Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trutanich ambush story goes viral, Huffpost joins the anti-Trutanich Tsunami, John & Ken - again

Trutanich tells tall tales on Fox 11

When City Attorney Carmen Trutanich agreed to be interviewed by FOX News 11 anchorman Jeff Michael, he probably thought he was in for an easy ride; another puff-piece opportunity to brag, boast and misrepresent his poor record as City Attorney, and a chance to dismiss ethical questions about his campaign to become District Attorney. Trutanich got anything but an easy ride from FOX 11 News' seasoned anchorman, and Trutanich's shocked 'deer in the headlights' expression sparked speculation that Trutanich had been ambushed, and finally forced to answer awkward questions about his deceptive practices. FOX 11 News denied ambushing Trutanich on their website.

A smug smile quickly turns to a 'deer in the headlights' worried expression
as Trutanich is confronted with inconvenient truths about his record.
FOX 11 News anchorman Jeff Michael was also quick to deny that the interview was an ambush, tweeting that both Trutanich and his assistant had been given advance notice of the interview topics.

Although Trutanich had been told of the topics, he probably was not told that Jeff Michael would not passively accept Trutanich's evasive answers. Trutanich looked shocked and ill at ease as he was confronted with well-researched questions that probed the truthfulness of his responses, and the grueling cross examination clearly shook Trutanich and appeared to take him by surprise.

While much of the coverage of Trutanich's ambush has centered on the fact that Trutanich was trapped by a skillful interrogator, attention seems certain to turn to some of the remarks Trutanich made when caught off guard, in trying to defend himself. 

Trutanich tells tall tales to defend his record 

Trutanich made some false and inappropriate statements in response to Michael's questions. When confronted with the fact that Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley considered Trutanich unfit to be DA, Trutanich was stuck for an answer and said "let's talk about who is the best guy to run this office" arguing that he was because "I run the largest municipal office in the United States" with a staff of 1,000. Trutanich claimed that "no other candidate in this race" has that experience. False. District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey, the Chief Deputy District Attorney, is responsible for the day to day running of the DA's Office with a staff of lawyers and support personal more than double that of Trutanich's.

Trutanich also claimed, bizarrely, that "I run the largest municipal utility in the United States, I handle the largest port in the United States, and I also run one of the largest airports in the United States." Perhaps realizing the utter ridiculousness of those claims, Trutanich then added that he was responsible for the legal issues that those entities refer to the City Attorney's Office. Even that statement, however, was misleading because the DWP, the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport employ outside counsel for their important legal issues.

When challenged over his use of $1M bail to jail a Los Angeles businessman who allowed a supergraphic advertisement be displayed on his office building during the 2010 Oscars Awards ceremony. Trutanich justified his actions stating that the businessman was "getting almost $600,000 in revenue a month!" Trutanich also stated that the businessman "didn't care about the safety of people in the winter in the middle of a storm where that thing could have fallen off and hit someone on the head!" Trutanich claimed the "thing" that could fall on someone's head was a "30,000 square foot board."

Trutanich's statements about this particular case perhaps provides the best evidence of Trutanich's utter unfitness for the Office of District Attorney. He knowingly misrepresented facts about this case in a manner designed to suit his personal agenda, rather than being an honest broker of the truth.

Whether or not businessman was getting a lot of money for the supergraphic is completely irrelevant to the charge of violating the LA Municipal Code. The issue is basically whether a permit was required for the supergraphic. However, Trutanich seemingly uses money to make the businessman look like a 'bad guy' because he earns a lot of money. In a trial court, a judge would likely rule the issue of income from the supergraphic inadmissible because it is substantially more prejudicial than probative. At the very minimum, it would be a matter for a pre-trial motion. But Trutanich clearly likes to try cases in the media, not the courtroom where a judge would ensure fairness to both the prosecution and the defendant.

