Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trutanich's false endoresement claims makes national news

District Attorney wannabe Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's stealthy slick campaign to seize the lead in the race to become LA's next DA hit the rocks as national media giant NBC blasted the former ambulance chaser, slip-and-fall lawyer turned career politician for lying to the Association of Deputy District Attorneys about non-existent police endorsements. The 'EndorsementGate' scandal now appears to be fast becoming Trutanich's worst nightmare.

The previously reported ripples of an anti-Trutanich tsunami of negative media coverage accompanying the anticipated public announcement of Trutanich's abandonment of his 'Pledge to Serve' now appears to be fully validated. As the 'EndorsementGate' scandal gains more media momentum, it promises to gut the Trutanich campaign of its attraction to many Los Angeles powerbrokers.

The fact that NBC, a national media outlet, decided to cover Trutanich's latest lie is precisely what Trutanich likely fears more than anything else. He probably hoped that the media would give him a pass because he has yet to publicly confess that he is running for DA. But just as Trutanich was wrong about his ability to strong-arm endorsements from the Airport Police, the School Police and the so-called National Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, he was wrong about the media.

Among the lame excuses from Trutanich, who was said to resemble a perspiring President Nixon during the Watergate era, was the notion that Trutanich had signed a the ADDA's questionnaire without first reading it and noticing that it contained glaring errors. Mistakes, Trutanich said, that were the fault of a volunteer campaign worker who has now been fired. No mention was made of Trutanich's mistake at not spotting the errors.

But in trying to explain the unnamed campaign volunteer's error as simply the result of using the list of Trutanich's 2009 endorsements, Trutanich was unable to explain why the names of two of his most prominent 2009 endorsers were missing from his 2012 faux list; Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley and the influential LAPD Officers' union the Los Angeles Police Protective League.

Trutanich's lies likely to lead to retraction of endorsements

Nobody likes being lied to, and the fact that Trutanich's lie is now national public record will likely increase pressure on law enforcement groups to withdraw their endorsements. Nobody, especially law enforcement groups, would want to be publicly or even privately associated with a proven liar. Credibility is everything in law enforcement and while Trutanich seems to think his abandonment of his 'Pledge to Serve' can be explained away by 'grossly changed circumstances,' his falsehoods about police endorsements 'has no innocent explanation,' to paraphrase America's most notorious conman, Bernard Madoff.  

Sheriff Lee Baca famously withdrew his endorsement of Trutanich's 2009 opponent, Los Angeles Councilmember Jack Weiss, after a campaign scandal put Baca in an embarrassing position. Baca is believed to be currently slated as the Master of Ceremonies at Trutanich's public launch of his campaign this week, however, the Sheriff has thus far declined to formally endorse Trutanich. The 'EndorsementGate' scandal may give Baca pause before he threatens his own credibility by deeper association with Trutanich.

Other law enforcement groups who have thus far been non-committal about embracing Truanich's candidacy and are said to be outraged at violations of endorsement protocols arising from the Long Beach Police Officer's Association's shady endorsement of Trutnanich. The LBPOA has still not announced the endorsement on their website, a sign that Trutanich's 'fix' is not as solid as he thought it would be. The weakness in the Trutanich campaign caused by the 'EndorsementGate' scandal will likely see police endorsements being withheld until after the June primary election, and may see some of Trutanich's endorsements actually being withdrawn.

ADDA under pressure to withdraw Trutanich endorsement

As previously reported, the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys gave City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's candidacy the 'thumbs up' by recommending him along with District Attorney candidates Steve Ipsen, Bobby Grace and Danette Meyers for further consideration in their complex endorsement process. The fact that the ADDA now has unimpeachable proof that Trutanich submitted a false document to them in seeking their approval now threatens the credibility of the ADDA. If they fail to withdraw their recommendation, they will be seen as tacitly approving of Trutanich's deception.

The ADDA recently achieved 'Agency Shop' status, whereby all Deputy District Attorneys are now fee-paying members of the ADDA and entitled to a voice in decisions taken on their behalf. ADDA President Hyatt Seligman and Leslie Simon (AFSCME Council 36 Organizing Director) have both been contacted by a member seeking the immediate withdrawal of the Trutanich recommendation in the light of the 'EndorsementGate' scandal. The ADDA would appear to have little option but to withdraw the recommendation pending further investigation.



Anonymous said...

Comparing Carmen the Clown to Richard Nixon is a gross insult - to Richard Nixon.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the ADDA should immediately rescind any recommendation it has given to Trutanich. He lied openly to the ADDA Board, and like the worst of all liars, he then tried to blame a volunteer for his own failure to spot glaring irregularities. The ADDA cannot afford to be associated with this lousy example of dishonest and duplicitous behavior, even if Trutanich has promised to promote Board members to management positions in return for their support. Kick the clown out before he destroys the ADDA like he destroys anyone and anything else associated with his narcissistic campaign of lies.

Anonymous said...

