Monday, April 30, 2012

Trutanich attacks rivals for being 'politicians.' Seriously.

If further proof were needed that city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich has absolutely no concept of the meaning of the word 'truth,' the man described by KABC 790AM's Doug McIntyre as 'truth challenged' took the opportunity of the release of his 'Blueprint for Justice' to lash out at rival candidates by calling them 'politicians.' I kid you not.

I suppose one could say 'it takes one to know one' but even that old adage is incapable of summing up the multiple layers of irony contained in Trutanich's rather pathetic response to the overwhelmingly negative view of his campaign and its deceitful tactics.

Until now Trutanich has said little or nothing about the slew of scandals that have characterized him and his campaign as deceitful. He dismisses his violation of his Pledge to Serve as a just a naive campaign stunt, the false claims about police endorsements were the fault of a campaign volunteer, Sheriff Baca's illegal endorsement had no explanation, the false YouTube views were not false, and he won a 'victory' when Judge Kalin ruled his ballot designation was misleading. Trutanich apparently blames 'the other candidates' for the negative publicity surrounding these events.

Carmen 'I am not a politician' Trutanich with
County Assessor John Noguez

To some Trutanich's response may seem evocative of a paranoid dictator holed up in a bomb-proof bunker ranting about how he is victorious while defeat is on his doorstep. He sees himself betrayed by his own staff, blaming 'volunteers' for his misconduct, and he remains cosseted by his retinue of feeble sycophants who dare not tell him the bad news - the voters now see through each and every political ploy he pulls.

Trutanich latest ploy to fool voters is the 33-page 'Blueprint for the District Attorney's Office,' rolled out at the same time as he attacked the 'politicians.' Trutanich claims the Blueprint is 'focused on informing voters,' perhaps much in the same way as he tried to 'inform voters' with his misleading ballot title of 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor' until a Superior Court Judge struck that stinker down.

The blueprint sets forth the changes Trutanich will make to the DA's Office if he's elected. To those with short memories, the blueprint sounds like the kind of document that Trutanich will adhere to. It's his road map, his master plan, his commitment to voters.

But those with slightly longer memories will recall Trutanich waving around a similar 'Blueprint for Change' in 2009 when he was running for City Attorney (or is that 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor'?), so we thought you might like to take a look at what Trutanich promised in 2009, to see if he followed his plan. It's a fair indicator of whether he'll follow this plan, isn't it?

In 2009 Trutanich had a 12-page Blueprint for Change.
The 2009 Trutanich blueprint can be downloaded using this link.

Here are a few 'highlights' from the 2009 blueprint:

  •  A Vision of Professionalism for the Office of City Attorney (Page 9)
    • The infamous 'Pledge to Serve.' something Trutanich now has reneged on, features prominently in the blueprint where Trutanich says 'I am the only candidate in this race who has put forth a pledge not to pursue any other elected office and, will not use the position as a temporary political steppingstone.  
    • 'Be a leader who empowers and inspires rank-and-file deputies.' Just ask the rank-and-file how they feel about being forced to take a 15% pay cut while their leader refuses to take a matching cut and 'share the sacrifice.'
    • Establish the 'Academy of Justice.' He renamed the training department.
  • Stopping Gang Violence (Page 7)
    • The promised 'blue ribbon panel of experts' to advise on effective anti-gang strategies - Didn't happen.
    • Gang Injunctions - Trutanich served less gang injunctions than Rocky Delgadillo over the same time period.
    • Prosecution of Gang Members - Down a staggering 31% from the days of Rocky Delgadillo.
    • Establishment of 'at-risk-youth mentor programs' - Didn't happen
    • Establish the Sheriff's rehabilitation program 'G.O.G.I.' for juveniles - Didn't happen, and could not happen as Trutanich has no jurisdiction over juveniles.
    • Partner with the District Attorney and US Attorney in 'targeting gang revenue streams' - Didn't happen.
  •   Transparency and Integrity (Page 11)
    • 'Preventing "pay-to-play" by advocating for expanded campaign finance reform.' Trutanich opposed the Measure H, banning campaign contributions from city contractors such as outside counsel law firms.
    • 'Aggressive enforcement of City Code of Ethics in order to ensure compliance by all City Officials.'  Trutanich has no role in ethics enforcement, it is his job to defend them.
If you look at how Trutanich followed through on his 2009 'Blueprint for Change' it is fairly easy to be skeptical about the 2012 version. It appears to be nothing more than an edited version of the previous one, and just as hollow and meaningless as most of what Trutanich says, with one exception. There's no 'Pledge to Serve' in the 2012 version.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Free For All - Trutanich sells out public safety for Brown backing

City prosecutor Carmen Trutanich was apparently forced to announce his endorsement by Governor Jerry Brown ahead of the June 5, 2012 primary election when polls showed his miserable lie-ridden campaign languishing in third place, sources tell the Dragnet.

Trutanich, once considered among the front-runners, has seen his imperious image taking a humiliating battering as a result of a slew of shocking revelations about his 'truth challenged' character. The false statements about police association endorsements, pay-to-play YouTube views of his campaign video, and a failed attempt to mislead voters with a false ballot designation, have put Trutanich into the drop zone.

District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey's revitalized campaign has narrowed the gap to front-runner Alan Jackson, and the pair are now looking increasingly likely to face each other in the runoff, leaving Trutanich with the prospect of not even being able to hang on to the City Attorney job he no longer wants.

Desperate times demand desperate measures, and Trutanich is desperate. Equally desperate is Governor Jerry Brown. He is desperate to try to turn around the poor public perception of his budget driven 'realignment' program that puts convicted felons back on the streets faster than Trutanich can tell his next lie. And so it was that the marriage from hell was consummated last week, with Trutanich agreeing to support realignment and Brown agreeing to support Trutanich for DA. Both must have been holding their noses at the stench in the room when that deal with the devil was done.

Trutanich, it is understood, was hoping to save the Brown endorsement as a surprise after he made it through to the runoff. But his lousy poll ratings must have forced him to make the hasty deal with Brown before he sinks even lower in the polls.

Observers say that Trutanich has blown the Brown endorsement. Instead of potentially lifting his campaign after the primary, it will now lower it ahead of the primary election as the the spotlight now focuses on the myriad failures of realignment to protect public safety becomes better known.

Neither Brown nor Trutanich have any direct experience with the way that realignment is now punishing so-called non-violent felons with a slap on the wrist and a voucher to attend a 'program' while they are remain free to commit more crimes. Brown and Trutanich have now effectively removed the threat of prison time for the majority of felons, and in the process created a generation of victims of crime who will identify them as the reason why there is no justice for victims and no protection from being victimized again.

