Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday's Briefs

Dragnet's Joe Friday interviewed on FOX 11 News
... asked to explain "The Lies of Carmen Trutanich"

FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael continued to probe 'The Lies of Carmen Trutanich' with an interview with the Dragnet's pseudonymous blogger Joe Friday.

KPCC's DA Candidates' Forum

In case you missed it, here are the highlights from Tuesday night's DA Candidates' Forum hosted by KPCC's Larry Mantle.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'The Lies of Carmen Trutanich' featured on FOX 11 News

'You can run, but you cannot hide,' was the message FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael sent to city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich, Tuesday, May 29, 2012. With just 7 days remaining before the primary election, and Trutanich hiding from the media, any hope that the outcry surrounding his lies about being the target of an assassination attempt would subside were dashed when FOX 11's Jeff Michael and KABC 790AM talk show host Larry Elder picked apart Trutanich's most audacious lie to date.

Trutanich's lies about the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt were first revealed by LA Times reporter Jack Leonard who was unable to find any evidence that Trutanich had been surrounded and shot at by gangmembers.

Trutanich's response to the accusation that he had made the whole thing up was to claim that his personnel file documenting his brief career at the DA's office in the 1980's would corroborate his heroism. Trutanich then claimed that he was 'shocked' to be told by the LA Times that his personnel file was missing.

Compounding one lie with yet another, Trutanich then wrote to Attorney General Kamala Harris demanding an investigation and accusing DA Steve Cooley of 'suspicious political activity,' implying that Cooley had caused his personnel file to go missing.

When the LA Times revealed that Trutanich had paid an estimated $10,000 to VR Research to perform a full background check on himself in 2008 which reported on his missing personnel file, and therefore was lying when he claimed to have been 'shocked' at the recent discovery, Kamala Harris promptly announced there would be no investigation.

Trutanich paid for a background search on himself in preparation for his
City Attorney campaign, and knew his personnel file was missing long before the LA Times story
 The shame, disgrace and humiliation arising from Trutanch's pathetic attempts to portray himself as not only a victim of an assassination attempt, but also of a conspiracy at the DA's office, are believed to have driven him to partially suspend his DA campaign in the hope that his shameful conduct would be quickly and conveniently forgotten.

Thankfully, Trutanich's lies have not and will not be quickly nor conveniently forgotten. As Larry Elder told Jeff Michael,  'No one should run for higher office if they're going to make stuff up - you get found out!'

Trutanich has been found out, and his attempts to hide from the media will do him no good. You can run for DA Mr. Trutanich, but you cannot hide from your record. You are a liar, and thanks to your campaign strategy, a lot more voters know that now.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Topics

KABC 790AM's John Philips meets the candidates

KABC 790AM talk show host John Philips devoted his Memorial Day radio show to giving each of the DA candidates valuable airtime to discuss their candidacies. City prosecutor Carmen Trutanich declined to participate, doubtless fearing that he would be confronted with his record and challenged over each and every false aspect of his campaign.

With the election now just a week away, and voter turnout likely to be low, the race looks increasingly likely to be decided by informed voters, and any voters listening to the John Philips show will now be fully informed as to why they should not vote for Carmen Trutanich.

Ron Kaye endorses Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson for DA

Former Los Angeles Daily News editor Ron Kaye used Memorial Day to deliver his message to the very same group of voters who were instrumental in electing Carmen Trutanich as City Attorney in 2009: "Stop Trutanich from Doing More Harm: Vote for Jackie Lacey or Alan Jackson for District Attorney."

Walter Moore endorses Alan Jackson for DA

Former Los Angeles mayoral candidate Walter Moore endorsed Alan Jackson for DA in his Memorial Day message. Moore's message concluded with these words: "But the one person for whom you must not vote, under any circumstances is Carmen Trutanich. If you're unclear about that, visit Los Angeles Dragnet."

Trutanich's lies about assassination attempt continue to rankle

While Carmen Trutanich continues to hide from the media in the hope that outrage at the LA Times reports of his lies about being the victim of an assassination attempt fade away, our newly released YouTube video reminds viewers of the issue.

The 'Assassination-gate' scandal, followed by Trutanich's pathetic response of accusing District Attorney Steve Cooley of 'suspicious political activity' concerning personnel records that Trutanich knew were missing for over three years, coupled with his failure to con Attorney General Kamala Harris into investigating Trutanich's false claims, appear to have forced Trutanich into hiding from the media and shunning candidate forums where he will face more questions for which 'There is no innocent explanation." 

Hopefully, the media will respect Trutanich's wishes to remain incognito in the run up to next week's election and refrain for bothering him with an explanation for the next scandal that is about to hit the former ambulance chaser slip-and-fall lawyer turned career politician.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Musings

Trutanich partially suspends partial suspension of DA campaign for Fish Lunch in San Pedro

Embattled city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich partially lifted the partial suspension of his DA campaign to talk politics at Friday's Fish Lunch at the Dalmatian-American Club in San Pedro. According to sources, the newly media-shy Trutanich took time out from his bedside vigil to glad-hand it with supporters and talk-up his 'win this thing in the primary' plans to become District Attorney.

According to reports, Trutanich appeared to be in good spirits, talking freely to the friendly audience. It seemed that, for a few moments amid San Pedro's loyalest, Trutanich could forget about the public outrage at the shocking LA Times story that he had lied about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers. Reaction to the Green Meadows Parkgate scandal is believed to have driven Trutanich to partially suspend his DA campaign to avoid further damage to his political aspirations.

All appeared to be going well at the fish lunch until a local reporter, sensing perhaps, a relaxed and more approachable Trutanich, deigned to ask for a two-minute interview. Suddenly the bonhomie vanished, 'Don't you know my mother is in hospital!' Trutanich is reported to have bellowed at the hapless reporter. An awkward silence ensued while the hapless reporter nervously retreated, and then the dark moment passed and the fish lunch continued.

Low voter turnout expected for June 5 Primary Election

If the number of absent voter ballots thus far received by the Los Angeles County Registrar's Office are any indication of the overall voter turnout on election day, we could be in for a record low turnout. Only 16% of the 1.1M issued absentee ballots had been received as of Friday, May 25, 2012, and while more absent voter ballots are expected this coming week, the low numbers could indicate a low overall voter turnout.

