Saturday, March 10, 2012

AMBUSH! Trutanich ambushed on Fox 11 News - leaves set under attack

Embattled City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich was seemingly ambushed when he appeared on Fox 11 News, Friday March 9, 2012 for a 'sit down' interview with anchorman Jeff Michael.

Fox 11 News anchorman Jeff Michael skillfully set-up Carmen Trutanich
for an excoriating ambush attacking Trutanich's record of deceptive practices.
Trutanich has been hiding from the media ever since his shameful campaign for District Attorney launched with a triumvirate of scandals involving lies about non-existent police endorsements, an illegal 'in uniform' endorsement from Sheriff Baca, and the pay to play manipulation of his YouTube campaign video.

Trutanich must have been promised a 'soft interview' to rehabilitate his deceitful record and fell into an apparently well-planned trap.

Trutanich's smug smile was not destined not to last long as the potential puff piece
swiftly turned into an excoriating condemnation of his lie-leaden campaign.
Trutanich smiled grotesquely as the seasoned Fox 11 anchorman began the interview. That smile, however, swiftly evaporated as Trutanich must have realized he had been set up and was being given a taste of his own medicine; for once, he had been misled.

Trutanich could not conceal his shock at the realization that instead of being given a softball
he was having to field a rain of blows that laid bare his deceptive practices. Karma's bitch.
Suddenly, Trutanich's confident smile vanished and was replaced with a 'deer in the headlights' expression of panic as the self-admitted liar was confronted with the scandal about paying for people to watch his YouTube campaign video. Trutanich shamelessly admitted investing "a lot of money" for the video and used his investment as a justification for also paying for people to watch the video.

Trutanich's worried expression continued as he tried to give an explanation
for his failure to honor his 'Pledge to Serve' not run for higher political office.
Almost as suddenly as Trutanich was confronted with his deceitful manipulation of the viewership of his YouTube campaign video, the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned lying career politician was attacked for reneging on his promise not to use the City Attorney's Office as a political springboard to higher office.

Trutanich must have been praying for the earth to open up and swallow him
as he tried to explain his record of failure, deceit and deception.
As Trutanich blathered platitudes to try to defend himself from Jeff Michael's relentless and well-researched attack on his record of failed promises, Fox News flashed caption after caption of Trutanich's other failures, such as his 31% drop in gang prosecutions.

The promised puff-piece had swiftly and skillfully descended into an excruciatingly painful condemnation of Trutanich's highly questionable tactics, and it was clear that Trutanich could not wait for the interrogation to end.

Trutanich rises to leave before Jeff Michael had finished speaking,
perhaps indicating Trutanich's inability to be confronted with his woeful record.

As Fox 11 News anchorman Jeff Michael started to bring Trutanich's misery to an end, the wannabe DA indicated that he had 'had enough' and the ambushed trickster suddenly got up to leave while Michael promised to have him back for another interview. "Next time let's talk about the issues!" was all Trutanich could say as he rose to leave, scarcely able to contain himself from losing his composure completely.

Unfortunately, as we go to press, Fox 11 News has not provided a videocast of the interview, so all we have at present are these screenshots of Trutanich getting a taste of his own medicine. Hopefully, Fox 11 News will soon videocast the interview to allow those who missed Trutanich being confronted with his record an opportunity to see Trutanich for what his is; a liar.

Having seen Trutanich squirm at being thoroughly laid bare, it is no wonder that he steadfastly refuses to debate his challengers. As District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's campaign manager John Thomas said of Trutanich's declining to debate at PORAC's Public Safety Forum, Trutanich "has something in common with convicted murderer Phil Spector; he does not want to be cross-examined by Alan Jackson." Now we can see why.


Fox 11 News anchor Jeff Michael tweeted a denial that the Trutanich interview was an ambush.

Apparently Trutanich was told the line of questioning beforehand.

We have also reached out to FOX11 and Jeff Michael to post the video of Trutanich's interview on their website,



Anonymous said...

Funny how Dragnet can post photos from the video with their biased spin on Mr. Trutanich's interview, but cannot post the actual video. I saw the interview and thought that Trutanich did a good job defending the unwarranted and disrespectful questioning by Jeff Michael. It was a big mistake for FOX to attack Mr. Trutanich like this. He is the Los Angeles City Attorney and should be given the respect he deserves. This was an outrage.

Don't forget, Mr. Trutanich will be DA soon, and he will go after FOX and the Dragnet with all the power and might of the office. See you in the Grand Jury room assholes, you should know better. I suggest you publish an immediate apology and pull the video while you can save yourselves from ruin.

Anonymous said...

@11:24AM it is not too late for Fox and Jeff Michael to avoid being given the Trutanich treatment, but as for the Dragnet and the DDAs who follow it, be warned. A Trutanich supporter posted a comment at the LA Times saying that Trutanich has already asked the US Attorney to open a file on the Dragnet for wasting county time. And don't expect the ADDA to help you, they've already done a deal with Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

i saw the interview last night and was searching google to try to download it when I found your blog. I thought this creep came across as a complete liar and was clearly squirming with discomfort as he failed to shout down the interviewer who did a first class job of holding Trutanich's feet to the fire. Jeff Michael should get a Pulitzer prize for showing other reporters how to conduct an interview of a slimy lying politician who got so frustrated that he did a Michele Bachmann and walked off. This was one of the best interviews of a lying sack of sh*t politician I have ever seen. Please get the video on YouTube ASAP.

