Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Midweek Musings

Jackie Lacey's campaign fundraiser 'exceeds expectations'

It was billed as a 'blockbuster' event and it did not disappoint co-host Micheal Goldstein who emerged as one of the driving forces behind the event, 'It's been a great evening, better than expected,' he said.

Famed Hollywood producer Lawrence Bender co-hosted the event in his Westside home. Bender's reputation as the producer of most of Tarantino's movies took second place to his production of Vice President Al Gore's movie 'An Inconvenient Truth,' highlighting Bender's close connection to the movers and shakers in the Democratic Party who now know Lacey is his choice for LA's next Chief Prosecutor.

Bender introduced Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey to the capacity crowd saying it was 'His pleasure to introduce LA's next District Attorney, Jackie Lacey.' Bender thanked attorneys Michael Baruch and Michael Goldstein for 'turning him on to Jackie Lacey' and then surprised the crowd by turning the event over to Grammy Award winner Macy Gray who sang a solo for Lacey.

Co-host the Hon. Gregg Marcus, then spoke passionately of his support for Lacey, based on his past experiences with Lacey when she was a Deputy District Attorney who appeared before him.

Lacey then spoke about her journey through the DA's Office, rising through the ranks from a Grade I Deputy DA, the only African American female in the San Fernando Office at the time, to now holding the highest position in the Office, short of being elected as the next DA. Lacey left nobody in the room in any doubt whatsoever that she was committed to win this race, and that it was a decision she had made over a year and a half ago to take her chosen career to it's zenith.

Lacey spoke with a passion and determination that clearly shows that she has the 'fire in her belly' that some had previously said was missing. She outlined her vision for the Office as one of change where all victims of crime, violent or non-violent, get equal justice. She was committed to overcoming the perception that 'nobody cares' about non-violent crimes and stressed that identity theft and intellectual property theft, are just like any other kind of theft. As DA she will step up efforts to investigate, enforce and prosecute those crimes. Much of the problem, Lacey said, can be addressed by teaching kids that illegally sharing music, movies and other forms of artists' work, is stealing, and it should be taught that way.

Lacey spoke of the frustrations she hears from the business community about the slow pace of embezzlement investigations, noting that a business who suffered a $2M embezzlement over a year ago that almost drove them into bankruptcy, was still waiting for the case to be filed. 'That has to change,' she said.

Lacey also spoke of the growing numbers of people in the criminal justice system with mental health issues, noting that the County Jail's mental health facility is the largest in the state. Lacey said that more cost-effective means should be used to treat those with low-level mental health issues, rather than have them occupy resources that could be better used to keep violent criminals in custody.

After concluding her speech, Lacey took questions from the audience and brought the house down with her answer to the first question;  her position on medical marijuana 'I haven't needed it yet!' she said. Lacey said that her main concern was that there were too many storefronts operating in locations 'too close to kids.'

Lacey's message clearly resonated with the audience and the Lacey had a hard time leaving to attend an endorsement interview, everyone wanted a moment with Lacey, and she did not disappoint them.

John Breault III makes a campaign appearance

He's the sixth candidate in the race to replace Steve Cooley, and as a registered Republican, he showed no fear in appearing at the Democratic Club of the Santa Clarita Valley, along with Danette Meyers. Breault is the longest serving member of the DA's Office with 43 years of honorable, and often opinionated, service.

Deputy District Attorney candidate John Breault III
at the Democratic Club of the Santa Clarita Valley

Full report here.

Trutanich's fundraising appears to have stalled

He claimed to have raised $1M by the end of December, but according to an urgent email sent out today by former candidate Mario Trujillo, city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich's shakedown of special interest money has hit the wall.

Trujillo's email blast urges people to 'help' Trutanich, whose total fundraising is now up only $200,000 since January at $1.2M. Recent campaign finance reports suggests he has burned through much of that and will likely have no more than either Lacey or Jackson by the June 5 primary. Lacey and Jackson's  campaigns are on the rise, while Trutanich appears to be suffering from the credibility crunch.



Anonymous said...

Judge Marcus's participation as a host in this event was a clear violation of Canon 5 of the CA Code of Judicial Ethics. Judges may contribute money to a political candidate but cannot host a fundraiser or speak on behalf of the candidate. His name appearing on the fundraising announcement as a host was clearly a public endorsement of her candidacy as a political candidate and a shameful violation of Canon 5. Jackie should have not allowed for that, she knows very well that judges cannot do that.

Anonymous said...

That email from the Trujillo campaign is sickening. Who paid for that little email blast? Did that come from the Trujillo for DA campaign account? An account that was generously filled with money from supporters who trusted Trujillo ? Trujillo should be ashamed of himself. How can he, with a straight face, say that he believes Trutanich is the best candidate for the job? There's only two possible explanations: Either Trujillo is insane or Trujillo is a liar. No honest DDA can seriously believe that Trujillo would be a better boss or is more qualified than Jackie, Danette or Alan.

Trujillo was definitely without a doubt promised something in exchange for this betrayal. It better be something good Trujillo because this was a huge betrayal to your fellow DDA's, the Democratic party, and all of your supporters. Trujillo has tied up and rendered useless a significant amount of money in the form of campaign contributions that could have assisted one of the other candidates in defeating Trutanich. Mario Trujillo? Mario Traitorjillo is more like it.

Anonymous said...

7:28AM must be the Meyers campaign hard at work screwing up. If they had bothered to check they would have realized that the Hon. Gregg Marcus is a RETIRED JUDGE who can endorse, co-host and do whatever he wants to help Jackie. I guess the Meyers folks are as depressed as Trutanich and Jackson that Jackie is getting so much support.

Anonymous said...

I'm 6:27. I made a mistake: what I meant to say is that no honest DDA can seriously believe TRUTANICH would be a better boss or is more qualified than Jackie, Danette, or Alan.

And for all you Trujillo supporters who contributed to him. Have you gotten your money back? Or is Trujillo illegally using it to support the Trutanich campaign?

Anonymous said...

6:38pm - Danette should have checked on judge Marcus before accusing anyone of violating Canon 5 (if that's even a rule) but not checking facts and running her mouth is the way she works. Just look at the way she screwed up the Lindsay Lohan case. Danette should pull out before she embarrasses herself any more, its only a question of time.

Anonymous said...

You really should be asking Mario Trujillo what Trutanich has on him? Mario had no real reason to drop out of the race, the health thing was nonsense - if he is so sick then how come he isn't off work? It's not like he doesn't get disability pay, and if he really was that ill, he wouldn't be at work.

IMHO, Trutanich must have threatened him with something really ugly to get him to drop out and support him. Mario knows that the only other DDA who wants Trutanich as DA is his daughter, and even she's not too keen. The jerk is a total liar and would destroy any credibility that the office has and would ruin the office exactly the same way that he has done at the CA's office where they cannot wait for him to go.

Mario is a disgrace to his fellow DDAs and a disgrace to the poor image that people have of Latino politicians. The saddest part is that Trutanich will destroy Trujillo's career despite whatever promises he made - Trutanich doesn't want anyone to even have the potential to replace him so you can be sure that if Trutanich wins, Trujillo will be 'promoted' to assistant head deputy in complaints or welfare fraud, where he can be a lifer. Very stupid move Mario, step up and put an end to this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

8:14 Hey let's not say mean things about Trutanich's daughter: family is off limits. You can roast Trutanich as much as you want but leave his family alone.