Although the Republican Presidential nomination appears to be a done deal, interestingly, Republicans nevertheless appear to be marginally more inclined to vote, leading Democrats by 2%. A low voter turnout is a mixed blessing for District Attorney candidates. If favors those who have worked the hardest at cultivating grass roots support, and severely undercuts the efforts of those who have concentrated their efforts on TV and media advertising.

Those who do vote in low turnout elections tend to be informed voters, which is extremely bad news for Carmen Trutanich who was banking on his name recognition to help him 'win this thing in the primary.' Unfortunately for Trutanich, informed voters are like Kryptonite to his super-hero self-portrayal. Informed voters are more likely to have read the LA Times, Daily News, and LA Weekly, and have fully understood why Trutanich is utterly unfit to be District Attorney.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Free For All - Trutanich takes the fifth

Carmen Trutanich, the one-time front-runner wannabe DA, has been forced to 'take the political fifth' and has refused to answer any questions on the grounds that he might tend to dig himself even deeper into the dirt surrounding his failing campaign.

Trutanich ducks KCRW interview

Ten days to election day,  and the question that's being asked is 'Where in the world is Carmen the Clown?" KCRW's Which Way L.A. made Trutanich an offer he couldn't refuse - 20 minutes of air time to answer his chief critics; LA Times reporter Jack Leonard who recently broke the exclusive story of Trutanich's lies about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers, and Mariel Garza, Editorial Page Editor of the Metro Group, which includes the Los Angeles Daily News, Long Beach Press Telegram and Torrance Daily Breeze, who recently urged LA to vote A.B.C. - Anyone But Carmen Trutanich.

But Trutanich did not show up to defend himself. Instead Trutanich's 'partially suspended' campaign sent spokeshole John Shallman to do Trutanich's lying. It was not a very convincing defense and a clear sign that Trutanich knows that any chance to 'win this thing outright in the primary' is even less credulous than the 'I was surrounded and shot at by gangmembers' lie at the core of his campaign.

Trutanich's spokeshole circled around questions about Trutanich's records, coming across as an evasive and arrogant elitist who defends thuggery and deception as the qualities that make Trutanich 'the most qualified candidate for DA.' He had no answer for the evidence Jack Leonard offered as to Trutanich's lies about the Green Meadows Park shooting, far less for the false claim Trutanich made of 'suspicious political activity' by DA Steve Cooley and Chief Deputy DA Jackie Lacey - claims that were roundly and rapidly rejected by Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Equally, Trutanich's stooge failed miserably to answer Metro Group Editorial Page Editor Mariel Garza's damning condemnation of Trutanich's poor record as City Attorney, far less her glowing praise for Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson.

The Trutanich strategy is clearly to say nothing, because there is nothing he can say that will improve his refocused aim; to try to win a place in the runoff. Even that's not looking likely given the poor press coverage that attends his every word. Every time he opens his mouth, he drops lower in the polls. The stench of rotting fish in San Pedro is now challenged only by the smell of fear from the Trutanich campaign.

Trutanich deconstructed at CityWatchLA

CityWatchLA featured an article written by Joseph Mailander, the man who first called Trutanich 'Carmen the Clown.' Mailander delivered a blistering analysis of the former frontrunner's campaign. If KCRW posed the question 'Where in the World is Carmen the Clown?,' Mailander poses the question 'What in the World is Carmen the Clown?'

Is he a Republican, a Democrat, or simply someone who can say anything and do anything to climb the ladder of his political ambition? Mailander does an excellent job of answering that question.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Midweek Musings - Lacey endorsed by John & Ken, Trutanich's troubles grow

Jackie Lacey endorsed by KFI AM640's John & Ken Show

KFI AM640's top-rated afternoon drive time talk show hosts John and Ken today announced their endorsement of Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey for DA. Towards the end of the 5 o'clock hour, during which time the talk show duo had trashed city attorney Carmen Trutanich's record, they concluded by saying 'We're endorsing Jackie Lacey for District Attorney. She has Steve Cooley's endorsement and she's been working as the number two in the office for quite a long time and you can trust her to do the right thing. But Trutanich? You might as well hire Bozo.'

John and Ken had previously called Trutanich a 'lying boob' over his failed attempt to mislead voters by calling himself 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor,' on the June 5 ballot. A Superior Court judge ruled that Trutanich was deliberately trying to mislead voters and ordered Trutanich not to use the title.

Most recently, the duo described Trutanich's campaign as 'the most dishonest' after it emerged that the centerpiece of Trutanich's campaign, a claim that he had been surrounded by and shot at by gang members during his short career as a deputy district attorney, was false.

Jackson campaign ads on broadcast TV

'Every Case,' Alan Jackson's thirty second campaign advertisement, hit the airwaves Monday night and has been aired on Channels 2, 4, 7, and 11 since then.  Thus far, Jackson is the only candidate to rival city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich with broadcast tv advertising.

Trutanich, who has partially 'suspended' his campaign (see below) is understood to have received numerous calls from supporters who were surprised to see Jackson's ads. They had apparently been told by Trutanich that he would 'win this thing outright in the primary' as the only candidate who can afford tv advertising.

Trutanich's secret research file reveals a troubled past

LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus delivered a withering blow to city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich's campaign hopes with the revelation of 'Top Secrets' that Trutanich dug up about himself.

Maddus obtained a copy of an expensive and expansive report Trutanich commissioned about himself  in November 2008 in preparation for his City Attorney campaign. According to Maddaus the 'no-good Nuch nuggets' contained in the report prepared by VR Research were a slew of ill-feted lawsuits brought by Trutanich where he sued a youth soccer league who canceled his team, a $100k slip-and-fall lawsuit against Vons, a personal injuries lawsuit against the City and Port of Los Angeles for 'petroleum coke dust' inhalation which failed when Trutanich's client was found to have tampered with records to help his case, and Trutanich's unsuccessful criminal defense on behalf of the client.

Also included in his background check were details of a failed lawsuit in which Trutanich claimed he personally suffered 'emotional distress' and 'nervous system damage' when his minivan was repossessed by an irate former owner who believed Trutanich had purchased it under market value in a deal with a friend. 

The LA Weekly report was discussed on KFI AM640's John and Ken Show in the five o'clock rush hour.

The talk show duo, in summing up Trutanich's past, wasted no time in calling him 'Nuts! Absolutely nuts!'

The leak of the 100-page plus report took Trutanich by surprise when it derailed his attempt to claim that he did not know that his DA personnel file was missing and demanded the Attorney General conduct a 'suspicious political activity' investigation into the DA's office.  The LA Times reported that Trutanich's 2008 background check stated that 'Trutanich's personnel file was "no longer maintained" by the district attorney's office.' 

