Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Trutanich Tanks - former 'frontrunner' fundraising falters

He still likes to call himself the 'front runner' when he's not trying to keep a straight face about his claim to also be the 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' or anything other than what he really is; a former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career prosecutor who now regards his sworn 'Pledge to Serve' as a mere campaign stunt.

Carmen Trutanich raked in almost $1M as he ran a 'stealth campaign' to become District Attorney, shaking down special interest groups doubtless keen to cash in on what they will be able to pick from the flesh of the City's budget in the last days of the Trutanich regime.

But as the rumors of Carmen Trutanich's 'Big Lie' became public and the launch of his ill-fated campaign to become District Attorney became a reality, his popularity and fundraising power tanked as his latest campaign finance statement shows.

Trutanich's fundraising hit the rocks in 2012. The 'Chief Liar' spent $3 for every $1 he raised.

Forms filed by Trutanich with the Los Angeles County Registrar show that the man who said he would raise $2.5M for his campaign, didn't even come close to squeezing that kind of cash out of a diminishing pool of supporters. He raised just 25% of what he reported in the previous period as the Los Angeles media and former supporters reacted to a slew of scandals rocked the Office of the City Attorney. He also spent money like a drunken sailor at a rate of three dollars for every one that he raised.

Trutanich's downfall started when he canceled the planned public launch of his campaign when he was tipped off that the LA Times was about to expose his lies about non-existent police agency endorsements. Strike 1, if you don't consider the 'Trutanich is a liar' headlines regarding his abandonment of his 'Pledge to Serve' as a strike prior.

Hiding from the public, Trutanich launched his campaign with a slick and very expensive campaign video featuring non other than Sheriff Lee Baca giving Trutanich his endorsement and dismissing the 'Pledge to Serve' as a 'he said she said' misunderstanding. But Trutanich failed to advise Sheriff Baca that the endorsement was illegal; state election law forbids the Sheriff from making political endorsements in uniform. Strike 2.

The slick video was rapidly removed from public view while the illegal Sheriff Baca endorsement was removed, but not before Trutanich boasted that, in less than 5 days, nearly three quarters of a million people had watched his video on YouTube representing "a vast online and grassroots audience." But the LA Times revealed that the claimed 724,875 views were false; paid-for views orchestrated by Trutanich to make it look like he had attracted a larger online audience than Presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Strike 3.

Not surprisingly, Trutanich's popularity and credibility tanked. Former Los Angeles Mayor, Richard Riordan, was lost for words when publicly challenged over his endorsement of Trutanich in the face of one deception after another. "How can you want to associate yourself with someone who is willing to lie to the voters of Los Angeles?" a caller to KABC 790AM's Peter Tilden radio show asked.

The caller's challenges to Trutanich's credibility must have left both Riordan and Tilden wondering if they were discussing the same Carmen Trutanich they thought they knew, but it seems that the dramatic dollar drop in Trutanich's political capital speaks louder than any of Trutanich's lame excuses for his inexcusable conduct.

He might have been spending more time dialing for dollars than doing his taxpayer funded $216k a year job, but he's clearly meeting palpable resistance as supporters seem to be increasingly anxious to distance themselves from the 'guilt by association' reputation that could result from being defined as a Trutanich supporter. "How can you want to associate yourself with someone who is willing to lie to the voters of Los Angeles?" could well become the sound bite that defines the Trutanich brand in radio ads in the run up to the June 5, 2012 primary election.

3 Strikes and you're out Trutanich, but to use the kind of slick late night cable tv hard sell advertising that Trutanich seems to like, "But wait, there's more." Much more.

April 11, 2012 will see Trutanich given no option but to face his principal political opponent District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson in court over what will become Strike 4; Trutanich's narcissistic and blatantly misleading claim to the ballot title 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor.'  While the man who thinks so much of himself as to give himself a 'self-aggrandizing' title (to quote the Daily News) has succeeded in hiding from public debates, such as this weekend's Peace Officers Research Association of California's Public Safety Forum, he cannot avoid a court hearing.

Recent media condemnation of Trutanich's campaign of deception, such as on KFI AM640's John and Ken Show, where they called  him a 'Lying Boob,' seems to have inspired others in the legal community to speak out against Trutanich.

Noted Los Angeles lawyer Ronald Richards, a frequent legal analyst for tv and radio, recently joined the condemnation of Trutanich's attempt to mislead voters with his proposed ballot title.

On Sunday, March 25, 2012, Richards said "Obviously, the tactic of falsely labeling yourself in an election does not warrant disbarment or disciplinary proceedings, but it does create an ethical issue. If anything, the District Attorney should error on the said of clarity, straightforwardness, and truthfulness. Calling yourself a title that no one uses is clearly misleading to the average non-lawyer and would not pass muster in a courtroom in front of a jury. It should not be tolerated or ignored in an election for the County’s highest and largest prosecutorial post."

The points that Richards makes won't be lost as the court weighs the arguments that will be presented on April 11, just days before the ballots have to go to print. Richards continues "We as attorneys can see right through Mr. Trutanich’s false embracing of titles that are non-existent, but the average voter unfortunately would not.

I am surprised at the apathy of the other candidates running in this election and I am glad that someone has brought this to the public’s attention." he said.

With his fundraising on the ropes, the media engaged, and now the legal community empowered to condemn him, Trutanich may have hit the wall when it comes to his ability to lie and buy his way into the District Attorney's Office. He his neither wanted there, nor fit for the post. What say you Los Angeles?


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trutanich's social media manipulation backfires

Few people would doubt that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich craves media attention. His has a fully staffed public relations office who crank out press releases at his whim, ever hopeful to get some 'good ink' to further his political career.

But the constant bombardment of press releases have ceased to wow the mainstream media, and increasingly when the name 'Trutanich' appears in the media it is because one of his many well documented deceptions has been exposed through social media. The LA Times today documents Trutanich's fall from grace, ironically giving him joint billing with disgraced Los Angeles City Councilmember Richard Alarcon.

Trutanich's own attempt to use social media failed spectacularly when his payments to internet companies to make it look like 724,000 people had viewed his YouTube DA campaign video was exposed by the LA Times.

Rumor has it that the LA Times was tipped off by social media.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Trutanich's finances come under scrutiny, $1,000 cigar expenses a smoking gun?

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who is making a big noise about his fiscal responsibility in his ego-centric campaign to bully buy his way into the District Attorney's Office, might have some "'splainin to do" over a rash of overdraft charges that popped up in his Office Holder's account (our thanks to Red Spot at the Mayor Sam blog for spotting the irregularity).

