Sunday, March 4, 2012

YouTubeGate - Another false claim (lie) from Trutanich

Late on Saturday night the LA Times broke the story that many had suspected; City Attorney Carmen Trutanich had lied about the popularity of his campaign video - he paid for viewers to watch his self-aggrandizing campaign video in order to falsely claim it was some sort of internet sensation.

The LA Times exposes another lie from Trutanich

Within days of the launch of his campaign video which featured Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca making an illegal endorsement for the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician, Trutanich claimed to have had almost three quarters of a million views of the thirteen minute long video on YouTube.

The video was swiftly removed from YouTube when the LA Times broke the story that Sheriff Baca's endorsement of Trutanich was illegal; it violated state law prohibiting law enforcement officials from making political endorsements in uniform. Trutanich is believed to have advised Sheriff Baca that he was 'exempt' from that law, he was wrong.

Although Trutanich had to pull his illegal endorsement video
he nevertheless kept the false claim that the video was 'breaking records'
But while Trutanich pulled the video so that it could be edited to remove the illegal Sheriff Baca endorsement, he maintained the February 14, 2012 press release claiming "Trutanich Documentary Breaking Records on YouTube." Of course what Trutanich did not say was that he had paid about a cent per view to get sweatshop-like mills in foreign countries to view his video, and to post flattering comments about him, such as "This guy's got my vote," according to 'jian1480' who likely cannot vote for Trutanich in Bangladesh.

As we go to press, that false claim still appears on Trutanich's website, however, it too will likely be pulled as soon as Trutanich can order its removal. It can, however, still be viewed as a .pdf file here. Perhaps the biggest lie, apart from the sheer number falsely claimed views, is the statement that the popularity of Trutanich's documentary shows there is "broad support behind Trutanich's candidacy from a vast online and grass-roots audience." Based on the way Trutanich manipulated the viewing figures, he had to have known there was no "grass-roots audience." This was nothing short of a bald faced lie and an insult to the intelligence of voters and the press who were, and are, being bombarded with press releases from Trutanich.  

That Trutanich would resort to such a blatant, and frankly amateurish deception to try to convey the impression that more people had viewed his campaign video than campaign videos from GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum is just another sign that Trutanich will say and do anything to get himself elected as District Attorney.

Trutanich may be able to buy YouTube views, but he better not try to buy votes; that, like Sheriff Baca's endorsement, is illegal, and nobody is exempt from the law, even Carmen the Clown Trutanich.



Anonymous said...

Apparently Trutanich is furious as this Times piece and will be releasing evidence of Alan Jackson using fake internet mills to increase his Facebook Like numbers with fake followers - going from less than 400 Likes to over 5000 in one day. Ouch! This one will be interesting to watch!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Friday, you never give any reasons to vote for these other candidates. Trutanich is the only one we know. Sure he has tripped on his shoelaces a few times but at least he's out there trying to do good things.

We don't know these other candidates or anything about them. The fact that Mr. Cooley is behind the one girl is not enough.
Who is she? What is her record? What does she want to do?

The other guy with the Country Western name only talks about his endorsements from the police in Inglewood and El Monte. Who is he? What has he done? Why should anyone vote for him? Nobody in my family has ever heard of him.

I read the L.A. Weekly piece about Mr. Trutanich that you posted, and I was pleased he was taking on these spray painters, and drug addicts. He really focuses on broken window issues, and that's somehting that's needed in our city.

If you don't want us to vote for him, then you need to give us a good reason to vote for someone else. So far I haven't seen it.

Please don't take these comments the wrong way. It's just some constructive comments. Hope you have a good Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Litigants should request the removal of the City Attorney in their case as it is clear that The City Attorney is an unethical cheat and any and all evidence which he would present or manufacture for court is highly suspect.

Also, there is a question whether the City Attorney cn run for District Atty since as District Atty he will have to investigate and prosecute his former clients, e.g. members of the city council, but as their present attorney, he will be unable to prosecute them

Anonymous said...

This story is on the front page of the LA Times on Sunday, the day that people generally have a little more time to read and absorb the news. This is a major blow to Trutanich, and it comes not from a rival candidate, but from the LA Times directly.

Trutanich may be "furious" as 7:28am says, but he will not say or do anything. He will continue to act the way he has always acted whenever one of his many lies becomes public, he will just run and hide. That's what cowards, liars, bullies and thugs do.

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to say and do nothing. I am delighted that the LA Times is doing something to tell the horrible truth about this liar.

Anonymous said...

Wait..., Trutanich paid someone to advertising his campaign's message? Isn't that what campaigns are supposed to do? Where's the story here?

