Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Free For All - wrapping up the week

With just over 7 weeks to go until the primary election, of the six candidates on the ballot, four made news this week, one for reasons he would rather forget but will not be allowed to.


There is probably no greater disgrace that a candidate for District Attorney can suffer than to be lambasted by a Superior Court Judge for trying to mislead voters. Surely the essence of what a candidate for the leader of the largest prosecutorial agency in the nation must have is to come to the table with a clean and stainless character?

While Trutanich has previously been rightly or wrongly condemned for what might charitably be called 'missteps' or 'mistakes' in his campaign, each and every one of those have had more than an element of deceit and deception about them. The failure to honor his pledge to serve, the non-existent police agency endorsements, the illegal Sheriff Baca endorsement, the manipulation of YouTube figures, and the use of LAPD vehicles and officers in the production of his campaign video. All might be condemned in the press and the court of public opinion.

However, none of those disturbing events rises to the level where a court of law speaks unequivocally to flawed character of Carmen Trutanich; a man who will try and try again to be deceitful to achieve his personal goals. Yet that is what happened in Department 86 of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse when Judge Kalin gave his ruling; Trutanich's attempt to call himself 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' intentionally sought to mislead voters.

As humiliating a defeat it was for Triutanich, who had bragged and boasted that 'he looked forward to receiving Alan Jackson's attorneys fees check, it's Trutanich who had to swallow his words.  It is an appalling and disgusting example to set for those he aspires to lead, and while some, like Mario Trujillo, seem to think that Trutanich sets the right example by trying to lie, cheat and mislead his way into office, it will take more much more money than Trutanich can ever raise to overcome the growing public revulsion at his 'vision' for law enforcement in Los Angeles.


Danette Meyers' campaign looked like it had stalled based on her lack of fundraising. Rather than dialing for dollars it seems she had a put her efforts into winning the LACDP endorsement, and it paid off. She now has to turn that endorsement into cash so that she can afford to let LA County's 4.3M voters that she has that endorsement.


Jackie Lacey answered her critics this week with the announcement that she has raised more money than any of the candidates in the last reporting period. Her previously low key campaign has moved forward with the release of a number of campaign video and key endorsements, and the tenor of her weekly campaign statements now suggests that Lacey has solidified her place among the front-runners.


Alan Jackson further strengthened his claim to be the opponent Trutanich fears the most. Jackson's successful lawsuit bloodied the City Prosecutor's ballot designation dreams and reinforced the rapidly growing public perception of Trutanich as someone who is 'truth challenged,' as Doug McIntyre said, or a 'lying boob,' to quote John and Ken. Trutanich's response, claiming this drubbing as a 'victory,' it only served to further underscore his willingness to mislead and will haunt him for the rest of his career.

Jackson capitalized on his victory by delivering a text-book interview on FOX 11 News and in doing so, created a direct comparison for voters to see the difference between a candidate who has to run from his record, and one who has a record of seeking truth and justice.

Trutanich had to leave before his painful interview with FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael had ended, whereas Jackson had no reason to run from the truth.



Anonymous said...

Trutanich is a jerk. Great interview AJ.

Anonymous said...

Trujillo told the Met News that he wasn't offered anything for his endorsement - so he really expects us to believe he sold himself and his fellow DDAs out for nothing? I guess he and Trutanich have a lot more in common, they both think we're stupid. I hope Nuch offers Mario a job in thr criminal defense firm he'll have to re-start when he's kicked out of office. He's toxic from now on.

Anonymous said...

The battle lines have been drawn, Jackson has cops press and prosecutors on his side, Trutanich has failures, fools and politicians on his.

Anonymous said...

You forgot that Trutanich received the endorsement from the 2nd place fundraiser in the race. That's pretty big news considering Trujillo knows all the candidates and decided to put his substantial support behind Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

5:04PM Friday did not forget to mention that Trujillo endorsed Nuch. You should read his rant about Trutanich - he specifically mentions Trujillo. BTW, almost everyone in the DA's Office agrees that Trujillo has betrayed them. Nobody wants to work for a lying sack of sh*t like Nuch and for Trujillo to endorse him the day that a judge called Nuch a liar and found that he intentionally tried to mislead voters says all that needs to be said about Trujillo's judgment. He's as much of a piece of crap as Nuch.

Anonymous said...

Mario asked his supporters who they thought he should endorse. They overwhelmingly told him Trutanich.