The battle lines for the District Attorney election now seem to be more sharply defined. On one side there are the feckless politicians; Trutanich and Brown selling realignment snake oil, on the other there are the real prosecutors; Lacey and Jackson, and even Meyers, all ready, willing and able to debunk the myth that 'realignment' is nothing but than a Sacramento sellout to public safety.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trutanich running his DA campaign on the taxpayers' dime?

EXCLUSIVE: Where in the world is Carmen Trutanich? It's a question that's often asked, but rarely gets a straight answer. More specifically, 'Where in the City of Los Angeles was its taxpayer funded  $214k a year City Attorney city prosecutor on Monday afternoon, April 23, 2012?'

Was he 'taking down' a violent street gang? Was he 'shutting down' medical marijuana dispensaries? Was he 'saving the city millions of dollars' by fighting lawsuits? Or was he using city time, city staff and city vehicles to further his political campaign to be the Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor?

The answer to those questions usually requires a Public Records Act request for documents such as a copy of his appointment diary. However, as any relevant information will be redacted on 'security' grounds, the Dragnet used other resources to track down the city prosecutor's location and activity. It seems that Trutanich was, indeed, campaigning during office hours, using city staff and vehicles to try to persuade the Central City Association of Los Angeles to endorse him for DA. Your tax dollars at work.

Trutanich's LAPD security detail Ford Crown Victoria was spotted illegally parked for an hour on Monday, April 23, 2012 at 3:35PM outside the offices of the Central City Association of Los Angeles while Trutanich attended a scheduled appointment seeking the CCA's endorsement for his DA campaign.

The license plate on Trutanich's vehicle says 'CA EXEMPT,' the precise meaning of which is not entirely clear. Some believe that such a vehicle while engaged on official business, is 'Exempt' from obeying pesky laws that mere mortals have to obey, like carpool lanes, speeding, red light cameras, and parking where prohibited. In fact, it appears that 'CA EXEMPT' only means that the vehicle is exempt from paying annual DMV license fees; that's why you don't see license tags on the rear plate. According to sources, drivers of vehicles with 'CA EXEMPT' plates have to obey all laws.

But perhaps Trutanich thinks that because his license plate says 'CA EXEMPT,' that means he is 'EXEMPT' and above the law? That, because he is so important, he can use city time, property and personnel for his own personal needs, such as trying to strongarm talk the CCA into supporting his lie-ridden campaign to become DA?

Regular Dragnet readers may recognize this particular car from another occasion when Trutanich used it for his DA campaign.

That very same black LAPD Ford Crown Victoria was used by Trutanich in the filming of his not-so viral YouTube DA campaign video 'TRU Stories.' Perhaps Trutanich thought that he was 'EXEMPT' from ethics laws prohibiting the use of city property for political campaign purposes, and 'EXEMPT' from filming a video on city streets without a permit? Hopefully, the City Ethics Commission will investigate Trutanich and let him know that he is not.

Take note Los Angelenos, the thug who wants to be the Chief Prosecutor does not think that the same laws that apply to mere mortals, applies to him. He's 'Exempt.' Please send him a message on June 5, 2012, that he isn't.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Midweek Musings

Jackie Lacey's campaign fundraiser 'exceeds expectations'

It was billed as a 'blockbuster' event and it did not disappoint co-host Micheal Goldstein who emerged as one of the driving forces behind the event, 'It's been a great evening, better than expected,' he said.

Famed Hollywood producer Lawrence Bender co-hosted the event in his Westside home. Bender's reputation as the producer of most of Tarantino's movies took second place to his production of Vice President Al Gore's movie 'An Inconvenient Truth,' highlighting Bender's close connection to the movers and shakers in the Democratic Party who now know Lacey is his choice for LA's next Chief Prosecutor.

Bender introduced Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey to the capacity crowd saying it was 'His pleasure to introduce LA's next District Attorney, Jackie Lacey.' Bender thanked attorneys Michael Baruch and Michael Goldstein for 'turning him on to Jackie Lacey' and then surprised the crowd by turning the event over to Grammy Award winner Macy Gray who sang a solo for Lacey.

Co-host the Hon. Gregg Marcus, then spoke passionately of his support for Lacey, based on his past experiences with Lacey when she was a Deputy District Attorney who appeared before him.

Lacey then spoke about her journey through the DA's Office, rising through the ranks from a Grade I Deputy DA, the only African American female in the San Fernando Office at the time, to now holding the highest position in the Office, short of being elected as the next DA. Lacey left nobody in the room in any doubt whatsoever that she was committed to win this race, and that it was a decision she had made over a year and a half ago to take her chosen career to it's zenith.

Lacey spoke with a passion and determination that clearly shows that she has the 'fire in her belly' that some had previously said was missing. She outlined her vision for the Office as one of change where all victims of crime, violent or non-violent, get equal justice. She was committed to overcoming the perception that 'nobody cares' about non-violent crimes and stressed that identity theft and intellectual property theft, are just like any other kind of theft. As DA she will step up efforts to investigate, enforce and prosecute those crimes. Much of the problem, Lacey said, can be addressed by teaching kids that illegally sharing music, movies and other forms of artists' work, is stealing, and it should be taught that way.

Lacey spoke of the frustrations she hears from the business community about the slow pace of embezzlement investigations, noting that a business who suffered a $2M embezzlement over a year ago that almost drove them into bankruptcy, was still waiting for the case to be filed. 'That has to change,' she said.

Lacey also spoke of the growing numbers of people in the criminal justice system with mental health issues, noting that the County Jail's mental health facility is the largest in the state. Lacey said that more cost-effective means should be used to treat those with low-level mental health issues, rather than have them occupy resources that could be better used to keep violent criminals in custody.

After concluding her speech, Lacey took questions from the audience and brought the house down with her answer to the first question;  her position on medical marijuana 'I haven't needed it yet!' she said. Lacey said that her main concern was that there were too many storefronts operating in locations 'too close to kids.'

Lacey's message clearly resonated with the audience and the Lacey had a hard time leaving to attend an endorsement interview, everyone wanted a moment with Lacey, and she did not disappoint them.

John Breault III makes a campaign appearance

He's the sixth candidate in the race to replace Steve Cooley, and as a registered Republican, he showed no fear in appearing at the Democratic Club of the Santa Clarita Valley, along with Danette Meyers. Breault is the longest serving member of the DA's Office with 43 years of honorable, and often opinionated, service.

Deputy District Attorney candidate John Breault III
at the Democratic Club of the Santa Clarita Valley

Full report here.

Trutanich's fundraising appears to have stalled

He claimed to have raised $1M by the end of December, but according to an urgent email sent out today by former candidate Mario Trujillo, city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich's shakedown of special interest money has hit the wall.

