Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trutanich Stinks, Trujillo Sinks, ADDA Shenanigans

If you were among the million rush hour commuters tuned to KFI' AM 640's top rated talk show, the John and Ken Show, stuck in traffic at during the six o'clock hour on Wednesday night, your frustration at the traffic was likely replaced by anger at City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. The wannabe DA was the target of John and Ken's sharp criticism for breaking his promise to support an after-school program for underprivileged school kids.

The entire hour, appropriately entitled "Trutanich Stinks" can be podcast here, and you can also listen to our edited highlights of John and Ken's excoriating remarks, condemning the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned carer politician for breaking many of his promises, especially one to a group of underprivileged school kids:

While much of the talk show duo's anger was directed Trutanich for his "Fraudulent and phony" manipulation of his "crime fighting YouTube video," the pair lashed out Trutanich for his inability to coherently explain his legal opinion on the LAPD's right to change the impound policy.

They called Trutanich's nine-page legal opinion "legal gobbledygook," and noted that the opinion came out at the same time that Trutanich picked up an endorsement from the LA County Federation of Labor AFL-CIO, and said it was "a trade," adding "what kind of shyster behavior is this?" The segment concluded with John and Ken saying "we've got to find a better guy than Trutanich for DA""a good reason not to vote for Trutanich," and said that Councilmember Dennis Zine's recent switch of endorsement from Alan Jackson to Carmen Trutanich was

Mario Trujillo not expected to run

Rumors posted yesterday suggesting that Deputy District Attorney Mario Trujillo would not run for District Attorney appear to be well founded.

As Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise Editor/Co-Publisher Roger M. Grace relates in his Wednesday, March 7, 2012, 'Perspectives' column, Trujillo's name does not appear on the District Attorney Candidates List for the June 5, Primary Election. An email to the Trujillo campaign for an explanation were not answered, fueling speculation that Trujillo may have decided to parlay the support he has thus far received in his first political foray, into a more robust campaign to replace Carmen Trutanich as City Attorney in 2013.

Although Trujillo cannot directly transfer the money he has raised for his DA campaign to a City Attorney campaign, there are ways that donors can give their permission for that to happen. Some may believe that Trujillo would have a better chance at winning a citywide election where the demographics would suit him better than in a countywide run.

Trujillo has until 4PM on Friday, March 9, to register with the LA County Registrar, however, as all other candidates have now registered, there seems to be no good reason why Trujillo has not yet done this, and every likelihood that he will not.

ADDA Shenanigans

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise  also reports that emails confirming ex parte communications between an ERCOM executive and ADDA principals that were forwarded to the  Hearing Officer, may be ordered disclosed to the District Attorney's Office.

The Met News reports that allegations that "ADDA principals shared their thoughts, on an ex parte basis, with ERCOM Executive Director Paul Causey; Causey passed on some of those thoughts to the hearing officer, Thomas S. Kerrigan," could be proven if Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ann I. Jones orders that the copies of the emails stored on the County's servers be turned over to the DA's Office. Kerrigan decided the Administrative Hearing in favor of the ADDA, and has apparently destroyed his copies of the emails. The ADDA, apparently, opposes disclosure of the emails.


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Don't know where you get your info from Dragnet, but LA Weekly have also said Mario's dropping out, only they're saying it's for "health reasons."