It is not entirely clear why Trutanich's Office Holder account was overdrawn on so many occasions, but it certainly raises questions that should be asked of the wannabe DA candidate who likes to brag and boast about his his fiscal ability.

Perhaps Trutanich incurred expenses like his almost $1,000 cigar tab at Big Daddy Cigars in Long Beach before some special interest campaign contribution could pick up the tab?

There is bound to be a lie innocent explanation from Trutanich as to why this isn't a smoking gun ...

Daily News editorial accuses Trutanich of "self-aggrandizing"

The Los Angeles Daily News editorial focuses on the impending courtroom drama that will see the self-aggrandizing DA wannabe, Carmen Trutanich. suffer his latest reality check. We've seen Trutanich drubbed by revelations that he lied about non-existent police endorsements, suckered Sheriff Lee Baca into illegally endorsing him in uniform, and financing an internet company to make it look like Trutanich's DA campaign video 'went viral' when less than 156 people actually viewed it. Now, to add to the ever growing list of Trutanich deceptions, comes the almost laughable notion that he is the Supreme Leader of the Universe, the 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor.'

The Daily News draws short of calling Trutanich a liar and glosses over many of Trutanich's earlier deceptions in taking the rather tepid approach counseling voters to beware of politicians. The Daily News might have done better to listen to what District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson had to say about Trutanich's latest lie on KFI AM640's John and Ken show:

April 11, 2012 should prove to be an interesting day in Los Angeles politics. While the Trutanich camp must be hoping that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ann Jones will adopt the LA Daily News 'tepid' approach to his misleading ballot title, most others believe that Jackson will emerge the victor. All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good people do nothing. Jackson seems to be the only candidate in this race who is prepared to take a stand against the man who KABC 790AM talk show host Doug McIntyre said "lied to my face."

It seems there is a growing number of good people in Los Angeles who are not prepared to remain silent and do nothing. That's bad news for Carmen Trutanich.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

KFI 640AM's John & Ken call Trutanich a 'Lying Boob' as loss looms over false ballot title

In what was possibly the best four minutes of talk radio this week, KFI AM640's top-rated drive-time talk show hosts, John and Ken, called Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich a "Lying Boob" over his false claim to be the 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor.'

As Los Angelenos hit the roads on Friday afternoon's rush hour, John and Ken followed up on their Monday interview with District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson during which Jackson explained the steps he was taking to prevent Trutanich from trying to mislead voters with false ballot titles in the June 5, 2012 primary election for District Attorney. Trutanich wants to call himself either the "Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor" or the "Chief Criminal Prosecutor," titles that Jackson says are misleading and false.

Jackson, an 'actual prosecutor,' according to John and Ken, has taken Trutanich to court to stop another lie from the former ambulance chaser plaintiffs attorney turned career politician from fooling uninformed voters into believing Trutanich is anything more than a "Lying Boob."

"Do you want a guy being your District Attorney who is that deceptive?" the talk show duo rhetorically asked listeners, adding that "Chief Prosecutor? You have to say that's the District Attorney" not Trutanich who as City Attorney "largely handles civil cases," they said.

"If you're running for DA, what's the most important quality that you have? Credibility? Honesty? Integrity? And the first thing you do is file a phony baloney title meant to deceive the public? I think that disqualifies you right off the bat!" they concluded.

John and Ken may be right. Trutanich has been ordered to appear in court on April 11 to try to defend his claims. It is one thing trying to fool uninformed voters, but altogether another thing trying to fool a Superior Court Judge.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Carmen 'Cover Up' Trutanich comes under fire for faulty fire department advice

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's aspirations to become Los Angeles District Attorney suffered a serious setback yesterday as conflicting reports appear to suggest that Trutanich 'OK'd' the Los Angeles Fire Department's controversial cover up of their response times. The excuse given for the cover up is that release of the response times would violate patient privacy rights under a Federal law known as HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

That Trutanich should be complicit in a cover-up to conceal slower than reported Fire Dept. response times, could be seen as suggesting that Trutanich would be an equally willing aider and abettor in cover ups involving police and political misconduct. If indeed, Trutanich was behind the advice to cover up the response times, that would make the exposure of police misconduct such as the Rampart scandal less likely under a Trutanich regime.

Fire Chief Brian L. Cummings specifically quoted legal advice from the City Attorney
as the grounds for the media blackout on response time information.
A press release, issued by LA Fire Chief Brian L Cummings, stated that "The Department is currently seeking written advice from the City Attorney relative to the release of incident specific PHI to a variety of internal and external sources including elected officials, commissions, the media and associated stakeholders." PHI is 'Protected Health Information,' which supposedly includes the response times of LAFD to specific incidents.

Cummings continued to say that "The City Attorney has preliminarily opined that the Department should immediately cease the practice of releasing PHI to any source not specifically authorized under the Privacy Rule’s treatment, billing and operations exemption."

The clampdown on releasing response times appears to be an attempt by the Fire Dept. to cover up evidence reported in the press suggesting that the Fire Department had misrepresented actual response times to cover up the disastrous effects of Mayor Villaraigosa's budget cuts.

In essence, the Fire Chief said that Trutanich provided the him with a legal loophole to withhold information showing that the Fire Dept. had misrepresented their actual response times. That Trutanich would stand lock-step with the Fire Chief in this crass attempt at a cover up is, perhaps, not surprising; Trutanich is actively seeking the endorsement of firefighters in his bid to become District Attorney, so providing a legal loophole to assist the Fire Chief might make that endorsement more likely.

Despite the statement issued by the Fire Chief, Trutanich was swift to deny that he had given that advice.

 KNX 1070AM reporter Claudia Peschiutta Tweeted a statement from Trutanich supporter Los Angeles City Councilmember Dennis Zine who said "I showed Mr. Trutanich the letter (from #LAFO Chief that cites city atty's advice). He says, 'That didn't come from us.'"

KFI AM640's legal eagle Eric Leonard told the John and Ken show that they should not be so quick to condemn Trutanich. Leonard opined that the advice may have come from one of Trutanich's many deputies without the City Attorney's actual knowledge. Leonard obtained a statement from Trutanich's Chief Deputy, William Carter, stating that "The City Attorney's Office has not released a new opinion about the Federal privacy law called HIPAA, and does not have a practice of ordering any fire chief or police chief to cause a media blackout."

Of course, as with any statement from Trutanich, who according to KABC talk show host Doug McIntyre, has a reputation for being 'truth challenged,' you have to look very closely at what was actually said. Trutanich said there was no "new opinion," but is there an existing one that supports the Fire Chief's claim?