Trujillo's email blast urges people to 'help' Trutanich, whose total fundraising is now up only $200,000 since January at $1.2M. Recent campaign finance reports suggests he has burned through much of that and will likely have no more than either Lacey or Jackson by the June 5 primary. Lacey and Jackson's  campaigns are on the rise, while Trutanich appears to be suffering from the credibility crunch.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lacey's blockbuster fundraiser set to break record

Details just received by the Dragnet suggest that Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey's campaign fundraiser tonight will likely shatter previous fundraising efforts as her campaign not only gains momentum, but appears to be going into overdrive with an event tonight at the home of Hollywood legend Lawrence Bender, the famed producer of many of Tarantino's blockbusting movies, major Democrat fundraiser and HuffPost blogger.

Rumor has it that Bender has been flipping through his Rolodex for the past few days to ensure a stellar turnout tonight, and he didn't have to try too hard to persuade people to support Lacey. It seems that a former major supporter of disgraced city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich was only too pleased to accept the invitation and join the growing numbers of people who are warming to Lacey's candidacy. Lacey has recently found her voice in ramping up the rhetoric of the dire threat to civil liberties if a politician like Trutanich is given the keys to the Grand Jury and the Public Integrity Division. Some are even calling it 'Carmengedon;' the nightmare scenario of Trutanich using and abusing the most powerful tools of law enforcement to bully, bluster and brag his way to higher office.

 Bender is not alone in drumming up support for Lacey for tonight's event. Music industry mogul Troy Carter is co-hosting the fundraiser with Bender and a cast of other leading lights in the community. Carter manages many of the nations top artists, including Lady Gaga, and who knows, he might even bring a surprise guest tonight if rumors are correct...

Support for Lacey also comes in the form of co-host Michael Goldstein who has been blasting out emails to help make tonight a success and is said to be delighted at the response.

We hope to have a full report of the event tomorrow.


Tuesday Topics

LA Times tips three DDAs for Superior Court

Deputy District Attorneys Sean Coen, Andrea Thompson and Eric Harmon all received the endorsement of the Los Angeles Times on Sunday in their bids to become Los Angeles Superior Court Judges.

Deputy District Attorneys Shannon Knight and Craig Gold, who are also running, also received high praise from the Times Editorial Board, but unfortunately the Times cannot endorse two candidates for the same Judicial Office. Thompson and Knight are both running for Office 65, while Coen and Gold are both running for Office 3. Harmon, running for Office 114, is fortunate not to have to face a fellow Deputy DA in his race.

Trutanich's ability to prosecute corruption questioned

We're not talking about the absolute farce nightmare that would result from giving a deceitful politician like Carmen Trutanich the keys to the Grand Jury or control of the Public Integrity Division, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey made that crystal clear last week. Rather it's an interesting legal issue raised by Los Angeles Attorney Richard Lee Abrams in his recent article at CityWatch

Abrams makes the case that Trutanich, if elected as DA, would be ethically prevented from prosecuting City of Los Angeles elected and appointed officials because as City Attorney, he has been privy to their confidential information. Although ethics has never been one of Trutanich's strong suits, it could explain why so many at the Los Angeles City Council are supporting Trutanich's campaign; it gives them a form of immunity from being prosecuted by the DA's Office if the voters are conned into electing Trutanich to the DA's Office.

Lacey campaign to hold 'massive' fundraiser tonight

We hope to have full details later in the day, but sources inform the Dragnet that Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey's campaign to become District Attorney is about to get a major boost from a VIP fundraiser in LA's Westside tonight. The event is said to be already 'sold out' to a large group of well-heeled guests and sources say that Lacey could again eclipse rival Trutanich in fundraising when the next campaign finance reports are filed.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Free For All

Jackson gains police endorsements

Hot on the heels of announcing PORAC's endorsement, the Jackson campaign announced eleven more endorsements from police associations.

This from the Jackson campaign:

John S. Thomas
Alan Jackson for District Attorney


Leading all candidates for DA in law enforcement support, Jackson announces 11 new endorsements

Los Angeles, April 20th – Today Deputy DA Alan Jackson unveiled even more law enforcement support from police organizations throughout Los Angeles County. This announcement is on the heels of Jackson’s winning the endorsement of the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), the first and only major umbrella law enforcement organization to endorse in the District Attorney’s contest. Jackson’s support from law enforcement continues to be unmatched by any other candidate for District Attorney.

Corporal Robert Mercado, President of Pasadena Police Officers’ Association, stated, “Deputy DA Alan Jackson is without a doubt the best choice for District Attorney. His record of working with law enforcement for the betterment of public safety is commendable. We are proud to endorse Jackson to become our next District Attorney.

Jackson’s latest endorsements include:

Los Angeles Airport Police Officers’ Association (LAAPOA)
Baldwin Park Police Officers’ Association
Claremont Police Managers’ Association
Claremont Police Officers’ Association
El Segundo Police Officers’ Association
Glendora Police Officers’ Association
Irwindale Police Officers’ Association
La Verne Police Officers’ Association
Pasadena Police Officers’ Association
Pomona Police Officers’ Association
West Covina Police Officers’ Association

**partial list
Deputy DA Alan Jackson stated, “I am truly humbled by the tremendous amount of support the law enforcement community has shown me. They understand my singular mission will be to ensure public safety, keep gangs behind bars and give our youth alternatives to a life of crime.”

Jackson has also been endorsed by numerous other local police organizations countywide as well as police chiefs representing more than 100 years of law enforcement experience.

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

-  #  -  #  -  #  -

John & Ken say "Anyone but Trutanich"

District Attorney candidate Danette Meyers joined KFI AM640 during Thursday afternoon's rush hour to blast city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich. Meyers' interview can be heard on KFI's website. We hope to have edited highlights shortly.

Lacey ramps up campaign rhetoric

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey is rumored to have a major fundraiser planned amongst LA's well-heeled Westside as she continues to raise her profile in the DA election race. Lacey's recent remarks concerning the dangers of city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich using the Public Integrity Division  and Grand Jury to attack political enemies are said to have resonated with business and community leaders. They have not forgotten the way Trutanich publicly threatened AEG with a 'criminal aspects' investigation into their handling of the Michael Jackson memorial.

A year after publicly accusing AEG of 'criminal aspects' Trutanich quietly abandoned his so-called investigation without explanation.

Curiously, Trutanich then accepted free tickets from AEG for a Lady Gaga concert.

It certainly raises the appearance of impropriety for a city prosecutor to publicity accuse a suspect of  'criminal aspects,' threaten the use of a 'Bureau of Investigations,' issue neither explanation nor apology, and then accept a 'gift.'


