to the Association of Deputy District Attorneys about non-existent police endorsements. The 'EndorsementGate' scandal now appears to be fast becoming Trutanich's worst nightmare.

The previously reported ripples of an anti-Trutanich tsunami of negative media coverage accompanying the anticipated public announcement of Trutanich's abandonment of his 'Pledge to Serve' now appears to be fully validated. As the 'EndorsementGate' scandal gains more media momentum, it promises to gut the Trutanich campaign of its attraction to many Los Angeles powerbrokers.

The fact that NBC, a national media outlet, decided to cover Trutanich's latest lie is precisely what Trutanich likely fears more than anything else. He probably hoped that the media would give him a pass because he has yet to publicly confess that he is running for DA. But just as Trutanich was wrong about his ability to strong-arm endorsements from the Airport Police, the School Police and the so-called National Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, he was wrong about the media.

Among the lame excuses from Trutanich, who was said to resemble a perspiring President Nixon during the Watergate era, was the notion that Trutanich had signed a the ADDA's questionnaire without first reading it and noticing that it contained glaring errors. Mistakes, Trutanich said, that were the fault of a volunteer campaign worker who has now been fired. No mention was made of Trutanich's mistake at not spotting the errors.

But in trying to explain the unnamed campaign volunteer's error as simply the result of using the list of Trutanich's 2009 endorsements, Trutanich was unable to explain why the names of two of his most prominent 2009 endorsers were missing from his 2012 faux list; Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley and the influential LAPD Officers' union the Los Angeles Police Protective League.

Trutanich's lies likely to lead to retraction of endorsements

Nobody likes being lied to, and the fact that Trutanich's lie is now national public record will likely increase pressure on law enforcement groups to withdraw their endorsements. Nobody, especially law enforcement groups, would want to be publicly or even privately associated with a proven liar. Credibility is everything in law enforcement and while Trutanich seems to think his abandonment of his 'Pledge to Serve' can be explained away by 'grossly changed circumstances,' his falsehoods about police endorsements 'has no innocent explanation,' to paraphrase America's most notorious conman, Bernard Madoff.  

Sheriff Lee Baca famously withdrew his endorsement of Trutanich's 2009 opponent, Los Angeles Councilmember Jack Weiss, after a campaign scandal put Baca in an embarrassing position. Baca is believed to be currently slated as the Master of Ceremonies at Trutanich's public launch of his campaign this week, however, the Sheriff has thus far declined to formally endorse Trutanich. The 'EndorsementGate' scandal may give Baca pause before he threatens his own credibility by deeper association with Trutanich.

Other law enforcement groups who have thus far been non-committal about embracing Truanich's candidacy and are said to be outraged at violations of endorsement protocols arising from the Long Beach Police Officer's Association's shady endorsement of Trutnanich. The LBPOA has still not announced the endorsement on their website, a sign that Trutanich's 'fix' is not as solid as he thought it would be. The weakness in the Trutanich campaign caused by the 'EndorsementGate' scandal will likely see police endorsements being withheld until after the June primary election, and may see some of Trutanich's endorsements actually being withdrawn.

ADDA under pressure to withdraw Trutanich endorsement

As previously reported, the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys gave City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's candidacy the 'thumbs up' by recommending him along with District Attorney candidates Steve Ipsen, Bobby Grace and Danette Meyers for further consideration in their complex endorsement process. The fact that the ADDA now has unimpeachable proof that Trutanich submitted a false document to them in seeking their approval now threatens the credibility of the ADDA. If they fail to withdraw their recommendation, they will be seen as tacitly approving of Trutanich's deception.

The ADDA recently achieved 'Agency Shop' status, whereby all Deputy District Attorneys are now fee-paying members of the ADDA and entitled to a voice in decisions taken on their behalf. ADDA President Hyatt Seligman and Leslie Simon (AFSCME Council 36 Organizing Director) have both been contacted by a member seeking the immediate withdrawal of the Trutanich recommendation in the light of the 'EndorsementGate' scandal. The ADDA would appear to have little option but to withdraw the recommendation pending further investigation.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Trutanich's lies about police endorsements casts doubt on candidacy

Earlier reports about 'irregularities' in City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's responses in an endorsement questionnaire issued by the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys ('ADDA') gained the attention of the mainstream media. The Los Angeles Times today broke the exclusive story that Trutanich had lied to the ADDA about being endorsed by police agencies.

The responses Trutanich hand-delivered to the ADDA questionnaire were obtained by the Dragnet without Trutanich's knowledge. He probably did not think that anyone would bother to check the information to see if he was telling the truth, but when the LA Times received a copy, they were quick to do some fact-checking.

Trutanich listed 'key' endorsers who had not endorsed him,
together with a non-existent organization in response to the ADDA
Sources tell the Dragnet that when Trutanich realized that the Dragnet had obtained a copy of his questionnaire, he was sent into a tailspin of frantic phone calls apologizing to police agencies for his falsehoods.

The likelihood is that those police agencies who had been 'on the fence' about endorsing Trutanich will take the safe option of declining to endorse, rather than be tainted by association with the apparent dishonesty of the City Attorney's false claims.

One police officer who spoke to the Dragnet on condition of anonymity said "It's tough for a police officer, if you make a mistake on a police report the public defenders bring it up in every case and make you look like a liar." he said "I don't want to be associated with Trutanich after this. I hope my union endorses anyone else, or nobody at all. This is bad for law enforcement."