There is, not surprisingly, something of a troubled and tortured history of advice given by Trutanich to the Fire Department concerning what information the Department can and cannot disclose. The Fire Commission, and independent oversight commission, was recently sharply critical of advice given by Trutanich.

As the Dragnet previously reported, the Fire Commission received a 13-page report from the Independent Assessor's Office blasting Trutanich for his failures to provide consistent advice, and to timely respond to questions. In fact, the Independent Assessor's Office were so frustrated by Trutanich's legal advice that they had to engage the services of 'Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law Erwin Chemerinsky' to provide the advice that Trutanich was either unwilling or incapable of providing.

The 13-page report was previously available from the City of LA's website via link provided in our July 28, 2011 article, however, when we recently tested the link, the report could not be found. Fortunately, we have preserved a copy which can be downloaded here.

Whether Trutanich did indeed provide the advice to Fire Chief Cummings to cover up the response times, or whether that advice came from an unnamed deputy without Trutanich's knowledge, or whether the advice was, as Dean Chemerinsky previously noted, 'mistaken,' the actions of Carmen Trutanich once again raises serious doubts about his ability to run a governmental law office, and utterly refutes his claims to be 'qualified' to be District Attorney.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mayor Riordan attacked over Trutanich endorsement on KABC 790AM Peter Tilden's Show

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan came under attack for his recent endorsement of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich when he appeared on the Peter Tilden radio show on KABC 790AM on Tuesday night. Citing Trutanich's abandonment of his 'Pledge to Serve' and his pay to play misrepresentation of YouTube views of his DA campaign video, a caller stumped the former Mayor of Los Angeles with the burning question "How can you want to associate yourself with someone who is willing to lie to the voters of Los Angeles?"  

Riordan, former Republican candidate for Governor (2002) and the 39th Mayor of Los Angeles  (1993–2001), seemed stunned to learn of Trutanich's recent record of deception and tried to turn criticism of Trutanich into a joke "You've been speaking to Trutanich's mother, is that it?" But when faced with Trutanich's 31% drop in gang prosecutions, abandonment of the successful Neighborhood Prosecutor Program, and outrageous 'grandstanding' claims for credit in law enforcement actions that have little or no connection to him, the the joke fell flat and the former Mayor seemed lost for words.

It was clearly an uncomfortable few moments for Mayor Riordan who, like many Los Angelenos, have so far only heard Trutanich's campaign rhetoric. Both Mayor Riordan and host Peter Tilden were, perhaps, taken aback by the way that Trutanich's talking point excuses failed to work - Trutanich has claimed that he is not bound by his promises because District Attorney Steve Cooley decided not to run. However, when Trutanich made his promises, countless times, he never once said that his promise was conditional in any way. Riordan's response, in essence was "Well he's a politician just like me," but that seemed unconvincing and quite contrary to Trutanich's well-worn mantra "I'm a prosecutor, not a politician."

The more Los Angelenos learn about Trutanich, the more it seems that his only achievement, as the caller said, ".. is that has used the City Attorney's office as a political springboard to the DA's Office where he is not wanted, he is unqualified, and he is unfit."

Tilden promised to make air time available to all the candidates in the run up to the June 5, primary election, and if tonight's show is anything to go by, Tilden will give callers as well as the candidates a fair chance to make their points.

Unfortunately, we were unable to capture the final few moments of the call, however, it should shortly be available for podcast and download from this link to the KABC website.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alan Jackson explains why Trutanich is not a 'Chief Prosecutor' on the John & Ken Show

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson was interviewed on KFI AM640's top-rated John & Ken show yesterday afternoon to explain the reasons why he has taken City Attorney Carmen Trutanich to court over Trutanich's intended use of a misleading ballot designation.

Prior to introducing Jackson to the audience as an "actual prosecutor" John and Ken said that Trutanich's intended 'Chief Prosecutor' designation was misleading and if you are "not following this thing closely, it might make you think he's the incumbent." Clearly, John & Ken were well briefed on the issue which gave Jackson virtually the entire half hour to make his point to one of the largest radio audiences in Los Angeles.

That Jackson would actually take Trutanich to court over his latest deceptive practice was likely something unexpected. Thus far his response had been bluster, with his campaign claiming that Jackson's ballot designation "Gang homicide prosecutor" is misleading. However, Trutanich has not backed-up his claims by suing Jackson, indicating that even Trutanich does not see any legal basis for that challenge.

The Los Angeles Superior Court is expected to give a ruling on Trutanich's ballot designation by April 13. The LA County Registrar requires all ballot designations to be finalized by April 16, 2012, the deadline for printing ballots for the June 5, 2012 primary election.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Briefs, Trutanich has 'best evidence' against himself, MABA backs the wrong horse

Carmen Trutanich - we call him 'Liar,' but what does he call himself?

Reports in the LA Weekly and LA Times that District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson has sued Carmen Trutanich to prevent the City Attorney from using the misleading ballot designation 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' detailed some of the evidence that Jackson will use in his lawsuit. However, perhaps the best evidence of Trutanich's TRUe job title can be found hanging on the wall behind his desk. Yes, the very desk where he "does not talk politics."

Trutanich faces a legal challenge to the use of 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' as his ballot designation
yet, by his own admission, he sits behind a more accurate description of his occupation.
 It's been photographed countless times proudly displayed on the wall behind Trutanich, an expensive photo collage captioned 'Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich,'  yet that's not how he now wishes to be known.

The framed photo collage, believed to be a gift from a wealthy supporter, has yet to be replaced with a revised edition captioned 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor,' however, given everything that has been seen from the Trutanich campaign thus far, such a revision would not be surprising.

Mexican American Bar Association PAC endorses Trutanich

Hot on the heels of the news that District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo was dropping out of the race to spend more time with his family, the Trutanich campaign issued a presser with the surprise news that MABA PAC would be supporting Trutanich's bid to be chief prosecutor.

We are certain that MABA PAC's endorsement is merely a coincidence and that Trujillo, a past president of MABA, was probably surprised by the endorsement, notwithstanding reports of a meeting with Trutanich a week before his equally surprising and rapidly subsequent withdrawal from the race.

Support for Illegal Alien Driver Licenses pivotal to MABA PAC's endorsement?

MABA PAC's endorsement is likely predicated on Trutanich's promise of support for issuing driver licenses to illegal aliens. It's a hot button political issue, much like supporting sensible regulation of Medical Marijuana dispensaries was in 2009. If Trutanich remains TRUe to form, once elected as District Attorney, MABA PAC can expect exactly the same level of support from Trutanich for the relaxation of the law as it relates to unlicensed drivers, as the Medical Marijuana community received once Trutanich was elected as City Attorney. None.