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Themes

ADDA Union shafts Trutanich

The union representing the Association of Deputy District Attorneys voted unanimously to reject city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich's candidacy for District Attorney and instead endorsed Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers. Previously the ADDA had recommended Trutanich to the LA County Federation AFL-CIO even though Trutanich had lied to them about non-existent police agency endorsements. The ADDA had also given AFL-CIO their 'thumbs-up' to DA candidates Steve Ipsen (who dropped out of the race), Bobby Grace, and Danette Meyers.

Rank and file DDAs were doubtless relieved that the ADDA union finally delivered a slap in the face to Trutanich and in doing so, joined the ever growing number of official organizations who are finding the strength in numbers to say what needs to be said; Trutanich is unfit to be District Attorney.

Previously, there had been considerable criticism of the ADDA's support for Trutanich as a 'pro-labor' candidate. It seems that the ADDA were unaware of the way Trutanich had refused to take the same pay cut that he had imposed on his staff. Whether that fact, or the recent revelations about irregularities in Trutanich's campaign caused their 'about face,' is unclear. 

Lacey blasts Trutanich as a 'liar' and a 'cheat.'

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey gave her supporters cause for cheer when she delivered a withering attack on city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich's horrible record of lying and cheating. Lacey out-raised Trutanich in the last reporting period and has recently become increasingly outspoken about the very credible threat Trutanich represents. "Can you imagine someone so political in charge of the Public Integrity Unit?" she said. "That person would be susceptible to using that unit to go after their enemies." Lacey told the LA Daily News.

Lacey touts PORAC endorsement

Although District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson was first out of the box to announce that he and Lacey had received the joint endorsement of PORAC, the state's largest law enforcement association,  Lacey was quick to spread the news to her supporters.

"I am humbled that these law enforcement associations and their members have given me their endorsement. Their endorsement moves our campaign closer to obtaining the opportunity to serve the residents of Los Angeles County as the next District Attorney ." Lacey said. "I thank them for being law enforcement professionals with integrity." 

PORAC are understood to have be gravely concerned with the way Trutanich has conducted his campaign with lies, tricks and misrepresentations at every step. The ruling last week by Superior Court Judge Joesph Kalin that Trutanich had intentionally sought to mislead voters, is believed to have given them all the ammunition they needed to take a firm stand against the disgraced politician.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trutanich uses bogus lawsuits to bolster bogus 'savings' claims

A $120M lawsuit filed by the family of Abdul Arian, the idiot teen who led LAPD on a high-speed pursuit culminating in the 'Darwin Award' death of the teen when he pointed his cellphone at LAPD officers in a 'Weaver Stance,' has a silver lining for city prosecutor Carmen 'the Conman' Trutanich.

The $120M lawsuit will allow Trutanich to increase the amount of money he claims to have 'saved' the City of Los Angeles from $325M to $445M. The bogus lawsuit filed by Abdul Arian's family is as bogus as the claim that Trutanich will make that in defending the City from this meritless lawsuit, he has miraculously 'saved the City another $120M.'

The Abdul Arian lawsuit is a classic example of the kind of voodoo math that Trutanich has been using to make his misleading claims. It is basically no different from the amount of money you 'save' when you shop at Costco. Ever noticed how much money it costs you to 'save' money at Costco?

The truth of the matter is that Trutanich hasn't saved the City of Los Angeles a dime. His budget is the largest in the City with over 500 skilled attorneys on the payroll to do the job that he claims the credit for, by grotesquely distorting the facts. When bogus lawsuits are brought against the City, Trutanich doesn't 'save' the City millions of dollars, because those lawsuits never stand a chance of winning.

Trutanich has been bragging about 'saving' the City millions of dollars ever since that 'High Five for a Dead Baby' photo that shocked LA Times readers. But the reality is somewhat different, Trutanich's loses rarely make the news, like the slew of loses caused by his micromanagement and his use of a schoolyard bully-boy antic Trutanich calls the 'Porcupine Defense.'

Recently, the City of Los Angeles thankfully balked at signing-off on a recommendation Trutanich made to give  $4.5M to a gangmember shot by the LAPD following a drive-by shooting. Trutanich argued that paying the $4.5M would 'save' the City money. Money that Trutanich would doubtless add to the $325M he has 'saved' so far.

With Trutanich's credibility now firmly under the microscope given the recent slew of misleading statements which become bolder and more outrageous as his bid to become DA slips through his fingers, perhaps it is time that a little more attention was paid to the high cost of having Trutanich 'save' us money.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Trutanich - the other shoe drops. Police refuse to endorse 'Pathological Liar'


As the Dragnet reported earlier, the other shoe was about to drop on Carmen 'the Conman' Trutanich. That shoe was now dropped and it is, indeed, a devastating blow.

PORAC, the 62,000 member-strong Peace Officers Research Association of California has refused to endorse Trutanich, a decision likely due to a finding last week that Trutanich's intended ballot title 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' was false and inherently misleading. Following that ruling, Jackson's political strategist called Trutanich a 'pathological liar,' as damning an accusation as one could make, yet one that Trutanich did not even try to deny.

Trutanich's bogus ballot title was likely the straw that broke the back of Trutanich's candidacy so far as police agencies are concerned. The serial shenanigans of Trutanich, which have become increasingly more deceptive and deceitful,  are clearly something that is costing Trutanich the support of law enforcement. Cops don't want to be associated with a proven liar and Trutanich has re-defined the word 'liar' with every step of his misleading campaign. It seems the only people who are impressed with Trutanich's 'truth challenged' candidacy are career politicians, however, even some of them must be wondering how much longer they can risk their reputations by showing any degree of approval for the way Trutanich has conducted himself.

PORAC is one of the state's largest police associations, and their refusal to endorse Trutanich will send shock waves throughout the law enforcement community and will likely lead to further rejection of the Trutanich brand. In his 2009 campaign to become City Attorney, Trutanich had the endorsement of almost every police agency in the county. As of today he has just one.

District Attorney candidates Alan Jackson and Jackie Lacey, both respected career prosecutors, will receive PORAC's prestigious endorsement. Jackson and Lacey both participated in PORAC's recent Public Safety Forum while Trutanich was in hiding, running from shocking revelations about his artificial manipulation of YouTube view figures for his not-so 'TRU Stories' campaign video.

This from the Jackson campaign:


Over 60,000 police officers strong, PORAC endorses Alan Jackson for DA making Jackson the clear choice of law enforcement.

Los Angeles, April 16th – Today Deputy DA Alan Jackson announced the support of the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), the first and only major umbrella law enforcement organization to endorse in the District Attorney’s contest. PORAC’s endorsement is a significant boost in momentum for Jackson’s campaign, strengthening his position as law enforcement’s choice for DA. Jackson leads all candidates for DA in law enforcement support, raking in endorsements from over 15 police organizations and counting countywide.

