Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Midweek Musings

LA County Democratic Party endorses Danette Meyers

District Attorney candidate Danette Meyer's campaign received a much needed boost when she garnered the endorsement of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party at a crowded meeting Tuesday night.

Fellow Democrat DA Candidates Jackie Lacey and Bobby Grace were also vying for the endorsement, City Prosecutor Carmen Trutanich did not make a pitch, perhaps a reflection of his continuing need to hide from his humiliating courtroom 'victory' on Monday where he 'won' the right to be prohibited (by writ of mandate, no less) from using 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' or 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor' as his misleading ballot designation.

According to sources,  each of the three candidates at the LACDP meeting were limited to one-minute speeches to make their pitches. It seems that Meyers had planned her pitch to perfection. Launching an ad hominem attack on current fundraising front runner Jackie Lacey, Meyers played the 'R' card - she accused Lacey of being a Republican who was supported by a Republican.

That seemed be enough for those in attendance and Meyers got the endorsement by a reported 90% of votes. It now remains to see if Meyers can parlay her victory into much needed campaign contributions. To that end Meyers has a fundraiser scheduled for this weekend where the value of the LACDP endorsement will be seen.



Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a huge kick in the teeth for Jackie. She now has no real base of support.

Anonymous said...

And a benefit to Nuch since it will split the democratic demographic and Danette has virtually no chance of winning. Too bad for those of us that don't want Carmen the Clown as our next DA.

Anonymous said...

Lacey would have been better off not bothering to show up at all. The LACDP are irrelevant and nothing but a bunch of whining losers who talk a lot and do nothing. Danette got all the bang for her buck she'll ever get from the endorsement with that Tweet. The press are not interested in her campaign because she was not considered a viable candidate before, and she isn't one now. Let's see all that LACDP money come flooding her way at her fundraiser where everyone on the guest list is already maxed out. Meyers is just an angry woman who hates the world. Lacey should have done the same thing as Nuch and ignored them.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Mario Trujillo has endorsed Trutanich in a three way deal that promises him a promotion and Trutanich's support to take over as DA when Trutanich runs for AG, with both Trujillo and Trutanich supporting Jose Huisar for City Attorney. Anyone want to guess how that plays out? Mario just proved that he is as stupid as people say he is. Trutanich has an unblemished record of not keeping his promises.

Anonymous said...

Mario and Trutanich disgust me. When did quid pro quos stop being illegal? Everyone knows that Trutanich views the DA's Office the same way he viewed the City Attorney's Office -- as a stepping stone to higher power. If Trutanich wins DA, he will run for Attorney General in two years, and he promised to suppot Mario as his successor at the DA's Office. What a shady bunch of crooks and thugs they are. Can somebody please start investigating this already? They both belong in jail. If Mario weren't such a jackass I might feel sorry for him; he should have known that Trutanich has burned approximately 8,583 bridges in the past two years. Watch out Mario, you're next. You will never be DA, and neither will Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

It's the same thing with Cooley endorsing Howard Berman in exchange for Berman endorsing Jackie Lacey.

Democrats are not going to vote for a candidate supported by a Republican. They just won't do it.
Wake up, schmucks.