Wednesday, May 30, 2012

'The Lies of Carmen Trutanich' featured on FOX 11 News

'You can run, but you cannot hide,' was the message FOX 11 News Anchorman Jeff Michael sent to city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich, Tuesday, May 29, 2012. With just 7 days remaining before the primary election, and Trutanich hiding from the media, any hope that the outcry surrounding his lies about being the target of an assassination attempt would subside were dashed when FOX 11's Jeff Michael and KABC 790AM talk show host Larry Elder picked apart Trutanich's most audacious lie to date.

Trutanich's lies about the Green Meadows Park assassination attempt were first revealed by LA Times reporter Jack Leonard who was unable to find any evidence that Trutanich had been surrounded and shot at by gangmembers.

Trutanich's response to the accusation that he had made the whole thing up was to claim that his personnel file documenting his brief career at the DA's office in the 1980's would corroborate his heroism. Trutanich then claimed that he was 'shocked' to be told by the LA Times that his personnel file was missing.

Compounding one lie with yet another, Trutanich then wrote to Attorney General Kamala Harris demanding an investigation and accusing DA Steve Cooley of 'suspicious political activity,' implying that Cooley had caused his personnel file to go missing.

When the LA Times revealed that Trutanich had paid an estimated $10,000 to VR Research to perform a full background check on himself in 2008 which reported on his missing personnel file, and therefore was lying when he claimed to have been 'shocked' at the recent discovery, Kamala Harris promptly announced there would be no investigation.

Trutanich paid for a background search on himself in preparation for his
City Attorney campaign, and knew his personnel file was missing long before the LA Times story
 The shame, disgrace and humiliation arising from Trutanch's pathetic attempts to portray himself as not only a victim of an assassination attempt, but also of a conspiracy at the DA's office, are believed to have driven him to partially suspend his DA campaign in the hope that his shameful conduct would be quickly and conveniently forgotten.

Thankfully, Trutanich's lies have not and will not be quickly nor conveniently forgotten. As Larry Elder told Jeff Michael,  'No one should run for higher office if they're going to make stuff up - you get found out!'

Trutanich has been found out, and his attempts to hide from the media will do him no good. You can run for DA Mr. Trutanich, but you cannot hide from your record. You are a liar, and thanks to your campaign strategy, a lot more voters know that now.


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Anonymous said...

Trutanich's lie about getting shot at by gang members is so egregious that it is shocking, even for a somewhat desensitized audience that has grown used to assuming the worst about the corrupt city attorney. I'm guessing that running for DA stemmed off calls for a recall election to replace him, but when is Los Angeles going to wake up and get rid of this disaster before he does something worse?