Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Briefs, Trutanich has 'best evidence' against himself, MABA backs the wrong horse

Carmen Trutanich - we call him 'Liar,' but what does he call himself?

Reports in the LA Weekly and LA Times that District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson has sued Carmen Trutanich to prevent the City Attorney from using the misleading ballot designation 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' detailed some of the evidence that Jackson will use in his lawsuit. However, perhaps the best evidence of Trutanich's TRUe job title can be found hanging on the wall behind his desk. Yes, the very desk where he "does not talk politics."

Trutanich faces a legal challenge to the use of 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' as his ballot designation
yet, by his own admission, he sits behind a more accurate description of his occupation.
 It's been photographed countless times proudly displayed on the wall behind Trutanich, an expensive photo collage captioned 'Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich,'  yet that's not how he now wishes to be known.

The framed photo collage, believed to be a gift from a wealthy supporter, has yet to be replaced with a revised edition captioned 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor,' however, given everything that has been seen from the Trutanich campaign thus far, such a revision would not be surprising.

Mexican American Bar Association PAC endorses Trutanich

Hot on the heels of the news that District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo was dropping out of the race to spend more time with his family, the Trutanich campaign issued a presser with the surprise news that MABA PAC would be supporting Trutanich's bid to be chief prosecutor.

We are certain that MABA PAC's endorsement is merely a coincidence and that Trujillo, a past president of MABA, was probably surprised by the endorsement, notwithstanding reports of a meeting with Trutanich a week before his equally surprising and rapidly subsequent withdrawal from the race.

Support for Illegal Alien Driver Licenses pivotal to MABA PAC's endorsement?

MABA PAC's endorsement is likely predicated on Trutanich's promise of support for issuing driver licenses to illegal aliens. It's a hot button political issue, much like supporting sensible regulation of Medical Marijuana dispensaries was in 2009. If Trutanich remains TRUe to form, once elected as District Attorney, MABA PAC can expect exactly the same level of support from Trutanich for the relaxation of the law as it relates to unlicensed drivers, as the Medical Marijuana community received once Trutanich was elected as City Attorney. None.

Trutanich can trot out the same "State law does not permit it" excuses for his politically expedient about face on the issue of illegal alien driver licenses. After all, Trutanich's word, his promise, his commitment, is valueless given the way he reneged on all the promises he made to those who supported him. MABA PAC, along with a long list of other special interest groups, clearly have learned nothing from Trutanich's proven track record, but perhaps after Trutanich's enjoys the same fate as Jack Weiss, who played the same deck of cards as Trutanich, they too will realize that they've bet on the wrong horse.

It really is a case of deja vu all over again, isn't it?



Anonymous said...

I sense your tears and disappointment in your blog posting. Perhaps MABA couldn't find another worthy candidate to support?

Trutanich seems to be locking up most of the important endorsements, so this shouldn't surprise us.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich will lose the lawsuit, everyone knows that as city attorney, he main task is defending the city of los angeles from lawsuits and representing the Port, DWP and Airport where most of the deputy city attorneys are employed - he even said that on FOX News when he tried to say that he ran the largest law office in the world. The picture over his desk is just another example of his narcissistic personality and would make a great exhibit at the trial.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, It's becoming obvious that Trutanich is going to be the next DA.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Trutanich has some kind of dirt on Alan Jackson that he's going to release. Anyone know what it is?