Thursday, March 1, 2012

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The Truth About Trutanich

LA Weekly's 'Carmen the Barbarian' print edition cover attracted so much attention that demand for LA's weekly newspaper quickly exceeded supply. Within days of release most copies of the LA Weekly snapped up by readers intrigued by the amazing front cover artwork.

Comments to the story overwhelmingly shared the view that Trutanich is unfit for public office and would make a terrible District Attorney. The LA Weekly was, apparently, so impressed with the quality of comments that today's LA Weekly story 'The Truth About Trutanich' is almost exclusively comprised of readers' comments (at least the ones that used the least amount of profanity) concerning Trutanich's lackluster career as Los Angeles City Attorney.

The 'sell out' success of the LA Weekly seems to have sparked a cottage industry for re-sale of the scarce copies of the 'Carmen the Barbarian' edition of the LA Weekly. A copy was being offered for sale on Craigslist as a 'collectible.' $50 for 'this piece of journalistic history' the seller says.

Perspectives on Trutanich

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise had some interesting perspectives on Carmen Trutanich's electability.

Editor/Co-Publisher Roger M. Grace's 'Perspectives' column on Wednesday, February 29, 2012, starts with District Attorney Steve Cooley's opinion about former Deputy DA Kim Smith's candidacy for Superior Court Judge. Smith has filed nominating papers for a run against Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Sanjay Kumar, apparently banking on voter bias against an incumbent with a mideastern name. Kumar has an unblemished and highly respected reputation as a jurist, and both Grace and Cooley are sharply critical of Smith's campaign.

'Perspectives' also reports on City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's fall from media grace, noting both the LA Weekly's 'Carmen the Barbarian' piece, and the lambasting Trutanich has received from KFI AM640 talk show hosts John and Ken over his "all over the place" positions on granting driver licenses to illegal aliens. 



Anonymous said...

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! We really NEED a plebiscite! Rank and file DDAs have to have a voice in this! Since the ADDA board is dropping the ball (more like hiding it), some organization needs to take the initiative. Hell! An ad hoc committee could organize to do it.

Anonymous said...

What we need are voters who oppose Corruption and Incompetence and take the time to learn the candidates.

Look at CD 13? Who's worth voting for? Garcetti clones.

Look at the choice for City Atty -- we thought Trutanich was the good guy. We were completely wrong.

While trying to get out of the Corruption Frying Pan of Jack Weiss, we fell into the Fire of Trutanich Hubris.

Anonymous said...

1:37pm I agree. We all thought Trutanich was a better choice than Jack Weiss. That was only because Trutanich did such a good job of conning us into believing he was different. In fact he was Weiss on steroids. That does't mean it is too late to kick him out of office, and every newspaper, talk show host and blog in LA County will be helping to make that a reality. He can raise all the millions he wants, it won't overcome the constant stream of bad press he will get. The more money he raises, the worse he looks. Maybe he can get a job working for Meg Whitman after June 5, cause he is so finished in LA it isn't even funny.

Anonymous said...
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Joe Friday said...

3:37PM That was a waste of a comment.