Anonymous said...

the comment at 12:10pm is typical of the way Trutanich attracts thugs and bullies to his campaign. The not so subtle threat that the US Attorney is investigating anything about people who stand in the way of Trutanich's power crazed ambition is exactly the kind of abuse of power we saw when Trutanich claimed AEG had broken the law and was being investigated. It is the worst kind of gutter police work, and they are the ones who should be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Who was it who said a picture paints a thousand words? These pics are fantastic. You can see Nuch's body language so clearly. An expert would have no difficulty saying that Nuch had been caught lying and had been conned into coming on the show. Karma's a bitch Nuch. You lied to LA for the last three years, now you know how it feels, and it shows. You want to talk about the issues? Gimme a break, you are running from the only issue - you are a liar and cannot be trusted. Go back to chasing ambulances and shaking down mom and pop businesses.

Anonymous said...

Your AMBUSH! piece is is going viral on Twitter. How much did you pay to get it tweeted so much?

Anonymous said...

This time Pogo was wrong; the enemy is not us -- the enemy of truth justice and the American way is Carmen Trutanich.

An interview which addresses issue which are widely discussed by the public and have been repeatedly addressed the CityWatch, by LA Weekly (superb job), by the LA Times cannot be an ambush.

Trutanich needs to resign. As long as Trutanich is City Attorney, no one in court can believe anything they say, any witness they call or any documents that offer into evidence. We see that for Trutanich it is all about winning by hook or by crook, and it seems that "by crook" is Trutanich's favorite modus operandi.

Anonymous said...

11:24 am, you are the EPITOME of everything that is so WRONG with Trutanich and the rest of his supporters. You call this interview "an outrage" and think it's okay to threaten Fox and Dragnet with "all of the power and might" of the DA's Office? What exactly is the grand jury going to investigate... bloggers and news reporters exercising their right to free speech? Since when are reporters NOT permitted to ask a candidate about the major issues arising from his campaign (the faked endorsements, the illegal endorsement from Baca in uniform, and the press release that was a COMPLETE LIE about breaking records for views of his campaign video when he PAID some sketchy companies in LA and Connecticut to generate those views)... these issues have been reported in every major newspaper in the state of California, including the Bay Area and Sacramento, and it is perfectly reasonable to hold Trutanich accountable for his excessive lies. This is America after all, and candidates for political office have to face tough questions from the press; that's what the press is supposed to do in a democracy.
You clearly learned your bullying mentality from Trutanich himself. But the truly scary part is that I know you're right, and Trutanich will try to retaliate against every reporter and blogger that dares to question him... that is precisely the reason why he is so desperately unfit to have the privilege of serving as the DA of this county.

Anonymous said...

Video is up! Here is the link

How many times can Carmen say "at the end of the day"? so annoying this guy! He will never be DA

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is a big fat liar and it's so obvious when he opens his big mouth! YUK! If he becomes DA I will be ashamed. And so egotistical! He says "9 people are running against ME" yeah right! The candidates are not running against YOU they are running for office dude!
Bad debater this idiot. He is a bully.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the interview. In all honesty, I thought he did okay. The interviewer kept going to all these meaningless "process" questions and Trutanich kept trying to bring it back to the issues.

I was leaning against him and then after I watched the video I'm now leaning towards him. Is there anyone else in the race? I heard the guy running against him just dropped out. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

I see why you aren't posting the video. Trutanich did a great job and made it so obvious that Jeff Michael is part of the lame media conspiracy. Nuch did a great job pointing out the pettiness of the non issue topics. Sorry, but the silly attacks by this blog and others are actually helping Nuch raise more money. Better find a new tactic because this one isn't working all that well.

Anonymous said...

11:45 don't know what video you saw but the one on Fox is going viral because it shows that Nuch is a shameless liar. He still says he got 720,000 views when everyone knows that's so freakin false. But the best part is the deer in the headlights look on his face when he realizes he has been totally set up, he starts to say wait a minute, but has to stop himself from saying that he thought this was going to be a friendly interview, like with Pete Tilden. No this was classic and I bet there will be edited highlights on YouTube with Nuch looking like more like Nixon every minute. LIAR!

Anonymous said...

What a character Jeff Michels is...he tries to ambush Carmen Trutanich and after he fails in his interview he tries to spin his failure on his website by publishing only pictures and not actual video together with his version of the article related to the interview. Jeff Micheals was obviusly ready to try to destroy Nuch and when he realized that Nuch was answering all the question and that he is miserably failing he tried to interupt him numerous times. Jeff ur a pice of crap and a losser and u will get what's coming to u cause karma is a bitch. U gona be working in a fukin Alaska soon.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the video. Amazing that he could continually say that he did not pay for you tube hits on his video. He fabricates evidence, is caught red handed, and then still tries to lie about it! We cannot have a DA with such a gross lack of credibility.