How come there's no quote from ADDA spokesperson Marc Debbaudt on this? NBC should have interviewed Marc about being lied to by Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

Marc Debbaudt has posted a series of comments in response to the previous article. Quite interesting, he says that the ADDA supported Trutanich because he was pro-labor. I guess the ADDA forgot to ask all the Deputy City Attorneys about how he sold them out and got them a 15 per cent pay cut while he refused to take a matching cut himself. That does not sound very pro labor, does it.

Anonymous said...

NUCH PRO-LABOR? Are you joking? You don't need members to come to meetings to tell you that's BS! You only need google.
Which raises the question, did anyone do follow up on the questionnaire before voting?
On the other hand, thank you Dragnet for your due dilligence on these developments.

Anonymous said...

None of the other candidates have given us a reason to support them. All Alan Jackson does is bash Trutanich. That's not a reason to vote for Alan.

They'd better come up with a positive message and demonstrate what they'd do as District Attorneys if they expect to become a contender.

Negative campaigning will turn off the electorate to all candidates which will benefit Trutanich because at the end of the day he has way more money. (See Mitt Romney's win in Florida)

Anonymous said...

@9:21AM, Trutanich is a piece of crap who will just use the ADDA and then renege on his promises. That is what he does better than anyone else. Jackson is the only candidate to author a Bill to fight the flood of felons from realignment, that should count as something more than attacking Trutanich. But then I suppose it steals Ipsens platform as the victims advocate, so the ADDA will oppose it. Right?

Anonymous said...

Hyatt has been corrupted by Nuch. Ask Hyatt about the secret meeting Nuch and he had before the endorsement. A no endorsement from the ADDA is a win for Nuch so he can scramble up union support waving his money around. If AFSCME and Labor caves to Nuch, the ADDA should decertify from AFSCME, who will prove they have no guts and no power to get behind anyone pro labor.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the ADDA Board has oversold themselves on semantics. Just because they don't want to call their endorsement an endorsement doesn't make it not an endorsement. Certainly, Nuch isn't playing it that way. He got passed on to the next level and three candidates didn't. He's using that now.

Anonymous said...

I can understand the ADDA wanting to support a pro-labor guy as the next DA, but Nuch is anything but pro-labor, he is pro himself period.

Apart from that, has anyone spotted the 6000lb gorilla in the room? The ADDA have gone ahead and supported a guy who was not prosecuted a criminal case in 25 years. From what I hear, he was a typical cherry picker who only tried slam dunk cases. Things have changed a lot since Trutanich was a Grade II, WTF does he know about how we do our job?

The ADDA should have taken his lack of experience as well as his lack of ethics into account before supporting him.

Marc Debbaudt said...

I never said "that the ADDA supported Trutanich because he was pro-labor." First, we did not support Trutanich. Second, the ADDA never claimed that Trutanich was pro-labor. Trutanich claimed at the interview that he was pro-labor. The ADDA did not claim this or agree with this, they opffered Trutanich the opportunity to persuade the coalition that he was pro-labor, that is all. This is not semantics. This is what occurred. Your readership are splitting hairs and playing semantical games. I'm simply trying to be straightforward about what happened. THat is apparently impossible with all your clever people who think you are reading between the lines and really are doing little more than extrapolating conspiracies out of the air. He is right about one things, however, the ADDA did not forget, but did not "ask all the Deputy City Attorneys about how he sold them out and got them a 15 per cent pay cut while he refused to take a matching cut himself." We would be more than happy to have any of you come to the Board meeting and volunteer to ask ALL THE CITY ATTORNEYS and then report that to us. We could use your help. Finally, Hyatt has admitted that he met with Trutanich. He says others were present. So, it was not, apparently, a secret meeting. Frankly, I was troubled by that since we have an endorsement committee. Why do we have them if not for that very reason? Since I wasn't there I can't say for sure what took place, but I can say I didn't like hearing about this. However, what does it mean? It may mean nothing. I just don't know.

Anonymous said...

11:12 am Jackson didn't write anything. He is adding his name to say he can write legislation. What ever. No one believes Jackson is for real and victims certainly don't support Jackson and his I will continue Cooley's failed policies. Victim's can't stand Cooley or Jackson. Jackson can't even follow the California Constitution and uphold victims rights. He is the biggest loser in the race in their eyes. Putting out videos saying victims can trust them is actually working against him and enraging them. So, keep it up Jackson, another stupid campaign stunt on your part. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Although it's good to see at least one person responding, I think those of us who see money taken out of our pay every month deserve bettter than having our concerns, criticisms and question answered in angry, sarcastic and hateful tirades. You ADDA board members can afford a little graciousness, courtesy and sunlight. You certainly charge enough each month to provide it.

Anonymous said...

Jackson cannot beat Mario Trujillo and Jackie Lacey. No way. No how.

Anonymous said...

Marc, I appreciate your trying to explain exactly what the ADDA Board decided regarding Trutanich. It is certainly more than Hyatt, the President, is doing.

I am very disturbed that Hyatt met with Trutanich in some meeting other than the endorsement interviews that took place at AFSCME's offices and that were open to members as well as Board Members. It was described as a secret meeting, and unless and until someone mentioned it here, it would have remained secret so far as the members were concerned.

