Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Free For All

Richard Lee Abrams' editorial in CityWatch LA makes for some very compelling reading. Abrams argues that, regardless of City Attorney Trutanich being ethically unfit to be District Attorney, there are significant legal impediments to Trutanich being able to enforce laws as they relate to any misdeeds by his former clients. In plain language there is an inherent conflict of interest that would likely prevent a Trutanich-led District Attorney's Office from prosecuting Los Angeles City Councilmembers and appointed officials.

We reproduce the introduction to Abrams' editorial to hopefully encourage you to click the link and read it in full:

"The objective of this article is not to discuss the current City Attorney and his being a habitual liar and manufacturer of evidence and too unethical to state his job title correctly for the ballot. Nor, shall I opine whether it would take some type of mental disorder for the city attorney, whose main job is to advise the city and its personnel and defend them when charged with criminal wrong, to believe that his minor role in misdemeanor prosecutions would make him Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor. Those character traits are more appropriately discussed when calling for Carmen Trutanich’s resignation as City Attorney.

Skipping over the lies and frauds peculiar to Trutanich, there is a fundamental policy question whether the City Attorney – this City Attorney or any City Attorney – may ethically run for District Attorney."

It's a well-reasoned and well-researched analysis leading to the inevitable conclusion that those who care about stopping political corruption in Los Angeles from sliding even more towards Chicago politics, will not vote for Trutanich, and not just because they hate him.

A case of history repeating itself?

There is considerable support for Abrams' position. Not surprisingly, it comes from Trutanich's own record once he became City Attorney. One of the many promises Trutanich made when he was campaigning for City Attorney, was to establish a 'City Attorney Ethics Division.' It was to be modeled on the DA's Office Public Integrity Division, and would aggressively "prosecute misdemeanor ethics violations!" He used to say that, dramatically, finger pointing, as he waved around his ten-point plan to save the city, full of righteous indignation. It was a promise that resonated with the audiences at Neighborhood Council meetings, who were sick of the lack of enforcement regarding ethics violations.

Like all Trutanich's promises, it was broken. Only it wasn't broken because Trutanich did not want to be able to scare, threaten and prosecute politicians and appointed officials. He wanted those things desperately then, and wants them even more so now. A beefed up Public Integrity Division will be a key feature of his recycled ten-point plan to save the County of Los Angeles. Rumor has it that Trutanich has hinted that Special Assistant City Attorney Jane Usher will 'come over and join me at the DA's Office to oversee the Public Integrity Division; nobody knows more about the City of Los Angeles and where all the skeletons are buried than Jane,' he is understood to have said.

It's another promise that Trutanich believes will resonate with his 2009 city attorney supporters. He probably also hopes they will have long forgotten the 'City Attorney Ethics Division' that never came to be. It's another promise Trutanich cannot keep because the same ethical issues that prevented Trutanich from establishing a 'City Attorney Ethics Division,' will prevent him from doing anything meaningful about prosecuting corruption as DA. This is one of those rare occasions where one can actually say that 'Trutanich knows too much," because all that he and Usher have discovered about the way the City of Los Angeles works, will prevent them from prosecuting their former clients. Trutanich knows that now, but don't hold your breath waiting for him to tell you that; that's the other reason why he is unfit to be DA, as KABC 790AM talk show host Doug McIntyre put it at the height of Wednesday morning's rush hour, Trutanich is "truth challenged."



Anonymous said...

In the next two weeks, you will see a story in the media about Jackson's campaign being flat broke. He spent everything he had already, and he's hit a brick wall. He's been personally calling people who have previously donated to his campaign and asking them to donate AGAIN to the maximum amount allowed by law. New funding has disappeared.

This is fatal to his campaign in a media market like LA.

Meanwhile, like him or not, Trutanich is an ATM, and Lacey is now benefitting from Cooley opening doors financially. Jackson timed his campaign wrong, and now he's got nothing left in the tank.

Lacey will benefit from a large percentage of female voters who love the idea of a female DA.

The runoff will be Lacey and Trutanich. Too soon to tell what's going to happen when they go head to head, but as for Jackson, he's already done, killed off by inexperience.

Anonymous said...

6:34 pm, you need to get your facts straight. Jackson has had a number of very successful fundraisers lately, and has many more scheduled in the next two months. His campaign is in great shape financially, and he continues to benefit from positive media coverage and law enforcement endorsements. Cooley has been trying to help Lacey fundraise for over a year now, and she continues to come in a distant fourth place among the candidates in terms of fundraising. Even with Mario out, her positiion is not going to suddenly change between now and June 5.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. Jackson has no money. That's why Trutanich is crapping himself over the lawsuit Jackson filed this week. Trutanich loses the race for DA the moment the judge gives the ruling. It will be in favor iof Jackson because the idea that Trutanich is a chief prosecutor is so insane it's not even funny. Adios asshole.

Anonymous said...

@7:30, actually Jackson has not had any successful fundraisers lately, nor does he have "many more" scheduled. That's simply untrue. Please list for the readers of this blog the dates of the last 3 Jackson fundraisers this year attended by more than 10 people. It's a short list- zero.

And endorsements? Pete Wilson? Yawwwwn. Wake me when he gets an endorsement that doesn't actually COST him votes.

The guy needs a new campaign manager.

Anonymous said...

The comments from the Trutanich trolls tell the TRUe story. They are in full panic mode because a real lawyer has them by the shorts. Trutanich's over-size ego has him trapped in a no win disaster. The publicity over the litigation will be free advertising for Jackson, and when the ruling comes in, Trutanich will be utterly humiliated and exposed as the empty suit that he really is. Chief Prosecutor? How about Chief Screw Up?