Trutanich can trot out the same "State law does not permit it" excuses for his politically expedient about face on the issue of illegal alien driver licenses. After all, Trutanich's word, his promise, his commitment, is valueless given the way he reneged on all the promises he made to those who supported him. MABA PAC, along with a long list of other special interest groups, clearly have learned nothing from Trutanich's proven track record, but perhaps after Trutanich's enjoys the same fate as Jack Weiss, who played the same deck of cards as Trutanich, they too will realize that they've bet on the wrong horse.

It really is a case of deja vu all over again, isn't it?


Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Free For All

Richard Lee Abrams' editorial in CityWatch LA makes for some very compelling reading. Abrams argues that, regardless of City Attorney Trutanich being ethically unfit to be District Attorney, there are significant legal impediments to Trutanich being able to enforce laws as they relate to any misdeeds by his former clients. In plain language there is an inherent conflict of interest that would likely prevent a Trutanich-led District Attorney's Office from prosecuting Los Angeles City Councilmembers and appointed officials.

We reproduce the introduction to Abrams' editorial to hopefully encourage you to click the link and read it in full:

"The objective of this article is not to discuss the current City Attorney and his being a habitual liar and manufacturer of evidence and too unethical to state his job title correctly for the ballot. Nor, shall I opine whether it would take some type of mental disorder for the city attorney, whose main job is to advise the city and its personnel and defend them when charged with criminal wrong, to believe that his minor role in misdemeanor prosecutions would make him Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor. Those character traits are more appropriately discussed when calling for Carmen Trutanich’s resignation as City Attorney.

Skipping over the lies and frauds peculiar to Trutanich, there is a fundamental policy question whether the City Attorney – this City Attorney or any City Attorney – may ethically run for District Attorney."

It's a well-reasoned and well-researched analysis leading to the inevitable conclusion that those who care about stopping political corruption in Los Angeles from sliding even more towards Chicago politics, will not vote for Trutanich, and not just because they hate him.

A case of history repeating itself?

There is considerable support for Abrams' position. Not surprisingly, it comes from Trutanich's own record once he became City Attorney. One of the many promises Trutanich made when he was campaigning for City Attorney, was to establish a 'City Attorney Ethics Division.' It was to be modeled on the DA's Office Public Integrity Division, and would aggressively "prosecute misdemeanor ethics violations!" He used to say that, dramatically, finger pointing, as he waved around his ten-point plan to save the city, full of righteous indignation. It was a promise that resonated with the audiences at Neighborhood Council meetings, who were sick of the lack of enforcement regarding ethics violations.

Like all Trutanich's promises, it was broken. Only it wasn't broken because Trutanich did not want to be able to scare, threaten and prosecute politicians and appointed officials. He wanted those things desperately then, and wants them even more so now. A beefed up Public Integrity Division will be a key feature of his recycled ten-point plan to save the County of Los Angeles. Rumor has it that Trutanich has hinted that Special Assistant City Attorney Jane Usher will 'come over and join me at the DA's Office to oversee the Public Integrity Division; nobody knows more about the City of Los Angeles and where all the skeletons are buried than Jane,' he is understood to have said.

It's another promise that Trutanich believes will resonate with his 2009 city attorney supporters. He probably also hopes they will have long forgotten the 'City Attorney Ethics Division' that never came to be. It's another promise Trutanich cannot keep because the same ethical issues that prevented Trutanich from establishing a 'City Attorney Ethics Division,' will prevent him from doing anything meaningful about prosecuting corruption as DA. This is one of those rare occasions where one can actually say that 'Trutanich knows too much," because all that he and Usher have discovered about the way the City of Los Angeles works, will prevent them from prosecuting their former clients. Trutanich knows that now, but don't hold your breath waiting for him to tell you that; that's the other reason why he is unfit to be DA, as KABC 790AM talk show host Doug McIntyre put it at the height of Wednesday morning's rush hour, Trutanich is "truth challenged."


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Litigation looms as DA Race officially starts

As widely anticipated the race for Los Angeles District Attorney finally boiled down to six candidates; John Breault III, Bobby Grace, Alan Jackson, Jackie Lacey, Danette Meyers and Carmen Trutanich. As the LA Times reported, front runners Alan Jackson and Carmen Trutanich have clashed again and are headed to court with Jackson suing Trutanich for attempting to use the misleading ballot designation, 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor.' The job title does not exist and Jackson campaign strategist John Thomas described its use as "an egregious violation of the truth,"something that those who have observed Trutanich's antics are all too familiar with.

The Los Angeles Times reported on the controversy surrounding Trutanich's
chosen ballot designation, we added our own suggestions for more acceptable choices.
There are many reasons why Trutanich will be unable to use his chosen ballot designation and he will then have to chose a description that more accurately describes his occupation. We've identified three possible ballot designations for him; 'Los Angeles City Attorney,' 'Los Angeles Chief Clown,' and 'Los Angeles Chief Liar,' all of which appear to be more accurate. 'Chicago-Style Career Politician' was a possibility, however, it could draw a challenge from Chicago politicians who might see their reputations tarnished by association with the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician.

Trutanich is understood not to want to use his actual job title, 'Los Angeles City Attorney,' due to the poor public perception of him in that capacity. Readers can post comments indicating their suggestions for Trutanich's ballot designation, however, please try to keep it clean.

Trutanich hit back at Jackson's lawsuit, saying that Jackson's chosen ballot designation, 'Gang Homicide Prosecutor,' was misleading. However, it appears that Trutanich has not got much faith in his ability to successfully challenge Jackson; he has not indicated that he will sue Jackson because he likely knows he has no case.

Once again, Trutanich demonstrates what the public have come to expect from him; he prefers to try cases in the headlines rather than in courts of law where his failures over Medical Marijuana, Dream Act protesters and Occupy LA trespassers, as well as his Joe McCarthy-like accusations of 'criminal aspects' to the Michael Jackson memorial more accurately illustrate his true record.

In the weeks since launching his campaign officially, Trutanich has been bedeviled with scandal after scandal, the false claims of police endorsements, illegal Sheriff Baca endorsement, pay to play You Tube views of his campaign video, and most recently his disastrous  FOX 11 News interview, perceived by many as an 'ambush.' In what some are seeing as a desperate measure to bring some credibility to the campaign, Trutanich has hired Joe Scott as a Senior Advisor.

Scott most recently served as Communications Director at the DA's Office and recently blasted Trutanich concerning his screw up over Sheriff Baca's illegal endorsement;

Scott quoted Bob Stern, who was the principal co-author of California’s Political Reform Act of 1973, said “how ironic it is that the chief law enforcement office in the county and the campaign of the person who wants to be the chief prosecutor doesn’t know what the law is.”