In the circumstances, the ADDA should report to the membership the contents of that meeting and any decisions made. You understand that the appearance of impropriety makes this kind of meeting immediately suspect and it was very wrong for Hyatt to have participated in such a meeting when endorsements were about to be decided.

There is a very easy way for the ADDA to stop all the conspiracy theories, and that is to do what you, Marc, are doing. Telling us what is being done in our name.

I do wish you would stop trying to defend the action taken by the ADDA regarding Trutanich. It is clear they did something based on his spoken and written representations, as well as perhaps his private meeting with Hyatt. Because of the lies in his questionnaire and his indefensible position over not taking the same pay cut as his staff, the ADDA must act to undo whatever they have done regarding Trutanich and make him as much of an enemy as Jackson , Lacey and Trujillo.

If the ADDA fails to act in an open and transparent way, and publicly distances itself from Trutanich's cheap antics, they will destroy the goodwill that was slowly starting to be formed after so much acrimony. Please consider carefully what I have said. A lot is at stake here.

Anonymous said...

Marc for President of the ADDA!! Anyone else in favor?

Anonymous said...

5:11pm you make some good points. However, the best option is a member vote. It's open, transparent, and most importantly, it provides motivation for each candidate to sell himself or herself to rank and file prosecutors. Let Adam Smith's "invisible hand" choose the victor from the marketplace of ideas and pitches. Take away the temptation to use the endorsement as a "chit."

Unfortunately though, we would be left with the following possible - and potentially embarrassing - outcome: what if the membership chooses a candidate who the board did not refer to AFSCME?

Marc Debbaudt said...

I don't want to be president. Please never suggest that again. In fact I am a little, if not a lot, burned out serving on the Board and then reading how we can do nothing right. Frankly, I dont want anyone to do to me what I have done to the President, which is criticize everything he does that I disagree with.

The big thing to remember, even when I hate and disagree with what the Board decides, is that they are all volunteers sacrificing, some much more than others, their time and energy without reward or promises of promotions or plum assignments in an effort to improve the conditions of all DDAs. So even when wrong I credit them that much.

The comment about me or whoever being angry and sarcastic is probably well deserved, but it is pretty hard to stomach criticism from someone who has probably done nothing but bitch anonymously finding fault in everything. Every problem that person sees could be solved or addressed if instead of bitching anonymously, they came to meetings, voiced their opinions and concerns, and volunteered to help solve problems not cast blame on uncompensated volunteers. So, perhaps instead of claiming that I should be gracious and courteous because you are paying dues, none of which go into my pocket, maybe you need to be gracious and courteous and less hatefull and insulting to people who have volunteered on your behalf and pay dues as well.

If Trutanich is not pro-labor as he claimed I have to assume that labor and the coalition will not endorse him. Why would they? They would gain nothing.

Also I assume the coalition will be better at vetting him than the ADDA, because they have the time and resources and staff and have done that before. The ADDA is new at this and the ADDA does not have quite the same resources. So why is there so much anxiety and grief here when if what you say about Trutanich is true, it will inevitably come to light? How will labor vote for Turtanich if all his Deputy City Attorneys hate him? They are unionized. So I can't see labor supporting him if this is true.

I would hope the ADDA would support a bill opposing realignment. Want to Join our legislative committee and help ensure just that? No? But still want to accuse the ADDA of failing you? Yes, of course! How's that for angry sarcasm?

Again, I call an endorsement an endorsement, but I don't call an interview an endorsement. So who's playing semantics here? We did not support Trutanich. Period.

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson is no less sketchy than Carmen Trutanich. This El Monte endorsement existed before Trutanich's false endorsement fiasco and Alan just decided to release it now. Come on, you make it seem like El Monte switched sides after hearing about the scandal. Do you really think your readers are that stupid?

Anonymous said...

No satire, I really meant it Marc for President. I would vote for you. At least you can't be corrupted.

Marc Debbaudt said...

Thanks for the compliment! It really made me laugh! I would like to believe I couldn't be corrupted, but that might just be a sign that my ego is already corrupted and my judgment thoroughly impaired. In any event, please, please, please, do not even suggest that I should be president. It is a thankless job as this blog site demonstrates over and over again. It's like volunteering to be water-boarded or pepper-sprayed or tasered or sky-diving without a parachute. Uh, I just can't see myself hating myself that much.

A rumor is going around that the ADDA tried to tank the upcoming Grade IV promotions. I assure you that there is only paranoia and ADDA hate behind that rumor. An email from the ADDA should be going out real soon, like maybe tomorrow, addressing what did occur. In any event, to settle all debates, the legal hearing is over and promotions were not stopped.

Anonymous said...

You know something Marc, for all your criticism of the vitriol in the Dragnet, it has at least achieved a couple of things. It has got people talking and you have been able to do what the ADDA Board seem incapable of doing; communicating. The ADDA Board seems to have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get a simple email out to members, and it is not surprising that members feel there's something sinister going on. Thankfully, Hyatt actually grew a pair today and sent an email that explained the Grade IV promotion issue, and I don't think that would have happened if you hadn't taken the initiative to post your comments on the Trutanich issue. Keep it up, Marc, and you might just humanize the ADDA!