Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Briefs - Judgment Day

Jackson v. Trutanich - Judge could decides today
Trutanich lost his bid to mislead voters with his bogus ballot title. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kalin called Trutanich 'misleading" and ruled that he can use "Los Angeles City Prosecutor" as his title. Yes, that's right, he's got the same title as the rest of the Deputy City Attorneys in his Office (no offense intended to the hardworking DCAs who have to suffer under Trutanich's leadership.)

LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus has the breaking news. Our full report tomorrow.

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's lawsuit to stop Carmen Trutanich from using either of the two false and misleading ballot designations appearing on Trutanich's Ballot Designation Worksheet will be heard today, the Dragnet has learned. Trutanich has dubbed himself 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' and 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor,' titles designed to mislead voters as to his 'principal occupation' and distance himself from his woeful record as City Attorney.

The hearing was scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, however the Dragnet has learned that concerns about finalizing the ballots by this Friday's deadline caused the hearing to be advanced to today's date.

The hearing will be the first time that Trutanich will have had a misleading ballot title legally challenged; when he ran for City Attorney in 2009 his 'Environmental Attorney' ballot designation was not challenged in a court of law, only the media. Trutanich justified that misleading appellation based on his record as a criminal defense attorney who defended toxic polluters charged with environmental crimes.



Anonymous said...

This is a no-lose situation for Nuch. If he wins, he gets a great ballot title, if he loses he still has a 'terrific' ballot title.

Jackson's a fool for burning his campaign cash, he fell into Nuch's trap. Nuch really doesn't care one way or the other, he's going to win whatever ballot title the court agrees to.

Anonymous said...

Brave words from Nuch. HE LOST! He didn't even show up because he knew he would lose and he didn't want to be humiliated by the press who were out in force today. This is HUGE. A judge has called Nuch misleading - that means he's a LIAR! And a judge says so.

Anonymous said...

There was a huge cheer around downtown LA when word got out about Carmen Nouche-bag losing to Alan Jackson. Sure hope Nouche hasn't spent the attorney fee money he promised to get from AJ, cause I hear it's getting kinda hard for the A*hole formerly known as the Chief Prosecutor to raise a dime these days. AJ kicked Nouche right in the crown jewels with this victory. It won't be the last time either. Go F yourself Nouche.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your little courtroom victory while you can Mr. A*hole Gang Homicide Persecutor and Joe Dragnet and your lazy assed pen pushers. You cannot stop Nuch Trutanich. He is a hero and a crime fighter like nothing Los Angeles has seen before. He has a MBA and no other candidate has that. He is strong like an ox and smart like an owl. He will be your boss in June and you will be finished in the DA office.