Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Free For All

Trutanich booed and jeered at SCCLA Awards Dinner

The Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association's 37th Anniversary Installation and Awards Banquet was the surprising scene of the latest reality check for the man who arrogantly and falsely claims to be 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor.'

As Carmen Trutanich, who also styles himself as 'The Most Excellent and Supreme Leader' tried to rub shoulders with a crowd of around six hundred prominent figures in the Chinese American legal community, all seemed to be going well.

During the pre-dinner cockail hour, a small group of supporters surrounded the 'TRU Storyteller' and fed him with the praise and adulation his fragile ego so desperately craves. Trutanich, perhaps armed with a bunch of cheesy calligraphic scrolls, must have been looking forward to an evening where he could make a bunch of promises to extract some campaign dollars to keep his floundering campaign on life-support.

But, according to information received by the Dragnet by text message, as soon as the Banquet dinner got underway, things turned sour for the City Attorney.  As the honorees and other prominent officials were being introduced, each was warmly welcomed with applause from the attendees.

Then, as the 'Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich!' was announced, the room fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. Trutanich looked shocked by the awkward silence. The smug smile fell from his face, as he tried his best to pretend there was nothing untoward. Then that 'deer in the headlights' look from his recent FOX 11 News interview returned as the silence was broken by boos and jeers. 'It was great!' one member of the audience text-messaged the Dragnet.

City Attorney gave 'bad advice' to Fire Dept., again

It's deja vu all over again, as the LA Times reports that Carmen Trutanich's advice to cover-up poor response times by the LAFD is bad. It was only in July last year that Professor Erwin Chemerinski gave the same opinion regarding Trutanich's faulty advice the the Fire Dept, stating in a written opinion that the City Attorney's advice regarding withholding information was 'mistaken.'

Some might say that someone who promises 'transparency' out of one side of his mouth, but simultaneously counsels cover-ups from the other side, might not be best suited for the job of Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor.

Showdown: Trutanich's Judgment Day draws nearer

Sources tell the Dragnet that the ballot title battle scheduled for Wednesday, April 11, has been advanced to Monday, April 9, 2012 at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. Apparently the Los Angeles County Registrar was concerned that the April 11 hearing date would not give him sufficient time to change Trutanich's misleading 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' ballot title and numerous repetitions of that bogus title in Trutanich's $106,000 ballot statement.

Apparently, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ann Jones who was to hear the case, is unwell. The case is will nevertheless be heard by another judge who will hopefully be an LA Weekly reader... It is not yet known whether the case will be heard in Judge Jones' court (Department 86), or in another courtroom.

Lacey livens up campaign

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey ramped up her campaign to replace Steve Cooley as LA's Chief Prosecutor last week, releasing a series of videos on YouTube.

Despite concerns expressed in the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise that 'she is lacking in aggressiveness,' Lacey has been 'dialing for dollars' and surprised many by raising the most money of all candidates in the last reporting period.

Lacey has also not been silent about City Attorney Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich's circus act. In a recent campaign email Lacey said 'From the "get go" our campaign has been about integrity and merit. To give you an example, unlike some of the other candidates, we are using an accurate ballot designation-my job title. We also turned down an offer to create an illusion of support by creating "artificial traffic" on our online social media sites. I carefully read our endorsement applications so as not to "accidentally" list associations who have not endorsed anyone in this race. I want to earn the support of these organizations and not presume it.'

We do not have a copy of Lacey's Ballot Designation Worksheet, but assume that unlike Carmen the Clown, she can accurately remember her employment dates.

Carmen 'the Clown' became City Attorney on July 1, 2009
 We must also assume that if Lacey filmed her campaign videos on the streets of Los Angeles, she did so with the requisite filming permit, and did not use County cars and personnel

Message for Carmen Trutanich

While Carmen the Clown contemplates his ballot title showdown on Monday, he might also have some 'splaining to do about the way his 'TRU Stories' campaign video was shoot. LA Film Inc., the City's appointed permit agency, advises that 'filming without a permit is illegal and can be costly.'

They also state that the City Council revised 'section 41.20 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) to make it a misdemeanor offense for production companies to film without a permit or engage in activities not covered by their permits.' It seems that section 41.20 was revised by non other than City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, so he cannot claim he didn't know that he needed a film permit.

Trutanich may have to fire yet another volunteer campaign worker who made a mistake in failing to obtain a film permit. He must be running of of campaign workers at the rate he's going...



Anonymous said...

I was at the SCCLA dinner and it was not exactly as you say. It is true that nobody clapped or cheered when Trutanich was announced, and there was some booing, but there was no jeering. Still, Trutanich did not look very pleased and he left pretty soon afterwards, saying that he thought that Alan Jackson has organized the people who booed at him. He might be right about that, but I can't see how Jackson could have stopped the applause - that was organic. F you Trutanich, hope Monday goes really bad for you and you have to pay AJ's costs.

Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Jackie Lacey that she needs to fix the still image of her on her YouTube video. It does not make her look interesting. It's an easy fix

Anonymous said...

Don't be so confident about Nuch's judgment day. He is the city attorney and 70,000 cases a year go through LA's courts. If a judge goes against him, she could end up in traffic court. Nuch has friends in high places, just look at all the people endorsing him. Nuch will win because he's a winner in everything he does and the people of LA love him. No judge is going to go against that. This is a judgment day for Jackson who will have to withdraw from the race once he loses - he will have no credibility and be seen as abusing the legal system for political ends. Nuch is Chief Prosecutor, get over it.