Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Judge tells Trutanich "You're not the chief of anything"

Monday, April 9, 2012 was Judgment Day for Carmen 'Chief of Nothing' Trutanich when a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge granted District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's writ of mandate prohibiting Trutanich from using his false and misleading ballot titles. "You're not the chief of anything in Los Angeles County" Judge Joseph Kalin said, summarily dismissing Trutanich's feeble claim that he was either the 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' or the 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor.' In less than 45 minutes, a judge told him he was neither.

A hushed silence fell on Judge Kalin's courtroom at 1:30PM Monday, April 9, 2012, as the case of Jackson v. Trutanich was called. Trutanich was not present, neither were any of his campaign advisers. His sole representative was his lawyer, who had a worried expression on his face.

Things did not go well for Trutanich from the get go as Judge Kalin commenced the proceedings by delivering his his tentative ruling; he was going to grant Jackson's petition and prevent Trutanich from misleading voters with the false and misleading ballot titles Trutanich had penned on his worksheet.

In a desperate effort to minimize the damage to Trutanich's already tattered and tainted credibility, Trutanich's lawyer used a 35-page Wikipedia printout to try to convince Judge Kalin that voters would not think that the words 'Los Angeles' meant Los Angeles County. They would realize that 'Los Angeles' meant only the City of Los Angeles because Wikipedia says so. Trutanich's lawyer argued this with a straight face, but a less than convincing tone. He should have saved his breath. The judge wasn't buying it.

The argument that Trutanich was a 'Chief Prosecutor' in relation to Los Angeles County was similarly dismissed. 'Trutanich is not the chief of anything in Los Angeles County' the judge said. The judge did say that 'Los Angeles' could be used as long as it was clear that it referred to the City of Los Angeles, accordingly Trutanich was left with the rather undistinguished ballot designation 'Los Angeles City Prosecutor,' which is the same ballot designation that a Grade I Deputy City Attorney could use.

If Judgment Day was a disaster for Trutanich, his senior campaign adviser, John Shallman, was quick to add to the disaster by proclaiming the judge's ruling as a 'victory,' suggesting that Shallman is perhaps cracking under the strain of trying to deal with Trutanich's rapidly disintegrating campaign.

It fell to Alan Jackson's political strategist, John Thomas, to make the only statement that made any sense. 'This guy [Trutanich] is a pathological liar,' he said 'Now we have a judge who is agreeing with us.'

A couple of weeks ago, Trutanich bragged that he would win this case, saying that he was 'looking forward to getting Jackson's attorney fees check.' It seems that the shoe is on the other foot now that the judge has ruled against Trutanich.

KFI AM640's John & Ken show had some choice remarks to make about Trutanich's defeat during the 5 o'clock rush hour, raising the level of criticism and disdain for Trutanich to previously unheard of levels.

While Trutanich's campaign has been trashed by scandal after scandal, this courtroom defeat is a clear sign that neither the media, the courts, nor the candidates are going to buy what Trutanich is selling. Voters will get a chance to join that ever growing group on June 5, 2012. In the meantime, this defeat is a major setback for the man who thought he could lie, bully and bullshit his way into the DA's Office. As Jackson's strategist said 'He got a real reality check today.' Few would disagree.



Anonymous said...

Kudos to Alan Jackson for having the guts to stand up to Trutanich and win. This is the kind of DA that LA needs, someone who fights for justice in the courtroom, not in the headlines with wild threats - a typical Trutanich ploy. Yep, April 9 is a day that should be considered a game changer in this race. The mighty Carmen Nouche Trutanich beaten by a straight shooter who the law, the facts, and justice on his side. The Times should endorse AJ for what he showed us yesterday about the way he would act as DA, never mind his record as a real prosecutor, not a politician like Nouche bag Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

Jackson should post a copy of Nuch's check paying for Jackson's attorneys fees on his campaign website just to make Nuch eat his words. The arrogance of Nuch is exceeded only by his stupidity.

Anonymous said...

200 to 1. That is how the spending will go too. Jackson is such a cry baby. Poor little boy. Time to grow up peter pan. You can't stay in your fantasy neverland forever and cry everytime someone makes you unhappy. I hope you have some people working on independent expendatures because otherwise you are up your Willie Wonka creek without a paddle.

Anonymous said...

Nuch burned through $400k in the last reporting period and since the shit hit the fan with all his crazy-assed antics, he can't get anyone to take his calls - he can't raise a dime in LA. Jackson is all over the news for kicking Nuch's butt in court, how much is that worth?

Shallman claimed it was a "Victory" yesterday. Yeah right. I sure hope Nuch has the cash to pay Shallman for engineering that victory. Lord knows Shallman needs every dime he can shake out of Nuch.

I can't wait for the next piece of Nuch nonsense to hit the Chief A*hole between the eyes. Maybe he'll hide out until election day because he's toast right now if the press get him. Freakin Liar!

Anonymous said...

If Trutanich wasn't such an asshole, you might even feel sorry for him, but he got what he deserved yesterday. Jackson showed he has what it takes to be the next DA - when he wins it is a real win. With Trutanich trying to claim a victory for having a writ of mandate granted against him, he's just doing what he was doing with his ballot designation, misleading. Trutanich didn't win anything. He got beaten by a guy half his age, and it must hurt bad to be part of the Trutanich lie factory right now.

Anonymous said...

While everyone at CCB was cheering Alan Jackson today, Nuch was nowhere to be seen. My guess is that he was curled up in the fetal position locked in his executive latrine. It was a TRUly humiliating defeat for Nuch and for him to try to say it was a victory explains why he keeps on 'winning' cases and 'saving' millions of dollars with a string of loses by his police litigation unit and $4M payouts to gangmembers.