Attorney General Kamala Harris swiftly rejected Trutanich's plea for an investigation when she was told Trutanich had lied to her in his letter when he claimed he only learned about the missing file when a LA Times reporter recently interviewed him about his lies concerning being surrounded and shot at by gang members at Green Meadows Park.

Trutanich suspends part of DA campaign

KPCC reports that Carmen Trutanich has suspended the part of his campaign that obliges him to answer pesky questions from reporters and attend candidates' forums, due to the hospitalization of his mother. Fundraising will not be affected, at least not by the hospitalization.

Trutanich's credibility, and thus his campaign, is understood to have been severely effected by recent events widely reported in the media and his failure to secure a solitary newspaper endorsement. His claim to 'win the primary outright' with his tv ad campaign looks as dubious as everything else, now that Jackson is competing directly with him on broadcast tv. Add John and Ken's endorsement of Jackie Lacey on Tuesday, and it's not hard to see Trutanich's 'partial suspension' as simply a desperate 'duck and cover' strategy for a campaign born of a lie, waiting for another shoe to drop.



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Topics

Jackie Lacey on the 'Bell Lap'

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey's latest email blast to her supporters was entitled 'The Bell Lap,' signaling that the race has entered the last lap, and two weeks from now the question as to which of the candidates will advance to the runoff will be answered.

Earlier in the race it looked like a certainty that city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich would win a place in the runoff by a substantial margin or, as he is rumored to have bragged, 'win the primary outright.' That is no longer the case.

His campaign has been seriously damaged by a series of lies stemming from his bogus claim to have been a victim of gang violence. That lie, and the lies about his 'surprise' at discovering his personnel records missing when he had known of that fact for over three years, and his crass call for an investigation into 'suspicious political activity' at the DA's office, only served to affirm the deceitful nature of his candidacy and underline the reason why not a single newspaper has endorsed him, and  why talk show hosts urge their listeners to shun him.

While Jackson and Lacey contemplate the 'The Bell Lap' in terms of whether they will face each other in the runoff, Trutanich now must be wondering whether he will even hear the bell.

Daily News reminds readers of another Trutainich's deception

Monday's Daily News editorial reminded readers of Carmen Trutanich's attempt 'to deceive the public' with his false and misleading ballot title. 'In Trutanich's case, the attempt to identify himself as "Los Angeles chief prosecutor" made him guilty of self-aggrandizement. A judge ordered the ballot line changed to "Los Angeles city prosecutor," which is still an overstatement of what a city attorney really does; let's hope voters haven't forgotten his deception.' the Daily News said.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Briefs

Alan Jackson endorsed by Beverly Hills Courier

The Beverly Hills Courier endorsed Alan Jackson for District Attorney on Friday. The front page endorsement marked a first for the Courier, where city business tends to occupy the leading stories, and gives the Jackson a boost as his tv ad campaign ramps up this week.

Democrat DA Candidates duke it out on the Westside

Chief Deputy DA Jackie Lacey, Senior Deputy DA Danette Meyers and Deputy DA Bobby Grace attended a DA candidates forum hosted by the Westchester Democratic Club, West LA Democratic Club, LAX Area Democratic Club and Beach Cities Democratic Club.

Trutanich pays the price for lies about shooting

Response to reports that Los Angeles city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich lied about being a shooting victim in his 'Tru Stories' campaign video, coupled with Attorney General Kamala Harris' rejection of Trutanich's laughable call for an investigation into the whereabouts of his missing personnel file appear to have hurt the former frontrunner's fundraising ability, according to rumors that Trutanich has been forced to write himself a big check to cover his media buys.

Fundraising appears to be as difficult for Trutanich as attending DA candidate forums, as rumors suggest another scandal surrounding the 'truth challenged' DA wannabe is about to break.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Free For All - Trutanich campaign crumbles

Attorney General Kamala Harris tells Trutanich 'Pound Sand!'

The Los Angeles Times reported that LA's Chief Liar Carmen Trutanich got told to 'pound sand' in response to his plea for political help from Attorney General Kamala Harris. The beleaguered blowhard's lie-laden letter to Harris, urging her to 'investigate suspicious political activity' by District Attorney Steve Cooley, was promptly filed in the trash bin along with Trutanich's private boasts that he 'has the AG in his pocket.'

Although it is widely believed that Trutanich knew his cry for help was baseless, it is understood that he believed Harris would delay rejecting his pack of lies until after the June 5, primary election. That would been a political favor giving the impression that his slanderous claims were being considered at state level. They are not. And there's no political favors for Trutanich. The stench of fear and desperation emanating from Trutanich is palpable, even as far away as Sacramento.

Harris wasted no time in giving the biggest possible political 'thumbs down' to Trutanich, and the way she swiftly distanced herself from Trutanich's deceitful practices may well send a larger message to others - it is time to dump Trutanich before he takes down anyone and everyone foolish enough to remain associated with him.

Cooley tells Noguez to 'resign.' Wonder who's next?

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that DA Steve Cooley said that Carmen Trutanich's political ally, County Assessor John Noguez, should resign as the corruption investigation into property tax breaks for campaign contributors continues. Trutanich, photographed above sporting a Tony Suprano style sports jacket, is an ardent supporter of Noguez. Birds of a feather ...

Jackson gets the jump on TV Ads, Trutanich copies


KPCC reported on the striking similarity between Alan Jackson's tv ad campaign which aired earlier this week, and the Trutanich campaign ad that appeared today.

Here's the Jackson campaign ad:

And here's the Trutanich response:

KPCC noted the following similarities:

  • Both start with the men sitting in large leather chairs behind desks
  • Both feature the candidates walking behind police tape with two officers
  • Both highlight the candidates' experiences prosecuting gang members
  • Both show the candidates in laboratories talking about the importance of using technology to solve crimes
  • Both advocate for crime prevention programs aimed at youths
  • Both show kids playing basketball outside
Perhaps we now know the reason why Trutanich's senior campaign advisor was watching Jackson so closely at the recent LA Times DA candidates' forum.

Trutanich's senior campaign adviser John Shallman records Jackson's every move
Big Hollywood Heavy-Hitters Back Lacey for DA

The Hollywood Reporter broke away from industry stories to cover Jackie Lacey's blockbuster fundraiser last month.

