Monday, April 16, 2012

Trutanich - waiting for the other shoe to drop

Sources tell the Dragnet that the Trutnaich campaign is bracing itself for the other shoe to drop following last weeks' devastating blow to the city prosecutor's dream to con his way to higher office.

The ruling last week by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph Kalin that Carmen 'the Conman' Trutanich had intentionally sought to mislead voters with his false and inherently misleading ballot title 'Los Angeles Chief Prosecutor' has had widespread and disastrous consequences for Trutanich.

One of those consequences will be revealed on the Dragnet at 8:30AM Monday morning, and it deals a massive blow to Trutanich's hopes to hang on to his DA dreams. It could also signal the end of his career living large on the city dime using city resources as his campaign ATM machine.

Be sure to come back after 8:30AM.


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