Intriguingly, Trutanich's newest Senior Advisor's own blog post also supports one of Jackson's many objections on the issue of Trutanich's chosen ballot designation. How can the "person who wants to be the chief prosecutor" credibly claim to currently do that job? Perhaps Trutanich will take Scott's advice and avoid wasting money trying to defend the indefensible. Then he might be able to honor his debt to the underprivileged school children of LA's Best After School Enrichment Program; they really need Trutanich's money, not more of his worthless promises.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

McIntyre grills 'Truth Challenged" Trutanich

KABC 790AM host Doug McIntyre used the height of Tuesday's 8 o'clock morning rush hour to give City Attorney Carmen Trutanich a grilling over his record of lies, deceit and deception. McIntyre invited FOX 11News Anchorman Jeff Michael to comment on rumors that the wannabe District Attorney had "stormed off the set," angry at being forced to answer real questions on Friday's FOX 11 News interview. The career politician's worried expression and his sudden departure before the interview ended was seen by millions of viewers and led to speculation that the interview had been an 'ambush,' a claim swiftly denied by Michael and FOX 11 News.

The entire show can be downloaded from KABC 790AM's website.

McIntyre congratulated Michael for asking "real questions" during the interview, and noted that Trutanich had been "dodging the press" because he is "truth challenged."

Trutanich left the set before the interview had ended, but did not "storm off" according to Michael.
As for the rumor that the angry target of an 'ambush' had "stormed off the set," Michael said that Trutanich "did not enjoy the line of questioning, and before I could finish, he pushed himself away from the set." Michael also described the rather hilarious slapstick situation that ensued as the set's table and chairs are on wheels and went in one direction, while the City Attorney pushed himself away rapidly going in another. Perhaps a case of a slip and fall lawyer, slipping?

The City Attorney's bad press day continued when the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise arrived. Met News Editor/Co-Publisher Roger M. Grace pulled no punches in his Tuesday 'Perspectives' column.

"I don't recall any candidate since Richard Nixon who has evoked such negativity," Grace said of Trutanich's lengthy dirty laundry list of bad press, all dutifully reproduced at the Met News to illustrate how Los Angeles' print and electronic media have reacted to the wannabe District Attorney's campaign.

The Met News Editor also speculated that Deputy District Attorney Steve Ipsen will not file his nominating papers by today's close of business filing deadline. That deadline was extended because the incumbent, District Attorney Steve Cooley, did not do what many had speculated, rumored or even hoped; he did not file papers seeking a fourth term as Los Angeles County District Attorney by Friday's deadline. Readers can check the LA County Registrar's website to see if Ipsen does indeed drop out.

With Ipsen and Trujilo out of the race, the June 5, 2012 ballot will have six candidates for District Attorney and the top two will face each other in the November Presidential election. That's when it will get interesting, and if Trutanich manages to overcome media opposition to his candidacy and win a place in the November run-off, that's when he is most likely to go the way of his former opponent Jack Weiss; into oblivion where he belongs. Los Angeles does not like liars.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trutanich ambush story goes viral, Huffpost joins the anti-Trutanich Tsunami, John & Ken - again

Trutanich tells tall tales on Fox 11

When City Attorney Carmen Trutanich agreed to be interviewed by FOX News 11 anchorman Jeff Michael, he probably thought he was in for an easy ride; another puff-piece opportunity to brag, boast and misrepresent his poor record as City Attorney, and a chance to dismiss ethical questions about his campaign to become District Attorney. Trutanich got anything but an easy ride from FOX 11 News' seasoned anchorman, and Trutanich's shocked 'deer in the headlights' expression sparked speculation that Trutanich had been ambushed, and finally forced to answer awkward questions about his deceptive practices. FOX 11 News denied ambushing Trutanich on their website.

A smug smile quickly turns to a 'deer in the headlights' worried expression
as Trutanich is confronted with inconvenient truths about his record.
FOX 11 News anchorman Jeff Michael was also quick to deny that the interview was an ambush, tweeting that both Trutanich and his assistant had been given advance notice of the interview topics.

Although Trutanich had been told of the topics, he probably was not told that Jeff Michael would not passively accept Trutanich's evasive answers. Trutanich looked shocked and ill at ease as he was confronted with well-researched questions that probed the truthfulness of his responses, and the grueling cross examination clearly shook Trutanich and appeared to take him by surprise.

While much of the coverage of Trutanich's ambush has centered on the fact that Trutanich was trapped by a skillful interrogator, attention seems certain to turn to some of the remarks Trutanich made when caught off guard, in trying to defend himself. 

Trutanich tells tall tales to defend his record 

Trutanich made some false and inappropriate statements in response to Michael's questions. When confronted with the fact that Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley considered Trutanich unfit to be DA, Trutanich was stuck for an answer and said "let's talk about who is the best guy to run this office" arguing that he was because "I run the largest municipal office in the United States" with a staff of 1,000. Trutanich claimed that "no other candidate in this race" has that experience. False. District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey, the Chief Deputy District Attorney, is responsible for the day to day running of the DA's Office with a staff of lawyers and support personal more than double that of Trutanich's.

Trutanich also claimed, bizarrely, that "I run the largest municipal utility in the United States, I handle the largest port in the United States, and I also run one of the largest airports in the United States." Perhaps realizing the utter ridiculousness of those claims, Trutanich then added that he was responsible for the legal issues that those entities refer to the City Attorney's Office. Even that statement, however, was misleading because the DWP, the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport employ outside counsel for their important legal issues.

When challenged over his use of $1M bail to jail a Los Angeles businessman who allowed a supergraphic advertisement be displayed on his office building during the 2010 Oscars Awards ceremony. Trutanich justified his actions stating that the businessman was "getting almost $600,000 in revenue a month!" Trutanich also stated that the businessman "didn't care about the safety of people in the winter in the middle of a storm where that thing could have fallen off and hit someone on the head!" Trutanich claimed the "thing" that could fall on someone's head was a "30,000 square foot board."

Trutanich's statements about this particular case perhaps provides the best evidence of Trutanich's utter unfitness for the Office of District Attorney. He knowingly misrepresented facts about this case in a manner designed to suit his personal agenda, rather than being an honest broker of the truth.