Interestingly, when Trutanich's cases against the Occupy LA protesters recently collapsed, Trutanich immediately blamed LAPD for 'paperwork errors.' In trying to explain away the endorsement  lies, Trutanich has blamed an unnamed volunteer campaign worker for making mistakes in the questionnaire responses.

Readers will note that while Trutanich is never hesitant to take the credit for the achievements of others, he always tries to shift the blame of his mistakes, misrepresentations and misdeeds to others. 


Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Free For All

Trutanich slammed in CityWatchLA Op-Ed

Thursday, February 2, 2012: Los Angeles political watchdog CityWatchLA published an Op-Ed slamming City Attorney Carmen Trutanich for reneging on his 'Pledge to Serve.'

'Do Campaign Pledges Matter Anymore?' is authored by John S. Thomas, Trutanich's former campaign manager. Thomas, perhaps, knows the real Trutanich better than most and he spares nothing in concluding that Trutanich's willingness to ignore a sworn solemn promise show that 'his character and integrity are flawed and he simply cannot be trusted.' It's as damning a condemnation as has ever been given to the former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician and will likely drive even more traffic to CityWatchLA's on-line poll. The poll seeks the answer to the question, 'Should City Attorney Carmen Trutanich run for DA?' Currently, around 600 votes have been cast with 88% answering 'No.'

Coincidentally, the CityWatchLA website crashed shortly after the op-ed went live, perhaps indicating high interest in Trutanich's dirty laundry being publicly aired.

Jackson grabs the initiative; authors first legislation to combat realignment 

While many in law enforcement are privately critical of Gov. Jerry Brown's 'realignment' program that puts convicted felons back on the streets in a budget-saving New York minute, most are reluctant to do more than bemoan the likely effects of the impending flood of early release convicts on the community.

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson, however, has a plan to protect the community and it's one likely to appeal to law enforcement and voters; instead of flushing the effluent of state prison onto the streets, send them to out of state prisons where the costs of incarceration are a fraction of California's outrageous $50k a year per inmate fee, and likely even less than the fees paid to local Sheriffs to administer the early release program.

Jackson has the backing of Sen. Tony Strickland for his plan, and Strickland has introduced SB983 to the legislature for consideration. Announcing Jackson's plan Strickland said 'I introduced this bill after hearing a devastating story of a pregnant woman in Los Angeles County whose life was taken at the hands of a criminal who’d been released early due to over-crowding,' Sen. Strickland said. 'If Los Angeles County had the opportunity to contract for the transfer of inmates to another state, this woman’s life – and the life of her unborn child – could have been spared.'

'Every day, inmates are being released early from jail – sometimes serving only one or two days of their 90-day sentence – and then they’re back on the street, putting the lives of innocent citizens at risk,' Sen. Strickland added. 'Individual counties should have the opportunity to do what’s best for the members of their community and SB 983 will give them that opportunity.'

SB 983 was introduced at the suggestion of, and is being sponsored by, Alan Jackson, a veteran prosecutor from Los Angeles County. 'One of the greatest threats to public safety is a revolving door at the jail. This bill will give our local leaders the tools they need to ensure criminals remain behind bars. I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Sen. Strickland to empower our local officials with the tools to help keep our streets safe,' Jackson said.

Jackson's solution to the early release disaster will likely resonate with voters keen to put an end to the shenanigans of politicians in Sacramento who, rather than work to reign in the bloated costs of the state prison system, have dumped the problem on the community.

Trutanich misses the million dollar mark and hides campaign expenses
He publicly promised to raise a million dollars by December 31, 2011, and privately targeted $1.5M for his campaign to become District Attorney. But figures released by the Trutanich campaign show that the former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician fell short of the mark and likely massaged the figures to get as close as possible to his "Over a million" lie on his ADDA endorsement questionnaire.

The Trutanich campaign likely strategically chose to file it's figures in paper format rather than electronically. The consequence of a paper filing is that it is harder to search and research the sources of Trutanich's donations. Despite Trutanich's best efforts to conceal the fundraising failure, a few facts appear inescapable from an initial review.

Trutanich's claim of "over a million" is false for at least two reasons; The stated figure for cash contributions, $964,985.96, is not "over a million." Additionally, around $40,000 of those donations appear to have been made after the December 31, 2011 cut-off date for reporting. Trutanich could claim that he received those donations before the cut-off date, but failed to deposit them until early January because he was too busy.

But if the "over a million" claim is false, few would argue that it is substantially false. It is still an impressive figure overshadowing the fundraising of any of his opponents.

More troubling, perhaps, is Trutanich's false claim to have "nearly a million" cash in hand. The paper filing reveals that figure to be only $808,541.63. However, initial analysis of Trutanich's claimed expenses of $182,663.57 suggests that Trutanich has not reported all his expenses.

Notably absent from Trutanich's expenses are any payments made to his campaign consultant John Shallman. That Shallman has been working on Trutanich's campaign for over a year without charging a dime, stretches the imagination. If his fees are accrued expenses or unpaid expenses, they need to be disclosed, however, that would lower the cash in hand figure; connect the dots yourself.

Also absent from Trutanich's filing is any record of any payment to Dan Raskov, Trutanich's tax-payer paid campaign manager. In all likelihood Trutanich has less than half a million actual cash in hand, but the reality is that the truth and Trutanich have never been closely associated. Perhaps further evidence that 'his character and integrity are flawed and he simply cannot be trusted.'