Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Briefs - Triple Trouble for Trutanich

Were LAPD Vehicles and Officers used in production of Trutanich's campaign video?

Carmen Trutanich has removed his 'TRU Stories' campaign video from YouTube to hide the embarrassingly low view figures since the YouTubeGate scandal (see below). However, there may be another reason. Close examination of a preserved copy of the video shows what appear to be LAPD vehicles and personnel being used in the production of the video. A black LAPD Chevy SUV normally used to chauffeur Trutanich on city business appears to be escorting Trutanich as he drives towards Green Meadows Park, the site of an old story.

The black LAPD Chevy SUV that is normally used to chauffeur Trutanich on
'city business' appears to be escorting Trutanich during the filming of TRU Stories
When Trutanich stops at what is understood to be the scene of a 1980's shooting incident, a black LAPD Ford Crown Victoria can be seen parked behind Trutanich. This vehicle is also understood to be part of the LAPD Security Detail that is supposed to accompany Trutanich on official city business.

Also visible, briefly, in the background is one of three LAPD Officers assigned to the Security Detail, standing next to the black LAPD Ford Crown Victoria. A second LAPD Officer is understood to have been driving the black LAPD Chevy SUV.

Numerous questions arise from Trutanich's apparent use of city resources in the production of his tough on crime 'TRU Stories.'

  • Did the City of Los Angeles know that LAPD resources were being used while Trutanich filmed his campaign video?
  • Did Trutanich take unpaid leave while he filmed his campaign video, or was he, like the LAPD Officers, on the city dime while he filmed his campaign video?
  • Did Trutanich pay the City of Los Angeles for the use of city resources in the production of his campaign video?
  • Did Trutanich obtain a permit from the City of Los Angeles to film his video?

While it is possible that there is an innocent explanation for the apparent use of city resources for what is quite clearly not city business, the taxpayers of Los Angeles are surely entitled to that story. Perhaps the City Controller or the City Ethics Commission will investigate and report?

Trutanich's YouTube Video Disappears

Remember that 'TRU Stories' YouTube campaign video that allegedly 'went viral' in 5 days before the LA Times exposed that Trutanich had paid for those 724,000 views? The video was then removed by YouTube for violating their deceptive content policies. Well you might also remember that when Trutanich was [not] ambushed by FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael,  he seemed stunned when Michael told him that since the video had been put back on YouTube it had only garnered 57 views. It now appears that the 'revised' video has once again been removed from YouTube.

Trutanich removed his not-so-TRU Stories from YouTube

This time it appears that Trutanich removed the 'revised' video himself because the embarrassingly low number of views contrasted so sharply with the paid for views that it completely undermined Trutanich's claim that it ever 'went viral.' However, another more serious reason may be behind the removal of the video. It appears that two LAPD vehicles and at least two LAPD Officers may have been used by Trutanich in the production of his campaign video (see above).

Trutanich Ducks Debate

As expected, Carmen Trutanich was a no-show at the PORAC Public Safety Forum. Trutanich claimed to have a 'scheduling conflict' rather than admit that he needed to duck hard questions like those that gave him that 'deer in the headlights' look when FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael peppered Trutanich with embarrassing questions, and worse, demanded answers.

The moment when it all turned sour for Trutanich, the 'deer in the headlights' look
as FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael confronts the Chief Perpetrator of YouTube lies with the truth

Although our April Fools' Day edition spoofed Trutanich's absence as explained by his picking up endorsements from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Councilmember Richard Alarcon, it seems more likely that Trutanich was heavily engaged in crisis management meetings in view of the rapidly crumbling state of his campaign.

Full report at LA Weekly.



Anonymous said...

Monkeying around with city property for personal use is what brought Rocky Delgadillo down. Maybe Trutanich should have called his video Rocky II in steady of TRU Stories? And pulling it off YouTube because it is not viral is so typical of everything about Trutanich; false, phony and untrue.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this is Trutanich's third strike and he's out of the ballgame. It's simply mind-boggling that Trutanich managed to screw up a simple campaign video this badly, and it forecasts the damage he would inflict upon the DA's Office.

Strike 1 - Baca illegally endorses Trutanich while wearing his sheriff's uniform.
Strike 2 - Paying companies to view his video and then issuing a press release full of lies about his alleged "grassroots support."
Strike 3 - Illegal use of city vehicles and security personnel while filming the campaign video.

Trutanich, you fooled everyone once when you ran for City Attorney, but you're not going to be able to fool us twice. You are finished in LA politics.

Anonymous said...

IMHO Trutanich made sure the cop and his car were in shot so that he could look like the crime fighter he pretends to be. This is an outrageous misuse of taxpayer funds, using the cars and the cops is completely wrong for a political campaign video. Trutanich should be ordered to repay the costs - he's always banging on about recovering costs for the city, so how about all little less do as I say but not as I do?

Anonymous said...

@12:25PM 3 strikes is just 3 strikes in a month. The way Trutanich behaves he strikes 3 times every month. Now we can see why he waited so long to announce his campaign, if he had done it earlier he would be completely destroyed by now, instead of being about halfway there. Voters don't like liars and they don't like elitists, the more they learn about Trutanich, the more they don't like him.

Anonymous said...

If you listen to the video you would know that Nuch was going back to the place where he was nearly killed by a bunch of gangmembers who had surrounded him and were firing at him to stop him from prosecuting a notorious gangmember buddy of theres. That is why LAPD put on a security guard for him, because even today it is still a dangerous part of LA.

Anonymous said...

03:28 pm-I'd love to listen to the interview. But it's gone.
In any event, i sure hope that my TAXES are not funding Mr. T's campaign.

Anonymous said...

What's is even worst is that Trutanich is not the worst LA has to offer. Trutanich, who should have his State Bar card shredded, has not brought on 1/10 the destruction and corruption that Garcetti has foisted onto Angelenos.

While we need a criminal grand jury to investigate Garcetti and the hundreds of millions of dollars missing from the City and the CRA during Garcetti's tenure, there can be no investigation of any type if Trutanich is DA because an atty may not investigate or prosecute a former client.

The fact that they allow the City Atty to run for District Atty shows how deeply embedded corruption has become in Los Angeles.