Whether or not businessman was getting a lot of money for the supergraphic is completely irrelevant to the charge of violating the LA Municipal Code. The issue is basically whether a permit was required for the supergraphic. However, Trutanich seemingly uses money to make the businessman look like a 'bad guy' because he earns a lot of money. In a trial court, a judge would likely rule the issue of income from the supergraphic inadmissible because it is substantially more prejudicial than probative. At the very minimum, it would be a matter for a pre-trial motion. But Trutanich clearly likes to try cases in the media, not the courtroom where a judge would ensure fairness to both the prosecution and the defendant.

As for the statement about the Oscars being held "in the middle of winter in a storm," we'll let a picture of the offending supergraphic the day after Trutanich had the businessman arrested speak for itself:

A mid-winter storm, according to Trutanich
Trutanich also claims that the 30,000 square foot supergraphic was a "board," implying that it a solid object that would seriously injure a person if it fell on their head. The supergraphic, as the picture shows, and as Trutanich knows, was not a board. It was fabric. Very thin fabric; as one can clearly see the building's windows through it. While it would be far from pleasant if a portion of the fabric were to shred in high winds, and fall to the ground, it would not be the same as a "30,000 square foot board falling on someone's head." The statement Trutanich made is more in keeping with an ambulance chaser or a slip and fall lawyer who routinely exaggerates the merits of their case.

Finally, Trutanich justifies the excessively high amount of bail with these words; "His bail was $1M because he had priors." Trutanich is implying that the already 'bad guy' is an ever 'badder guy' because he has "priors," in other words, he had been convicted of crimes for doing this same thing on previous occasions. But that was not true. There had been cases concerning the building not being brought up to code, but nothing remotely connected to supergraphics.

Trutanich also defended his use of payments to viewers to boost YouTube ratings for his DA campaign video, noting that he had spent a lot of money on producing the video. Trutanich had no answer for the reason why YouTube had removed his video for violating their deceptive content policy, calling his payment for YouTube views a "technicality."

Speaking of videos, FOX 11 has now posted video coverage of Trutanich's ambush interview on their website, and may also post it on YouTube. That could lead to an interesting test of Trutanich's justification for paying for YouTube views; if the Trutanich Ambush video goes viral thanks to paying internet sweatshops in Bangladesh and Indonesia to generate views, will Trutanich accept that those paid for views also represents a vast 'grass roots' opposition to his candidacy?

 HUFFPOST Joins the anti-Trutanich Tsunami

The Los Angeles HUFFPOST joined the anti-Trutanich Tsunami (an ever-growing club) Monday, March 12, 2012 with reporter Kathleen Miles giving Los Angelenos six good reasons not to vote for Carmen Trutanich.

In stating that Los Angeles has "distaste" for Trutanich, Miles understates the growing media momentum against the self-proclaimed liar who has thus far succeeded in only one thing; reneging on his promises to the people of Los Angeles.

Day by day Los Angelenos are learning more and more about Trutanich, and it's hurting the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician so much that Ron Kaye, former Daily News editor and onetime Trutanich supporter, today posed the question "Can Trutanich stop the bleeding?" pointing out how, within days of finally confessing to having been running for District Attorney, Trutanich is taking a beating in the press that will ultimately lead to the kind of downfall befitting a thug, bully and liar.

John & Ken Show Blasts Trutanich, Again!

In what continues to leave Trutanich supporters scratching their heads wondering if the Carmen Trutanich that top rated KFI AM640 talk show hosts John and Ken blasted for the second time in a week, is the same person they voted for, the popular duo delivered another withering attack on City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.

On a day when Truanich was still reeling from the Fox 11 News ambush, and was labeled a liar by the Los Angeles HuffPost, John and Ken added to Trutanich's crumbling campaign woes saying the embattled City Attorney was "Moving into the category of Tony Villar when it comes to despised politicians." Their latest condemnation of Trutanich, "Strike 4 on Trutanich" as they put it, concerns his utterly misleading choice of ballot designation, "Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor." LA Weekly reporter Gene Maddaus broke the story of Trutanich's misleading ballot designation Friday, March 9, 2012, after examining filing papers submitted by Trutanich.

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise reported that Trutanich's choice of ballot designation is likely to be challenged, while John and Ken quoted Los Angeles Times speculation that Trutanich was desperate to avoid the use of the word "Attorney" in his ballot designation, given the negative connotations ascribed to the profession. It's a negative connotation that nobody more than Trutanich exemplifies.

Monday was a bad day for the Trutanich campaign with major media attention on him being exclusively negative. It is something that Trutanich will have to get used to in the run up to the June 5, 2012 primary election. It seems that the only good words Los Angeles will have for Trutanich are "Good bye, and good riddance."


FOX 11 News anchor Jeff Michael scheduled to be on McIntyre in the Morning at 8:25AM talking about how he did not "ambush" Trutanich's campaign for DA by asking straight questions, demanding straight answers, and getting more misstatements from Trutanich.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Trutanich's use of Outside Counsel questioned, Trujillo confirms end of campaign

Trutanich's use of Outside Counsel questioned

Former Carmen Trutanich supporter and longtime activist blogger David 'Zuma Dogg' Saltzburg  claims that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's use of Outside Counsel to litigate his civil rights case against the City of Los Angeles is not only an unwarranted wasted of taxpayer funds, but raises questions about whether it is appropriate for law firms who contributed to Trutanich's City Attorney campaign to receive contracts from the City Attorney's Office to do the work Trutanich does not want to do.

Saltzburg, who campaigned heavily for Trutanich during the 2008-2009 City Attorney race, may have more than one reason to attack Trutanich's decision to hire the Meyers Nave lawfirm to handle settlement of his case. He says Trutanich promised him a job in the City Attorney's Office, but once elected, Trutanich failed to follow through and stopped taking his calls. It's an experience shared by many who were promised much from Trutanich, but were left with goose eggs.

Saltzburg's LA Daily News blog reported that Meyers Nave had been hired to defend the City of Los Angeles against the claim that Saltzburg, along with other street artists, had been unlawfully prevented from exercising their First Amendment rights on Venice Beach. Saltzburg cannot understand why Deputy City Attorneys at the City Attorney's Office, who had previously handled the case, were suddenly replaced with a high-priced private lawfirm. Saltzburg believes that donations to Trutanich's City Attorney campaign made by 15 lawyers at Meyers Nave also raises the question as to whether this is a case of "quid pro quo," an expensive "thank you" from Trutanich.

Los Angeles City Ethics Commission records show that 15 lawyers at the
Meyers Nave lawfirm contributed towards Trutaich's 2009 City Attorney camaign

Trutanich has made much of the way he has cut the use of outside counsel to save the City's General Fund, so the $100,000 contract to Meyers Nave, believed to be Contract Number C-120019, appears to fly in the face of Trutanich's claims.

