Monday, March 5, 2012

Trutanich runs from media forum in face of pay to play scandal

Fallout from the pay to play YouTubeGate scandal, and fear of cross-examination by real prosecutors  are likely the reasons why City Attorney Carmen Trutanich will not participate in a televised public safety forum at the end of this month. The District Attorney wannabe is listed as 'declined' by the Peace Officers Research Association of California in their announcement of their televised event. District Attorney candidates Alan Jackson, Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo are 'confirmed' for the event.

Trutanich paid for viewers to see his campaign video in order to make it appear that he had popular "grass roots" support. However, it appears that when faced with having his record questioned in a forum where he can neither control the audience nor direct the message, the tough guy who drives the gritty streets of Los Angeles recounting tall tales from 26 years ago, is a coward afraid of his own record.

At least that's the impression that Alan Jackson has of Trutanich's decision to 'take the 5th' and avoid cross-examination by the panel of candidates, all of whom (unlike Trutanich)  have actually prosecuted felony crimes in the past two decades.

This from the Jackson campaign:

John S. Thomas
Alan Jackson for District Attorney 2012
Tel: (818) 396-6578


Deputy DA Alan Jackson will participate in a televised public safety forum on March 31st.

Los Angeles, March 5th – On the heels of one major scandal after the next, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich refuses to appear in the major public safety forum at the end of the month sponsored by Peace Officers’ Research Association of California (PORAC), one of the largest law enforcement groups in California. It is apparent that Carmen Trutanich is afraid to debate his main rival, veteran prosecutor Alan Jackson. Jackson continues to gain momentum in the race for District Attorney, leading the charge in law enforcement organization support. Members of the public and media are encouraged to attend the public safety forum on March 31. Other candidates participating in forum are Jackie Lacey and Mario Trujillo.

Mr. Trutanich’s run-and-hide strategy not only is dishonest to the voters of Los Angeles County, it is a direct snub to every member of law enforcement. The Jackson campaign is demanding Trutanich step up and appear at the PORAC forum.

Jackson’s strategist John S. Thomas stated, “If Carmen Trutanich is afraid to debate his main opponent, Alan Jackson, how does he expect to stare down gang members as DA? The next DA must open himself and his ideas up for public scrutiny, not hide behind consultants and special interests.”

“Both Mr. Trutanich and Phil Spector have something in common – neither of them wants to be cross-examined by Deputy DA Alan Jackson,” continued Thomas.

Deputy DA Alan Jackson said, “I look forward to a robust discussion about the future of public safety in LA County. As a cop’s prosecutor, I have worked my entire 17 year career partnering with law enforcement to keep the public safe.”

TIME: 2:30 PM. – 4:30 PM
LOCATION: Embassy Suites – El Segundo
1440 East Imperial Avenue El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 640-3600

*Broadcast will begin at 2:30 pm sharp.

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It is understood that Trutanich declined the invitation to PORAC's public safety forum before news of his lies about police association endorsements, the illegal video endorsement by Sheriff Baca, and this past weekends' YouTubeGate scandal had become public knowledge. However, it is believed that questions from the media about these scandals tipped-off the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician, that he should follow the often advice given to those faced with questioning about misconduct - "take the 5th." At least Trutanich appears to know that much about criminal law.



Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson had my vote years ago after prosecuting PHIL SPECTOR.

TRUTANICH lied when he said he'd not run for another office but then that's so typical of a hardened politician isn't it....something ALAN JACKSON IS NOT.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Philibosian and his law firm co-owner of this TV network. That would explain the lovefest that Jackson, Trujillo and Lacey will be engaging in during this glorious debate.

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between Carmine the Clown and the actor playing The Dictator? Carmine would spill the ashes on himself in his act of sel promotion.

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson is dreaming if he think he can work Trutanich in a debate - he will be stomped on by Trutanich in any forum. Going up against Carmen is different than the slam dunk trials Alan has prosecuted. The only candidate who can destroy Trutanich in any debate is Danette Meyers.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Lacey will crush Danette Meyers. Danette is wild and crazy and will go off the rails. Trust me, you do not want to see these two sisters go at it.

Anonymous said...

8:08 - no, actually Danette is experienced, that's what she is. She still tries murder cases after 26 years in the office and she is good friends with Jackie.

Anonymous said...

8:47PM is correct. All the negative baiting remarks posted here seem to come from Carmen Trutanich's campaign. They are so desperate to set the real candidates against each other, but the reality is Carmen is the one who cannot handle a debate. Just look at how poorly he performed against Jack Weiss, it was painful to watch Carmen stumble over his words, mix up his metaphors and generally sound like a brand new law clerk doing their first prelim and being stumped by a 'lacks foundation' objection.

Unlike the hypothetical law clerk who quiclkly learned how to respond, Carmen never did. He is scared shitless at the prospect of having to face Jackson, Lacey, Trujillo or Meyers. In fact any of the candidates would demolish him. That's why he won't debate, and that's why he is trying to drive a wedge between DDA's. Don't let it happen. We must surely all agree that any one of the DDAs running for Cooley's spot would be better than Carmen.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that Trutanich got waived on to the County Federation of labor by the ADDA Board without rank and file DDA's having any ability to post even a polite objection. Dollars-to-donuts Nuch boasts he has the support of every DDA. Gee. . .thanks.

KCAL-9 covered the You-tube story tonight. Even giving it the most cautious take possible (the reporter was very careful to say that the Trutanich campaign paid for an increase in traffic, not for people to watch), the campaign still came across as looking like something from the Nixon dirty tricks bag.

its not that I like any of the other candidates. Its just that its embarrassing enough to acknowledge this guy once WAS a DDA. It will be a completely to humiliating experience to have to work for him.