The Cooley trolls on this site are so mean and nasty if anyone speaks about major change in the office.

This is one of the main reasons the movement is so large to bring in someone from the outside to run the office. Mario sees it. Joe Scott sees it. So do all those thousands of donors to Trutanich and Mario.

You probably won't post this becuase you're one of those mean and nasty trolls.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:50PM look, you got your bs comment posted by the Cooley trolls. Maybe because you're talking such bs it shows how desperate Trutanich is to win something, anything. But when you start off saying "Mario asked his supporters..." you forget to mention that his supporters are not DDAs. They are all politicals like his buddy Jose Huizar who wants to take over from Nuch.

No DDA would have even thought Trutanich was a choice. He has destroyed the City Atty's Office with his political agenda and destroyed the lives of loyal Deputy CA's who had ethics and honor. When the truth comes out about what really happened at the City Attorney's Office and the witch hunts to remove and transfer those who did not 'obey' Trutanich, it will be devastating. The backroom deals done as political favors, yeah, we want that kind of 'major change' NOT.

Having Trutanich as DA is a disaster not only because he is morally and ethically bankrupt, but because he will use his 'Attorney Client Privilege' as City Attorney, to recuse the DA's Office from any investigation and prosecution of corruption in the City of LA. It's a perfect storm for corruption to flourish while he claims 'Oh shucks, I'd like to prosecute, but ethically I cannot.' Gimme a break. Mario has sold out to the most corrupt bunch of politicians and has betrayed the people who thought he would be a good thing for the office.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, the whole deal with Meyers and the LA Co Democratic Party stinks - you should ask around. Meyers used her influence to make sure she got to speak before Jackie Lacey and then used her minute to attack Jackie for being a republican who was supported by a republican - a reference to Steve Cooley's endorsement. Meyers also had a bunch of supporters in the room handing out fliers which basically said the same thing and included stuff about Lacey being 'anti-union.'

That put Jackie in the position of having to burn her minute (that's all the time she was allowed) in defending herself. She said she was a 'lifelong democrat' and a 'democrat's democrat' but you could see the room was now poisoned by what Meyers had said. Jackie defended her endorsement by Cooley saying he had endorsed her because she was the most qualified to lead the office and that he endorsed her even though she did not endorse him to become Attorney General. That was a surprising comment, but it did not do any good.

The fix was in for Danette, despite anything Jackie said. It certainly looks like most people had already made their minds up to endorse Danette. Bobby Grace must have known that because for someone who can deliver the most convincing and emotive closing argument in a difficult trial, the tone of his voice and his body language made it clear that he knew it was a waste of time and that this jury had made their mind up.

If Danette can be this conniving and manipulative, then Trutanich better watch out. She'll be gunning for him next. Wouldn't you just love to see Danette rip Nuch a new one?

Anonymous said...

Meyers came across as an angry loudmouth. I'm surprised LACDP endorsed her, it's a waste of an endorsement because Meyers has not raised enough money for a countywide campaign. This is not the LA County Bar Association election, it's the 4M voters of LA County, and apart from her moment of fame with Lindsay Lohan, nobody knows who she is.

Anonymous said...

@8:49AM Did Bobby Grace speak? I don't remember seeing or hearing him.

Anonymous said...

Lacey openly admitted to not supporting or endorsing cooley for AG? Whoa boy. Cooley is going to flip.

Anonymous said...

I was there. Yep, Lacey said she did not support Cooley for Attorney General. Wonder if Cooley knows that?

Anonymous said...

Meyers came across as wild and unhinged. It might have worked at LACDP, but voters won't be impressed. Meyers campaign is failing and this was an act of desperation. Lacey has the experience and balance to do this job and LACDP wasted their endorsement and made themselves look like Tea Party fruitcakes supporting Ron Paul. I don't know why you wasted your time covering this non-event.

Anonymous said...

It says A LOT about Jackie Lacey's character when the first time she is ever challenged about her support for and from Steve Cooley, she immediately (and very publicly) throws him under the bus. And she then pulls a page from Trutanich's playbook and lies to hundreds of people when she says she never supported Cooley for Attorney General. Apparently Lacey has forgotten about the YouTube videos of her at Cooley's AG party when Lacey was going off about how Cooley is the best person ever and he makes he glow. Good one Lacey. Cooley certaintly rewarded Lacey for your loyalty, but clearly she is more concerned with deceiving LA Democrats than with returning that favor.