PORAC’s dual endorsement also included Jackie Lacey. This marks Lacey’s only public endorsement from a law enforcement organization thus far.

Joe Flannagan, head of PORAC Los Angeles North Chapter, stated, “Absolutely, Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson is without doubt law enforcement’s choice to serve as our next District Attorney. Alan Jackson’s trial skills are unmatched as he has fought for crime victims and the public’s safety his entire career.

“The bottom line: We who stand on the front line of public safety to protect our citizens and communities stand with Alan Jackson for DA,” concluded Flannagan.

Marshall McClain, head of PORAC Los Angeles South Chapter, claimed, “Let me be clear: The District Attorney’s office absolutely must remain in the hands of a prosecutor, not a politician. LA County citizens will be well served with Alan Jackson as their next DA.”

Deputy DA Alan Jackson said, “This is the day I’ve been waiting for. More than 60,000 officers are now standing alongside me and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have their support. As the next DA I look forward to building a long and robust partnership with all of law enforcement to keep our streets and our children safe and gang members where they belong, behind bars.

PORAC is a professional federation of local, state and federal law enforcement associations. With more than 890 member organizations, representing more than 60,000 officers, PORAC is not only one of the largest law enforcement associations in the west, but one of the largest in the nation.

Jackson has also been endorsed by numerous local police organizations countywide as well as police chiefs representing more than 100 years of law enforcement experience.

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

 #  -  #  -  #


Trutanich - waiting for the other shoe to drop

Sources tell the Dragnet that the Trutnaich campaign is bracing itself for the other shoe to drop following last weeks' devastating blow to the city prosecutor's dream to con his way to higher office.

The ruling last week by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph Kalin that Carmen 'the Conman' Trutanich had intentionally sought to mislead voters with his false and inherently misleading ballot title 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' has had widespread and disastrous consequences for Trutanich.

One of those consequences will be revealed on the Dragnet at 8:30AM Monday morning, and it deals a massive blow to Trutanich's hopes to hang on to his DA dreams. It could also signal the end of his career living large on the city dime using city resources as his campaign ATM machine.

Be sure to come back after 8:30AM.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Free For All - wrapping up the week

With just over 7 weeks to go until the primary election, of the six candidates on the ballot, four made news this week, one for reasons he would rather forget but will not be allowed to.


There is probably no greater disgrace that a candidate for District Attorney can suffer than to be lambasted by a Superior Court Judge for trying to mislead voters. Surely the essence of what a candidate for the leader of the largest prosecutorial agency in the nation must have is to come to the table with a clean and stainless character?

While Trutanich has previously been rightly or wrongly condemned for what might charitably be called 'missteps' or 'mistakes' in his campaign, each and every one of those have had more than an element of deceit and deception about them. The failure to honor his pledge to serve, the non-existent police agency endorsements, the illegal Sheriff Baca endorsement, the manipulation of YouTube figures, and the use of LAPD vehicles and officers in the production of his campaign video. All might be condemned in the press and the court of public opinion.

However, none of those disturbing events rises to the level where a court of law speaks unequivocally to flawed character of Carmen Trutanich; a man who will try and try again to be deceitful to achieve his personal goals. Yet that is what happened in Department 86 of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse when Judge Kalin gave his ruling; Trutanich's attempt to call himself 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' intentionally sought to mislead voters.

As humiliating a defeat it was for Triutanich, who had bragged and boasted that 'he looked forward to receiving Alan Jackson's attorneys fees check, it's Trutanich who had to swallow his words.  It is an appalling and disgusting example to set for those he aspires to lead, and while some, like Mario Trujillo, seem to think that Trutanich sets the right example by trying to lie, cheat and mislead his way into office, it will take more much more money than Trutanich can ever raise to overcome the growing public revulsion at his 'vision' for law enforcement in Los Angeles.


Danette Meyers' campaign looked like it had stalled based on her lack of fundraising. Rather than dialing for dollars it seems she had a put her efforts into winning the LACDP endorsement, and it paid off. She now has to turn that endorsement into cash so that she can afford to let LA County's 4.3M voters that she has that endorsement.


Jackie Lacey answered her critics this week with the announcement that she has raised more money than any of the candidates in the last reporting period. Her previously low key campaign has moved forward with the release of a number of campaign video and key endorsements, and the tenor of her weekly campaign statements now suggests that Lacey has solidified her place among the front-runners.


Alan Jackson further strengthened his claim to be the opponent Trutanich fears the most. Jackson's successful lawsuit bloodied the City Prosecutor's ballot designation dreams and reinforced the rapidly growing public perception of Trutanich as someone who is 'truth challenged,' as Doug McIntyre said, or a 'lying boob,' to quote John and Ken. Trutanich's response, claiming this drubbing as a 'victory,' it only served to further underscore his willingness to mislead and will haunt him for the rest of his career.

Jackson capitalized on his victory by delivering a text-book interview on FOX 11 News and in doing so, created a direct comparison for voters to see the difference between a candidate who has to run from his record, and one who has a record of seeking truth and justice.

Trutanich had to leave before his painful interview with FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael had ended, whereas Jackson had no reason to run from the truth.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alan Jackson challenges 'pathological liar' Carmen Trutanich on FOX 11 News

Los Angeles City Prosecutor Carmen Trutanich came across as a troubled, irritable jerk when he was interviewed by FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael. Some say Trutanich was 'ambushed' by Michael's hard hitting style, but that did not deter District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson from stepping into the lion's den to answer questions from Michael about why he had won a lawsuit stopping Trutanich from using a false and misleading ballot title.

Jackson said he had to act to stop Trutanich from intentionally misleading voters, and that the judge had agreed with him.

The judge's ruling was clear, Jackson said. Trutanich was ordered not use 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' or 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor' to mislead voters. But, as Jackson told a surprised Jeff Michael, Trutanich is still using that title on his website, in campaign materials, and in his ballot statement. Jackson issued a direct challenge to Trutanich on FOX News to 'Do the right thing' and remove those misleading titles. 'Voters want honesty' Jackson said.

Truillo backs Trutanich

The LA Times reported that Mario Trujillo has endorsed Carmen 'The Clown Conman" Trutanich's lie-ridden campaign to  become District Attorney. In doing so, Trujillo has proven that he has much in common with the former ambulance chaser plaintiff's attorney turned career politician; he promises a lot and delivers nothing.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Midweek Musings

LA County Democratic Party endorses Danette Meyers

District Attorney candidate Danette Meyer's campaign received a much needed boost when she garnered the endorsement of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party at a crowded meeting Tuesday night.

