Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Free For All - Trutanich sells out public safety for Brown backing

City prosecutor Carmen Trutanich was apparently forced to announce his endorsement by Governor Jerry Brown ahead of the June 5, 2012 primary election when polls showed his miserable lie-ridden campaign languishing in third place, sources tell the Dragnet.

Trutanich, once considered among the front-runners, has seen his imperious image taking a humiliating battering as a result of a slew of shocking revelations about his 'truth challenged' character. The false statements about police association endorsements, pay-to-play YouTube views of his campaign video, and a failed attempt to mislead voters with a false ballot designation, have put Trutanich into the drop zone.

District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey's revitalized campaign has narrowed the gap to front-runner Alan Jackson, and the pair are now looking increasingly likely to face each other in the runoff, leaving Trutanich with the prospect of not even being able to hang on to the City Attorney job he no longer wants.

Desperate times demand desperate measures, and Trutanich is desperate. Equally desperate is Governor Jerry Brown. He is desperate to try to turn around the poor public perception of his budget driven 'realignment' program that puts convicted felons back on the streets faster than Trutanich can tell his next lie. And so it was that the marriage from hell was consummated last week, with Trutanich agreeing to support realignment and Brown agreeing to support Trutanich for DA. Both must have been holding their noses at the stench in the room when that deal with the devil was done.

Trutanich, it is understood, was hoping to save the Brown endorsement as a surprise after he made it through to the runoff. But his lousy poll ratings must have forced him to make the hasty deal with Brown before he sinks even lower in the polls.

Observers say that Trutanich has blown the Brown endorsement. Instead of potentially lifting his campaign after the primary, it will now lower it ahead of the primary election as the the spotlight now focuses on the myriad failures of realignment to protect public safety becomes better known.

Neither Brown nor Trutanich have any direct experience with the way that realignment is now punishing so-called non-violent felons with a slap on the wrist and a voucher to attend a 'program' while they are remain free to commit more crimes. Brown and Trutanich have now effectively removed the threat of prison time for the majority of felons, and in the process created a generation of victims of crime who will identify them as the reason why there is no justice for victims and no protection from being victimized again.

The battle lines for the District Attorney election now seem to be more sharply defined. On one side there are the feckless politicians; Trutanich and Brown selling realignment snake oil, on the other there are the real prosecutors; Lacey and Jackson, and even Meyers, all ready, willing and able to debunk the myth that 'realignment' is nothing but than a Sacramento sellout to public safety.



Anonymous said...

Desperate times demand desperate measures, and Trutanich is desperate. No, actually Brown and Trutanich are both desperate. Anyone checked Brown's approval rating recently?

Anonymous said...

Anybody who thinks Brown's endorsement of Trutanich hurts Trutanich's campaign is drinking the Dragnet Koolade. Brown overwhelmingly carried LA County. Now contrast that support with Jackie's prime endorser --Cooley who couldn't carry LA County & against's AJ's primary endorser --Antonovich.

Anonymous said...

Who are you kidding? The Brown endorsement is HUGE!!!
Much better than a Pete Wilson endorsment.

Anonymous said...

The Brown endorsement is exactly what you say it is, more creepy political shenanigans. It just makes Trutanich look more like Jack Weiss, who was the big money favorite going into the primary for City Attorney, but Trutanich won't win the primary outright, it's a statistical impossibility. Trutanich will be lucky if the Brown endorsement gets him through the primary, but after that whoever is in the runoff will get so much support that Trutanich will end up in the same place as Weiss. People can smell the fear coming from the Trutanich campaign.

Anonymous said...

Creepy is right! The Brown endorsement will help Nuch get some votes but it won't be enough. No endorsement can wipe away Nuch's horrible track record and terrible reputation. The fact is he doesn't have a significant support base passionate about electing him. Voters in LA County have a low turnout as it is, do you really see people running to the polls to vote for this clown? On the contrary, there is a disproportionate number of people that hate Nuch's guts. Those people will be going to the polls in droves and making sure to spread the word to every neighbor, friend, colleague, and relative to not vote for this thug.