Thursday, May 3, 2012

Friday Free For All

John & Ken Show likes Lacey 

 Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey's campaign to become District Attorney got the 'thumbs up' from the John and Ken Show Wednesday afternoon. The 26 year veteran of the DA's Office touted her number two status at the DA's Office to wow the talk show duo.

Listen to Lacey's interview on KFI AM640's website.

Jackson Slams Trutanich - the wannabe DA is a wannabe AG

Frontrunning District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson lashed out at city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich's refusal to commit to serving a full term if elected as District Attorney, before bunny hopping to the Attorney General's Office.

The Jackson campaign's press release linked to the Dragnet's exclusive video coverage of Trutanich's refusal:

It would have been relatively easy for Trutanich to deny that he has his eyes on the Attorney General's Office, but Trutanich is believed to have been advised to refrain from making any more of his worthless 'pledges' and took the fifth on the question.

Bobby Grace interviewed by Daily News

District Attorney candidate Bobby Grace took a break from his back-to-back murder trial duties to speak to the Daily News about his candidacy for LA District Attorney.

Read the full article here.

Trutanich ducks another forum

Carmen Trutanich has not accepted an invitation to participate in the Century City Chamber of Commerce's DA Candidate's Forum. Trutanich likely choose to duck the forum because he does not want to be confronted with his record so close to the June 5, primary election.

Unlike the recent LA Times forum, which Trutanich could not avoid as that would make the Times endorsement even less likely, Trutanich has nothing to gain from the Century City Chamber; its audience is too intelligent to be fooled by Trutanich.



Anonymous said...

I thought it was interesting that Trutanich had his stooge video taping Alan Jackson at the LA Times forum when, after listening to Jackie Lacey on KFI, she sounds like a much bigger threat to Trutanich than Jackson. When the number 2 person at the DA's office calls Trutanich a liar, that's huge.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Lacey is loosing whatever little support she had from the African American and Latino community because she gave this interview on the John and Ken talk show. John and Ken are very outspoken on the issue of granting licenses for undocumented workers and LAPD Chief Beck’s revised vehicle impound policy. Morevoer, these two radio hosts were suspended for offensive remarks made about Whitney Houston and the circumstances regarding her death. Why would a candidate for Los Angeles County District Attorney appear with two of Los Angeles County’s most despicable talk show hosts? In an effort to get some publicity for her floundering campaign, she is now turning her back on her base. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think Jackie has some explaining to do. If I were Danette Meyers I would not let Jackie get away with this just saying.