Fellow Democrat DA Candidates Jackie Lacey and Bobby Grace were also vying for the endorsement, City Prosecutor Carmen Trutanich did not make a pitch, perhaps a reflection of his continuing need to hide from his humiliating courtroom 'victory' on Monday where he 'won' the right to be prohibited (by writ of mandate, no less) from using 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' or 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor' as his misleading ballot designation.

According to sources,  each of the three candidates at the LACDP meeting were limited to one-minute speeches to make their pitches. It seems that Meyers had planned her pitch to perfection. Launching an ad hominem attack on current fundraising front runner Jackie Lacey, Meyers played the 'R' card - she accused Lacey of being a Republican who was supported by a Republican.

That seemed be enough for those in attendance and Meyers got the endorsement by a reported 90% of votes. It now remains to see if Meyers can parlay her victory into much needed campaign contributions. To that end Meyers has a fundraiser scheduled for this weekend where the value of the LACDP endorsement will be seen.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Judge tells Trutanich "You're not the chief of anything"

Monday, April 9, 2012 was Judgment Day for Carmen 'Chief of Nothing' Trutanich when a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge granted District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's writ of mandate prohibiting Trutanich from using his false and misleading ballot titles. "You're not the chief of anything in Los Angeles County" Judge Joseph Kalin said, summarily dismissing Trutanich's feeble claim that he was either the 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' or the 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor.' In less than 45 minutes, a judge told him he was neither.

A hushed silence fell on Judge Kalin's courtroom at 1:30PM Monday, April 9, 2012, as the case of Jackson v. Trutanich was called. Trutanich was not present, neither were any of his campaign advisers. His sole representative was his lawyer, who had a worried expression on his face.

Things did not go well for Trutanich from the get go as Judge Kalin commenced the proceedings by delivering his his tentative ruling; he was going to grant Jackson's petition and prevent Trutanich from misleading voters with the false and misleading ballot titles Trutanich had penned on his worksheet.

In a desperate effort to minimize the damage to Trutanich's already tattered and tainted credibility, Trutanich's lawyer used a 35-page Wikipedia printout to try to convince Judge Kalin that voters would not think that the words 'Los Angeles' meant Los Angeles County. They would realize that 'Los Angeles' meant only the City of Los Angeles because Wikipedia says so. Trutanich's lawyer argued this with a straight face, but a less than convincing tone. He should have saved his breath. The judge wasn't buying it.

The argument that Trutanich was a 'Chief Prosecutor' in relation to Los Angeles County was similarly dismissed. 'Trutanich is not the chief of anything in Los Angeles County' the judge said. The judge did say that 'Los Angeles' could be used as long as it was clear that it referred to the City of Los Angeles, accordingly Trutanich was left with the rather undistinguished ballot designation 'Los Angeles City Prosecutor,' which is the same ballot designation that a Grade I Deputy City Attorney could use.

If Judgment Day was a disaster for Trutanich, his senior campaign adviser, John Shallman, was quick to add to the disaster by proclaiming the judge's ruling as a 'victory,' suggesting that Shallman is perhaps cracking under the strain of trying to deal with Trutanich's rapidly disintegrating campaign.

It fell to Alan Jackson's political strategist, John Thomas, to make the only statement that made any sense. 'This guy [Trutanich] is a pathological liar,' he said 'Now we have a judge who is agreeing with us.'

A couple of weeks ago, Trutanich bragged that he would win this case, saying that he was 'looking forward to getting Jackson's attorney fees check.' It seems that the shoe is on the other foot now that the judge has ruled against Trutanich.

KFI AM640's John & Ken show had some choice remarks to make about Trutanich's defeat during the 5 o'clock rush hour, raising the level of criticism and disdain for Trutanich to previously unheard of levels.

While Trutanich's campaign has been trashed by scandal after scandal, this courtroom defeat is a clear sign that neither the media, the courts, nor the candidates are going to buy what Trutanich is selling. Voters will get a chance to join that ever growing group on June 5, 2012. In the meantime, this defeat is a major setback for the man who thought he could lie, bully and bullshit his way into the DA's Office. As Jackson's strategist said 'He got a real reality check today.' Few would disagree.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Briefs - Judgment Day

Jackson v. Trutanich - Judge could decides today
Trutanich lost his bid to mislead voters with his bogus ballot title. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kalin called Trutanich 'misleading" and ruled that he can use "Los Angeles City Prosecutor" as his title. Yes, that's right, he's got the same title as the rest of the Deputy City Attorneys in his Office (no offense intended to the hardworking DCAs who have to suffer under Trutanich's leadership.)

LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus has the breaking news. Our full report tomorrow.

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's lawsuit to stop Carmen Trutanich from using either of the two false and misleading ballot designations appearing on Trutanich's Ballot Designation Worksheet will be heard today, the Dragnet has learned. Trutanich has dubbed himself 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' and 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor,' titles designed to mislead voters as to his 'principal occupation' and distance himself from his woeful record as City Attorney.

The hearing was scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, however the Dragnet has learned that concerns about finalizing the ballots by this Friday's deadline caused the hearing to be advanced to today's date.

The hearing will be the first time that Trutanich will have had a misleading ballot title legally challenged; when he ran for City Attorney in 2009 his 'Environmental Attorney' ballot designation was not challenged in a court of law, only the media. Trutanich justified that misleading appellation based on his record as a criminal defense attorney who defended toxic polluters charged with environmental crimes.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Free For All

Trutanich booed and jeered at SCCLA Awards Dinner

The Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association's 37th Anniversary Installation and Awards Banquet was the surprising scene of the latest reality check for the man who arrogantly and falsely claims to be 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor.'

As Carmen Trutanich, who also styles himself as 'The Most Excellent and Supreme Leader' tried to rub shoulders with a crowd of around six hundred prominent figures in the Chinese American legal community, all seemed to be going well.

During the pre-dinner cockail hour, a small group of supporters surrounded the 'TRU Storyteller' and fed him with the praise and adulation his fragile ego so desperately craves. Trutanich, perhaps armed with a bunch of cheesy calligraphic scrolls, must have been looking forward to an evening where he could make a bunch of promises to extract some campaign dollars to keep his floundering campaign on life-support.

But, according to information received by the Dragnet by text message, as soon as the Banquet dinner got underway, things turned sour for the City Attorney.  As the honorees and other prominent officials were being introduced, each was warmly welcomed with applause from the attendees.

Then, as the 'Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich!' was announced, the room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Trutanich looked shocked by the awkward silence. The smug smile fell from his face, as he tried his best to pretend there was nothing untoward. Then that 'deer in the headlights' look from his recent FOX 11 News interview returned as the silence was broken by boos and jeers. 'It was great!' one member of the audience text-messaged the Dragnet.