The event, hosted by movie mogul Lawrence Bender, is said to be followed up by another major fundraiser in the week before the primary election as Hollywood embraces Lacey's campaign.

Lacey's recent endorsement by the LA Times is said to have spurred interest in what is being called 'Blockbuster II,' and in the best Hollywood tradition, there's every sign that the sequel will be an even greater success than the April 24 event.

Mayor Sam Blog trashes Trutanich, endorses Jackson

The Mayor Sam Blog, LA's most widely read political blog, caped off the Trutanich campaign's week of misery with a simple message that says it all; 'Friends don't let friends vote for Carmen!'


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday's Topics - Trutanich recycles false theft claim

Trutanich's false claims of theft - deja vu all over again?

Embattled city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich made a feeble attempt to deflect attention from reports of his lies about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers. His bizarre explanation that his memory was 'better now' than it was when he failed to mention any gangmembers or shots fired during a 2008 deposition, quickly fell apart. He then foolishly claimed that his missing personnel file would have corroborated his story. But then Trutanich lied to Attorney General Kamala Harris when he called for a 'suspicious political activity' investigation by claiming to be 'shocked' to only recently learn that his personnel file was missing.

That lie also fell apart when the contents of a background check that Trutanich conducted on himself in 2009 were leaked to the press; the background report stated that Trutanich's personnel file was missing as of 2009. Trutanich's claim to be 'shocked' three years latter was as laughable, and false, as his accusation that his former friend and supporter DA Steve Cooley had in some way recently orchestrated the disappearance of the personnel file.

But not capable of admitting his deception in the face of overwhelming evidence proving he TRUly is 'truth challenged' to the core, Trutanich cranked out another old ploy, and claimed that whoever leaked his background check had stolen it. A matter so serious that Trutanich would report it to the police.

The use of a false claim of theft to deflect attention from a lie-laden losing campaign is an old trick of Trutanich's senior campaign strategist John Shalman, who pulled the same trick when CD2 candidate Chris Essel was looking at defeat in her bid to join the Los Angeles City Council.

How many more times will Trutanich cry wolf?

Conservative Talk Show Icon Hugh Hewitt Endorses Jackson

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson gained the endorsement Wednesday of nationally syndicated conservative talk show host and prolific blogger Hugh Hewitt.

This from the Jackson campaign:

John S. Thomas
Alan Jackson for District Attorney 2012


Los Angeles, May 16th – On Tuesday, national radio broadcaster Hugh Hewitt enthusiastically endorsed gang prosecutor Alan Jackson for District Attorney. Hewitt stressed on-air Jackson’s abilities as a gang prosecutor, his support from over 65,000 police officers, and his relationship with victims and their families. Hewitt applauded Alan’s plan to modernize the District Attorney’s office as well as his strategic approach to dealing with Prison Realignment and the thousands of state felons set for transfer to LA County.

Jackson’s campaign continues to gain momentum as we move toward Election Day.

Hugh Hewitt stated, “Alan Jackson is without a doubt my choice for District Attorney. I cannot more highly recommend that anyone who lives in Los Angeles County needs to vote Alan Jackson. I wish him best of luck.”

Gang prosecutor Alan Jackson declared, “Earning Hugh Hewitt’s endorsement means a tremendous amount to me and my campaign. His respected opinion goes a long way not just in Los Angeles County, but across the nation where he broadcasts daily.”

Last Sunday Alan Jackson earned the endorsement of the Daily News and 10 other newspapers across the county. He leads all candidates in support from law enforcements and victims’ rights leaders.

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

# - # - #

Jackson has been doing the rounds of conservative radio talk shows, leveraging his central role in outing the deceitful candidacy of Carmen Trutanich, apparently to good effect. Rumors suggest that Jackson is in line for more influential broadcast media endorsements in the run up to the June 5, primary.

The talk show circuit seems to be solid political territory that Jackson owns and could well be sufficient to secure him a place in the November runoff against either Jackie Lacey who is gaining support, or  Carmen Trutanich who is losing it as a result of his false claims about being a victim of crime.

Mario Trujillo holds up his hand for Trutnanich

An email blast from former District Attorney candidate Mario Trujillo urges recipients to pony up a few bucks for the beleaguered bogus Chief Los Angeles Criminal Prosecutor.

It is a sign of desperation from both Trutanich, who cannot raise a dime from anyone with any sense, and from Trujillo who must still be so unwell that he has not read the LA Times, Daily News, LA Weekly or the Dragnet in the light of Trutanich's latest lies.

Either that or his judgment remains impaired because he still believes that his 'friend' Trutanich will show his appreciation for their three month long 'friendship' in some way other than sticking a knife in his back once he's used Trujillo in the furtherance of his political ambition.

Anyone with any shred of decency would renounce their support for a proven liar like Trutanich in view of his scandalous false accusations against Steve Cooley and the DA's Office.

Former DA Candidate Steve Ipsen reported 'fired'

Not much has been heard of former District Attorney candidate Steve Ipsen since he dropped out of the race. Now the Los Angeles Metropolitian News-Enterprise reports that Ipsen was 'fired' this week. The Met News article documents many of the controversies attending Ipsen's career at the DA's Office, but does not state the reason for his departure, other than saying that the allegations against him were 'very dicey.'

The Met News states that  'Ipsen will have the opportunity to contest the charges against him at a personnel hearing, with litigation possibly ensuing once administrative remedies are exhausted.' Whether Ipsen's departure is any way connected with sustained allegations of improper ex-parte communications during the ADDA's lawsuit against the District Attorney and senior management is unknown, and the District Attorney's Office declined to comment. Spokesperson Sandi Gibbons would only say 'We are unable to discuss pending personnel matters.' according to the Met News.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lies from Trutanich fail to fly

"Carmen Trutanich makes Richard Nixon look like a choirboy."

Trutanich's shameful and pathetic response to being exposed as a grandstanding liar over his claim to have been 'surrounded by gangmembers who shot me' was to accuse DA Steve Cooley of deliberately 'losing' his personnel file.

Trutanich claimed not only that the file would contain evidence that he was a TRU hero, and not a TRU heel, but also that he was 'shocked' to be told by LA Times reporter Jack Leonard that 'his file was missing.'

But as LA Weekly top investigative reporter Gene Maddus reported, Trutanich was not really shocked nor surprised when Jack Leonard told him about the missing file - Trutanich had known the file was missing since 2008 when a research firm he hired reported the file missing after requesting it on Trutanich's behalf.