As for the statement about the Oscars being held "in the middle of winter in a storm," we'll let a picture of the offending supergraphic the day after Trutanich had the businessman arrested speak for itself:

A mid-winter storm, according to Trutanich
Trutanich also claims that the 30,000 square foot supergraphic was a "board," implying that it a solid object that would seriously injure a person if it fell on their head. The supergraphic, as the picture shows, and as Trutanich knows, was not a board. It was fabric. Very thin fabric; as one can clearly see the building's windows through it. While it would be far from pleasant if a portion of the fabric were to shred in high winds, and fall to the ground, it would not be the same as a "30,000 square foot board falling on someone's head." The statement Trutanich made is more in keeping with an ambulance chaser or a slip and fall lawyer who routinely exaggerates the merits of their case.

Finally, Trutanich justifies the excessively high amount of bail with these words; "His bail was $1M because he had priors." Trutanich is implying that the already 'bad guy' is an ever 'badder guy' because he has "priors," in other words, he had been convicted of crimes for doing this same thing on previous occasions. But that was not true. There had been cases concerning the building not being brought up to code, but nothing remotely connected to supergraphics.

Trutanich also defended his use of payments to viewers to boost YouTube ratings for his DA campaign video, noting that he had spent a lot of money on producing the video. Trutanich had no answer for the reason why YouTube had removed his video for violating their deceptive content policy, calling his payment for YouTube views a "technicality."

Speaking of videos, FOX 11 has now posted video coverage of Trutanich's ambush interview on their website, and may also post it on YouTube. That could lead to an interesting test of Trutanich's justification for paying for YouTube views; if the Trutanich Ambush video goes viral thanks to paying internet sweatshops in Bangladesh and Indonesia to generate views, will Trutanich accept that those paid for views also represents a vast 'grass roots' opposition to his candidacy?

 HUFFPOST Joins the anti-Trutanich Tsunami

The Los Angeles HUFFPOST joined the anti-Trutanich Tsunami (an ever-growing club) Monday, March 12, 2012 with reporter Kathleen Miles giving Los Angelenos six good reasons not to vote for Carmen Trutanich.

In stating that Los Angeles has "distaste" for Trutanich, Miles understates the growing media momentum against the self-proclaimed liar who has thus far succeeded in only one thing; reneging on his promises to the people of Los Angeles.

Day by day Los Angelenos are learning more and more about Trutanich, and it's hurting the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician so much that Ron Kaye, former Daily News editor and onetime Trutanich supporter, today posed the question "Can Trutanich stop the bleeding?" pointing out how, within days of finally confessing to having been running for District Attorney, Trutanich is taking a beating in the press that will ultimately lead to the kind of downfall befitting a thug, bully and liar.

John & Ken Show Blasts Trutanich, Again!

In what continues to leave Trutanich supporters scratching their heads wondering if the Carmen Trutanich that top rated KFI AM640 talk show hosts John and Ken blasted for the second time in a week, is the same person they voted for, the popular duo delivered another withering attack on City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.

On a day when Truanich was still reeling from the Fox 11 News ambush, and was labeled a liar by the Los Angeles HuffPost, John and Ken added to Trutanich's crumbling campaign woes saying the embattled City Attorney was "Moving into the category of Tony Villar when it comes to despised politicians." Their latest condemnation of Trutanich, "Strike 4 on Trutanich" as they put it, concerns his utterly misleading choice of ballot designation, "Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor." LA Weekly reporter Gene Maddaus broke the story of Trutanich's misleading ballot designation Friday, March 9, 2012, after examining filing papers submitted by Trutanich.

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise reported that Trutanich's choice of ballot designation is likely to be challenged, while John and Ken quoted Los Angeles Times speculation that Trutanich was desperate to avoid the use of the word "Attorney" in his ballot designation, given the negative connotations ascribed to the profession. It's a negative connotation that nobody more than Trutanich exemplifies.