As to Saltzburg's 'quid pro quo' argument, in March 2011, Los Angeles voters passed Measure H, the 'Restriction on Campaign Contributions from City Contractors.' The measure was designed to prevent the kind of situation that Saltzburg now complains of; the appearance of impropriety. Saltzburg, it seems, is not stating that the award of the contact to Meyers Nave is a case of quid pro quo, just that it looks that way. He has a point. It certainly does not look right that those who contributed to elect the City Attorney should subsequently receive contracts, regardless of the quality of the work they perform.

Unfortunately for Saltzburg, Meyers Nave's campaign donations were made before Measure H was passed. They have not subsequently contributed to Carmen Trutanich's Office Holder account nor to his District Attorney campaign. Interestingly, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich opposed Measure H.

Mario Trujillo confirms abandoning District Attorney race

Citing health reasons, District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo told the LGBT Point of View blog that he was pulling out of the race to become District Attorney.

In what appears to be an exclusive interview with the LGBT POV, Trujillo said: a health scare during the course of a regular colonoscopy recently “precipitated a review of my personal life,” Trujillo said. “I realized that my teenage son was preparing to go to college and my daughter is preparing to go into high school, so this is a critical time for them. We need to get them ready and prepared.”

Trujillo said his partner Leonard “is fantastic. I’m blessed to have him.” But “the picture changed” when they welcomed Gabriel into their family last June. “I’m a very active father and I can’t be active if I’m on the campaign trail and I can’t protect the residents of the county when I’m trying to bond with a baby at home.”

He said his campaign had been “looking great,” having raised nearly half a million dollars with endorsements from prominent elected officials. He also said he is particularly pleased that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, LA County Sheriff Lee Baca and LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich agreed with him on the public safety issue of giving undocumented workers drivers licenses.

“We were doing great and I love being out there on the campaign,” Trujillo said. “But family comes first. And I’m young enough to still get another shot at it.” But first, “I want to make sure my kids are alright.”

Trujillo is 43. He and his partner Leonard have been together for “eight great years” and are “thinking about” getting married, Trujillo said. “I can’t see my life without him.” Trujillo may take some time off work “to bond with the baby.”

Mario Trujillo's first foray into Los Angeles politics achieved remarkable success in a relatively short time. We all wish Mario a speedy return to good health and trust that he will resume his political ambitions when circumstances permit. The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office appears to be wide open, and Trujillo would be a logical and well qualified candidate for the job Trutanich does not want to do.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

AMBUSH! Trutanich ambushed on Fox 11 News - leaves set under attack

Embattled City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich was seemingly ambushed when he appeared on Fox 11 News, Friday March 9, 2012 for a 'sit down' interview with anchorman Jeff Michael.

Fox 11 News anchorman Jeff Michael skillfully set-up Carmen Trutanich
for an excoriating ambush attacking Trutanich's record of deceptive practices.
Trutanich has been hiding from the media ever since his shameful campaign for District Attorney launched with a triumvirate of scandals involving lies about non-existent police endorsements, an illegal 'in uniform' endorsement from Sheriff Baca, and the pay to play manipulation of his YouTube campaign video.

Trutanich must have been promised a 'soft interview' to rehabilitate his deceitful record and fell into an apparently well-planned trap.

Trutanich's smug smile was not destined not to last long as the potential puff piece
swiftly turned into an excoriating condemnation of his lie-leaden campaign.
Trutanich smiled grotesquely as the seasoned Fox 11 anchorman began the interview. That smile, however, swiftly evaporated as Trutanich must have realized he had been set up and was being given a taste of his own medicine; for once, he had been misled.

Trutanich could not conceal his shock at the realization that instead of being given a softball
he was having to field a rain of blows that laid bare his deceptive practices. Karma's bitch.
Suddenly, Trutanich's confident smile vanished and was replaced with a 'deer in the headlights' expression of panic as the self-admitted liar was confronted with the scandal about paying for people to watch his YouTube campaign video. Trutanich shamelessly admitted investing "a lot of money" for the video and used his investment as a justification for also paying for people to watch the video.

Trutanich's worried expression continued as he tried to give an explanation
for his failure to honor his 'Pledge to Serve' not run for higher political office.
Almost as suddenly as Trutanich was confronted with his deceitful manipulation of the viewership of his YouTube campaign video, the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned lying career politician was attacked for reneging on his promise not to use the City Attorney's Office as a political springboard to higher office.

Trutanich must have been praying for the earth to open up and swallow him
as he tried to explain his record of failure, deceit and deception.
As Trutanich blathered platitudes to try to defend himself from Jeff Michael's relentless and well-researched attack on his record of failed promises, Fox News flashed caption after caption of Trutanich's other failures, such as his 31% drop in gang prosecutions.

The promised puff-piece had swiftly and skillfully descended into an excruciatingly painful condemnation of Trutanich's highly questionable tactics, and it was clear that Trutanich could not wait for the interrogation to end.

Trutanich rises to leave before Jeff Michael had finished speaking,
perhaps indicating Trutanich's inability to be confronted with his woeful record.

As Fox 11 News anchorman Jeff Michael started to bring Trutanich's misery to an end, the wannabe DA indicated that he had 'had enough' and the ambushed trickster suddenly got up to leave while Michael promised to have him back for another interview. "Next time let's talk about the issues!" was all Trutanich could say as he rose to leave, scarcely able to contain himself from losing his composure completely.

Unfortunately, as we go to press, Fox 11 News has not provided a videocast of the interview, so all we have at present are these screenshots of Trutanich getting a taste of his own medicine. Hopefully, Fox 11 News will soon videocast the interview to allow those who missed Trutanich being confronted with his record an opportunity to see Trutanich for what his is; a liar.

Having seen Trutanich squirm at being thoroughly laid bare, it is no wonder that he steadfastly refuses to debate his challengers. As District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's campaign manager John Thomas said of Trutanich's declining to debate at PORAC's Public Safety Forum, Trutanich "has something in common with convicted murderer Phil Spector; he does not want to be cross-examined by Alan Jackson." Now we can see why.


Fox 11 News anchor Jeff Michael tweeted a denial that the Trutanich interview was an ambush.

Apparently Trutanich was told the line of questioning beforehand.

We have also reached out to FOX11 and Jeff Michael to post the video of Trutanich's interview on their website,


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trutanich Stinks, Trujillo Sinks, ADDA Shenanigans

If you were among the million rush hour commuters tuned to KFI' AM 640's top rated talk show, the John and Ken Show, stuck in traffic at during the six o'clock hour on Wednesday night, your frustration at the traffic was likely replaced by anger at City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. The wannabe DA was the target of John and Ken's sharp criticism for breaking his promise to support an after-school program for underprivileged school kids.