The LA Weekly released the letter sent by Trutanich to Attorney General Kamala Harris, calling for an investigation in to Steve Cooley based on Trutanich's claim that he only recently was told his file was missing, that the file would clear his name, and that because Cooley has not endorsed him (for now very obvious reasons), there was no other conclusion other than to believe Cooley was withholding the file. Just more Trutanich lies to try to cover up his lie about the shooting.

Letter to A.G. -- Trutanich

That Trutanich would make such a grossly false and slanderous claim against the man who helped more than anyone, to give Trutanich a chance at being City Attorney, shows not only how desperate he is, but how loyalty, honor and integrity means nothing to Trutanich.

With the slur against Cooley failing faster than one of Trutanich's porcupine defenses, another glib lie flew from Trutanich's lips, as Jack Leonard at the Los Angeles Times reported:

Now Trutanich is claiming that not only was the research report that he obtained in 2008 'stolen' by an unnamed member of the DA's Office, but that it was also 'altered.' Trutanich has said he 'would file a police report as well as a complaint with the state's Fair Political Practices Commission,' the Times reported.

Let's see. Trutanich gets caught lying about being a victim of an unreported shooting. He then responds by saying that proof that he was shot at exists in his personnel file, but that he suddenly found out that the file was missing, therefore it must 'have been removed, tampered with or stolen in the course of a political campaign.' And when Trutanich is exposed as having known his file was missing for at least three years, he accuses an unnamed member of the DA's office of having 'stolen' a report that showed he knew about his missing file all along.

Leopards don't change their spots. In 2009, days after Trutanich was sworn in as City Attorney, he achieved international fame by publicly accusing AEG of 'criminal aspects' in their handling of the Micheal Jackson memorial and he launched his much-hyped year-long investigation. That investigation went nowhere, and the reason seems clear.

Now, when faced with and embarrassing scandal that goes to the core of Trutanich's warped sense of ethics, he demands that the Attorney General, the police, and the FPPC all launch futile 'investigations' into his missing personnel file and his 'stolen' research material.

Bear in mind, Trutanich, if elected as DA, will have unlimited and uncontrolled access to the Grand Jury where he can investigate any of his enemies at will. Does anyone seriously believe Trutanich should be allowed anywhere near a Grand Jury? At least not unless he's subpoenaed to testify.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trutanich rips DA's Office - Alleges 'Suspicious Political Activity'

A letter written by city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich to Attorney General Kamala Harris shows not only how deep the divide between former 'buddies' Trutanich and DA Steve Cooley has become, but also how truly 'shocked' the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician is to discover his personnel file is missing.

Rumors of the rift between DA Steve Cooley and Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich
seem validated by the contents of Trutanich's May 11, 2012 letter to AG Kamala Harris

On May 11, 2012, in response to allegations in the LA Times that Trutanich has lied about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers who 'tried to kill him before trial' at Green Meadows Park in 1985, Trutanich states that the LA Times 'has been investigating facts surrounding an assault on me by a number of gang members at Green Meadows Park. The shooting occurred in 1985 while I was at gang-related murder crime scene, as a Deputy District Attorney, in the Hardcore Gangs Unit. I was fortunate to have survived that day. Were it not for the heroic efforts of former District Attorney Investigator Jim Bell, I would not have.'

Trutanich's letter to AG Kamala Harris seems to leave no doubt whatsoever as to his current enhanced memory giving him the ability to recall the events of 1985 with a degree of clarity that was not apparent when he testified under oath in 2008 and said nothing of an 'assault,' a 'number of gang members,' or 'the shooting,' instead he testified that :

"We were out there taking pictures, Jim and I. And I didn't see much because, you know, next thing I knew - - Jim was the one that was doing - - I was looking at the crime scene. Next thing I knew, Jim was telling me somebody had a gun, and I think they pulled me down."

Perhaps Trutanich was confused between shooting pictures and shooting gangmembers? It's an easy mistake to make when you are, as KABC host Doug McIntyre like to call Trutanich, 'truth challenged.'

Regardless, armed with his enhanced memory powers, Trutanich tells Harris that:

 'Los Angeles Times reporter Jack Leonard alerted me to the fact that my personnel file from the District Attorey's Office was missing' he told Ms. Harris.

Trutanich continues 'This personnel file may have included information about security detail assigned to protect my family and me during this time, commendations and other documentation that speaks to my veracity, and the quality of my work as a frontline prosecutor.'

Strangely, Trutanich does not tell Ms. Harris whether his personnel file would have contained any shred of evidence about anything at all happening at Green Meadows Park, which would seem to be the issue. Unless, of course, Trutanich is trying (desperately) to deflect attention from the real issue - that he lied about the shooting, being surrounded, or any number of gangmembers, because IT NEVER HAPPENED.

So instead, Trutanich writes to Harris to 'formally request an investigation into suspicious political activity taking place at the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office,' surrounding his missing file. The implication is clear. He is accusing DA Steve Cooley of being responsible for the loss of the file, an accusation Cooley told the LA Times, was 'slanderous against the DA's office and against me.'

Some might say that it is a little premature for allegations of 'suspicious political activity' at the DA's Office to be made. That wild accusation would only ever have a shred of credibility if a political thug or 'pathological liar' like Trutanich ever became DA. Thankfully, that looks increasingly unlikely now that the latest Trutuanich lie has been exposed.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Briefs - Lacey - Jackson endorsements, Trutanich's gang shooting lie goes viral

Los Angeles Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey scooped the LA Times endorsement to replace retiring District Attorney Steve Cooley and shared the Daily News endorsement with Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson.

The Times said 'Jackie Lacey is the candidate best equipped to strike the proper balance. She has years of experience leading the office, as well as realistic goals and a well-thought-out program for delivering justice. The Times endorses Lacey in the June 5 election.'

In dismissing Carmen Trutanich, the Times said  'he does not seem to grasp that voters took seriously his pledge not to run for another office before completing his job as city attorney. It may have been just a campaign gimmick to him, but it was a pledge to his constituents — and it was all too typical of the occasional gap between Trutanich's statements and his actions.' That 'occasional gap' is a far too polite way of saying Trutanich is a liar who cannot be trusted.

The Daily News was more expressive in praise of Lacey and Jackson. 'Both are distinguished and veteran deputy district attorneys. Both are well-respected members of their agency with proven management skills. Both have smart ideas about modernizing the agency and adapting to the governor's realignment plan. And either would be a much, much better D.A. than Trutanich.' 

