Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trutanich running his DA campaign on the taxpayers' dime?

EXCLUSIVE: Where in the world is Carmen Trutanich? It's a question that's often asked, but rarely gets a straight answer. More specifically, 'Where in the City of Los Angeles was its taxpayer funded  $214k a year City Attorney city prosecutor on Monday afternoon, April 23, 2012?'

Was he 'taking down' a violent street gang? Was he 'shutting down' medical marijuana dispensaries? Was he 'saving the city millions of dollars' by fighting lawsuits? Or was he using city time, city staff and city vehicles to further his political campaign to be the Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor?

The answer to those questions usually requires a Public Records Act request for documents such as a copy of his appointment diary. However, as any relevant information will be redacted on 'security' grounds, the Dragnet used other resources to track down the city prosecutor's location and activity. It seems that Trutanich was, indeed, campaigning during office hours, using city staff and vehicles to try to persuade the Central City Association of Los Angeles to endorse him for DA. Your tax dollars at work.

Trutanich's LAPD security detail Ford Crown Victoria was spotted illegally parked for an hour on Monday, April 23, 2012 at 3:35PM outside the offices of the Central City Association of Los Angeles while Trutanich attended a scheduled appointment seeking the CCA's endorsement for his DA campaign.

The license plate on Trutanich's vehicle says 'CA EXEMPT,' the precise meaning of which is not entirely clear. Some believe that such a vehicle while engaged on official business, is 'Exempt' from obeying pesky laws that mere mortals have to obey, like carpool lanes, speeding, red light cameras, and parking where prohibited. In fact, it appears that 'CA EXEMPT' only means that the vehicle is exempt from paying annual DMV license fees; that's why you don't see license tags on the rear plate. According to sources, drivers of vehicles with 'CA EXEMPT' plates have to obey all laws.

But perhaps Trutanich thinks that because his license plate says 'CA EXEMPT,' that means he is 'EXEMPT' and above the law? That, because he is so important, he can use city time, property and personnel for his own personal needs, such as trying to strongarm talk the CCA into supporting his lie-ridden campaign to become DA?

Regular Dragnet readers may recognize this particular car from another occasion when Trutanich used it for his DA campaign.

That very same black LAPD Ford Crown Victoria was used by Trutanich in the filming of his not-so viral YouTube DA campaign video 'TRU Stories.' Perhaps Trutanich thought that he was 'EXEMPT' from ethics laws prohibiting the use of city property for political campaign purposes, and 'EXEMPT' from filming a video on city streets without a permit? Hopefully, the City Ethics Commission will investigate Trutanich and let him know that he is not.

Take note Los Angelenos, the thug who wants to be the Chief Prosecutor does not think that the same laws that apply to mere mortals, applies to him. He's 'Exempt.' Please send him a message on June 5, 2012, that he isn't.



Anonymous said...

Nuch has no choice but to use his required LAPD security detail wherever he goes and whatever he does. It is not his choice it is LAPD policy, so why don't you report that. It won't matter in a few months because Nuch will be your boss and you will pay for your disloyalty. Governor Jerry Brown just endorsed Nuch on the same day that you published your pathetic piece, and guess what, Jerry Brown has more influence than you. Nuch is going to make you pay for your treachery, so enjoy your last few months as a dda. It ends the day after he's sworn in.

Anonymous said...

8:16PM The reality is that people in Los Angeles now know who and what Trutanich is. The way he abuses his elected position shamelessly is not lost on informed voters, and this article shows just another example of the way he thinks he is above the law. It is disgusting and Jerry Brown's endorsement will not change that.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich will never be DA. He may be in the runoff but voters are smarter than that. Brown's endorsement means nothing.

Anonymous said...


He directed me to give a letter about official City of Los Angeles business to one of his campaign contributors!!!!

"They block letters at my office. If you want me to get your letter, he said, give it to Alex" and he pointed at a hamburger stand owner that gives him money for his campaign.

He also told me the following:

"We do not do any due diligence when we get cases from the police or the health department"

In other words, they file criminal charges against innocent people without checking them!!!

He also told me:

"I have 500 attorneys under me. I do not know what they are doing"

Is this the kind of DA that Los Angeles Needs?