The entire hour, appropriately entitled "Trutanich Stinks" can be podcast here, and you can also listen to our edited highlights of John and Ken's excoriating remarks, condemning the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned carer politician for breaking many of his promises, especially one to a group of underprivileged school kids:

While much of the talk show duo's anger was directed Trutanich for his "Fraudulent and phony" manipulation of his "crime fighting YouTube video," the pair lashed out Trutanich for his inability to coherently explain his legal opinion on the LAPD's right to change the impound policy.

They called Trutanich's nine-page legal opinion "legal gobbledygook," and noted that the opinion came out at the same time that Trutanich picked up an endorsement from the LA County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO, and said it was "a trade," adding "what kind of shyster behavior is this?" The segment concluded with John and Ken saying "we've got to find a better guy than Trutanich for DA""a good reason not to vote for Trutanich," and said that Councilmember Dennis Zine's recent switch of endorsement from Alan Jackson to Carmen Trutanich was

Mario Trujillo not expected to run

Rumors posted yesterday suggesting that Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo would not run for District Attorney appear to be well founded.

As Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise Editor/Co-Publisher Roger M. Grace relates in his Wednesday, March 7, 2012, 'Perspectives' column, Trujillo's name does not appear on the District Attorney Candidates List for the June 5, Primary Election. An email to the Trujillo campaign for an explanation were not answered, fueling speculation that Trujillo may have decided to parlay the support he has thus far received in his first political foray, into a more robust campaign to replace Carmen Trutanich as City Attorney in 2013.

Although Trujillo cannot directly transfer the money he has raised for his DA campaign to a City Attorney campaign, there are ways that donors can give their permission for that to happen. Some may believe that Trujillo would have a better chance at winning a citywide election where the demographics would suit him better than in a countywide run.

Trujillo has until 4PM on Friday, March 9, to register with the LA County Registrar, however, as all other candidates have now registered, there seems to be no good reason why Trujillo has not yet done this, and every likelihood that he will not.

ADDA Shenanigans

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise  also reports that emails confirming ex parte communications between an ERCOM executive and ADDA principals that were forwarded to the  Hearing Officer, may be ordered disclosed to the District Attorney's Office.

The Met News reports that allegations that "ADDA principals shared their thoughts, on an ex parte basis, with ERCOM Executive Director Paul Causey; Causey passed on some of those thoughts to the hearing officer, Thomas S. Kerrigan," could be proven if Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ann I. Jones orders that the copies of the emails stored on the County's servers be turned over to the DA's Office. Kerrigan decided the Administrative Hearing in favor of the ADDA, and has apparently destroyed his copies of the emails. The ADDA, apparently, opposes disclosure of the emails.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Polls predict Jackson-Trutanich runoff

Polling conducted by political polling consultants Normington Petts (whose client list includes President Barack Obama) shows that the previous poll published here may not be as inaccurate as some comments suggest. There is no clear leader, and despite having an enviable campaign warchest, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's less than enviable reputation as a misleading, failing career politician places him in a statistical tie with District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson. The poll suggests that a runoff between the two would occur if the primary election were held tomorrow.

This from the Jackson Campaign:

John S. Thomas
Alan Jackson for District Attorney 2012
Tel: (818) 396-6578


The race for District Attorney is largely unformed with no clear front runner. Deputy DA Alan Jackson is statistically tied with Carmen Trutanich despite his spending advantage.

The following is a summary of findings from a telephone survey conducted among 500 registered voters in Los Angeles County who are likely to vote on June 5, 2012. Interviews were conducted February 27-March 1, 2012. The sampling error for this survey is plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

No candidate is known to a majority of voters and as a result the race for District Attorney is wide open. More than half of likely voters have yet to choose a candidate and no single candidate begins with more than 10% of the vote. Including all ten candidates, the race currently stands as follows:

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich is the best known of the ten with 43% name identification. Every other candidate has at least 10 points less name recognition. Typically, a candidate with better name identification enjoys larger vote support based on simply being known to more voters. That is clearly not the case with Trutanich. Perhaps this inability is due to the fact that among those who know Trutanich, his favorable rating is a tepid 35%-34%. In addition to not being particularly well-liked, Trutanich suffers from a net negative job rating at 23% positive and 37% negative. Trutanich has political baggage—a fact of which the voters are already aware.

When voters are given basic biographical information and positives messages about the candidates, the race separates into tiers with Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson and Carmen Trutanich pulling away from the other candidates. Specifically:

It is important to note that we provided a larger number of positive messages in support of Trutanich than any other candidate in an effort to simulate the fact that his campaign currently has more money. Even in those circumstances, he falls behind to Jackson.

This informed vote indicates that as voters begin to hear from the candidates and make up their minds, that Jackson and Trutanich are likely to be forced into a run-off in November. The presence of Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo and Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey on the ballot, despite garnering just 24% of the vote combined, makes it extremely difficult for any candidate to achieve a majority in June.

#  -  #  -  #

The original of the Normington Petts poll results received by the Dragnet can be downloaded here.

The results of the poll, released by the Jackson campaign this morning, are understood to have sent the already beleaguered Trutanich campaign into a yet another series of frenetic telephone calls.  Trutanich, already suffering an unprecedented credibility crisis following his lies about non-existent police agency endorsements, illegal Sheriff Baca endorsement, and pay to play YouTubeGate scandal, had to try to explain why his claim to be the "front runner by a mile" was also, apparently false.

LA Times Steve Lopez shames Trutanich for stiffing kids

If you can stay awake long enough to watch all thirteen minutes of Carmen Trutanich's self promoting DA campaign video, which had to be artificially boosted on YouTube to give the appearance that Trutanich has "grass roots support," you might catch same claims about his concern for school kids. But as LA Times columnist Steve Lopez relates in today's LA Times, it seems that Trutanich would rather spend his money on buying YouTube views than honoring his promise to underprivileged school kids.

Lopez, who once wrote with guarded praise of Trutanich's willingness to conduct a demonstration of the effects of marijuana use while driving, has apparently joined the anti-Trutanich tsunami. He is sharply critical of Trutanich's failure to follow through on a $100,000 promise that he made to the very same kind of underprivileged school kids who surrounded him at his swearing in ceremony, which ended with his words "I won't let you down."

About the only thing you can say about Trutanich is that he is consistent; he always lets those foolish enough to believe him down. Lopez's column is further evidence of the veracity of the Normington Petts poll; his negatives far outweigh his campaign warchest, and those who know him best will move heaven and earth not to allow others to be fooled by his empty promises.