Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jackson campaign releases TRU Hollywood Story - it's Nuch's Nightmare

Hat's off to District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson for releasing their latest campaign ad; TRU Hollywood Stories.

In less than three minutes the Jackson campaign demolishes the myth that Carmen Trutanich has achieved anything in his two years, other than running the City Attorney's Office into the ground.

Trutanich's horrible record of lying, bullying, grandstanding and failure is laid bare for all to see, and while Trutanich had to pull his own campaign video because it violated state law, TRU Hollywood Stories will likely become one of the most viewed political ads of this electoral season.

Trutanich Trashed on KFI AM640 Again
For the second day running John and Ken trashed Trutanich for his flip-flop position on issuing driver licenses to illegal aliens. The pair stated that Trutanich had refused to be interviewed, a classic sign of Trutanich's fear of being challenged over not only this issue, but his many failures as City Attorney. 

The flood of negative comments about Trutanich sidelined the announcement that the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, had given their support to his campaign, a move that many at the DA's Office will see as a further sign that their union, the ADDA, has betrayed the best interests of the rank and file. By lending any credence to the candidacy of an outsider who has not prosecuted a felony in 26 years, and is widely disliked both at the City Attorney's Office and the DA's Office, the ADDA has demonstrated astonishingly poor judgment. Is anyone surprised?



Anonymous said...

Is that all you got. Give me a break. All the lawyers backing Trutanich know Cooley went back on his word and ran for a third term. No one cares. The money is flowing into Nuch's camp like a waterfall while Jackson depletes his funds on stupid videos like this. Good luck Jack. Better start looking for a new job.

Anonymous said...

This might be the funniest campaign ad I've ever seen. Once again, I'm impressed with the creativity of the Jackson campaign and Jackson's courage to call out Trutanich for his abysmal record of failures as City Attorney. Meanwhile, Trutanich and his supporters (see 8:13 am) are responding in typical Trutanich style... by making threats of retribution. A person as vindicative and thin-skinned as Trutanich should never be permitted to wield the power associated with the position of DA.

Anonymous said...

So Trutanich is the hero of organized labor? Ask the deputy city attorneys who suffered a 15% pay cut how they feel about their pro labor boss? Real nice the way Nuch won't take a matching pay cut while everyone else suffers.

Anonymous said...

Cooley took a 30% pay raise and left his deputies in the dust with nothing... so why are you kissing his ring? Cooley doesn't care about anything or anyone.

Anonymous said...

6:16PM You must be smoking too much of that medicinal marijuana that Nuch can't control. There's a world of difference between Cooley getting a raise for making the DA's Office the finest, and largest prosecutorial agency in the nation, which through difficult economic times has not had to fire, layoff or furlough a single DDA and has given all staff annual cost of living pay raises, and that prick Trutanich who screwed up the City Attorney's Office so badly that they had to fire, layoff, furlough and cut pay by 15%. The only person who doesn't take a pay cut is that arrogant clown who has run out of credibility.