Unlike the LA Times, the Daily News held back nothing in their condemnation of Carmen Trutanich. Urging readers to vote 'ABC - Anybody But Carmen,' they said 'Trutanich likes to say he is not a politician. It's kind of his public mantra. That it's so patently untrue casts doubt on everything else he says. Trutanich is the ultimate politician, in fact, as he proved from the moment he promised not to seek higher office as part of his campaign for his current job.

His short tenure running the City Attorney's Office has been marked by political battles since day one - a huge disappointment for the people who supported his campaign. He engaged in questionable grandstanding and naked power grabs, such as his attempt to be the first city attorney in history to have subpoena power. He lied to the public from the start when he said he would not run for district attorney.

Even worse has been his pugilistic style in dealing with both city officials and the public. He has needlessly bullied the public on issues such as medical marijuana and the Occupy L.A. protests. He has tried to turn what is essentially a bureaucratic post (most cities do not elect a city attorney) into a vehicle for his personal aggrandizement.'

The Daily News really seems to grasp the essence of all that is so horribly wrong with Trutanich without even mentioning the most recent 'occasional gap' in his credibility; his lies about being a victim of violent crime in the 1980's.

John & Ken blast Trutanich's 'TRU LIES' video

The ink wasn't dry on the LA Times exclusive report about Carmen Trutanich's false claim to have been a victim of violent crime, surrounded by gangmembers in Green Meadows Park who were shooting at him, before KFI AM640 talk show hosts John and Ken weighed in with their views on Trutanich's latest lie.

Calling Trutanich's 'the most dishonest campaign right now' the talk show duo ripped apart Trutanich's baseless and shameless claim to have been attacked by gangmembers; the centerpiece of his 2009 City Attorney campaign, and again the centerpiece of his 2012 District Attorney campaign. They mocked his claim that his memory had 'improved' since 2008, questioning whether Trutanich had a 'magic memory pill.'

'Do not vote for Carmen Trutanich, he is not endorsed by Steve Cooley, and you can see why. His lack of honesty comes up repeatedly' they said.

They are right.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

LA Times wraps up DA candidate reviews ahead of endorsement Sunday

UPDATED: Sunday, May 13, 2012 5:30AM
LA Times endorses Jackie Lacey for District Attorney
Daily News says 'ABC' Anyone But Carmen 

District Attorney candidates Alan Jackson and Bobby Grace were reviewed by the LA Times earlier this week, and the Times wrapped up their reviews of the remaining three starting Friday morning with Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

Lacey's review, headlined 'D.A. candidate Jackie Lacey looks to move up,' highlights Lacey's experience as a senior manager in the DA's Office who was recently promoted to the number two position of Chief Deputy carrying DA Steve Cooley's endorsement as his first choice for successor. 'Lacey looks and acts like the adult in the room' the Times said, noting that like Cooley, 'she has a low-key personality' and 'exhibits a certain gravitas.'

High praise indeed from the Times and judging by the length and depth of their review of Lacey, they've set up a all the justification they need for endorsing her candidacy tomorrow, as has been widely rumored.

Friday afternoon saw the Times review Danette Meyers, headlined 'D.A.'s race: Danette Meyers wants the job.' The piece highlighted the frustrations faced by a candidate in a county wide election where, in the absence of a significant campaign warchest, it is hard to get the message out to voters. But if Meyers lacks the warchests of Lacey, Jackson or Trutanich, she has scored well with partisan endorsements and social media.

Overall the Times gave Meyers as good a review as she could have hopped for, and while observers say the she will turn those endorsements into party-line votes, her lack of funding could harm her chances among the uniformed voters. 

On Saturday morning the Times finished its review of the candidates with 'What's the deal with D.A. candidate Carmen Trutanich?' Although the answer to that question is a simple one; Trutanich is a liar who will say anything to be elected and follow through with nothing, the Times spent a considerable amount of ink dissecting his campaign and character.

The editorial board were less than impressed with Trutanich's 'Blueprint for Justice,' noting that it contained numerous errors such as 'establishing a Public Integrity Division' in the DA's Office when there has been one since 2000 when DA Steve Cooley established it. But while Trutanich apparently thinks voters are too stupid to check facts like that, the Times was not.

The devil is in the details with a slippery customer like Trutanich and the Times picked up on the fact that he plans to use his version of PID  for 'ongoing investigations in protection of potential abuses committed by public employees.' Significantly, there is no mention of prosecution. A typo perhaps? A mere detail that slipped the attention of the man the Times called a 'goofy but dangerous loose cannon, power-hungry crazy man.'? Apparently not.

Trutanich's brief tenure as City Attorney has seen him use the 'McCarthy Method' on numerous occasions - using the media to make threats and launch investigations, but with no follow through prosecution. The fact that Trutanich states he will use his PID for the 'protection of potential abuses,' is a clear sign that Trutanich still favors the McCarthy Method. It is not hard to imagine weekly headlines about Grand Jury investigations into 'potential abuses' from a Trutanich administration as part of his plan to bunny hop to the Attorney General's Office at the earliest opportunity.

Overall the Times gave Trutanich a respectfully deprecating review. He will not be rushing to the newsstand tomorrow to find out which of the candidates has secured the Times endorsement. It won't be him. If he ever was a contender for the Times seal of approval, his recent antics sealed that fate. Thursday's LA Times exclusive exposed Trutanich lying about being a victim of crime. It was just the latest of a number of disturbing truths about a man who is unfit for the office of District Attorney. That's the deal with Trutanich.


Trutanich uses McCarthyism to deflect attention from allegations he lied about being a victim of crime

The Los Angles Times reported that embattled city prosecutor has written to the Attorney General's Office calling for a 'probe' into the District Attorney's Office.

Trutanich claims it is "suspicious political activity" that his personnel file is missing, implying that if it were not missing, it would contain some evidence of his claim that he was surrounded by gangmembers who were shooting at him in the 1980's. That claim was recently found to be false when the LA Times reported that there was not only no evidence to support Trutanich's lie claim, but that the evidence that did exist - Trutanich's deposition testimony given in 2008, showed that Trutanich denied being shot at or surrounded by gangmembers.

Of course Trutanich knows very well that his personnel file, along with many others, was found to be missing in 2008 when he started his campaign to become City Attorney. At that time, Trutanich was supported by DA Steve Cooley and the missing file suited Trutanich's strategy as it allowed him to portray himself as a 'rising star' of the DA's Office when the file might not have supported that claim.

