Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trutanich's social media manipulation backfires

Few people would doubt that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich craves media attention. His has a fully staffed public relations office who crank out press releases at his whim, ever hopeful to get some 'good ink' to further his political career.

But the constant bombardment of press releases have ceased to wow the mainstream media, and increasingly when the name 'Trutanich' appears in the media it is because one of his many well documented deceptions has been exposed through social media. The LA Times today documents Trutanich's fall from grace, ironically giving him joint billing with disgraced Los Angeles City Councilmember Richard Alarcon.

Trutanich's own attempt to use social media failed spectacularly when his payments to internet companies to make it look like 724,000 people had viewed his YouTube DA campaign video was exposed by the LA Times.

Rumor has it that the LA Times was tipped off by social media.


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