Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Midweek Musings

LA Times reviews DA candidate Bobby Grace

While Deputy District Attorney Bobby Grace was engaged in his fourth (or is it fifth?) high-profile  murder case this year, the LA Times published their assessment of his candidacy to become the next Los Angeles County District Attorney.

While Grace gets high praise for his 'quiet, so soft, so contemplative,' style that 'draws his audience in and, before they realize it, they are captured,' the Times noted that 'His fundraising has lagged,'  and as a result his ability to inform voters of his candidacy appears limited.

Loss of Times endorsement likely to bury Trutanich

That the Times appears so focused on fundraising as a barometer of a candidate's viability should not, however, be seen as any indication that when the Times delivers its endorsement later this week, it will be an endorsement of the candidate who has raised the most money. There is no doubt that Trutanich raised the most money before he made his candidacy official. However, in the days that followed his announcement, Trutanich's fundraising ability has been significantly hurt by the non-stop slew of scandals surrounding his campaign.

For the Times to now endorse a candidate they have labeled a liar would be unlikely in the extreme, and would cost the Times dearly in terms of the credibility it has with its readers. The Times endorsement will most likely go to a well funded candidate without the  'truth challenged' baggage Trutanich carries. That narrows the field to Lacey and Jackson, and for the ever-growing ranks of 'anyone but Trutanich' voters, the Times will not disappoint whichever of the two they select.

Trutanich had made no secret of his strategy to win the primary outright, and had he succeeded in pulling off the lie about his not-so viral video, getting his bogus ballot blurb, and securing a major media endorsement, he might have had a shot at doing just that. But the loss of those key pieces of his strategy has forced Trutanich to lower his sights.

Trutanich now knows that faced with two well-funded campaigns, and two others with significant grass roots support, statistically he  cannot get close to the necessary 50% plus one vote to clinch the primary. At best Trutanich must be praying that enough voters know little or nothing about who he really is, so that he can still claim a place in the November run-off. Thereafter, Trutanich faces the same fate as Jack Weiss did in 2009, when all the 'anyone but Trutanich' voters concentrate their support on whichever of Lacey or Jackson appears on the November ballot.

Trutanich's senior campaign consultant, John Shallman, focuses on Alan Jackson
at the recent LA Times Editorial Board DA candidates forum
That Trutanich's senior campaign consultant, John Shallman, was so closely focused on video-recording everything said by Alan Jackson at the recent LA Times Editorial Board DA Candidates' Forum, suggests that Trutanich is already preparing for a Jackson-Trutanich run-off.

However, Trutanich might do better preparing to explain to his dwindling supporters why his strategy has failed so spectacularly that he does not dare participate in any other candidates forum. Perhaps he hopes they're still buying his 'commanding performance' press release and his 'victorious' ballot designation loss? Or perhaps nobody on the Trutanich campaign dares to tell the wannabe 'Chief Prosecutor' that nobody's buying what he's selling?

Campaign mailers start arriving

As predicted, the sprouting yard signs preceded the mailers as we enter the final four weeks before the primary election. These images of District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson's mail pieces were sent to the Dragnet.

Readers are invited to email the Dragnet any campaign materials they receive from any of the candidates.



Anonymous said...

The Times will not endorse Trutanich, they will endorse Lacey. Where that leaves Jackson is unclear as it depends on how far the Times goes in stating their reasons for not endorsing Trutanich. If all the ugly truth about Trutanich comes out, then it's a Lacey-Jackson run-off and Trutanich goes back to lying about his successes as city prosecutor, or will be revert to his city attorney name?

Anonymous said...

The Times will not endorse Lacey. She's truth challenged as well. Remember the low blood sugar testimony. The Times knows all about it. They'll be endorsing Danette Meyers with a long explanation about how they actually expect Trutanich to win at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

So many rumors! We shall see who gets the endorsement but whomever does get the Times endorsement will be in the runoff with Trutanich.