But now Trutanich's claim that the file went missing because of "suspicious political activity" is more likely to be seen as another one of Trutanich's McCarthy-moments, where he makes false claims publicly in the hope that it deflects attention from himself.

Trutanich famously employed that tactic when he publicly accused AEG of 'criminal aspects' arising from the Michael Jackson memorial and launched his ill-fated 'criminal aspects investigation' which was silently abandoned after a year with no results, other than the acceptance by Trutanich of a bunch of Lady Gaga concert tickets from AEG.

Trutanich also asked the Attorney General to 'investigate' the propriety of DA Steve Cooley's video endorsement of Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

Trutanich seems to be implying that it was improper for Cooley to be filmed in his office endorsing Lacey, however, Trutanich cannot cite any relevant law prohibiting that activity.

Readers will recall that Trutanich was forced to remove a portion of his DA campaign video which featured Sheriff Lee Baca giving an impassioned endorsement to the former slip-and-fall lawyer when it was found that Baca and Trutanich had violated a state election law prohibiting law enforcement officials from making political endorsements in uniform.

In calling for the 'probe' Trutanich will likely re-kindle complaints that he violated City Ethics laws by using city equipment and personnel in the filming of his DA campaign video, as well as using city equipment and personnel in the conduct of his campaign.

Trutanich's late call for a 'probe' into records discovered missing four years ago, as well as his unsupported allegations surrounding Cooley's endorsement of Jackie Lacey, will likely be seen for what they truly are; very desperate and very irrelevant to the real issue, which is Trutanich's utter unfitness for holding public office based on his abusive use of prosecutorial power and his lies about being a victim of violent crime.

The primary election is three weeks away, and Trutanich is understood to be facing the very real prospect of a humiliating drubbing at the polls on June 5, and perhaps not even securing a place in the November run-off election.


Friday, May 11, 2012

LA Times proves Trutanich lied about being shot at by gangmembers

The Los Angeles Times today broke the story that Carmen Trutanich has been dreading for about two weeks since he was interviewed by reporter Jack Leonard specifically about the centerpiece of his not-so 'True Stories' campaign video - his claim that in the 1980's, during his short career as a deputy district attorney, he was shot at by gangmembers in Green Meadows Park.

Trutanich has told the story of how, while working on the death penalty murder case of Barry Glenn Williams, he was interviewing a reluctant witness to the murder in Green Meadow Park in South Los Angeles, when he was surrounded by gangmembers who started firing at him (miraculously, they missed).

As luck would have it, a District Attorney Investigator called Jim Bell just happened to be nearby in his 'police car' when Bell heard a radio message indicating 'shots fired!' and 'possible DA.' Bell says 'I knew it was Carmen Trutanich' and he drove his 'police car' into the park, found Trutanich surrounded by gangmembers and returned fire, thereby saving the life of Trutanich and enabling Trutanich to successfully convict Williams of a drive-by murder.

Coincidentally, Bell now works for Trutanich as a City Attorney investigator, although we are sure that he was not on the City's dime when he filmed his portion of the 'True Stories' video. 

It's a great story. One that projects Trutanich as the hard-charging prosecutor who will do what it takes to stand up to gangmembers, even if it means risking his life. Only there's one small problem, as the LA Times revealed:


There is not a shred of evidence to support Trutanich's tall tale of heroism under fire, and thanks to the hard work of Jack Leonard at the LA Times, such evidence as does exist, tells a very different story.
  • There are no LAPD reports of the 'shots fired' incident. 
  • No recording of the alleged 'radio call' that Bell claims to have heard. 
  • No documentation of an 'officer involved shooting' that would have been required, if it occurred.
  •  The original LA Times report of the Barry Glen Williams murder trial contains no mention of any incident where Trutanich was shot at, even though he was interviewed and other intimidation efforts attributed to Williams' gangmembers were reported. 
The evidence that does exist tells a very different story.

In 2008 Trutanich was deposed about the Barry Glenn Williams case. Under oath, Trutanich told a very different story:

Q. Well, based on your statements, it seemed like there was something particular that happened to you at Green Meadows Park.

A. Right.

Q. Do you recall that specifically?

A. Yes. Yes.

Q. What happened?

A. We were out there taking pictures, Jim and I. And I didn't see much because, you know, next thing I knew - - Jim was the one that was doing - - I was looking at the crime scene. Next thing I knew, Jim was telling me somebody had a gun, and I think they pulled me down.

So, based on Trutanich's testimony:
  • Trutanich wasn't interviewing a witness, he was 'taking pictures.' 
  • Trutanich was not 'shot at,' he was 'pulled down.' 
  • Jim Bell didn't hear a 'shots fired!' radio call indicating 'possible DA' while nearby in his 'police car.'
  • Bell didn't drive his 'police car' into the midst of gangmembers in the park and 'return fire.'
  • Trutanich wasn't 'surrounded by gangmembers,' he was 'surrounded' by Jim Bell. 
Incredibly, Trutanich explains the discrepancy in the stories by saying that he had to be more careful with what he said in 2008 because he was 'under oath.' Apparently, he feels free to lie when not under oath.

Even more incredibly, Trutanich told the Times that he has a better recollection of events today, than he had in 2008, about an incident that seemingly never took place thirty years ago. Trutanich told the Times that 'Although he wasn't surrounded by gang members, he said he did see a gun emerge from the window of a passing car while he was alone in the park and heard shots as he hid. "I have the distinct recollection of it being a long gun," he said.'

In making that statement, Trutanich is committing the classic mistake of a politician cornered in a lie. Instead of fessing up, he tries to justify the lie. He describes what he saw as 'a long gun.' He should know better. As anyone who knows anything about firearms, and Trutanich, a long time representative of the National Rifle Association, knows about firearms, a 'long gun' means a rifle.

So despite his sworn testimony, Trutanich would now have us believe that the non-surrounding gangmember(s) had a rifle hanging out of the window of a car. Does he really think we are that stupid? His story makes no sense because it is utterly false. He was grasping at straws to try to dig himself out of hole, and he just made it deeper.

The not-so 'True Stories' video is not the first time Trutanich has told this tale. In his 2009 campaign for City Attorney, Trutanich told the tale in even more dramatic fashion:

'During the trial and investigation, Trutanich endured death threats towards his family and narrowly escaped a shootout where members of the "Bloods" gang tried to kill him before the trial' Trutanich said in a 2009 campaign mailer.