Anonymous said...

Trutanich has named several senior staff at the CA's Office to "cross the street" and join him at the DA's Office. You won't hear any complaints from the deputy city attorneys when Nuch and his thugs move out. The atmosphere on 8th floor feels more like Bada Bing in the Supranos than a government law office. Creepy people, Nuch's VIPs, are always hanging around to see the Boss of Bosses. They treat the place like they own it, and that's probably true, at least they think they own Nuch, but he's too slippery for them, he just needs their dough.

As much as I want him out of the City Attorney's Office, I hope he loses because then he won't be able to raise a dime to get re-elected. Once that happens, Dragnet, set up an anonymous tip-line so that all the sleazy last minute deals can be reported to the Feds. Would be great to see Trutanich sharing a cell with Rod Blagojevich, they have so much in common.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the CityWatchLA article got Nuch into one of his red-faced finger-pointing spittle-dribbling rages. He ordered a legal opinion to be written showing that there is no legal impediment to him prosecuting city councilmembers if he becomes DA. But when he was told that even though the article was not entirely correct, there could be still legal problems in certain situations, he exploded. It got as ugly as it gets.

I hear Carter's pulling an all-nighter to try to come up with something to prove there is no problem, but it won't be signed by Rene or Pete. They are now branded traitors and are working against the glorious master of universe.

Anonymous said...

It's Jackson who should be worried. Trutanich is going to use his Porcupine Defense strategy to defend Jackson's lawsuit.

Give up now AJ, you don't stand a chance against Nuch's Porcupine Defense. It's a winner every time.

Anonymous said...

The loss of CityWatchLA is like losing your home district. Nuch let us down, we know he hasn't been doing much work as City Attorney for the past year, with Bill Carter and Jane Usher filling in for him while he is busy campaigning, He is a big disappointment and he will not be given another chance. Alan Jackson has my vote and will pick up a lot of support from the people Nuch has abandoned. Trutanich is finich.

Anonymous said...

8:29 pm is John Shallman (or one of his cronies). You obviously have a grudge against Jackson and John Thomas for continually kicking your a** in the press (and soon, in court). By the way Shallman, your asinine quotes in the LA Weekly article made YOU sound like the petty and immature two-year old, not Jackson.

Anonymous said...

@2:40pm. I agree. Trutanich sounded like the whole thing was trivial, which sums up his position when it comes to being truthful. He likes to play a game of 'catch me if you can' when it comes to his lies. Alan Jackson had done an excellent job of pointing out each and every one of Trutanich's lies, and that's why Trutanich is getting all bent out of shape and lashing out like a schoolyard bully.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that Trutanich is no legal eagle. Everyone cringes when he opens his mouth at meetings because the guy has no clue what he is talking about. The real legal work is handled by others including Carter and Usher.

Trutanich has raised more money than the other candidates but the real advantage he has is his gross misuse of City resources. No other candidate gets chauffered to campaign events in a government car! Trutanich has round the clock campaign workers being paid for by the CA's office. He puts these campaign workers on the payroll or gives them phony City contracts. Dragnet busted one of Trutanich's campaign workers acting as a spy and taking notes at a DA debate! This spy was being paid by taxpayer funds! Or how about John Franklin or Gary Schram? These two retired from the county with hefty pensions and now Trutanich has them on the City Attorney payroll making six figure salaries. They're laughing all the way to the bank. Franklin and Schram aren't attorneys so Trutanich had to make up phony titles for them. The truth of the matter is they are just highly paid campaign workers being paid for by the taxpayers. It's no wonder that the City of LA is the second most corrupt City in the nation.

When will Trutanich be held accountable for stealing from the City to fund his DA race???

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson has run a feeble campaign. He knows he can't beat Trutanich at the ballot box so now he's going to try to do it through the courts.

Steve Cooley has told everyone that Alan is not ready to run the office.

Anonymous said...

Mario Trujillo should be ashamed of himself: he dropped out because he made a deal with Trutanich that if Trutanich wins Mario will get his Grade V promotion. In exchange Mario will drop out and get him the support of MABA (the Mexican American Bar Association): which is exactly what Mario did! How sickening. That's what the Cooley Cronys (Alan, Jackie, Mario): just in it for themselves, no integrity, and unqualified.

Anonymous said...

5:04PM I guess Nuch is getting a little worried about Jackson's lawsuit, eh? Think there's been a red-faced finger-pointing moment with the genius on his campaign who came up with that stinker? I can hear him now, making a statement through Joe Scott withdrawing the ballot designation a week before the court is due to rule, if he has any sense, but as he hasn't it will be after. The statement will go something like this: "The 'Chief Prosecutor' ballot designation was an idea put forward by a campaign volunteer who got confused about Mr. Trutanich's title and acted alone. Tat person will no longer be working on the campaign. Mr. Trutanich is proud to use the ballot designation of Los Angeles City Attorney, as that was what was originally planned before the campaign volunteer made a paperwork error. Nothing to see here folks, move on."

Yes, the 'feeble campaign' by Alan Jackson has so far exposed Nuch's lies about police endorsements, the illegal Baca endorsement, the YouTube views, and will now deal with the ballot designation. Can't wait for the next nugget of news about Nuch from the 'feeble' Jackson campaign, I hear it's doozy.

Anonymous said...

8:15PM make a very good point. Trutanich is in a really weak position with his claim to be chief prosecutor of Los Angeles, he needs an exit strategy before he is utterly humiliated.