Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Musings

Trutanich partially suspends partial suspension of DA campaign for Fish Lunch in San Pedro

Embattled city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich partially lifted the partial suspension of his DA campaign to talk politics at Friday's Fish Lunch at the Dalmatian-American Club in San Pedro. According to sources, the newly media-shy Trutanich took time out from his bedside vigil to glad-hand it with supporters and talk-up his 'win this thing in the primary' plans to become District Attorney.

According to reports, Trutanich appeared to be in good spirits, talking freely to the friendly audience. It seemed that, for a few moments amid San Pedro's loyalest, Trutanich could forget about the public outrage at the shocking LA Times story that he had lied about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers. Reaction to the Green Meadows Parkgate scandal is believed to have driven Trutanich to partially suspend his DA campaign to avoid further damage to his political aspirations.

All appeared to be going well at the fish lunch until a local reporter, sensing perhaps, a relaxed and more approachable Trutanich, deigned to ask for a two-minute interview. Suddenly the bonhomie vanished, 'Don't you know my mother is in hospital!' Trutanich is reported to have bellowed at the hapless reporter. An awkward silence ensued while the hapless reporter nervously retreated, and then the dark moment passed and the fish lunch continued.

Low voter turnout expected for June 5 Primary Election

If the number of absent voter ballots thus far received by the Los Angeles County Registrar's Office are any indication of the overall voter turnout on election day, we could be in for a record low turnout. Only 16% of the 1.1M issued absentee ballots had been received as of Friday, May 25, 2012, and while more absent voter ballots are expected this coming week, the low numbers could indicate a low overall voter turnout.

Although the Republican Presidential nomination appears to be a done deal, interestingly, Republicans nevertheless appear to be marginally more inclined to vote, leading Democrats by 2%. A low voter turnout is a mixed blessing for District Attorney candidates. If favors those who have worked the hardest at cultivating grass roots support, and severely undercuts the efforts of those who have concentrated their efforts on TV and media advertising.

Those who do vote in low turnout elections tend to be informed voters, which is extremely bad news for Carmen Trutanich who was banking on his name recognition to help him 'win this thing in the primary.' Unfortunately for Trutanich, informed voters are like Kryptonite to his super-hero self-portrayal. Informed voters are more likely to have read the LA Times, Daily News, and LA Weekly, and have fully understood why Trutanich is utterly unfit to be District Attorney.


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