There is something fundamentally wrong about the way Trutanich seems to feel so at ease lying unless he is under oath. In lying about being shot at, Trutanich not only threatens the credibility of the City Attorney's Office and the District Attorney's Office, but he also insults the the brave men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives every day and some of whom really are shot at.

Not so long ago, a liar in LAPD brought down the CRASH unit when he lied about being shot at by a gangmember. His lies led to the Rampart Scandal and the dismissal of hundreds of cases. Trutanich seems to be playing the same game, and is just as much a threat to the City Attorney's Office and the District Attorney's Office. He should withdrawn his lie-ridden DA campaign and resign as City Attorney. Los Angeles cannot afford to have a liar leading law enforcement.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Themes - LA Times on Jackson

Continuing their series of reviews of the District Attorney candidates, the LA Times published their review of front-runner Alan Jackson.

Jackson fared better than many expected with the LA Times, given that he is a Republican and LA definitely skews Democrat politically. But that the LA Times should use the word 'winner' in their headline, suggests they have a healthy respect for Jackson's candidacy perhaps also underlining their recognition of the need for non-political District Attorney.

The Times credits Jackson for working 'hard to distinguish himself from the rest of the pack,' and being the 'most vocal about attacking Trutanich for breaking his pledge to complete two terms as city attorney before seeking another office,' as well as successfully preventing Trutanich from using a misleading ballot designation. The Times also acknowledges the general sentiment that many see Jackson as 'Trutanich's chief rival,' with the pair likely to face each other in the November run off election.

The Times made it clear that their criteria for assessment of all the candidates will be a twofold one. First, what is the candidate's position on the matters that the Times considers important for LA's next DA, namely, three strikes, the death penalty, public integrity, juvenile justice and realignment. Second, can the Times, its readers and LA's voters believe that the candidate will actually follow through with their stated positions. Jackson seems to score high marks in the Times two-step analysis, noting that he while he is not entirely the 'stay the course' candidate, he is passionate and credible about the changes he will bring if elected.

The Times will review the candidacies of Chief Deputy Jackie Lacey, Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, and city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich before they announce their endorsement later this week. Given their favorable review of Jackson, he must surely be in serious contention for that endorsement.

Equally, given the parameters the Times has established for their analysis of the candidates, Carmen Trutanich must be dreading what the Times will say about his candidacy which, as has been noted, 'was born of a lie.' Under the Times' two-step analysis, Trutanich has all the right answers for the first step - three strikes, the death penalty, public integrity (please don't laugh) juvenile justice and realignment.

However, under the second step, likely follow-through (let's call that credibility), Trutanich can only be expected to be as feckless and dishonest as the Times has already noted he is. His promised reform for medical marijuana evaporated in a New York minute. His promised support for the City Controller to audit elected officials was forgotten as soon the words left his lips. His pledge to serve was meaningless, and his entire campaign is toxically polluted with lies and deception. Simply put, the only thing that the Times or anyone else can believe about Trutanich is that he will say anything to be elected, and he will renege on every single promise he makes.

Of course, the anticipated response from Trutanich when he fails to con win the Times' endorsement will be yet another 'commanding performance victory' for the Chief Prosecutor.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Midweek Musings

LA Times reviews DA candidate Bobby Grace

While Deputy District Attorney Bobby Grace was engaged in his fourth (or is it fifth?) high-profile  murder case this year, the LA Times published their assessment of his candidacy to become the next Los Angeles County District Attorney.

While Grace gets high praise for his 'quiet, so soft, so contemplative,' style that 'draws his audience in and, before they realize it, they are captured,' the Times noted that 'His fundraising has lagged,'  and as a result his ability to inform voters of his candidacy appears limited.

Loss of Times endorsement likely to bury Trutanich

That the Times appears so focused on fundraising as a barometer of a candidate's viability should not, however, be seen as any indication that when the Times delivers its endorsement later this week, it will be an endorsement of the candidate who has raised the most money. There is no doubt that Trutanich raised the most money before he made his candidacy official. However, in the days that followed his announcement, Trutanich's fundraising ability has been significantly hurt by the non-stop slew of scandals surrounding his campaign.

For the Times to now endorse a candidate they have labeled a liar would be unlikely in the extreme, and would cost the Times dearly in terms of the credibility it has with its readers. The Times endorsement will most likely go to a well funded candidate without the  'truth challenged' baggage Trutanich carries. That narrows the field to Lacey and Jackson, and for the ever-growing ranks of 'anyone but Trutanich' voters, the Times will not disappoint whichever of the two they select.

Trutanich had made no secret of his strategy to win the primary outright, and had he succeeded in pulling off the lie about his not-so viral video, getting his bogus ballot blurb, and securing a major media endorsement, he might have had a shot at doing just that. But the loss of those key pieces of his strategy has forced Trutanich to lower his sights.

Trutanich now knows that faced with two well-funded campaigns, and two others with significant grass roots support, statistically he  cannot get close to the necessary 50% plus one vote to clinch the primary. At best Trutanich must be praying that enough voters know little or nothing about who he really is, so that he can still claim a place in the November run-off. Thereafter, Trutanich faces the same fate as Jack Weiss did in 2009, when all the 'anyone but Trutanich' voters concentrate their support on whichever of Lacey or Jackson appears on the November ballot.

Trutanich's senior campaign consultant, John Shallman, focuses on Alan Jackson
at the recent LA Times Editorial Board DA candidates forum
That Trutanich's senior campaign consultant, John Shallman, was so closely focused on video-recording everything said by Alan Jackson at the recent LA Times Editorial Board DA Candidates' Forum, suggests that Trutanich is already preparing for a Jackson-Trutanich run-off.

However, Trutanich might do better preparing to explain to his dwindling supporters why his strategy has failed so spectacularly that he does not dare participate in any other candidates forum. Perhaps he hopes they're still buying his 'commanding performance' press release and his 'victorious' ballot designation loss? Or perhaps nobody on the Trutanich campaign dares to tell the wannabe 'Chief Prosecutor' that nobody's buying what he's selling?

Campaign mailers start arriving

As predicted, the sprouting yard signs preceded the mailers as we enter the final four weeks before the primary election. These images of District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's mail pieces were sent to the Dragnet.

Readers are invited to email the Dragnet any campaign materials they receive from any of the candidates.