Wednesday, March 14, 2012

McIntyre grills 'Truth Challenged" Trutanich

KABC 790AM host Doug McIntyre used the height of Tuesday's 8 o'clock morning rush hour to give City Attorney Carmen Trutanich a grilling over his record of lies, deceit and deception. McIntyre invited FOX 11News Anchorman Jeff Michael to comment on rumors that the wannabe District Attorney had "stormed off the set," angry at being forced to answer real questions on Friday's FOX 11 News interview. The career politician's worried expression and his sudden departure before the interview ended was seen by millions of viewers and led to speculation that the interview had been an 'ambush,' a claim swiftly denied by Michael and FOX 11 News.

The entire show can be downloaded from KABC 790AM's website.

McIntyre congratulated Michael for asking "real questions" during the interview, and noted that Trutanich had been "dodging the press" because he is "truth challenged."

Trutanich left the set before the interview had ended, but did not "storm off" according to Michael.
As for the rumor that the angry target of an 'ambush' had "stormed off the set," Michael said that Trutanich "did not enjoy the line of questioning, and before I could finish, he pushed himself away from the set." Michael also described the rather hilarious slapstick situation that ensued as the set's table and chairs are on wheels and went in one direction, while the City Attorney pushed himself away rapidly going in another. Perhaps a case of a slip and fall lawyer, slipping?

The City Attorney's bad press day continued when the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise arrived. Met News Editor/Co-Publisher Roger M. Grace pulled no punches in his Tuesday 'Perspectives' column.

"I don't recall any candidate since Richard Nixon who has evoked such negativity," Grace said of Trutanich's lengthy dirty laundry list of bad press, all dutifully reproduced at the Met News to illustrate how Los Angeles' print and electronic media have reacted to the wannabe District Attorney's campaign.

The Met News Editor also speculated that Deputy District Attorney Steve Ipsen will not file his nominating papers by today's close of business filing deadline. That deadline was extended because the incumbent, District Attorney Steve Cooley, did not do what many had speculated, rumored or even hoped; he did not file papers seeking a fourth term as Los Angeles County District Attorney by Friday's deadline. Readers can check the LA County Registrar's website to see if Ipsen does indeed drop out.

With Ipsen and Trujilo out of the race, the June 5, 2012 ballot will have six candidates for District Attorney and the top two will face each other in the November Presidential election. That's when it will get interesting, and if Trutanich manages to overcome media opposition to his candidacy and win a place in the November run-off, that's when he is most likely to go the way of his former opponent Jack Weiss; into oblivion where he belongs. Los Angeles does not like liars.


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Anonymous said...

I've just about had enough of Trutanich. He is the most deceitful local politician of our times. There is no way this shyster will have my vote for DA but what I want to know NOW is how is this man still the LA City Attorney? He should be recalled.
He conned the citizens of LA into believing in him but now his true colors have been revealed: he is a scam artist.