Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Free For All - Trutanich takes the fifth

Carmen Trutanich, the one-time front-runner wannabe DA, has been forced to 'take the political fifth' and has refused to answer any questions on the grounds that he might tend to dig himself even deeper into the dirt surrounding his failing campaign.

Trutanich ducks KCRW interview

Ten days to election day,  and the question that's being asked is 'Where in the world is Carmen the Clown?" KCRW's Which Way L.A. made Trutanich an offer he couldn't refuse - 20 minutes of air time to answer his chief critics; LA Times reporter Jack Leonard who recently broke the exclusive story of Trutanich's lies about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers, and Mariel Garza, Editorial Page Editor of the Metro Group, which includes the Los Angeles Daily News, Long Beach Press Telegram and Torrance Daily Breeze, who recently urged LA to vote A.B.C. - Anyone But Carmen Trutanich.

But Trutanich did not show up to defend himself. Instead Trutanich's 'partially suspended' campaign sent spokeshole John Shallman to do Trutanich's lying. It was not a very convincing defense and a clear sign that Trutanich knows that any chance to 'win this thing outright in the primary' is even less credulous than the 'I was surrounded and shot at by gangmembers' lie at the core of his campaign.

Trutanich's spokeshole circled around questions about Trutanich's records, coming across as an evasive and arrogant elitist who defends thuggery and deception as the qualities that make Trutanich 'the most qualified candidate for DA.' He had no answer for the evidence Jack Leonard offered as to Trutanich's lies about the Green Meadows Park shooting, far less for the false claim Trutanich made of 'suspicious political activity' by DA Steve Cooley and Chief Deputy DA Jackie Lacey - claims that were roundly and rapidly rejected by Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Equally, Trutanich's stooge failed miserably to answer Metro Group Editorial Page Editor Mariel Garza's damning condemnation of Trutanich's poor record as City Attorney, far less her glowing praise for Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson.

The Trutanich strategy is clearly to say nothing, because there is nothing he can say that will improve his refocused aim; to try to win a place in the runoff. Even that's not looking likely given the poor press coverage that attends his every word. Every time he opens his mouth, he drops lower in the polls. The stench of rotting fish in San Pedro is now challenged only by the smell of fear from the Trutanich campaign.

Trutanich deconstructed at CityWatchLA

CityWatchLA featured an article written by Joseph Mailander, the man who first called Trutanich 'Carmen the Clown.' Mailander delivered a blistering analysis of the former frontrunner's campaign. If KCRW posed the question 'Where in the World is Carmen the Clown?,' Mailander poses the question 'What in the World is Carmen the Clown?'

Is he a Republican, a Democrat, or simply someone who can say anything and do anything to climb the ladder of his political ambition? Mailander does an excellent job of answering that question.


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