Saturday, March 24, 2012

KFI 640AM's John & Ken call Trutanich a 'Lying Boob' as loss looms over false ballot title

In what was possibly the best four minutes of talk radio this week, KFI AM640's top-rated drive-time talk show hosts, John and Ken, called Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich a "Lying Boob" over his false claim to be the 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor.'

As Los Angelenos hit the roads on Friday afternoon's rush hour, John and Ken followed up on their Monday interview with District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson during which Jackson explained the steps he was taking to prevent Trutanich from trying to mislead voters with false ballot titles in the June 5, 2012 primary election for District Attorney. Trutanich wants to call himself either the "Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor" or the "Chief Criminal Prosecutor," titles that Jackson says are misleading and false.

Jackson, an 'actual prosecutor,' according to John and Ken, has taken Trutanich to court to stop another lie from the former ambulance chaser plaintiffs attorney turned career politician from fooling uninformed voters into believing Trutanich is anything more than a "Lying Boob."

"Do you want a guy being your District Attorney who is that deceptive?" the talk show duo rhetorically asked listeners, adding that "Chief Prosecutor? You have to say that's the District Attorney" not Trutanich who as City Attorney "largely handles civil cases," they said.

"If you're running for DA, what's the most important quality that you have? Credibility? Honesty? Integrity? And the first thing you do is file a phony baloney title meant to deceive the public? I think that disqualifies you right off the bat!" they concluded.

John and Ken may be right. Trutanich has been ordered to appear in court on April 11 to try to defend his claims. It is one thing trying to fool uninformed voters, but altogether another thing trying to fool a Superior Court Judge.



Anonymous said...

Trutanich is in full panic mode since AJ filed the lawsuit. It is clear from the worried looks in the Trutanich camp, that they NEVER EVER expected AJ to challenge the grand master of the universe over his bs ballot title. Nuch has reacted very badly and is trying to make out like it is no big deal and that Jackson is wasting his money. Nuch told a bunch of Asian businessmen that HE was the almighty Chief Prosecutor and that he was "looking forward to forcing Jackson to write a check for his legal fees when he wins." Err, think that around April 11 the shoe is going to be on the other foot, Nuch. The foot that's in your fat mouth. Oh, and speaking of writing checks, how come Nuch's office holder account has a bunch of overdraft charges? Been spending money like a drunken sailor on buying YouTube views and having to re-edit your campaign video to remove the illegal Sheriff Baca endorsement? John and Ken are soooo right - you are a lying boob. Pretty soon your gonna be a losing lying boob. How's the fundraising going now that everyone knows that being associated with you is freakin toxic?

Anonymous said...

Jon & Ken have done an excellent job of chasing latinos and democrats into the Trutanich column.

The SEIU poll bares that out.

Anonymous said...

7:14pm is right about the SIEU poll, it shows that just about enough people in LA listen to John and Ken to make sure Trutanich will not win the election in the primary, and after that, he is toast in November. Face it, Trutanich's record stinks. The LA Times is doing an audit of all the money Trutanich claims he's saved LA - $200M. Turns out his voodoo math is as shaky as his YouTube views. They will show how much Trutanich has cost LA, ouch! Don't let the 8th floor door hit you in the ass on your way out of office Nuch. Adios a**hole.

Anonymous said...

6:10pm If anyone is in panic mode it's Alan Jackson. On April 11 Carmen Trutanich will use his porcupine defense to respond to the lawsuit. AJ, you need to do a deal with Nuch before its too late. If you withdraw the lawsuit before trial, Nuch might let you be a Grade V in his administration, you just have to be able to say 'Yes' to everything he says.