Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Free For All - Trutanich campaign crumbles

Attorney General Kamala Harris tells Trutanich 'Pound Sand!'

The Los Angeles Times reported that LA's Chief Liar Carmen Trutanich got told to 'pound sand' in response to his plea for political help from Attorney General Kamala Harris. The beleaguered blowhard's lie-laden letter to Harris, urging her to 'investigate suspicious political activity' by District Attorney Steve Cooley, was promptly filed in the trash bin along with Trutanich's private boasts that he 'has the AG in his pocket.'

Although it is widely believed that Trutanich knew his cry for help was baseless, it is understood that he believed Harris would delay rejecting his pack of lies until after the June 5, primary election. That would been a political favor giving the impression that his slanderous claims were being considered at state level. They are not. And there's no political favors for Trutanich. The stench of fear and desperation emanating from Trutanich is palpable, even as far away as Sacramento.

Harris wasted no time in giving the biggest possible political 'thumbs down' to Trutanich, and the way she swiftly distanced herself from Trutanich's deceitful practices may well send a larger message to others - it is time to dump Trutanich before he takes down anyone and everyone foolish enough to remain associated with him.

Cooley tells Noguez to 'resign.' Wonder who's next?

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that DA Steve Cooley said that Carmen Trutanich's political ally, County Assessor John Noguez, should resign as the corruption investigation into property tax breaks for campaign contributors continues. Trutanich, photographed above sporting a Tony Suprano style sports jacket, is an ardent supporter of Noguez. Birds of a feather ...

Jackson gets the jump on TV Ads, Trutanich copies


KPCC reported on the striking similarity between Alan Jackson's tv ad campaign which aired earlier this week, and the Trutanich campaign ad that appeared today.

Here's the Jackson campaign ad:

And here's the Trutanich response:

KPCC noted the following similarities:

  • Both start with the men sitting in large leather chairs behind desks
  • Both feature the candidates walking behind police tape with two officers
  • Both highlight the candidates' experiences prosecuting gang members
  • Both show the candidates in laboratories talking about the importance of using technology to solve crimes
  • Both advocate for crime prevention programs aimed at youths
  • Both show kids playing basketball outside
Perhaps we now know the reason why Trutanich's senior campaign advisor was watching Jackson so closely at the recent LA Times DA candidates' forum.

Trutanich's senior campaign adviser John Shallman records Jackson's every move
Big Hollywood Heavy-Hitters Back Lacey for DA

The Hollywood Reporter broke away from industry stories to cover Jackie Lacey's blockbuster fundraiser last month.

The event, hosted by movie mogul Lawrence Bender, is said to be followed up by another major fundraiser in the week before the primary election as Hollywood embraces Lacey's campaign.

Lacey's recent endorsement by the LA Times is said to have spurred interest in what is being called 'Blockbuster II,' and in the best Hollywood tradition, there's every sign that the sequel will be an even greater success than the April 24 event.

Mayor Sam Blog trashes Trutanich, endorses Jackson

The Mayor Sam Blog, LA's most widely read political blog, caped off the Trutanich campaign's week of misery with a simple message that says it all; 'Friends don't let friends vote for Carmen!'


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