Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trutanich uses bogus lawsuits to bolster bogus 'savings' claims

A $120M lawsuit filed by the family of Abdul Arian, the idiot teen who led LAPD on a high-speed pursuit culminating in the 'Darwin Award' death of the teen when he pointed his cellphone at LAPD officers in a 'Weaver Stance,' has a silver lining for city prosecutor Carmen 'the Conman' Trutanich.

The $120M lawsuit will allow Trutanich to increase the amount of money he claims to have 'saved' the City of Los Angeles from $325M to $445M. The bogus lawsuit filed by Abdul Arian's family is as bogus as the claim that Trutanich will make that in defending the City from this meritless lawsuit, he has miraculously 'saved the City another $120M.'

The Abdul Arian lawsuit is a classic example of the kind of voodoo math that Trutanich has been using to make his misleading claims. It is basically no different from the amount of money you 'save' when you shop at Costco. Ever noticed how much money it costs you to 'save' money at Costco?

The truth of the matter is that Trutanich hasn't saved the City of Los Angeles a dime. His budget is the largest in the City with over 500 skilled attorneys on the payroll to do the job that he claims the credit for, by grotesquely distorting the facts. When bogus lawsuits are brought against the City, Trutanich doesn't 'save' the City millions of dollars, because those lawsuits never stand a chance of winning.

Trutanich has been bragging about 'saving' the City millions of dollars ever since that 'High Five for a Dead Baby' photo that shocked LA Times readers. But the reality is somewhat different, Trutanich's loses rarely make the news, like the slew of loses caused by his micromanagement and his use of a schoolyard bully-boy antic Trutanich calls the 'Porcupine Defense.'

Recently, the City of Los Angeles thankfully balked at signing-off on a recommendation Trutanich made to give  $4.5M to a gangmember shot by the LAPD following a drive-by shooting. Trutanich argued that paying the $4.5M would 'save' the City money. Money that Trutanich would doubtless add to the $325M he has 'saved' so far.

With Trutanich's credibility now firmly under the microscope given the recent slew of misleading statements which become bolder and more outrageous as his bid to become DA slips through his fingers, perhaps it is time that a little more attention was paid to the high cost of having Trutanich 'save' us money.



Anonymous said...

The press are already on this story with PRAs submitted to get the proof. Trutanich takes the amount of the always inflated initial claim and then deducts that from what the case settles for as his so-called saving. It is totally bogus because the initial claim is always way higher Nathan any reasonable jury would award. He then plays hardball so that the demand before trial is also high, then he settles the case so he can look like a hero. It is ridiculous to say he saved anything because we already pay him and lis lawyers a ton of money anyway, and when a case settles for what it is worth I don't see that as saving anything..if he was settling cases for less than they were worth, then maybe that would be a saving, but that's not what's happening.

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