Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Midweek Musings - Lacey endorsed by John & Ken, Trutanich's troubles grow

Jackie Lacey endorsed by KFI AM640's John & Ken Show

KFI AM640's top-rated afternoon drive time talk show hosts John and Ken today announced their endorsement of Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey for DA. Towards the end of the 5 o'clock hour, during which time the talk show duo had trashed city attorney Carmen Trutanich's record, they concluded by saying 'We're endorsing Jackie Lacey for District Attorney. She has Steve Cooley's endorsement and she's been working as the number two in the office for quite a long time and you can trust her to do the right thing. But Trutanich? You might as well hire Bozo.'

John and Ken had previously called Trutanich a 'lying boob' over his failed attempt to mislead voters by calling himself 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor,' on the June 5 ballot. A Superior Court judge ruled that Trutanich was deliberately trying to mislead voters and ordered Trutanich not to use the title.

Most recently, the duo described Trutanich's campaign as 'the most dishonest' after it emerged that the centerpiece of Trutanich's campaign, a claim that he had been surrounded by and shot at by gang members during his short career as a deputy district attorney, was false.

Jackson campaign ads on broadcast TV

'Every Case,' Alan Jackson's thirty second campaign advertisement, hit the airwaves Monday night and has been aired on Channels 2, 4, 7, and 11 since then.  Thus far, Jackson is the only candidate to rival city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich with broadcast tv advertising.

Trutanich, who has partially 'suspended' his campaign (see below) is understood to have received numerous calls from supporters who were surprised to see Jackson's ads. They had apparently been told by Trutanich that he would 'win this thing outright in the primary' as the only candidate who can afford tv advertising.

Trutanich's secret research file reveals a troubled past

LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus delivered a withering blow to city prosecutor Carmen Trutanich's campaign hopes with the revelation of 'Top Secrets' that Trutanich dug up about himself.

Maddus obtained a copy of an expensive and expansive report Trutanich commissioned about himself  in November 2008 in preparation for his City Attorney campaign. According to Maddaus the 'no-good Nuch nuggets' contained in the report prepared by VR Research were a slew of ill-feted lawsuits brought by Trutanich where he sued a youth soccer league who canceled his team, a $100k slip-and-fall lawsuit against Vons, a personal injuries lawsuit against the City and Port of Los Angeles for 'petroleum coke dust' inhalation which failed when Trutanich's client was found to have tampered with records to help his case, and Trutanich's unsuccessful criminal defense on behalf of the client.

Also included in his background check were details of a failed lawsuit in which Trutanich claimed he personally suffered 'emotional distress' and 'nervous system damage' when his minivan was repossessed by an irate former owner who believed Trutanich had purchased it under market value in a deal with a friend. 

The LA Weekly report was discussed on KFI AM640's John and Ken Show in the five o'clock rush hour.

The talk show duo, in summing up Trutanich's past, wasted no time in calling him 'Nuts! Absolutely nuts!'

The leak of the 100-page plus report took Trutanich by surprise when it derailed his attempt to claim that he did not know that his DA personnel file was missing and demanded the Attorney General conduct a 'suspicious political activity' investigation into the DA's office.  The LA Times reported that Trutanich's 2008 background check stated that 'Trutanich's personnel file was "no longer maintained" by the district attorney's office.' 

Attorney General Kamala Harris swiftly rejected Trutanich's plea for an investigation when she was told Trutanich had lied to her in his letter when he claimed he only learned about the missing file when a LA Times reporter recently interviewed him about his lies concerning being surrounded and shot at by gang members at Green Meadows Park.

Trutanich suspends part of DA campaign

KPCC reports that Carmen Trutanich has suspended the part of his campaign that obliges him to answer pesky questions from reporters and attend candidates' forums, due to the hospitalization of his mother. Fundraising will not be affected, at least not by the hospitalization.

Trutanich's credibility, and thus his campaign, is understood to have been severely effected by recent events widely reported in the media and his failure to secure a solitary newspaper endorsement. His claim to 'win the primary outright' with his tv ad campaign looks as dubious as everything else, now that Jackson is competing directly with him on broadcast tv. Add John and Ken's endorsement of Jackie Lacey on Tuesday, and it's not hard to see Trutanich's 'partial suspension' as simply a desperate 'duck and cover' strategy for a campaign born of a lie, waiting for another shoe to drop.




Anonymous said...

Talk about a cheap shot. How low can you people go? criticizing Mr. Trutanich for looking after his sick mother isn't going to make your Cooley clones look any better. You should leave personal family matters out of this campaign. It is a private matter and I am disgusted that you have tried to turn this into a campaign issue. I'm sure we all wish Mrs. Trutanich a speedy recovery so that Mr. Trutanich can return to his duties saving the people of LA from the crime and corruption that is rampant. And since Mr. Trutanich announced his suspension of some of his campaign activities, his supporters have given even more money to his campaign to help him through this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

So, Jon & Ken have endorsed the admitted perjurer Jackie "Spacey" Lacey? There goes their credibility. They denounce one liar and endorse another liar.

oh boy.

Anonymous said...

The LA Times did a story on Lacey's employee relations testimony earlier this week - the Trutanich campaign shopped to them, which was noted in the story. But in the story they gave alot of coverage to all the ex parte shenanigans that went on there. That whole mess is starting to smell.

Anonymous said...

@8:55AM sounds like sour grapes from Dave Jacobsen - Nuch's campaign goffer. The fact is that John and Ken have the largest radio audience and even if they don't like Lacey, or even know about the whole ADDA lawsuit, they do know one thing. Trutanich is a clown, a lying boob, and there's a good 870,000 listeners who will not be voting for LA's chief criminal liar.

Anonymous said...

I want a front row seat at Trutanich's victory party. I bet he slides out the back door of the Ports O' Call around 11pm when the numbers come in. He'll fall straight into the harbor, but I'm sure his trusty investigator Bell will come to his rescue like he did at Green Meadows Park.

Anonymous said...

7:09 a.m.: you've completely missed the boat and judging from your support of Nuch, you're also missing quite a few brain cells.

Of course everyone sympathizes with Nuch and his family that his mother is gravely ill. However, Nuch is the one that politicized his own mother's illness by this phony "suspending the campaign" tactic. That's a bunch of b.s.! He is only suspending having to answer to the media or debating any of the candidates. How can he "suspend" something that wasn't happening anyway. Nuch has been in hiding, won't answer tough questions, and refuses to debate the other candidates. He is a coward plain and simple. And after reading the LA weekly article I truly believe he is also mentally ill. What kind of buffoon sues a youth soccer league? And suing for emotional distress after your car gets repossessed? No one with such a gross lack of judgment is fit for DA or any public office.

Anonymous said...

After Trutanich has lied about getting shot at by gang members, his video going viral on youtube, and his fake endorsements in this race... anyone want to bet that his mother is not really in the hospital?

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Trutanich campaign just about had a heart attack when they saw Jackson's ad on TV... there goes Nuch's claim of winning the entire election in June. How does it feel to have some competition on the air? Oh and by the way, Jackson's TV commercial blows Trutanich's voice-overs out of the water.

Anonymous said...

11:37pm Trutanich's mother has been ill for a long time. You will notice that the announcement did not say she was rushed to hospital or that her condition has worsened. She is probably as unwell now as she was six months ago, only now its convenient for Trutanich to stay out of the headlines in the last week before the election. Wont do him any good, there are some more inconvenient truths to come. Devastating.