Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trutanich loses police endorsement to Jackson as EndorsementGate derails campaign

The wannabe DA who lied to the Association of Deputy District Attorneys about his police endorsements learned the price of his duplicity. The El Monte Police Association swiftly endorsed District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson following national media reports of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's deception.

This from the Jackson campaign:

John S. Thomas
Alan Jackson for District Attorney 2012
Tel: (818) 396-6578


Los Angeles, February 7th – Today the El Monte Police Officers Association announced their endorsement of Alan Jackson for District Attorney. This latest endorsement sends a clear signal that Jackson’s support from rank and file members of law enforcement from all over LA County is strong and robust.

El Monte POA’s President Ben Lowry said about Alan Jackson, “We are confident that, as District Attorney, you will pursue justice at all costs with the sound judgment, strong leadership, and unparalleled knowledge of the law that has been your hallmark as a deputy district attorney.”

“The compassion you demonstrate for victims is commendable and represents the best the District Attorney’s office has to offer. The people of El Monte and all of L.A. County deserve as their next District Attorney a true prosecutor with your record of leadership,” continued Lowry.

Deputy DA Alan Jackson stated, “I am humbled and honored to have earned such strong support from members of El Monte’s POA. As your DA, I promise to work closely with law enforcement from all over LA County to ensure our streets are safe and criminals are put behind bars.”

Jackson strategist John S. Thomas claimed, “Alan Jackson continues to build support and momentum from the law enforcement community.”

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

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Election Hangover Part II video going viral?

The revelations about Trutanich's false claims also appears to have caused a resurgence of interest in the Election Hangover Part II video put out by the Jackson campaign. Just days before EndorsementGate, it had around 6,000 views on YouTube. That figure was up to just short of 30,000 as we go to press.

Trutanich recently tried and failed to sue Jackson over the use of a campaign photo in the satirical video. The collapse of that lawsuit was recently reported in the Hollywood Reporter, one of the movie industry's leading publication. The resurgence of views may well be equally attributable to anti-Trutnaich sentiment in Hollywood where Trutanich is said to be seen as something of a neanderthal from the Joe McCarthy era.

ADDA may pull Trutanich 'approval' as result of EndorsementGate scandal

Despite earlier reports suggesting that the Association of Deputy District Attorneys had endorsed four candidates including Carmen Trutanich, were wrong. Comments and emails received by the Dragnet suggest that the ADDA Board merely 'approved' four candidates for consideration by other labor groups.

The Dragnet has learned that the ADDA Board may now consider withdrawing Trutanich's 'approval' in the light of the false statements contained in Trutanich's questionnaire responses.  It is a move that would effectively prevent Trutanich from having another unnamed campaign worker 'mistakenly' claim that the ADDA had endorsed him, perhaps again in a document Trutanich signed without reading.

The ADDA's withdrawal of Trutanich's approval could trigger a slew of police agencies, said to be outraged at Trutanich's deception, to reconsider their endorsement options.



Anonymous said...

Cooley just sent out a letter saying Mario, Allen and the rest of them are not quailified. Only Jackie.

How does this endorsement help Allen? Cooley had all the L.A. County police endorsements and still got his butt kicked in L.A.County by Camala Harris. I think you're over-rating all these police endorsements.

Anonymous said...

@8:49am you are right, endorsements are not so important. It is the lie that Trutanich told that is the big problem. It shows his true character, and it stinks.

Anonymous said...

@9:18am - so don't vote for him. But all the feigned outrage is little over the top.

Anonymous said...

@10:11AM - being a liar is pretty much what we expect from an ambulance chasing slip and fall lawyer, but those qualities are not desirable in law enforcement. That is why El Monte PD dumped him, and that is why most other police depts will do the same. No big deal? Yeah right. Nuch was a red faced crazy man last week making calls to police chiefs and union organizers trying to put out his own fires. No big deal.

Anonymous said...

Any outrage misses the point: Trutanich has a long history as a Republican. He was never going to get organized labor support because someone was bound to turn on their computer and do a search.

However, if questioned about the rank and file of the DA's office he can now say he was approved for the next level by the ADDA.

So call him "Carmen the Clown." He doesn't care. He got the last laugh. Face it Berger he pulled it off.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks elections are won on endorsements is just as wrong as anyone who thinks endorsements don't matter. The fact is you need to be a viable candidate and have endorsements. Trutanich is looking less viable every minute as these endorsements slip away from him.