Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mayor Riordan attacked over Trutanich endorsement on KABC 790AM Peter Tilden's Show

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan came under attack for his recent endorsement of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich when he appeared on the Peter Tilden radio show on KABC 790AM on Tuesday night. Citing Trutanich's abandonment of his 'Pledge to Serve' and his pay to play misrepresentation of YouTube views of his DA campaign video, a caller stumped the former Mayor of Los Angeles with the burning question "How can you want to associate yourself with someone who is willing to lie to the voters of Los Angeles?"  

Riordan, former Republican candidate for Governor (2002) and the 39th Mayor of Los Angeles  (1993–2001), seemed stunned to learn of Trutanich's recent record of deception and tried to turn criticism of Trutanich into a joke "You've been speaking to Trutanich's mother, is that it?" But when faced with Trutanich's 31% drop in gang prosecutions, abandonment of the successful Neighborhood Prosecutor Program, and outrageous 'grandstanding' claims for credit in law enforcement actions that have little or no connection to him, the the joke fell flat and the former Mayor seemed lost for words.

It was clearly an uncomfortable few moments for Mayor Riordan who, like many Los Angelenos, have so far only heard Trutanich's campaign rhetoric. Both Mayor Riordan and host Peter Tilden were, perhaps, taken aback by the way that Trutanich's talking point excuses failed to work - Trutanich has claimed that he is not bound by his promises because District Attorney Steve Cooley decided not to run. However, when Trutanich made his promises, countless times, he never once said that his promise was conditional in any way. Riordan's response, in essence was "Well he's a politician just like me," but that seemed unconvincing and quite contrary to Trutanich's well-worn mantra "I'm a prosecutor, not a politician."

The more Los Angelenos learn about Trutanich, the more it seems that his only achievement, as the caller said, ".. is that has used the City Attorney's office as a political springboard to the DA's Office where he is not wanted, he is unqualified, and he is unfit."

Tilden promised to make air time available to all the candidates in the run up to the June 5, primary election, and if tonight's show is anything to go by, Tilden will give callers as well as the candidates a fair chance to make their points.

Unfortunately, we were unable to capture the final few moments of the call, however, it should shortly be available for podcast and download from this link to the KABC website.



Anonymous said...

Well said David Dragnet Berger. Trutanich will win because, like Mayor Riordan said, who cares if Trutanich is a liar? You will be the first DDA fired when Trutanich takes over. You Jackson and Lacey can go form your own boutique criminal defense firm and work for a living. LA needs a man like Trutanich as DA because he's not afraid to use every tool in the goldfish bowl to prosecute gang members and corrupt politicians.

Anonymous said...

Who are you trying to fool, David Berger? That was you calling Peter Tilden's show, yet you're not honest enough to admit it in your blog. How can you call Trutanich a liar when you're obviously not very honest yourself?
Quite hypocritical, wouldn't you say?

And before you ask loaded questions to radio guests, shouldn't you disclose that you work for one of the other candidates?

I must say, you sounded unhinged. And it's all sort of creepy that you're calling radio shows late at night, and purposely taping yourself so you can post it on your anonymous blog.

Perhaps it's time you take a step back and examine what's become of your life.

You're obviously obsessed with Trutanich in a very unhealthy way, and it's clearly taken over your life. Pity.

Anonymous said...

9:40AM what is your point. It is an open secret that Berger is Joe Friday, the LA times has written about it, and so has the Met News. I don't think David's call was misleading, he said very clearly what his name was, and that he worked for Trutanich, so if anyone knows why Trutanich is unfit to be DA, he does. I wish the call would have gone on longer, but it was clear that Tilden had to jump in to protect Riordan. What David did in the space of a few minutes is exactly why Trutanich is scared to debate the other candidates, they will expose hhis lies and deceit with hard facts. Trutanich needs to hide from public forums as much as possible if he wants to have a chance in the run off but once he loses the court case over his ballot title, he is toast in LA.

Anonymous said...

