Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KFI AM640's John & Ken join anti-Trutanich Tsunami

Carmen Trutanich's planned run for Los Angeles District Attorney took a nose dive Monday, February 27, 2012 when LA's most listened to talk show, KFI AM640's John & Ken Show, condemned Trutanich for his 'randomness' as to whether or not he supports giving driver licenses to illegal aliens.

Talk show hosts John & Ken became the latest recruits to the Anti-Trutanich Tsunami
when they condemned Trutanich for his 'randomness' on issues.
John and Ken, returning to the airwaves after a brief hiatus, slammed City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, aka Carmen the Clown, for "being all over the place" on several issues. It was in the 6 o'clock hour, the most listened to hour of the show,  that John and Ken attacked Trutanich over his wavering policies regarding the Dream Act protesters, the Occupy LA protesters, and now his support for giving illegal aliens driver licenses. "He's an odd one" said John, while Ken added "He's running to be the next DA of LA County in place of Steve Cooley, and now that's not going to happen."

Trutanich had previously enjoyed the support of John and Ken Show, but the veteran broadcasters appear to be tiring of his grandstanding headline-grabbing threats which, they noted, eventually "dwindle" once he actually has to try cases in a court of law, rather than in the court of public opinion.

"What I see with Trutanich is a randomness about the same issue, whatever he ate for breakfast that morning may guide his day" they said. Citing "unexplained reasons why he would change his mind, because there isn't any new evidence" the talk show hosts made Trutanich look like the clown that he has become since taking office.

The podcast of the 6PM hour of the John & Ken Show can be downloaded from the KFI website, something that Trutanich probably does not want his supporters to hear. Trutanich has been known to boast to his supporters that he has "John and Ken wrapped around my little finger" and that he can get on their show "whenever I want."

It will be interesting to see if Trutanich has the guts to be interviewed on the John and Ken show to defend his "breakfast policy of the day." The former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician has been dodging the media ever since he was found to have lied about having endorsements from a number of police organizations, as well as giving Sheriff Lee Baca bad advice about state law - Baca appeared in uniform in a video endorsement for Trutanich that had to be pulled from YouTube after Baca discovered that state law prohibits him from making political endorsements in uniform.

The Los Angeles Times today also covered John & Ken's return to the airwaves noting that in announcing their return the pair said they have '"a lot of issues we want to cover.... It's time to turn all that energy on the bad guys." Under that heading fell Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and L.A. City Atty. Carmen Trutanich because of their recent support for driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.'


Anonymous said...

Berger, you need to get yourself booked on John and Ken's show and repeat what you said on McIntyre in the Morning last week. You can rip this a*hole a new one, and I think John and Ken are just waiting for someone to take down the clown.

Anonymous said...

John and Ken aren't all that hot these days. In any case, they need Nuch more than he needs a couple of shock jocks who just got off being suspended for making inappropriate remarks about Whitney Houston. I don't think Nuch will ever go on their show as he does not want to be associated with their extremist views. This is no big deal.

Anonymous said...

Big news of the day is that the rumor downtown is that Bill Hodgman is going to run for DA. He is about the only candidate who can unite all the DDAs and he would be a great leader. I hope the rumor is true.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's true. Hodgman figures that Jackie, Mario and Alan are toast. He knows they're going nowhere fast.

He wants to give it a shot. Expect him to announce in the next week.

Good luck Bill.

Anonymous said...

Huh. News to Hodgman.

Anonymous said...

@;6:05pm I think you are right. There's as much chance of Bill running as there is of Berger throwing his hat in the ring at the last minute just to have a platform to attack Trutanich. Wait a minute....

Anonymous said...

Nuch is getting reamed by John and Ken again tonight. They are going to destroy his chances of getting into the runoff - he is screwed.

Anonymous said...

It is official. Nuch got the final County Fed endorsement. Bye Bye Lacey, Jackson, Trujillo and Berger. Time to look for a new job. Seligman threw everyone under the bus and there is no one to fight for you now. Nuch just gained a free slate of over 1 million voters. Best of luck with your little blog and your pose of corrupt journalists. All the unions are going to now donate $1500 to Nuch. There are over 150 so he should be up to 3 million shortly. Even Cooley can't throw a little party and raise enough to get Nuch out. Cooley should start crying "I'm melting, I'm melting".

Anonymous said...

If Hodgman runs, that would be a compelling choice, but he is not the potential candidate I wrote about on Sunday! I'm waiting to hear more and hope to be able to soon report that the financial backing has materialized.

Keeping hope alive,


Anonymous said...

The County Fed endorsement is huge!!!

No one expected them to endorse Trutanich so it makes it all the more impactful. Tomorrow night there's a big meeting to start organizing the phone banks and the precient walkers.

These are the same organizers that carried Kamala Harris over Steve Cooley, and Cooley was a lot more formidable.

If the other candidates were smart, they'd get behind Trutanich and save themselves from waking up humiliated, broke and sticky on June 6th.

Anonymous said...

9:55PM This endorsement will be the downfall of Trutanich. In this economy the last thing that voters want to hear is that a candidate has the backing of a proven liar who breaks his own laws. Huge? Yeah, a huge mistake that will become clear on June 6th when Trutanich doesn't even make the run off.

Anonymous said...

I like your comment at the LA Times about the Big Labor people voting for Jimmy Hoffa for DA! Wonder who is going to endorse Trutanich next? The Teamsters? Why not, with a thug like Trutanich as DA, organized crime has a TRU friend; Carmine Trutanich.