City Attorney gave 'bad advice' to Fire Dept., again

It's deja vu all over again, as the LA Times reports that Carmen Trutanich's advice to cover-up poor response times by the LAFD is bad. It was only in July last year that Professor Erwin Chemerinski gave the same opinion regarding Trutanich's faulty advice the the Fire Dept, stating in a written opinion that the City Attorney's advice regarding withholding information was 'mistaken.'

Some might say that someone who promises 'transparency' out of one side of his mouth, but simultaneously counsels cover-ups from the other side, might not be best suited for the job of Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor.

Showdown: Trutanich's Judgment Day draws nearer

Sources tell the Dragnet that the ballot title battle scheduled for Wednesday, April 11, has been advanced to Monday, April 9, 2012 at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. Apparently the Los Angeles County Registrar was concerned that the April 11 hearing date would not give him sufficient time to change Trutanich's misleading 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' ballot title and numerous repetitions of that bogus title in Trutanich's $106,000 ballot statement.

Apparently, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ann Jones who was to hear the case, is unwell. The case is will nevertheless be heard by another judge who will hopefully be an LA Weekly reader... It is not yet known whether the case will be heard in Judge Jones' court (Department 86), or in another courtroom.

Lacey livens up campaign

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey ramped up her campaign to replace Steve Cooley as LA's Chief Prosecutor last week, releasing a series of videos on YouTube.

Despite concerns expressed in the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise that 'she is lacking in aggressiveness,' Lacey has been 'dialing for dollars' and surprised many by raising the most money of all candidates in the last reporting period.

Lacey has also not been silent about City Attorney Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich's circus act. In a recent campaign email Lacey said 'From the "get go" our campaign has been about integrity and merit. To give you an example, unlike some of the other candidates, we are using an accurate ballot designation-my job title. We also turned down an offer to create an illusion of support by creating "artificial traffic" on our online social media sites. I carefully read our endorsement applications so as not to "accidentally" list associations who have not endorsed anyone in this race. I want to earn the support of these organizations and not presume it.'

We do not have a copy of Lacey's Ballot Designation Worksheet, but assume that unlike Carmen the Clown, she can accurately remember her employment dates.

Carmen 'the Clown' became City Attorney on July 1, 2009
 We must also assume that if Lacey filmed her campaign videos on the streets of Los Angeles, she did so with the requisite filming permit, and did not use County cars and personnel

Message for Carmen Trutanich

While Carmen the Clown contemplates his ballot title showdown on Monday, he might also have some 'splaining to do about the way his 'TRU Stories' campaign video was shoot. LA Film Inc., the City's appointed permit agency, advises that 'filming without a permit is illegal and can be costly.'

They also state that the City Council revised 'section 41.20 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) to make it a misdemeanor offense for production companies to film without a permit or engage in activities not covered by their permits.' It seems that section 41.20 was revised by non other than City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, so he cannot claim he didn't know that he needed a film permit.

Trutanich may have to fire yet another volunteer campaign worker who made a mistake in failing to obtain a film permit. He must be running of of campaign workers at the rate he's going...


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trutanich lashes out at LA Weekly

As the LA Weekly reported, a bloodied, bruised and on-the-ropes Chief Prosecutor Porcupine Carmen Trutanich lashed out at the LA Weekly in a laughable attempt to prevent a judge from considering comments in the LA Weekly about him.

Faced with losing his false and misleading claim to be called 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician has used his 'Porcupine Defense' to try to deflect the court from the real issue; Trutanich is not a Chief Prosecutor; his 'principal occupation' is not prosecution. He is the Los Angeles City Attorney, but because he has made such a piss-poor job of being City Attorney, he has to hide from that title.

Trutanich's 'Porcupine Defense' is to attack the LA Weekly for exposing the utter falsity of each and every overstated claim Trutanich has made in his brief tenure as City Attorney. Trutanich is following that favorite bluster tactic employed by lawyers who have no case "When the law is on your side, you pound the law. When the facts are on your side, you pound the facts. When neither the law nor the facts are on your side, you pound the table LA Weekly."

Los Angelenos have had just about enough of Carmen the Clown Trutanich. His non-stop lie shop of self-aggrandizing self-promoting falsehoods has reached the end of the line. In his desperation to sell the biggest lie of his career, he believes that attacking the LA Weekly is his best shot. Have at it Trutanich. The court doesn't need the LA Weekly to decide the issue, because the court's common sense will decide the issue.

Trutanich's 'I save the City millions of dollars' claim crumbles

Those who cringe every time the Chief Porcupine of Los Angeles claims that he has singlehandedly saved the city $200M in lawsuits will soon have their suffering ended. Yet another of Trutanich's false claims is falling apart as finally someone has put the brakes on the out of control mismanagement of the City Attorney's Office by it's 'Supreme and Most Excellent Leader' (another of Trutanich's alternate ballot designations).

Following our post yesterday concerning Trutanich's proposal to pay a convicted gang member who was shot by LAPD after a drive-by shooting, a staggering $4.5M because, as Trutanich said 'It saves the City $4.5M,' the Studio City Patch reported that Councilmember Paul Krekorian (CD2), who chairs the Budget and Finance Committee, finally said what we've all been waiting for someone to say; enough of Trutanich's nonsense. Krekorian said of Trutanich's proposal that it will be 'A cold day in hell' before he signs off on Truanich's plan.

Reaction to Krekorian's stand was so welcome that even Mayor Villaraigosa saw the light, and stopped drinking Trutanich's koolaide.

According to the LA Times, the Mayor apparently saw the light after a brief conversation with Krekorian.

Trutanich lies on Ballot Designation Worksheet

The bullshit bluster attack on the LA Weekly may be partially due to the fact that Trutanich's lawyers are desperate to avoid the embarrassing revelation that in support of the Chief Porcupine's false claim to be 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor,' Carmen the Clown lied about the date that he became Los Angeles City Attorney.

We know that Trutanich would rather forget that he is the Los Angeles City Attorney, it seems he is so keen to drop that losing title that he cannot even remember when he was sworn in as City Attorney; July 1, 2009, a day that will live in infamy.

In his Ballot Designation Worksheet where he has to simply state how long he has been City Attorney, Trutanich writes '6/2009 - Present.' This document will be presented to the court when Trutanich's false claim to the misleading title is heard. Even if the LA Weekly is not before the court, his bald-faced lie on his worksheet will be. That Trutanich feels so free to lie with impunity is bound to impress the court as to his credibility, or lack thereof. He cannot even tell the truth about how long he's been in office.

