Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trutanich Trial Tacticts Tanks

It will cost the City of Los Angeles $4.5M to clear up another disastrous trial failure by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Trutanich's much vaunted "Porcupine Defense" again failed spectacularly when U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson refused to allow jurors to hear evidence that likely would have resulted in a different verdict. Perhaps the Honorable Judge Wilson was as offended and disgusted as most professionals are at the use of a schoolyard bully tactic in a court of law.

Of course, from Trutanich's perspective the $4.5M payout is further proof of the vast amount of money he has 'saved' the people of Los Angeles; if the City were not to settle the case for $4.5M, it would likely cost the City around $9M. So Trutanich has actually 'saved' LA $4.5M.

Yes, it's that kind of voodoo logic that Trutanich uses to make the claim that he's saved the City of Los Angeles over $200M. Hopefully, when Trutanich is removed from office, his legal strategies will also stop 'saving' the City millions of dollars and we might be able to afford to have the streets paved again.



Anonymous said...

John Eke, the big city lobbyist held a fundraiser for Nuch last night. The Chief Porcupine got $3,250 - nobody showed up. Nuch is toxic and people don't want to be associated with him anymore. It's stories like this and his crazy response to Jackson's lawsuit that show that he's cracking up under the strain. Keep up the pressure.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Really bad news for the Chief Porcupine. Councilmember Paul Krekorian (CD2) says it will be a cold day in hell before he signs off on paying a gang member $4.5M. Oh the Nuch myth of 'saving millions' is falling apart faster than one of his campaign promises. No wonder he can't raise Jack Sh*t at the moment. Toxic. Trutanich is Toxic - run that as a headline Joe.

Anonymous said...

Yes also heard that Trutanich is having major problems raising money. Not sure he can buy any TV ad space with his budget.