Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Midweek Musings

District Attorney candidates update

According to information on file at the LA County Registrar-Recorder, Deputy District Attorney John L. Breault III has filed nominating papers to run for District Attorney in the June 5, 2012 Presidential Primary. This brings the total number of candidates running for District Attorney to eight, with the possibility remaining that other candidates could enter the race before the filing deadline on March 13, 2012.

LA Times warns Sheriff Baca "Obey the law"

The LA Times Editorial warning Sheriff Lee Baca to 'obey the law' refers not to scandals surrounding use of force in county jail, but rather to the way Baca and Trutanich broke state law in allowing the sheriff to give an endorsement while on duty in his office, wearing his uniform.

Although Baca has tried to downplay the relevance of his appearance in uniform, the Trutanich campaign clearly saw Baca's uniform and badge as highly important; the 13 minute video which remains 'unavailable' on YouTube zoomed in on Baca's badge to emphasize Baca's position.

The fact that Baca not only was forced to admit that he violated state law to help Trutanich, but that Trutanich himself has not taken any responsibility for his monumental failure to follow the law, tends to support the notion that Baca has lost his sense of perspective and should withdraw his endorsement immediately. By failing to do so, Baca is not only associating himself and his department with a person who lied about his campaign promise, but who also broke the law in order to get Baca to downplay the 'pledge to serve' promise.

Baca's actions in condoning Trutanich's lies and illegal campaign video will remind Los Angelenos of the so-called 'thin blue line;' a theoretical rule whereby cops would refuse to take action against fellow cops who violate the law. It is the sign of a very unhealthy relationship between Baca and Trutanich, one where bother appear to be too ready, willing and able to excuse, forgive and forget the misdeeds of the other.

Vernon Police Officers Benefit Association endorses Trujillo

District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo announced that he has picked up the endorsement by the Vernon Police Officers' Benefit Association. 


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