Monday, April 16, 2012

Trutanich - the other shoe drops. Police refuse to endorse 'Pathological Liar'


As the Dragnet reported earlier, the other shoe was about to drop on Carmen 'the Conman' Trutanich. That shoe was now dropped and it is, indeed, a devastating blow.

PORAC, the 62,000 member-strong Peace Officers Research Association of California has refused to endorse Trutanich, a decision likely due to a finding last week that Trutanich's intended ballot title 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' was false and inherently misleading. Following that ruling, Jackson's political strategist called Trutanich a 'pathological liar,' as damning an accusation as one could make, yet one that Trutanich did not even try to deny.

Trutanich's bogus ballot title was likely the straw that broke the back of Trutanich's candidacy so far as police agencies are concerned. The serial shenanigans of Trutanich, which have become increasingly more deceptive and deceitful,  are clearly something that is costing Trutanich the support of law enforcement. Cops don't want to be associated with a proven liar and Trutanich has re-defined the word 'liar' with every step of his misleading campaign. It seems the only people who are impressed with Trutanich's 'truth challenged' candidacy are career politicians, however, even some of them must be wondering how much longer they can risk their reputations by showing any degree of approval for the way Trutanich has conducted himself.

PORAC is one of the state's largest police associations, and their refusal to endorse Trutanich will send shock waves throughout the law enforcement community and will likely lead to further rejection of the Trutanich brand. In his 2009 campaign to become City Attorney, Trutanich had the endorsement of almost every police agency in the county. As of today he has just one.

District Attorney candidates Alan Jackson and Jackie Lacey, both respected career prosecutors, will receive PORAC's prestigious endorsement. Jackson and Lacey both participated in PORAC's recent Public Safety Forum while Trutanich was in hiding, running from shocking revelations about his artificial manipulation of YouTube view figures for his not-so 'TRU Stories' campaign video.

This from the Jackson campaign:


Over 60,000 police officers strong, PORAC endorses Alan Jackson for DA making Jackson the clear choice of law enforcement.

Los Angeles, April 16th – Today Deputy DA Alan Jackson announced the support of the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), the first and only major umbrella law enforcement organization to endorse in the District Attorney’s contest. PORAC’s endorsement is a significant boost in momentum for Jackson’s campaign, strengthening his position as law enforcement’s choice for DA. Jackson leads all candidates for DA in law enforcement support, raking in endorsements from over 15 police organizations and counting countywide.

PORAC’s dual endorsement also included Jackie Lacey. This marks Lacey’s only public endorsement from a law enforcement organization thus far.

Joe Flannagan, head of PORAC Los Angeles North Chapter, stated, “Absolutely, Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson is without doubt law enforcement’s choice to serve as our next District Attorney. Alan Jackson’s trial skills are unmatched as he has fought for crime victims and the public’s safety his entire career.

“The bottom line: We who stand on the front line of public safety to protect our citizens and communities stand with Alan Jackson for DA,” concluded Flannagan.

Marshall McClain, head of PORAC Los Angeles South Chapter, claimed, “Let me be clear: The District Attorney’s office absolutely must remain in the hands of a prosecutor, not a politician. LA County citizens will be well served with Alan Jackson as their next DA.”

Deputy DA Alan Jackson said, “This is the day I’ve been waiting for. More than 60,000 officers are now standing alongside me and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have their support. As the next DA I look forward to building a long and robust partnership with all of law enforcement to keep our streets and our children safe and gang members where they belong, behind bars.

PORAC is a professional federation of local, state and federal law enforcement associations. With more than 890 member organizations, representing more than 60,000 officers, PORAC is not only one of the largest law enforcement associations in the west, but one of the largest in the nation.

Jackson has also been endorsed by numerous local police organizations countywide as well as police chiefs representing more than 100 years of law enforcement experience.

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

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Anonymous said...

PORAC were never going to endorse Nuch because of his progressive policy on early release of convicted prisoners and his anti-3 strikes position. If you think we can arrest our way out of the flood of criminals being released from state prison, then you are crazy. Nuch is the only candidate who will do something to help criminals become responsible citizens, that is why PORAC hates him and that is also why he did not waste his time at their safety forum.