Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lies from Trutanich fail to fly

"Carmen Trutanich makes Richard Nixon look like a choirboy."

Trutanich's shameful and pathetic response to being exposed as a grandstanding liar over his claim to have been 'surrounded by gangmembers who shot me' was to accuse DA Steve Cooley of deliberately 'losing' his personnel file.

Trutanich claimed not only that the file would contain evidence that he was a TRU hero, and not a TRU heel, but also that he was 'shocked' to be told by LA Times reporter Jack Leonard that 'his file was missing.'

But as LA Weekly top investigative reporter Gene Maddus reported, Trutanich was not really shocked nor surprised when Jack Leonard told him about the missing file - Trutanich had known the file was missing since 2008 when a research firm he hired reported the file missing after requesting it on Trutanich's behalf.

The LA Weekly released the letter sent by Trutanich to Attorney General Kamala Harris, calling for an investigation in to Steve Cooley based on Trutanich's claim that he only recently was told his file was missing, that the file would clear his name, and that because Cooley has not endorsed him (for now very obvious reasons), there was no other conclusion other than to believe Cooley was withholding the file. Just more Trutanich lies to try to cover up his lie about the shooting.

Letter to A.G. -- Trutanich

That Trutanich would make such a grossly false and slanderous claim against the man who helped more than anyone, to give Trutanich a chance at being City Attorney, shows not only how desperate he is, but how loyalty, honor and integrity means nothing to Trutanich.

With the slur against Cooley failing faster than one of Trutanich's porcupine defenses, another glib lie flew from Trutanich's lips, as Jack Leonard at the Los Angeles Times reported:

Now Trutanich is claiming that not only was the research report that he obtained in 2008 'stolen' by an unnamed member of the DA's Office, but that it was also 'altered.' Trutanich has said he 'would file a police report as well as a complaint with the state's Fair Political Practices Commission,' the Times reported.

Let's see. Trutanich gets caught lying about being a victim of an unreported shooting. He then responds by saying that proof that he was shot at exists in his personnel file, but that he suddenly found out that the file was missing, therefore it must 'have been removed, tampered with or stolen in the course of a political campaign.' And when Trutanich is exposed as having known his file was missing for at least three years, he accuses an unnamed member of the DA's office of having 'stolen' a report that showed he knew about his missing file all along.

Leopards don't change their spots. In 2009, days after Trutanich was sworn in as City Attorney, he achieved international fame by publicly accusing AEG of 'criminal aspects' in their handling of the Micheal Jackson memorial and he launched his much-hyped year-long investigation. That investigation went nowhere, and the reason seems clear.

Now, when faced with and embarrassing scandal that goes to the core of Trutanich's warped sense of ethics, he demands that the Attorney General, the police, and the FPPC all launch futile 'investigations' into his missing personnel file and his 'stolen' research material.

Bear in mind, Trutanich, if elected as DA, will have unlimited and uncontrolled access to the Grand Jury where he can investigate any of his enemies at will. Does anyone seriously believe Trutanich should be allowed anywhere near a Grand Jury? At least not unless he's subpoenaed to testify.



Anonymous said...

Trutanich is cleary a psycopath. His warped sense of reality would be comical if not for the very frightening possibility that people will actually vote for this guy. Having dedicated my career to the DA's Office it is a slap in the face that someone with such a lack of integrity is even in the running to be our boss. His reputation, ideology, and unethical antics will undermine the important work that we as real prosecutors do.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of alleged political activity in the DA's office, what's up with Steve Ipsen?

Anonymous said...

@2:58PM According to the Met News, Steve Ipsen was fired on Tuesday.

I cannot remember the last time a DDA was fired. The article lists a bunch of well documented missteps by Ipsen, but nothing recent. Whatever caused this momentous event is not being revealed, but is described as 'very dicey.'

I guess we will have to wait for the inevitable lawsuit to find out.

My guess is that Ipsen will wind up working for Trutanich alongside Mario Trujillo in the hope that he will thank them for their hard work before stabbing them in the back like Trutanich did with his closest friend Steve Cooley.

Anonymous said...

I hear Nuch has offered Ipsen your old job as his 'special' assistant. Maybe Ipsen will be more willing to follow orders than you were. Everyone knows you were nothing but a spy for Cooley who reported to your real boss every time Nuch took a dump. Well wake up asshole, its a new day in LA and with Trujillo and Ipsen working for Nuch, there won't even be a runoff. Nuch wins on June 5, and you and the rest of your back-stabbing traitors can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

The ADDA endorsed Danette Meyers. Maybe she can get Steve out of this trouble.