Monday, March 26, 2012

Trutanich's finances come under scrutiny, $1,000 cigar expenses a smoking gun?

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who is making a big noise about his fiscal responsibility in his ego-centric campaign to bully buy his way into the District Attorney's Office, might have some "'splainin to do" over a rash of overdraft charges that popped up in his Office Holder's account (our thanks to Red Spot at the Mayor Sam blog for spotting the irregularity).

It is not entirely clear why Trutanich's Office Holder account was overdrawn on so many occasions, but it certainly raises questions that should be asked of the wannabe DA candidate who likes to brag and boast about his his fiscal ability.

Perhaps Trutanich incurred expenses like his almost $1,000 cigar tab at Big Daddy Cigars in Long Beach before some special interest campaign contribution could pick up the tab?

There is bound to be a lie innocent explanation from Trutanich as to why this isn't a smoking gun ...

Daily News editorial accuses Trutanich of "self-aggrandizing"

The Los Angeles Daily News editorial focuses on the impending courtroom drama that will see the self-aggrandizing DA wannabe, Carmen Trutanich. suffer his latest reality check. We've seen Trutanich drubbed by revelations that he lied about non-existent police endorsements, suckered Sheriff Lee Baca into illegally endorsing him in uniform, and financing an internet company to make it look like Trutanich's DA campaign video 'went viral' when less than 156 people actually viewed it. Now, to add to the ever growing list of Trutanich deceptions, comes the almost laughable notion that he is the Supreme Leader of the Universe, the 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor.'

The Daily News draws short of calling Trutanich a liar and glosses over many of Trutanich's earlier deceptions in taking the rather tepid approach counseling voters to beware of politicians. The Daily News might have done better to listen to what District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson had to say about Trutanich's latest lie on KFI AM640's John and Ken show:

April 11, 2012 should prove to be an interesting day in Los Angeles politics. While the Trutanich camp must be hoping that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ann Jones will adopt the LA Daily News 'tepid' approach to his misleading ballot title, most others believe that Jackson will emerge the victor. All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good people do nothing. Jackson seems to be the only candidate in this race who is prepared to take a stand against the man who KABC 790AM talk show host Doug McIntyre said "lied to my face."

It seems there is a growing number of good people in Los Angeles who are not prepared to remain silent and do nothing. That's bad news for Carmen Trutanich.


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