Monday, April 30, 2012

Trutanich attacks rivals for being 'politicians.' Seriously.

If further proof were needed that city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich has absolutely no concept of the meaning of the word 'truth,' the man described by KABC 790AM's Doug McIntyre as 'truth challenged' took the opportunity of the release of his 'Blueprint for Justice' to lash out at rival candidates by calling them 'politicians.' I kid you not.

I suppose one could say 'it takes one to know one' but even that old adage is incapable of summing up the multiple layers of irony contained in Trutanich's rather pathetic response to the overwhelmingly negative view of his campaign and its deceitful tactics.

Until now Trutanich has said little or nothing about the slew of scandals that have characterized him and his campaign as deceitful. He dismisses his violation of his Pledge to Serve as a just a naive campaign stunt, the false claims about police endorsements were the fault of a campaign volunteer, Sheriff Baca's illegal endorsement had no explanation, the false YouTube views were not false, and he won a 'victory' when Judge Kalin ruled his ballot designation was misleading. Trutanich apparently blames 'the other candidates' for the negative publicity surrounding these events.

Carmen 'I am not a politician' Trutanich with
County Assessor John Noguez

To some Trutanich's response may seem evocative of a paranoid dictator holed up in a bomb-proof bunker ranting about how he is victorious while defeat is on his doorstep. He sees himself betrayed by his own staff, blaming 'volunteers' for his misconduct, and he remains cosseted by his retinue of feeble sycophants who dare not tell him the bad news - the voters now see through each and every political ploy he pulls.

Trutanich latest ploy to fool voters is the 33-page 'Blueprint for the District Attorney's Office,' rolled out at the same time as he attacked the 'politicians.' Trutanich claims the Blueprint is 'focused on informing voters,' perhaps much in the same way as he tried to 'inform voters' with his misleading ballot title of 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor' until a Superior Court Judge struck that stinker down.

The blueprint sets forth the changes Trutanich will make to the DA's Office if he's elected. To those with short memories, the blueprint sounds like the kind of document that Trutanich will adhere to. It's his road map, his master plan, his commitment to voters.

But those with slightly longer memories will recall Trutanich waving around a similar 'Blueprint for Change' in 2009 when he was running for City Attorney (or is that 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor'?), so we thought you might like to take a look at what Trutanich promised in 2009, to see if he followed his plan. It's a fair indicator of whether he'll follow this plan, isn't it?

In 2009 Trutanich had a 12-page Blueprint for Change.
The 2009 Trutanich blueprint can be downloaded using this link.

Here are a few 'highlights' from the 2009 blueprint:

  •  A Vision of Professionalism for the Office of City Attorney (Page 9)
    • The infamous 'Pledge to Serve.' something Trutanich now has reneged on, features prominently in the blueprint where Trutanich says 'I am the only candidate in this race who has put forth a pledge not to pursue any other elected office and, will not use the position as a temporary political steppingstone.  
    • 'Be a leader who empowers and inspires rank-and-file deputies.' Just ask the rank-and-file how they feel about being forced to take a 15% pay cut while their leader refuses to take a matching cut and 'share the sacrifice.'
    • Establish the 'Academy of Justice.' He renamed the training department.
  • Stopping Gang Violence (Page 7)
    • The promised 'blue ribbon panel of experts' to advise on effective anti-gang strategies - Didn't happen.
    • Gang Injunctions - Trutanich served less gang injunctions than Rocky Delgadillo over the same time period.
    • Prosecution of Gang Members - Down a staggering 31% from the days of Rocky Delgadillo.
    • Establishment of 'at-risk-youth mentor programs' - Didn't happen
    • Establish the Sheriff's rehabilitation program 'G.O.G.I.' for juveniles - Didn't happen, and could not happen as Trutanich has no jurisdiction over juveniles.
    • Partner with the District Attorney and US Attorney in 'targeting gang revenue streams' - Didn't happen.
  •   Transparency and Integrity (Page 11)
    • 'Preventing "pay-to-play" by advocating for expanded campaign finance reform.' Trutanich opposed the Measure H, banning campaign contributions from city contractors such as outside counsel law firms.
    • 'Aggressive enforcement of City Code of Ethics in order to ensure compliance by all City Officials.'  Trutanich has no role in ethics enforcement, it is his job to defend them.
If you look at how Trutanich followed through on his 2009 'Blueprint for Change' it is fairly easy to be skeptical about the 2012 version. It appears to be nothing more than an edited version of the previous one, and just as hollow and meaningless as most of what Trutanich says, with one exception. There's no 'Pledge to Serve' in the 2012 version.



Anonymous said...

Trutanich keeps on coming out with these crazy remarks, like calling Lacey a politician. If she was a politician she would have him beaten by now. It is going to be really close in the primary, just 5 weeks away, but I still think Trutanich is no further ahead than Lacey or Jackson right now. Once the mailers, tv and radio ads start, things may get better as even though Trutanich has a lot of tv time, Lacey and Jackson will be there too and at last voters will see there is a better choice than Trutanich.

Zuma Dogg said...

I heard OJ Simpson, in a radio interview accuse Denise Brown of being "guilty," saying, "She's just SO guilty."

When I read Trutanich accuse others of being, "politicians," the OJ quote came to mind.

Anonymous said...

@Zuma Dogg - maybe Trutanich should launch a search to try to find the real politicians?

Anonymous said...

I called this two months ago. This race is OVER. Trutanich and Lacey will be in the runoff. The press will then unite behind Lacey as the first female, first African-American DA in LA history. She wins easily in November.

Jackson will run for mayor of Pasadena. And get left in the dust there as well. No statement in the voter handbook? He just showed every voter in LA he's still a minor league wannabe with no cash and no chance.