So since when did Riordan become so type of saint? He was crooked -- look at how he started the grand promotion of the CRA to funnel CRA $ to his business buddies. Riordan is the architect of the disaster which Tony V, Garcetti, Wesson, and Football Tommyh brought to fruition.

Anonymous said...

1:22pm - I get 9:40's point. Berger writes in his blog posting that it was "a caller" when it was Berger calling. Isn't that deceptive and less than truthful?
He's reporting about himself but leads the reader to beleive it was just some random caller.

I think 9:40am was also trying to say how can David Berger have any moral authority to call someone else a liar when he himself is less than truthful.

I heard the Tilden show and Berger also left out that Tilden and Riordan said they thought Trutanich had done a pretty good job as City Attorney.

Anonymous said...

8:09pm - I agree. It is hypocrisy for Berger to accuse Trutanich of lying when he was the so-called caller last night. Mayor Riordan, who is 82, and Peter Tilden who is a close friend of Trutanich, were obviously hijacked by the call - if you listen closely, when Tilden introduces the call, he does not know that it is Berger, so clearly they were not prepared for the onslaught of lies about Trutanich.

And when the Mayor said Trutanich had done a very good job as City Attorney, Berger's points about the drop in gang cases, abandoning the neighborhood prosecutor program and the mistake about the 38th Street gang were clearly unfair because Berger only told half the story.

The other side of those stories, as everyone knows, shows that Trutanich does a good job, so here's the truth that Berger won't dare to publish, and I've sent this to the LA Times to make sure he is outed as the liar that HE is.

First. that so-called drop in gang prosecutions was caused because Trutanich was using the scarce resources of his office to prosecute more serious crimes like the Michael Jackson memorial fraud, the Oscars billboard crime and the professional Dream Act protesters who blocked traffic and stopped an ambulance from taking a patient to a hospital that day.

Second, Trutanich had to close down most of the neighborhood prosecutor program because the neighborhood prosecutors were becoming too popular with the police and the community, and threatened Trutanich's ability to manage the office. Also, most of those neighborhood prosecutors were active politically, running for office, and could have one day challenged Trutanich.

Third, the 38th St gang was actually taken down by Trutanich. He was actually personally involved in the arrest of all 58 gang members and their assault riffle, because he was at the the press conference and was allowed to hold the assault rifle that could have killed someone. To call that grandstanding is an insult to the brave men and women of law enforcement who stood alongside Trutanich at the press conference.

KABC should sue Berger for illegal using a copyright audio recording and close down this blog for violating their intellectual property rights. There should also be an investigation into why Steve Cooley, the District Attorney who employs Berger, had totally ignored repeated demands to order Berger to cease and desist from writing lies about an elected official who is deserving of more respect. As Trutanich said, there is limit to free speech, and this blog exceeds that limit by a mile and then some.

Anonymous said...

Jackson's gonna be filing 14601's in Antelope Valley in 2013.

Also, you gotta give Berger credit for publishing these comments attacking him rather than deleting them. In my mind, that shows he has some principles.

Anonymous said...

@8:55PM LOL! But actually you raise a serious point. If Trutanich gets his way about giving driver licenses to illegal aliens, then the number of 14601 cases (unlicensed drivers) will fall dramatically, so there won't be much for AJ to do in AV.

But the bigger point, and the one that shows the real stupidity of Trutanich, is this. He wants to claim he's the Chief Prosecutor of Los Angeles because his office handles 70% of the arrests made by LAPD. Well take a wild guess as to how many of those 70% are 14601 cases? You've seen the criminal dockets outside the misdemeanor courts in CCB, they are at least 50% unlicensed driver cases. So if Trutanich gets his way and illegal aliens get driver licenses, guess what? He's not handling 70% of LAPD cases anymore, is he? And worse, what do you think will happen to all the jobs of the deputy city attorneys who prosecute those cases? Guess they'll be hoping to 'cross the street' to the DA's office with Trutanich. Let's see how that works out for them.

Anonymous said...

The rambling rant of 8:51PM is typical of the way Trutanich and his henchmen conduct themselves. Personal attacks, veiled threats, and utter disregard for the truth. Keep bloggin Dragnet!