In any event, with less than 200k, cash on hand, the other candidates better get used to watching him advertise. And hope that the LA Times doesn't keep giving him free front page name ID.

Anonymous said...

Time for Sheriff Baca to pull his endorsement, first the lies about endorsements, then the illegal endorsement with Baca in uniform, and now this. Three Strikes and you're out Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

9:48am you TOTALLY miss the point. The qualifications of the other candidates is irrelevant and which would be the best DA is irrelevant. The issue is whether Trutanich is so dishonest he cannot be believed and has no credibility. That question has has been answered conclusively: Nuch is a LIAR.

Anonymous said...

It's all Trutanich, Trutanich, Trutanich. That's all I ever hear about. With all this free publicity you give him, no wonder you guys are so worried he's going to win this race. It's obvious he shoots himself in the foot a lot, but you guys might be shooting yourselves in the foot by only writing about him all the time.

No one hears a damn thing about any of the other candidates. Even Jon & Ken had no idea who else was running, and they're supposedly smarter than the rest of us. I heard them say it was "a bunch of unknowns they had never heard of."

Last year I saw Lyndsey Lohan perp walked several times on TV. She was constantly getting into trouble. Yet there she was on Saturday Night Live last night.

The public goes with who they know, and they don't care about all these minor indiscretions.

Celebrity sells. If you're so worried about Trutanich, you might try not giving him the spotlight all the time. You don't realize that you're just promoting his name i.d. all the time. There are other candidates.

Anonymous said...

12:09pm AGAIN missing the point. There is still plenty of time for one of the current candidates to distinguish herself or himself. That story is tomorrow's story.

Today's story is now etched in stone. Trutanich has had his "Herman Cain moment." He has so thoroughly destroyed his own credibility that he can never be taken seriously again.

Oh yeah, he's STILL a celebrity. . . .so is Snooki. What's the point?

Anonymous said...

9:48AM I think the whole point of this blog is not to tell people who to vote for or why, but to give people a forum to express their views. The candidacies of others regularly get mentioned here, and there links to all the campaign websites to help you inform yourself.

Trutanich probably gets more ink here because he represents the most clear and present danger to the life and liberty of Los Angelenos. His unethical conduct, bullying and threatening his way around the city like a Joe McCarthy clone, that doesn't and shouldn't get a pass.

Most of the comments appear to be from deputy district attorneys and city attorneys. They know what life would be like in 'Carmen's world' (Yes we have that video from the holiday party) and it is not good.

Tripping on shoelaces is one thing, lying cheating and bullying is another.

Anonymous said...

Today's LA Times hit Nuch hard. He's probably going to have to lie low (no pun intended) for a while before he can show his face in public. You guys did a public service leaking all the dirt on the YouTube thing to the Times. I hear it's just the beginning of more troubles for Nuch. Karma sure is a bitch, ain't it?

Anonymous said...

TRUtanich 4 DA = EPIC FAIL

Anonymous said...

10:28 AM your cynicism is breathtaking! So the District Attorney, the lawyer in the legal system (who any legal ethics teacher will tell you) has the highest ethical duty is supposed to be hiring people to intentionally manipulate, fabricate, and deceive to advance his political objectives?

If you're a Trutanich supporter you have made the single most compelling argument as to why no one should vote for him.

Anonymous said...

4:05PM I think Trutanich manages to make the most compelling case against himself without assistance from anyone. With headlines like today's this narcissistic egomaniac will self-implode all by himself. He probably thought he was being so clever with his YouTube stunt that he never stopped to consider the high price he will pay for taking biters for granted. I will vote for whoever is against Trutanich in the runoff, and so will most of LA.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:28 am, Alan Jackson's facebook "likes" increased right after he was on NATIONAL TELEVISION for a Dateline special about the James Fayed capital murder case -- a case that Jackson prepared, tried, and secured a death penalty verdict on while he was simultaneously running his DA campaign. Instead of spending all his time getting driven to fundraisers by his taxpayer-paid chauffeur like Carmen Trutanich, Jackson shows yet again why he's the kind of prosecutor and leader the DA's Office needs at its helm.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I would love to be a fly on the wall at Monday morning's senior management meeting at the City Attorney's office. If Nuch shows up, and he often doesn't, nobody in the room will be able to keep a straight face when he walks in. Everyone will be looking down at the floor to avoid eye contact with Nuch because the moment they look at him they are not going to be able to resist laughing themselves into uncontrollable hysterics. This guy is supposed to be a freakin Super Lawyer, the next DA, and then AG or Governor or even President, and he screws up a simple video so badly that Twitter is still bouncing tweets about him having to buy views. Talk shows will have a field day with this tomorrow.