Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Free For All

Trutanich slammed in CityWatchLA Op-Ed

Thursday, February 2, 2012: Los Angeles political watchdog CityWatchLA published an Op-Ed slamming City Attorney Carmen Trutanich for reneging on his 'Pledge to Serve.'

'Do Campaign Pledges Matter Anymore?' is authored by John S. Thomas, Trutanich's former campaign manager. Thomas, perhaps, knows the real Trutanich better than most and he spares nothing in concluding that Trutanich's willingness to ignore a sworn solemn promise show that 'his character and integrity are flawed and he simply cannot be trusted.' It's as damning a condemnation as has ever been given to the former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician and will likely drive even more traffic to CityWatchLA's on-line poll. The poll seeks the answer to the question, 'Should City Attorney Carmen Trutanich run for DA?' Currently, around 600 votes have been cast with 88% answering 'No.'

Coincidentally, the CityWatchLA website crashed shortly after the op-ed went live, perhaps indicating high interest in Trutanich's dirty laundry being publicly aired.

Jackson grabs the initiative; authors first legislation to combat realignment 

While many in law enforcement are privately critical of Gov. Jerry Brown's 'realignment' program that puts convicted felons back on the streets in a budget-saving New York minute, most are reluctant to do more than bemoan the likely effects of the impending flood of early release convicts on the community.

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson, however, has a plan to protect the community and it's one likely to appeal to law enforcement and voters; instead of flushing the effluent of state prison onto the streets, send them to out of state prisons where the costs of incarceration are a fraction of California's outrageous $50k a year per inmate fee, and likely even less than the fees paid to local Sheriffs to administer the early release program.

Jackson has the backing of Sen. Tony Strickland for his plan, and Strickland has introduced SB983 to the legislature for consideration. Announcing Jackson's plan Strickland said 'I introduced this bill after hearing a devastating story of a pregnant woman in Los Angeles County whose life was taken at the hands of a criminal who’d been released early due to over-crowding,' Sen. Strickland said. 'If Los Angeles County had the opportunity to contract for the transfer of inmates to another state, this woman’s life – and the life of her unborn child – could have been spared.'

'Every day, inmates are being released early from jail – sometimes serving only one or two days of their 90-day sentence – and then they’re back on the street, putting the lives of innocent citizens at risk,' Sen. Strickland added. 'Individual counties should have the opportunity to do what’s best for the members of their community and SB 983 will give them that opportunity.'

SB 983 was introduced at the suggestion of, and is being sponsored by, Alan Jackson, a veteran prosecutor from Los Angeles County. 'One of the greatest threats to public safety is a revolving door at the jail. This bill will give our local leaders the tools they need to ensure criminals remain behind bars. I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with Sen. Strickland to empower our local officials with the tools to help keep our streets safe,' Jackson said.

Jackson's solution to the early release disaster will likely resonate with voters keen to put an end to the shenanigans of politicians in Sacramento who, rather than work to reign in the bloated costs of the state prison system, have dumped the problem on the community.

Trutanich misses the million dollar mark and hides campaign expenses
He publicly promised to raise a million dollars by December 31, 2011, and privately targeted $1.5M for his campaign to become District Attorney. But figures released by the Trutanich campaign show that the former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician fell short of the mark and likely massaged the figures to get as close as possible to his "Over a million" lie on his ADDA endorsement questionnaire.

The Trutanich campaign likely strategically chose to file it's figures in paper format rather than electronically. The consequence of a paper filing is that it is harder to search and research the sources of Trutanich's donations. Despite Trutanich's best efforts to conceal the fundraising failure, a few facts appear inescapable from an initial review.

Trutanich's claim of "over a million" is false for at least two reasons; The stated figure for cash contributions, $964,985.96, is not "over a million." Additionally, around $40,000 of those donations appear to have been made after the December 31, 2011 cut-off date for reporting. Trutanich could claim that he received those donations before the cut-off date, but failed to deposit them until early January because he was too busy.

But if the "over a million" claim is false, few would argue that it is substantially false. It is still an impressive figure overshadowing the fundraising of any of his opponents.

More troubling, perhaps, is Trutanich's false claim to have "nearly a million" cash in hand. The paper filing reveals that figure to be only $808,541.63. However, initial analysis of Trutanich's claimed expenses of $182,663.57 suggests that Trutanich has not reported all his expenses.

Notably absent from Trutanich's expenses are any payments made to his campaign consultant John Shallman. That Shallman has been working on Trutanich's campaign for over a year without charging a dime, stretches the imagination. If his fees are accrued expenses or unpaid expenses, they need to be disclosed, however, that would lower the cash in hand figure; connect the dots yourself.