Monday was a bad day for the Trutanich campaign with major media attention on him being exclusively negative. It is something that Trutanich will have to get used to in the run up to the June 5, 2012 primary election. It seems that the only good words Los Angeles will have for Trutanich are "Good bye, and good riddance."


FOX 11 News anchor Jeff Michael scheduled to be on McIntyre in the Morning at 8:25AM talking about how he did not "ambush" Trutanich's campaign for DA by asking straight questions, demanding straight answers, and getting more misstatements from Trutanich.



Anonymous said...

I love the fact that John and Ken have finally figured out that Trutanich is the biggest liar in Los Angeles and comparing him to Villaraigosa shows how much his once rising stock has fallen.

Trutanich has the gaul to think that voters are stupid, that they have no memories, and that a fistful of glossy mailers with pictures of politicians who support him are going to win him the election. Boy is he in for a big surprise. Thanks to John and Ken, millions of Los Angeles voters now know that the name Trutanich is filth, slime, dirty and not to be trusted, take that to the bank Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

This is Nuch's worst nightmare. He has lost his beloved media. Everyone is turning against him and the more he tries to justify his power crazed policies, the more he lies and steps on his own shoe laces. The lies he told about the billboard case are classic Nuch propaganda, straight out of the Goebbels handbook on the big lie. As a lawyer, Nuch should know better than generate negative pre-trial publicity on a case his office is handling, but right now, he's like a wounded animal, desperate and dangerous. He will self-destruct under this kind of pressure. Watch and see LA's next train wreck in slo-mo - it's better than a high speed car chase.

Anonymous said...

The more we hear and see Trutanich, the more he appears mentally unbalanced. He knows he is not Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor. He knows he does not run the DWP or LAX and that they refer out important work to non-city law firms. This type of reckless behavior characterizes people with various sorts of mental disorders.

We are not dealing with a careless slip of the tongue or even laziness is learning the facts. Trutanich is exhibiting the traits of a psychopath.

Due to his present position of great power, his habitual lying and his intentional frauds imperil the justice system. No one can believe anything and City Atty says in court, what any witness says, or the authenticity of any of the City Atty's evidence.

Anonymous said...

You keep calling this interview an ambush, but FOX have said it is not. If you continue to misrepresent the true facts, and besmirch the reputation of the Chief Prisecutor of Los Angeles you, and anyone associated with this pathetic blog of lies that nobody reads, will find yourself at the wrong end of a defamation lawsuit unless you cease and desist immediately.

Anonymous said...

1:35PM is Trutanich - he can't even spell his own phony ballot title.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich is not fit to run the DA's office. He must be REJECTED by Los Angeles voters.

The majority of the Los Angeles media have accused him of being a liar.

I accuse him of far more serious charges.

The office of Carmen Trutanich has filled 55 misdemeanor charges against me without any due diligence in order to cover up CORRUPT LA County Health Inspectors and their bosses who were involved in a racket involving the EXTORTION of small businesses.

He was personally informed by me during the summer of 2011 that this is the case and this is what he said:

"We do not do due diligence when we get cases from the police or the health department"

"I have 500 attorneys under me. I do not know what they are doing"

"I have not received your letter because they block letters at my office. If you want me to get your letter, give it Alex"

He said this while pointing at "Alex the Greek" a Greek hamburger stand operator that gives him money for his campaign.

Los Angeles,

Is this the kind of District Attorney that you want?

This guy is CRIMINAL in my opinion. He is using his office as City Attorney for political gain and in order to cover up serious federal crimes that include EXTORTION and CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT EXTORTION. The guy is a crooked as it gets.

Please stay away from this incompetent moron and vote for Alan Jackson or Jackie Lacey. We need at the DA's office someone that is a professional prosecutor that is interested in JUSTICE and not a corrupt politician. This office is SIMPLY TOO IMPORTANT and TOO POWERFUL to hand over to Trutanich.

Please vote ABC. Anyone But Carmen.

Keep Trutanich out of the DA's office please!!!!!