Trutanich is expected to explain this lie by one of several other possible lies;
  • He was sworn in late in the afternoon of June 30, 2009 so that he could 'take office' with effect from midnight on July 1, 2009, so technically he was City Attorney during the last few hours of June 2009, and/or,
  • It was a mistake by a volunteer campaign worker and Trutanich was too busy being the City Attorney to notice the obvious mistake when he signed the worksheet without reading it, and/or,
  • The LA Weekly is biased against him.

Enough said?


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trutanich Trial Tacticts Tanks

It will cost the City of Los Angeles $4.5M to clear up another disastrous trial failure by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Trutanich's much vaunted "Porcupine Defense" again failed spectacularly when U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson refused to allow jurors to hear evidence that likely would have resulted in a different verdict. Perhaps the Honorable Judge Wilson was as offended and disgusted as most professionals are at the use of a schoolyard bully tactic in a court of law.

Of course, from Trutanich's perspective the $4.5M payout is further proof of the vast amount of money he has 'saved' the people of Los Angeles; if the City were not to settle the case for $4.5M, it would likely cost the City around $9M. So Trutanich has actually 'saved' LA $4.5M.

Yes, it's that kind of voodoo logic that Trutanich uses to make the claim that he's saved the City of Los Angeles over $200M. Hopefully, when Trutanich is removed from office, his legal strategies will also stop 'saving' the City millions of dollars and we might be able to afford to have the streets paved again.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson secures first press endorsement

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's campaign to become LA's next District Attorney received a significant boost with the endorsement, Monday, April 2, 2012, of his candidacy by LA's leading legal newspaper, the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise.

The Met News editorial discusses each of the six candidates in some detail and with varying degrees of praise and critique. Clearly the Met News struggled to decide between the two most qualified candidates; Jackson and his boss, Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey, and the decision must have been a hard one. The Met News seemed swayed towards Jackson by his 'keen awareness of how to go about presenting a case to maximize the prospects of victory—while staying within the bounds of strict ethical standards imposed on prosecutors.' Not short of praise for Lacey, however, it was Jackson's dynamism that appears to have tipped the balance in his favor.

As for the bottom of the list, the Met News had no such difficulty; City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's candidacy 'is ethically foreclosed by his ironclad pledge to voters that if elected to his present post, he would not seek higher office.' The Met News said.

The Met News went on to excoriate Trutanich (whom they had previously been endorsed for city attorney) saying he 'has been a huge disappointment to us, to many. He bullies, he alienates, and, time after time, he lies. His ballot designation, being challenged in a writ proceeding instituted by Jackson, is “Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor,” implying that he is the incumbent. “Nuch” is a loud-mouth, denominated by some as “Carmen the Clown.” Though seen as the front- runner, he is the candidate least fit, among the six contestants, to be district attorney of Los Angeles County.'

Jackson was the first of the six candidates to announce his candidacy and can now claim the kudos of being the first to secure an editorial endorsement. The Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Daily News are believed to be in the process of conducting their own editorial board reviews, and the candidates will be anxiously waiting to see which way the balance between Jackson and Lacey tips. As for Trutanich, he is unlikely to receive anything but a cut and paste of what the Met News said.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Briefs - Triple Trouble for Trutanich

Were LAPD Vehicles and Officers used in production of Trutanich's campaign video?

Carmen Trutanich has removed his 'TRU Stories' campaign video from YouTube to hide the embarrassingly low view figures since the YouTubeGate scandal (see below). However, there may be another reason. Close examination of a preserved copy of the video shows what appear to be LAPD vehicles and personnel being used in the production of the video. A black LAPD Chevy SUV normally used to chauffeur Trutanich on city business appears to be escorting Trutanich as he drives towards Green Meadows Park, the site of an old story.

The black LAPD Chevy SUV that is normally used to chauffeur Trutanich on
'city business' appears to be escorting Trutanich during the filming of TRU Stories
When Trutanich stops at what is understood to be the scene of a 1980's shooting incident, a black LAPD Ford Crown Victoria can be seen parked behind Trutanich. This vehicle is also understood to be part of the LAPD Security Detail that is supposed to accompany Trutanich on official city business.

Also visible, briefly, in the background is one of three LAPD Officers assigned to the Security Detail, standing next to the black LAPD Ford Crown Victoria. A second LAPD Officer is understood to have been driving the black LAPD Chevy SUV.

Numerous questions arise from Trutanich's apparent use of city resources in the production of his tough on crime 'TRU Stories.'

  • Did the City of Los Angeles know that LAPD resources were being used while Trutanich filmed his campaign video?
  • Did Trutanich take unpaid leave while he filmed his campaign video, or was he, like the LAPD Officers, on the city dime while he filmed his campaign video?
  • Did Trutanich pay the City of Los Angeles for the use of city resources in the production of his campaign video?
  • Did Trutanich obtain a permit from the City of Los Angeles to film his video?

While it is possible that there is an innocent explanation for the apparent use of city resources for what is quite clearly not city business, the taxpayers of Los Angeles are surely entitled to that story. Perhaps the City Controller or the City Ethics Commission will investigate and report?

Trutanich's YouTube Video Disappears

Remember that 'TRU Stories' YouTube campaign video that allegedly 'went viral' in 5 days before the LA Times exposed that Trutanich had paid for those 724,000 views? The video was then removed by YouTube for violating their deceptive content policies. Well you might also remember that when Trutanich was [not] ambushed by FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael,  he seemed stunned when Michael told him that since the video had been put back on YouTube it had only garnered 57 views. It now appears that the 'revised' video has once again been removed from YouTube.

Trutanich removed his not-so-TRU Stories from YouTube

This time it appears that Trutanich removed the 'revised' video himself because the embarrassingly low number of views contrasted so sharply with the paid for views that it completely undermined Trutanich's claim that it ever 'went viral.' However, another more serious reason may be behind the removal of the video. It appears that two LAPD vehicles and at least two LAPD Officers may have been used by Trutanich in the production of his campaign video (see above).

Trutanich Ducks Debate

As expected, Carmen Trutanich was a no-show at the PORAC Public Safety Forum. Trutanich claimed to have a 'scheduling conflict' rather than admit that he needed to duck hard questions like those that gave him that 'deer in the headlights' look when FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael peppered Trutanich with embarrassing questions, and worse, demanded answers.

The moment when it all turned sour for Trutanich, the 'deer in the headlights' look
as FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael confronts the Chief Perpetrator of YouTube lies with the truth

Although our April Fools' Day edition spoofed Trutanich's absence as explained by his picking up endorsements from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilmember Richard Alarcon, it seems more likely that Trutanich was heavily engaged in crisis management meetings in view of the rapidly crumbling state of his campaign.

Full report at LA Weekly.