Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trutanich's ties to embatled County Assessor Noguez questioned

EXCLUSIVE: DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich hanging out with County Assessor John R. Noguez.

Reports that Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez is under investigation by the LA County District Attorney's Office may not be particularly worrying for Noguez if he can count on the support of Carmen Trutanich to "take care of everything" if elected as District Attorney.

Trutanich appears (center) with Noguez (left) and another Noguez supporter (right) whose identity has been
shielded pending the outcome of the investigation into Noguez doing favors for supporters. That investigation
is currently being conducted by the District Attorney's Office Public Integrity Division.
DA wannabe Trutanich is seen in this Dragnet exclusive sporting a 'Tony Suprano style' jacket showing his support for County Assessor John R. Noguez. The photograph was taken before the DA's Office confirmed it was investigating Noguez for allegedly granting property tax breaks for clients of a campaign supporter.

According to the LA Times' Steve Lopez column today, Noguez has "steadfastly denied any wrongdoing as county investigators snoop into his activities. But as Times scribes Ruben Vives and Jack Dolan have reported, a Ferrari-driving tax agent friend of Noguez, Ramin Salari, represented clients who got their property assessments reduced at great tax savings to them. Salari then allegedly asked clients to contribute to Noguez when he was running for assessor."

If elected as DA, Trutanich could order the Public Integrity Division to drop the investigation into Noguez. Such a move would not be unprecedented under Trutanich's rule; he infamously dropped his 'criminal aspects' investigation into AEG's handling of the Michael Jackson memorial without comment, so a similar move to drop the Noguez investigation would surprise few.

The lengths to which Trutanich might go to protect his friends is particularly troubling in view of the scant disregard Trutanich has shown for ethics rules prohibiting Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca from appearing in uniform endorsing Trutanich.

Trutanich has steadfastly refused to answer questions as to how he, with all his claimed knowledge of state law, could have signed off on Baca's illegal endorsements?

If Trutanich knew the law, does he believe that he is above the law?

If he did not know the law, how can he claim to be qualified to be the County's top law enforcement officer?

These are questions that Trutanich steadfastly refuses to answer, and the longer he hides from the truth, the more likely it appears to be that Trutanich does not regard the law as applying to him or the people who support him. All of which must be welcome news to John Noguez, who may not have to worry about an investigation into breaking laws as long as his supporter Carmen Trutanich is elected as DA.

As a footnote, it also appears that Sheriff Lee Baca violated state law for Carmen Trutanich as long ago as June 2011, when he appeared in uniform in this email urging support for Trutanich's phony Draft Trutanich for DA campaign.

Sheriff Baca appears in his email in uniform in violation of state law supporting
Carmen Trutanich for District Attorney in June 2011.
The same state law that prohibited Sheriff Lee Baca from appearing in uniform during his endorsement of Carmen Trutanich in the now withdrawn video, would appear to apply equally to Baca's email endorsement on June 8, 2011. Baca appears in uniform urging support for Trutanich's campaign, yet no questions have been asked or answered of Trutanich concerning the apparent illegality of the email.

The evidence of Trutanich's disregard for the law seems both palpable and compelling. It is beyond belief that Trutanich can hide behind yet another nameless campaign volunteer in his pathetic attempts to deflect and deny responsibility for his ignorance and/or disregard for the law.

The Dragnet believes that Los Angelenos need to hear directly from Trutanich, not from a campaign spokesperson and not from some hapless City Attorney flunky. You can run Trutanich, but you cannot hide.



Anonymous said...

Some one should check with the State Bar whether a City Atty, who represents council council members, can become DA, who has to prosecute city council members.

As the City Atty, Trutanich becomes privy to a lot of confidential information. For example, who got the extra $1.4 Million from the appraisal fraud on the CRA 1601 N. Vine project. Was it Garcetti? Did Gracetti arrange the deal? Did the extra $1.4 M to go to Katersky? to Ullman?

How does CIM Group end up with so much tax payer loot from CD #13 projects? Hollywood-Highland, CRA Hollywood-Western, Sunset-Gordon, Midtown, . . .

Why did Eli Broad get $52 Million and rent his lot from the city for $1 per year? It's next to the Disney Center and $1 per year!?!

What about LaBonge and the $12.5 M Bait and Switch Fraud over the Cahuenga Peak?

What about CIM Midtown and Wesson?

What about the AEG Stadium deal?

If Trutanich were going from one large private law firm that represented insurance companies to another law firm that sued corrupt insurance companies, he would be forbidden from suing his former clients. It seems that the same rules should apply between the City Attorney Office, which is a law firm, and the District Attorney which is a law firm.

Doesn't the State of California have some statute or the State Bar have some regulation that protects the citizens from this situation. All the criminality that Trutanich has seen while City Atty ends up being protected because the felons used to be his clients?

This conflict is not as if he were some junior associate who could be isolated from certain clients and certain cases. As the head of both the City Atty Office and the DA Office, there is no way to isolate Trutanich from the criminal investigations that we should be seeing into City Hall corruption.

Simply not investigating the felons at City Hall is not an option --- I mean it is not a legal or ethical option, but what's honesty and integrity got to do with L.A. government?

Of course, the #1 guy at City Hall whom the new DA should be investigating is the present City Atty himself Trutanich? What about his constant Brown Act violations, his squandering of tax payer dollars on private vendettas, his persecution of the poor homeowners over ersatz violations, his protection of the de facto giving away of public streets in the Hills?

Does California have even a pretext of honesty?

Randy Economy said...

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Randy Economy
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Joe Friday said...

Randy Economy. Thanks for your comment. Please feel free to repost on your blog.

Randy Economy said...

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