Also absent from Trutanich's filing is any record of any payment to Dan Raskov, Trutanich's tax-payer paid campaign manager. In all likelihood Trutanich has less than half a million actual cash in hand, but the reality is that the truth and Trutanich have never been closely associated. Perhaps further evidence that 'his character and integrity are flawed and he simply cannot be trusted.'



Anonymous said...

Way to go Alan! Now this is how you show you can be the DA!

Anonymous said...

Still no coherent story from Nuch explaining away the "I am a liar" ad. Shouldn't he have diffused it by now?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Alan Jackson for stealing Carmen Trutanich's idea. He was planning on a big announcement of this bill when he announces he's running for DA next week. This really screws him. Job well done.

Anonymous said...

Not sure 6:23pm. Keep in mind no one can (now) dispute Trutanich's ability to make backroom deals. But the real issue that he should be concerned about is the ability to achieve a real record of accomplishments as a criminal prosecutor. His failure to formally announce his candidacy (while he conducts a campaign) may be because there is no compelling argument for the voters to give him the job.

Anonymous said...

Nuch cannot explain his decision to run for DA in any coherent way. The only rational explanation for his willingness to be labeled a liar is his narcissism - someone should Google NPD - narcissistic personality disorder. If the shoe fits ...

Anonymous said...

Nuch lied to the ADDA in his endorsement questionnaire. He said he had raised over a million, he didn't, he said he had nearly a million in the bank, he didn't. The ADDA should publicly remove him from the endorsement consideration process because he cannot tell the truth. It's not in his DNA!

Anonymous said...

Good for Alan Jackson. This is the perfect example of why we would be lucky to have him as our next DA. While the other DA candidates have done nothing to combat the problems caused by Realignment, Alan has come up with a great plan to protect public safety.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, Alan Jackson had plenty of time to do something about realignment for the past decade while it has been bouncing around the legislature and he did not do a damn thing. Did he lobby Sacramento? NO. Did he propose new legislation? NO! Did he make a video against it? NO! This is all politics and he's so transparent. Why didn't he do anything in 2011? Or 2010? Or 2009? Or 2008? Or 2007 ... get the point?

Anonymous said...

10:03p, Uh. . . .Maybe the reason why Alan wasn't proposing legislation to clean up realignment was because realignment was A FREAKIN' FIGMENT OF THE SOMEONE'S IMAGINATION AT THE TIME! For crying out loud, that has got to be the single most silliest argument I've seen yet.

Realignment caught EVERYONE by surprise. Hell, the stories about how this clusterf*ck was snuck by the legislature are epic And the reaction within the LA-DA's office has been damn near panic.

Jackson has his faults and I doubt if he will get to the runoff. But give me a break! Make an argument that doesn't rely on FREAKIN CLAIRVOYANCE!

Anonymous said...

1:56AM I do not understand why the moderators of this blog allow stupid comments like 10:03pm to be published. Jackson has at least done something other than hand wringing to protect the public from the Sacramento sellout nightmare that is realignment. He has succeeded in being the first candidate with a cogent plan to address the problem, and his idea will gain traction with voters in LA. Trujillo and Ipsen have warmly greeted realignment because they think the families of newly released criminals will thank them for allowing their sh*t for brains relatives to go back to beating them up and terrorizing their lives and the lives of everyone around them. They are wrong. Come election day, voters will give Jackson the thumbs up. He is the victim's DA. The rest are a bunch of apologist panderers.

Anonymous said...

Hey while you're at it, tell everyone to be realistic. Trutanich is going to wait until the last possible moment to announce for District Attorney. He's going to continue meeting with groups and cultivating cronies to attack his opposition, all while raising money. When you have Trutanich's portfolio of misadventure, malfeasance, and crashing other people's parties, you take the approach any first year PD knows to take. You don't argue what your client has done, you run on attacking everyone else.

Anonymous said...

ROFLOL You have to see the LA Times piece that just came out showing how Trutanich lied about law enforcement endorsements.

Carmen the Clown caught in a number of lies by the LA Times. Better than the SuperBowl!

Anonymous said...

Now now, go easy on Carmen. Remember, he's got a referral! He's approved!

Anonymous said...

I heard Trutanich was endorsed by George Washington, MLK Jr., warm apple pie and zangief from street fighter....oh whoops, he's not. they just signed and swore that on their questionnaire. FALSE ALARM! MEA CULPA!

Anonymous said...

Hey. don't ya mess with da Nuch. He's a got an ADDA referral. He's a MADE man. See, it's the highest honor they can give you. It means you belong to a family and crew. It means that nobody can f*ck around with you. It also means you could f*ck around with anybody just as long as they aren't also a member. It's like a license to steal. It's a license to do anything.